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June 13, 2005


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so how will palau reconcile it's past and present for a brighter future?

Bummer I cant get on the concon site.

These are good ideas if we are still cohesive and true to our traditions. Things have changed too much for us to go back and live in the past. A time when chiefs where accorded respect by all and acted like chiefs. When I presume we never had two people claiming the same traditional title like we do now in almost every state. Lets stick to the majority rule democracy. Not perfect but at least we all have a say. Leave the Kebliil politics out of our lawmaking and politicking arena. We have three branches of National Government wallowing in mud yet we want to add another.

Who knows we might end up with a bunch of dumbass chiefs in there cause of how they are chosen.

I totally agree with Bummer.... It is just ridiculously insane to even try to incorporate KEBLIIL politics to 0ur democratic government. DEMOCRACY is a new idealogy... you can never even attempt to combine the MODERN world with the TRADITIONS... it's just NOT compatible for the two notions are the total OPPOSITES...come on INTELLIGENT MINDS...it's pretty OBVIOUS.

the world of GLOBALIZATION is getting us no where... I beg you not to make us (ngelkel Belau ra klukuk) suffer the consequences of your actions today. The JUDICIAL SYSTEM is already dealing with enough issues relating to our dear SYUKANG and the related matters. I am PROUD of my heritage and I'm deeply hurt that I for one am not well acquaninted with our CUSTOMS/TRADITIONS. Just take me for example. If I was to be one of the future leaders of Belau, how will I be able to solve future problems that might develop due to the proposals that has to do with TRADITIONS and CHIEF TITLES... we're already fighting over the DUI and the COURT is being helpless... This will only lead the Palau COURT SYSTEM from HELPLESS to USELESS...

and again, I refer to my CONCERN...please put more effort on issues about such creative individuals who are making money by ILLEGALY recruiting foreign workers i.e. Philippinos...apparently, there's no such LAWS to punish deserving society members who are NOT CERTIFIED and INAPPROPRIATELY bringing in more foreign workers to our nation... meng diak a LLACH el stob er tirkal chad (mui er tir a chad ra Huiriping el melai rar chedrir)... meng mekngit a loruul er ngii endi tir a diak el mutaut ra llach leng diak ra lechud a mengeteklii el kmo ngdiak el melmalt lomeruul...


ngelkel Belau ra klukuk,

please someone bring this to the attention of the CON CON 2 delegates...kom kmal mesulang!! Budch ra Rubak lemerkid el rokui...

It's too late to bring the Traditional Chiefs back into mainstream politics of Palau as well as the modern Palauan lifestyle!

It's hard enough to earn a decent living in Palau ($15 to 17K a year is NOT enough), so why must I hand over part of my paycheck to some traditional leader who is already benefiting from syukang like funerals, babyshowers, and the ultra modern HOUSEPARTIES for their countless relatives.

My god, is that not enough?

And then they want to censor the arts -- I'd like them to take out those strip joints, masseuse parlors, and illegal workers before I agree to being censored -- anyway, whatever happened to democracy?

I think we're going backwards people.

Democracy...is that not what we wanted? Its what the leaders back in the 1970's and early 80's worked so hard for. Our present lives reflect those decisions. We cannot turn back time.

It would be foolish for the Con-Con to move forward with these absurd proposals.

Did you know that a number of the proposals that have been introduced, especially those that refers to traditional rights were done by request? In other words, a number of those that Delegates Pierantozzi and Tellei introduced were by request on behalf of Mechesil Belau? This is based on the understanding, legally and otherwise, that a delegate may introduce any proposal by request by any citizens in Palau. Therefore, the content and the concept regarding the proposal, as asinine as it may sound, may not be shared by the delegate or delegates who introduced it.

sulang e Yoichi for sharing!! Adi urungulek a uase ulkum mar mengeteklel belau mar meruul a llach er elchal taem a DIAK LOBES elkmo a klukuk ra Belau a diak el klukuk rar mechas mar rubak er elchal taem... A KLUKUK ER BELAU A KLUKUK RAR NGEASK...

I presume that "Mechesil Belau" is Bilung and her cohorts.

aah.. a ray of light. i was beginning to wonder whether some of the delegates had traditional titles lined up already.

thats what i call repin' your constituents no matter how silly. it would have been funny if someone had inserted omengol in there . are they still taking props? let me know as i have some ideas.

the one about censorship (Proposal 2-196) really beats me. brings to mind the taliban where men who shave are incarcerated and a husband can legally kill his wife if she shows her face in public literally. or is it another dept of homeland security.

thank goodness for talk radio and the internet. a lot of missunderstanding/gossips have been avoided or brought out to the open. as for me i can blah blah online and feel anon.

almost missed the part where its the mechas and not the chiefs that made the request. good to see our "mechas" getting involved no matter how asinine. you go girls. get that chief moving. bounce for me, bounce for me

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