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July 04, 2004


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I strongly agree with Del. Toribiong about on this matter. I believe that marriage is a man and a woman united in one, legally. They have all the right to build a family. Gay marriage i don't agree with, although i don't have any problem with gays. It's just that the "MARRIAGE" should be the joining of opposite sex.

I don't believe in GAY MARRIAGE, but I do believe in GAY UNIONS. The term marriage is symbollic to religious sects namely Christianity and in their fundamental beliefs, marriage can only be between a man and a woman. If the LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, or TRANSEXUALS in Palau wish to join and be seen as a legal couple, they should come together in a LEGAL UNION. That way, it would respect the Christians beliefs while preserving their human rights. As for the prosperity and longevity of our nation, Palau consists of only a FEW people. Of course, a nation with many LGBT's can be prosperous, but longevity is the worry. We have to procreate to make more Palauans.


Nah, I say give people (ALL PEOPLE THAT IS)the freedom to choose what they want - marriage, union, or just plain fornication. After all, isn't that what the so-called term "democracy" is all about? Who's to say that once gay marriage is legal everyone will turn gay and marry? Dude, NOT everyone's gay, and we don't have to worry about longevity - especially in Palau (that is of course unless some disease takes over the whole population). We can all still procreate.....
Another thing..just a thought..about the quotes, "these two individuals to have children and become a family that produces and maintains the Republic." I guess those sterile, barren, unfruitful men and women lost their purpose in a Republic and shouldn't even think about marriage.

i don't mind if gay people are gay i just think that they shouldn't be public about it. Naturally, sharpeners are made for pencils, nuts are made for bolts, etc. I mean there's a pupose for each, i mean all things. some people say it's a rights thing,freedom and stuff. Rights are limited when what ur doing can harm others or take their rights away.if you legalize gay marriage you have just given the right to others to harm the society morally and naturally. You might as well give all the people the freedom to steal, felonize, and stuff. so remember, some doings are not rights becuase their just wrongs.

I do not think that gay people should not do this in palau..

melanie ongerool april

hell no if palau would go ahead and pass the bill to support the gay marriage; best believe me i will try all my best to outset all the elected official of the OEK. well we are palauans and am believing that long time ago if you are gay you have the right to live in ulong island or die

so how did the proposal go? if the result has been posted up, could someone gimme the url, please?

i figure societies change, so whatever happens, one way or another groups will get what they want. it's just a matter of time.

Okay, gay marriage in Palau! No way! It's not that I don't like gays, I have friends who are gay, and not to mention relatives.. But Gay marriage, isn't that going to far, I mean..As a born and raised Palauan I have seen people, visitors mainly who look at our nation as a unique, pure, island full of Unique and strong traditions, and cultures, which none of it was based on the homosexuality environment!! I mean, look at it this way, Ngirngemelas, for example, was a strong warrior who did alot of brave manly things,so did Tulei of the Surech and Tulei story... These are the base of our Islands heredity. None of it mention gay people, who I think just make up 3% of our population. No offense to the gay citizens out there, but to allow gay marriage, is like deleting our past and all it stands for, and making up a new one.. So please, to all the congress people, Del. Toribiong is on the right track, so please stick with him, for the sake of our Beautiful Nation!!! Thank you:)...

i'm sorry if this brings any bad feelings. komeng, e moutekangel el ousubes.

to small voice:

how is allowing gay marriage "deleting our past and all that it stands for?" the palauan heritage and past is pretty much dead. our language is dying. our youth consists of aimless, goalless idiots whose education is mediocre on the whole. if you think about it, there really is no future for our youth...hhhmmmm, that kinda ties in with the suicide rate doesn't it? if the youth(the future of palau) don't have anything to look forward to, how will palau's heritage and past survive?

what those politicians should do is get the necessities done before they worry about sexual orientation and its details. if anything, y'all are probably so religious that you're just basing your feelings on what the "bible" and the preachers of it have taught you are right and wrong.

for the most part, i think your opinion stems from unfounded information. basing morality on fairy tales is just about the lamest thing anybody can do to prove a point. i bet you don't even know what ngirngemelas did...and all tulei did was cut off the head of a beautiful woman because he was a selfish, greedy man. he didn't want the chief to see surech cause he feared the chief might make surech his own.

