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June 24, 2005


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What was the average sale price per pound of trochus shell? I was just curious to know.

It started around $1.45 and ended almost $2.00. Belau Transfer & Terminal Company was very impressive on their inovative ways to help pump almost $2 million dollars into the local economy. One can sale their trochus turn around wilted the meat out and resale them again to Belau Transfer. Older folks that were not able to go to the reef were also benefited by just going down to the dock with their "oluis ra semum" and wilted out the meat and selling them. BTTC CEO is former Repulic of Palau president the Honorable president Kuniwo Nakamura. What you say we ask him to run again in 2008.

Thanks Ngarabras. You even knew that I was thinking about how this had helped Palau's economy. I wish there were more people like you.

As for Nakamura to run again, I was thinking the same thing even before Tommy's first administration neared its end. But doesn't the constitution stipulate that a person may not serve more than two consecutive terms in the office of the president? If he [Nakamura} could actually do it, I'd be the first to announce my support. I felt so secure during his adminstration.


Omdui is gay. Yuck!!!

Alii all,

We have a troll here. Please excuse the comments of Shaka above. Obviously the mere list of tonnage can cause brain cells to decay on some people.

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