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October 27, 2006


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Is this a HOD bill again? I suppose it's gaining momentum now that the idea's supporters in the HOD can claim legitimacy in their concerns over this issue with their legal counsel having come from the AG's office?

Why trying to fix something not brrroookkkeennn?????

oh my gosh....molemolm erngii....

I thought she busy working for Senator Asanuma.

I missed that ORES. It is indeed from the HOD. I've made reference to it above.

In any case, both AG and SP should not be appointed by President. This only give President a chance to be corrupted and cannot be stopped. Just look now, so many many allegations said and told by the people who work for the Government but of course afraid to come out and say something, might lose their jobs. Lots of irregularities in the Government, its like the governemnt of the rich and famous, the ministers and congressman who likes to party, dine and wine, like Diaz and Seid, jetsetters as well. Bai derengrir ... e President a di speak ra AG ma SP and kmal diak a ngerang. And those who wants to reveal these irregularities like Gov. of Peleliu and Ngiwal and others in HOD, get to motutakl, this is grazy! Last term, and you will get to know who Tommy is really like ... Capitalism s____ the work force while the Government is asleep. LETS DO SOMETHING PEOPLE ... this is not Belau er kid, its belau of the Taiwanese and wow! all that green, and SP is not doing anything and getting his mone

i pity you. speculate, assume, judge, that's basically all you can do. some have it and some don't. those who have it worked their asses and made huge sacrifices to get where they are right now. president remengesau has built a legacy for himself and deserves all the great things life has to offer. yes, we should be grateful of our former leaders who have helped shape our country and led the way, but there are so many great/positive things that our present leaders including president remengesau have that go unnoticed. of course, it's human nature to quickly notice the mishaps/mistakes, but give these honorable people(most of them) a break! trust me, they need one every now and then. i'm generally speaking here and am not trying to defend/favor anyone, but let it be known that most of them, including president remengesau have made a lot of sacrifices because they honestly and truly love our country(small island nation) and would really love for our children and our children's children to experience the beauty(our people/culture/heritage/rock islands/ocean/waterfalls/"food")
that enjoy today. remember, "Preserve the Best, Improve the Rest." let's bring some positive energy into this forum because all this negativity is really wearing us out. be grateful for your life, family, and what you have because at the end, that's all that matters. thank you and have a great day everyone!

sum 1uknow...It's not true..
Some have it and some dont..and those who have it didn't neccessarily work their asses for it..be real now...some just kissed ass to get it..hehehe..

Anyways...This restructuring effort sounds like a good idea...To avoid any and all conflicts of interests they should make the AG an elected official as they proposed
and either the AG or the Congress to select an independent lawyer to the OSP...That's basically how its set up in the US ...

The AG or the Congress select the SP,,not the president.

Here's another way to make it so we dont spend money and time to elect an AG..

Have the President select an independent lawyer as candidate for the office of the AG ,but with the advice and consent of the Senate or the OEK.
The SP then will be selected by the AG or the Congress whichever the complaint is proposed to.

That too is another thing to be looked at...the Complaint or the whistleblowers access and protections.

Anyways just some thoughts..


Thanks for the post.

When the discussion of AG, SP and PA (Public Auditor) comes up, the mandate is clearly given to the executive branch (Article VIII Sec 7). The Minister of Justice, the SP and the Public Auditor must have the consent of the Senate. The Senate however represents the Legislative Branch. The current politics between the Executive and OEK borders on "artificially creating a 4th Branch of Government." The political division within OEK creates an abience that HOD and Senate are separate branch of government. It is clear that some members of both houses courts the President not only politically but more seriously on adoption of philosophical matters without due legislative process.

This is when the current model that is articulated by the constitution becomes a suspect. It is not benign when the separation of powers is masturbated (excuse the language, I mean self gratified). There is a danger when a Senator does media coverage for the Executive Branch.

Merging of the offices will bring further discussion on its constitutionality. What is critical is NOT merging of the office but duplication of efforts by SP and AG.

Lastly, how do we propose that we pay for an auditor when there is NOT one economist working for the government!

The Reapportionment Commission or the Judicial Commission are models that could provide a mechanism for such process. Just a thought.

Paradoxically Blind

Does the US Attorney General get appointed or elected? I think appointed.

What is the specific mandate of the Special Prosecutor and why isn't his office more closely affiliated with the Office of the Public Auditor.


It seems to me like the HOD wants someone to stop prosecuting them. Look at all their members that have ended up having to pay restitutions and have been convicted of crimes.

Just another BS move by the House minority to get sway the populace from the real issues at hand and a distraction to why the HOD members have not been (some) thrown in JAIL.