[[here's another to look at tulei me a surech:

the story shows how selfish and hard-headed the youth of palau are. instead of trying to come up with a compromise, all tulei and surech can think of is killing surech so the chief can't make her his own bride.

another thing, the fact that tulei and surech went ahead with the beheading of surech shows how fearful they were of the chief. it shows the chief did not have any compassion or respect for others(remind you of anyone).

stories like this that are used to pass on a nation's history orally can be changed. even if the stories were based on true events, they could have been changed too much over the years.]]

if you think our culture has no hint of homosexuality in it, go check this out. "sapir-whorf hypothesis," go google it or find a sociology book, whatever, just find the definition. i'll throw some palauan words for you to think about when you find out what that hypothesis means: "modil" "mengolotaol" "menga tuu(euphemism for fellatio)"

reply to small voice,
Dont go fancy and I beg to differ. What do you mean Palauan youths are aimless idiots. It takes one to know one...are you? Palau is an up and comming nation rising out of blue clean beautiful environment, proud and stand tall of its glory and lesson learn of its short commings. I did not read one line in your comment about a fallen "modil" legend of Palau. Only the meaning of such word and maybe thats all it is....tedi mengol otaor emerkong...nothing else to be proud off. any take???

this is to ngaraberas:

i realize i was harsh on our youth, and our beautiful island nation. please find it in your heart to forgive an "aimless idiot" for trespasses on the pride of a proud nation.

this is to small voice:

komeng, e moutekangel el ousubes er ngak e chudelei. sel comment er ngak ak lilchesii er a ngar er a 5am, e dimlak a cheliuiuek lek di milkar el mo tutau me ak ko er a mle checherd. ng dimlak kumdasu a tekingek er se er a kuluches me ng locha ko er a telkib el mekedorm.

komeng, e small voice, e ak medengei el kmo ng ngak a mekngit. me di moutekangel el ousubes er ngak, adang.

Palau is an independent nation. She has the freedom to enact laws and govern her people anyway She sees fit. This isn't rhetoric or some wishful thinking. It is a reality. However there appears to be this lingering attitude of colonialism that still prevail amongst some of our leaders. It started when we patterned our constitution after the US constitution. We then built a capitol that is a replica of the US white house. We now have politicians proposing the same laws being proposed in the US. Is gay marriage such a pressing issue in Palau? It would be nice to propose laws that are more germane to issues in Palau rather than always copying US. It wouldn't surprise me if some copycat politician proposes establishing a Palauan Homeland Security Dept. or privatization of social security. We don't aways have to be like US. USA was once a colony of England. They went on their own. They dared to be different. They drive on the right side of the road. They don't have a "Queen" but rather lots of queens who want to get married. Let us be Belauans and not a wannbe US territory. We were once there but not anymore.

...just couldn't help myself laffing on your comments on this one...kinda give me a new perspective that i would have not thought of...despite of the seriouness of this...i would much prefer taking a crack on this on lighter note as i dont have any wise thing to say...however, i just like to ask this..."when did a union/marriage of two people becomes a public issue"...and pls try to refrain from quoting me a bible...or our culture stuff, as it has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

i, totally agree with Rubakramedorm...there are more pressing matters than legislating people's private lives...

if gay people want to get hitched, it's their perrogative, not yours or mine...and pls dont throw that "immoral speech" around as it's becoming to sound like a cheap stroller that neither can carry the weight nor can be salvaged by a junkyard pro... as the saying goes, "only a fool would hope for a top dollar" and that is precisely what we as individuals
are doing..sticking our nose where it doesn't belong, while fully aware that its a dead end street going nowhere...i have nothing against gay or for that matter...i see people as they are...and if they want to get married, what do i got to loose?...none and niether you...you want keep palau beautiful as it is...do your part and let others live their life...life is too short to worry about other people orientation...

ok kamerko betchii a one ra ikel loubento el mei...haahha

on a final note...i, like some of us here do oppose the
union/marriage of the same sex ...but i have come to realize, the only thing i have standing on this issue is my biased opinion and prejudice...and nothing more...u take those out...i'll be just onother ignorant face....hehe

Thank U MERINGEL! Point well taken...

