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June 10, 2005


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Hai! I should building my house befoe this concon ends! hehehe, just kidding :) I hope that bill doesnt get passed.

What did saddam move to Palau or something? I mean I would understand "no same sex marriage" but prohibiting palauan citizens from joining the military; pay taxes if you live outside palau..right now the military gives palauan kids just a little hope of getting a good start in life...and for those of us presently serving, what are they going to do with us? Somebody better lay off the CRACK a little bit...

Does anyone have a list of the rest of the proposals? It would be interesting to see what other smiich luldasu have these intelligent minds proposed. The ones that you have listed are quite intriguing yet the one about prohibiting palauans from joining U.S. military will definitly NOT work...time wasted discussing such issue...Don't get me wrong, I'm not in favor of U.S. military...it's just obvious...

I just want to give much credit to whoever came up with the proposal that "All citizens residing outside Palau required to pay taxes in Palau." It's just fair and square...I may be an advocate yet it's another WISHFUL THINKING...

About the same sex marriage issue. I believe it's not a big deal for same sex couples in Palau. There's not much benefits in Palau to claim...just a word of advice for the couples: Make sure that your partner has a WILL that specifically states that you will be his/her heir and that anyone who is going against the WLL is NOT going to receive anything...if you can't afford an attorney to write your WILL go to Legal Services... ahhaahhaah...

What about issues relating to individuals ILLEGALY recruiting foreign workers to work in Palau while making that extra cash on the side? I was told that nothing has been done to stop them from continuing such activity for there are no Palau laws that regards to that matter. I think this is of more importance than most of the proposals.

That's all for now folks ma next kung....

ollek... no comment...

well i just have one thing to say please i am in military and i serve this great nation that i why you and your family sleeping safe and sound everynite due to the fact i am there fighting for the freedom that you have now. thanks

buik ra despedall

First of all, I am not a fan of this present war in Iraq; frankly, I think too many young lives have been snuffed -- sorry OLDIAIS -- I do believe in military defense, but not the present actions of George W. Bush.

Anyway to my points..

...as for the prohibition of Palauan citizens from joining the U.S army....that's ridiculous. That's like telling someone that he or she cannot become a doctor. I see the army as a way for an individual to climb out of poverty or find him or herself -- it's a profession, a career for many and that should be his or her choice not the government of Palau.

...same sex marraige -- I know this is repulsive for the Christian community and I fully understand their sentiments, BUT again, we as a people should not impede our personal judgements on individuals and how they choose to live their lives (goes against the ideals of DEMOCRACY). And if they cannot MARRY, then allow them some form of legal unification that is binding in matters such as WILLS or insurance.

...taxes...I believe that as long as an individual holds a Palauan passport and claims citizenship to Palau SHOULD pay tax to Palau. The government needs money to run -- without the money -- how are the roads going to be maintained? how are the public schools going to support the education? how are they suppose to pay the police to execute the laws they pass? BUT THE TRICK IS, HOW DO WE KEEP AN EYE ON THE MONEY -- too many leaders screwing our government with their personal spending habits.

And the ROP President limited to only Palauan citizens.....that was definitly a Captain Obvious moment.

Lastly, the buildings -- well, that would only leave the following people (Shallum, Surangel, and Seid) ample space to hold their businesses. Nothing is bad about 2 story buildings, but what if a person owns a TINY piece of land but has many children or family members to house?? I think this proposal should have certain exemptions.

comment to Oldiais... ollek ngak a diak kumtok er kemiu ar ngara kelsoldau mar mlamora Iraq mar ngarngii er elchal taem...mal betok er kemiu ar bebil erngak el mal resechek...a di kerik lekor kemiu akmo: kemiu komal ungil medengei elkmo ngera uchul mokom ngar Iraq? what FREEDOM are you even talking about? the notion of spreading DEMOCRACY and FREEEDOM only became popular after President Wilson...President Bush's motives are not really about FREEDOM...so much INNOCENT LIVES have been lost for the UNNECESSARY and ABSURD reasons... don't tell me that you're fighting in Iraq is the reason that we're all sleeping safe and sound in our homes... we've always been sleeping safe and sound even before the war in Iraq... Oldiais, I suggest you read President Wilson's speech(es)... you'll know the MAIN PURPOSE of your fight in Iraq... I'm not trying to outsmart you or anything... I just want you follks to know that you have been misinformed... Your military officials are just saying words that you want to hear... I just hope and pray that you're all well and wish for the end of this ridiculous war. Being minorities yourselves, you folks are the FIRST CHOICE to be sent to Iraq... President Bush is only saving his dear Americans especially the white men to be deployed later... I just hope this war doesn't end up being another Vietnam War of a sort...... God bless all!!

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