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June 18, 2004


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Is this nothing more than a bureaucratic absence of presence on the part of a seasoned politician? I would say to the Senator Sir, the Republic of Palau has its own destiny, stop using fear in your message(s) for your own personal/political gain. On a side note, OKBLU , I remember during the Nakamura Administration that he signed an agreement with a U.S. salvage company that any treasure recovered by this same company will be shared with the National Govt. I was wondering what ever became of this deal. Long ago when I was a young boy, an uncle used to tell me a story of a WWII Japanese Freighter that sank near Kyangel with a cargo full of gold. I wonder if this salvage company was following the same story or are they simply more interested in Spanish Galleons. Both seem plausible since both countries color our past.

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