We have our own biased opinions about unions/marriages between the same sex and yes, this is a trivial issue because what one would like to do with his/her personal life is NOT our business -- there are more and better things to deliberate on FOR INSTANCE:

politicians and their spending habits,

what our taxes are being spent on,

exploitation of foreign workers on our land,

teenage suicides and why they occur,

failing medical system (paying bills over seas),

environmental impacts

etc etc etc...

but in a democratic republic like Palau, it's these touchy issues that count.

it's these issues that divide ppl and the ideologies of a nation that drive the politics. the politicians ain't there forever. they are voted into office, and their actions and votes on situations and laws affect their political life. they're gonna throw ideas out there because their constituents probably brought the ideas to them.

a republic is representive rule, but it is still a nation ruled by the ppl. if the ppl don't know what is going on, then it's not the politicians' faults. they're just ppl trying to get by in life too, if they can do so by duping a few thousand idiots and keeping it up, then so be it.

i mean, look at us here. we bring up all these ideas about WHAT the politicians should be doing, but i don't think any of us have actually gone out and done something about it. we just state our ideas so we can look back at our writing and say, "damn, i'm great freaking writer!!" "that is an awesome piece of writing."

i can afford to say this cause politics is really not something i love delving in. but i love my writing. i mean, don't you think i'm just the awesomest writer ever??

Noreama, I hope your not thinking about quitting your day job.

u didn't pick your name to make fun of my last comment did ya?? hehe, and no, i ain't quitting my day job. bills to be paid and ladies to be dined...you know how it is :)

alii and thanks for this site again. well i am strongly agree with Del. Toribiong for the nice and a strong message to those who are gay and thinking about going to be gay. well there is no way we as palauans would acknowledge two person of the same sex get married. well now that we are having a con-con going on i would ask that you put in our constitution so that it will be clear to all the people that we dont agree on the same sex marriage. to ease the problems for us young generations and the generation to come to know where we stand in this subject. don't be like U.S.A that fight among themselves in this subject. thanks for taking your time and God Bless Us All


i prefer debating different political views instead of chit-chat rooms, as long as it doesnt get too dirty. sometimes when youre abroad doing something about it is expressing here. who knows maybe when i get back ill...

as for same sex marriage im still too narrow minded. i know gays have rights as peeps but marriage. most are still hiding in the closet. i say do your thing just not in the open. "dont ask dont tell".

This is just my view from where I stand. First off; Palau's youth aren't stupid nor aimless. Just log online and see for youself how many Palauan's youth are now residing here in the states to better their educations which would benefit Palau in the future. Secondly; I believe people can do what ever they want, as long as it doesn't effect anyone else. And since our island is very small, we all know that deadly diseases of any kind such as aids can wipe Palau out, in no time. So why try and open doors to such opportunity. I know homosexual aren't the only cause of such diseases for there are the so-called message parlors and prostitution raising in Palau. But should we increase the possibilities?!!! Don't you think it doesn't just gives some citizens their right for freedom but might jeoparizes lifes of most?!! I'm not saying YES or NO, but for all of us streight and gays, think this through before all hell breaks loose..

AIDS won't spread if people practice safe sex or abstenance no matter what sexual preference. It's not a question of what a person's sexual preference is, it's a question of personal and individual moral and health. Gays and lesbians are not the only ones having sex.

Alii to all,

After reading all of the comments I've come to realize that not all our parents' values and traditions rub off on us. I also noticed that there's quite a diversity among the various opinions. Each side has a valid and compelling issue to raise. On the left, people are more focused on the rights of individuals and on the right, people are more concerned about morality. This is in reference to gay marriage/union of course. Before going on, I'd just like to go on record and say that I too think that there much more important issues Palau should deal with before this one. So, here's my input.

Ok. First of all, Palauan society is too conservative if you ask me. One is not allowed to do this or say that, and don't evening think about wearing that. Quite frankly, just as our opinions are on this page, we as a society need to be more diverse. A point to note, Palau is known for its environmental diversity. Right? And yes, the environment also includes us. Too bad the world hasn't really gotten the reality check yet. 'Newsflash, Palau's society is a conservative pool full of men with mental capacity of idiots when it comes to social issues.' Think of it this way, the world is much more interesting with diversity.

Second of all, marriage/union whether gay, straight, bi, or whatever it is that one prefers is so over-rated. I mean come on! You bring two individuals and you bind them under the letter of the law. It is as simple as that. Seriously! Who's life is going to be dramatically affected by this? Probably the court stenographer who's going to get confused as to figuring out who the judge might assign as the Mr. or Mrs., if you know what I mean. Back to the issue. Society tends to stray from the original intent of a ritual/tradition and make appear like more than it is really, an anomaly. What is marriage/union to us Palauans? What is its purpose? I say to a certainty that the traditional intent was more economical than psychological (emotional), most of them being arranged. The ever prolonged epic of "Man brings home the fish, wife brings home the taro". Society also can change its views, God willing, on what are known to be norms. Nowadays, marriage/union is based on love or lust whichever one prefers. Once again, another anomaly. That gives us a good clue that Palauan society has experienced changes in terms of how it views marriage/union. In other words, we are capable of adapting to new situations. If we learn to let my business be mine and yours be whoever you want to tie the knot with, then there is a future. We've gotten too accustomed to thinking about 'ngkel techang el bechil a techang e ng ding mengelikl er a hmmmhmmmhmm. Me a Alibasosoi el kol locha kirel keltang e Ngira…hmhm a melaiu er a ta er a Ngira…hmhm.' Concerning ourselves with the lives of others has become part of us so much that everybody's a gossip these days. That's where the real problem is. We take the lives of others, make our interpretations, impose our views/values, and whichever is the majority, we expect everyone to conform to the lifestyle. It's like life on an anthill.

Lastly, for me personally, I don't believe and marriage, period. It's too much agony. But let people be who they are. If they're straight, gay, or whatever and want to get hitched, let them be. It's their lives and if the marriage/union sucks, get this, THEIR PROBLEM!

Before I end this, just a side note, gay people are so much more interesting to hang out with than straight people. Most of them are rich, have good taste in fashion, know all the right things to say, and… let's just say they are much more interesting. Even as couples too.

Until further notice…Ciao,

Lets be real here Belau_1, statistically gay or lesbians doesnt exceeds 10% of our populations and so happen we have democratic type of government so if the majority do decides what to do then so be it. And another thing, I mention population, how are we to prosper if our populations increases incrementally. Lets say we allow gay marriage, then they wants children, how are we going to deal with this situations, adoption? who in palau would give up their children for adoption by gay couples? Lets deal with the real issues right now and leave the gay/lesbian issues behind. Calling Our men Idiots only conflict yourself, These men even though some of their decisions are questionable are keeping our island afloat.The only social issues that we need to discuss is issues of work discrimination and conflict of interest. We can go on saying big words or pretty words but its not going to change things, because we are overseeing what are the important issues at hand. Lets worry about our childrens future first than gay couples future. I got nothing against gay or lesbians its just our society is not ready to deal with these situations right now, Im sure their cool to hang out with and so on, but we need people who are going to lead our country out of constant economic stress and establish a sustainable type of means to ease our tiny nation's needs.

Have anybody read the latest headline about HOD having no agenda and will discuss it for the next 4years while earning $50,000.00 dollars a year. I have mentioned/talked about/blog whatever you may call it about this issue yet people seem to gravitate toward gay marriage. Rubakramedorm kemiu marua mousubes me tirkel bebil ra remechas ma rubak komngarker. kede mla momecherei a chomesodel a ukellel a dort e dingera ma bedel kung.

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