We don't need an economist to pay anyone, we use accountants for that, economists find ways to make money...i do see your point though, there must not be any economists with the current state of government finances. Mardi, please delve deeper into the situation and try to see the game play even if you don't want to. the reason there is an SP is because the AG is encumbered by being placed under the executive branch. the only way to make the SP truly independent, as well as the PA, is for them to be elected, with proper qualifications, similar to how current candidates are screened today. and i think the delegate you are refering to is in the majority, not minority. sum1 uknow is either not living in palau or blinded by the chrome on the harley...lol
but truly this is a step in the right direction, although i would think this bill would die many deaths before it becomes a reality. rumors abound that this method of electing members of boards, commissions, etc...is gaining momentum

Every four years, we vote for a new President. My question is why not include those who are interested for the position of (AG). I don't think it would cost the government anything and the question of impartiality will be solved. If the AG is elected by the people, he would be our eyes and ears from top to bottom. We can always vote him out of the office if he shows impartiality. I think it's a win win situation.

Alii E Kngibech:
I beg to differ. If I delve deeper, I will only uncover with more certainty that it is indeed BS that I am smelling.

Please understand that most of these guys in this shiny new Capitol have at least one criminal conviction.

Should the House be spending its time hammering away at this issue at this time? This place does not even have a legislative calendar.

There are more pressing issues at hand and the HOD want to have a tool to go on a witch-hunt, i.e. this bill.

If the AG, SP and Special Prosecutor are elected, does that then make them politicians?

Maybe you can point on to island states/territories (Guam has an elected AG) that have adopted this approach and that it has been successful. We could probably look at how such success in meeting their prosecutorial objectives in these territories/jurisdictions and take away lessons on how to do it here.

There IS a problem that I see in the current system where cases are not dealt with effectively because they fall somewhere between the AG's and SP's office. The SP now and the one before him have tried to play local politics with their positions to ensure long-term prospects outside of Palau once they leave.

They love to say that they "cleaned up" this backwards corrupt island where nepotism, bribes, and corruption was prevalent. However, do/did they really? The SP has been selective in the cases that he CHOOSES to pursue and does so for 1)publicity reasons 2) he's too dumb to figure out the other shenanegans that are going on; I do give him credit though for the amount of $$$ that he has been able to RECOVER from thieving legislators and governors - credit stops there though.

The intent of the legislation is probably honorable and does speak to some of the deficiencies. However, it is severely/mechanically faulty in its language and may need to have some real attorneys to take a look at it before it passes the HOD.

By the way, anyone have any news about the upcoming HOD reorganization...again...for the nth time in so many years.

Sorry, I forgot. Since a good number of Delegates have been prosectuted by the SP or have outstanding lawsuits against them for their front businesses by the AG, doe that then make it a CONFLICT OF INTEREST for the HOD to be passing a bill regardign these two agencies?

I guess the question lies in WHO's INTEREST ARE YOU CONFLICTING.


Yo Mardi...
slow down bro...you're overheating and spouting with steam. please re-read my post, i do agree with an elected AG and/or SP, and yes that does make them politicians outright, instead of the current politiking behind the scenes, a la "selective" cases and "choosing" what branch and who to attack. before everett who was there, did he need to polish his resume, i think not, more so the actions while he was SP and MOJ got him his taiwanese connection...they got boys who swing both ways there too...lol point being instead of being a puppet to easy rider, a la AG, he could take the lead independently. by the way, legislative calander can be set during regular session that closed a month or two back, these are the special sessions on the budget bill, that they are getting OT for...lol
"HOD reorganization for the nth time in in so many years"...?, the last time the HOD was organized was at the start of the current term...mardi, kau komtab er sel ulachel a Senator Diaz? you must share the same keburs, di fake e bro, ngdiak kora dirkak a omesodel a re-org ra HOD, cherei ma le mei a Diaz, after ra vacation er ngii ra Great Wall ma Shanghai e de luut el mo medengei...lol
ngak a diak a berredek er tial amt meng diak el klou a ututellel a conflicts er ngak, in fact i am finding it hard not to find conflicts in your post...but that is not important, maybe just me.
FYI...Ciao is so pasee, to be in the in...you gotta use Filipino, Japanese or Spanglish
Ciao bella...

Yo Kngibech,
Here I am thinking I'm "ghetto fabulous" and somewhat hip. I guess my nieces and nephews are right about the lack of cool.

We do agree on the core issue, which is to ensure integrity in the system - whether it be throug legislative means or otherwise. Clowns will be clows and heck no will I share the same keburs...come on, give me a little bit of credit.

Watch out for the HOD reorganization. If you watch or sit in on the sessions, you will see the rumblings for the other Delegates putting things on Mesebeluu's table that they know he won't be able to handle.

Pundit says Ciao Bella...I like that. You should hear some of the youngsters' slang these days. Jeez I'm old.

Hey PB..

I read that Article you mentioned...Articel VIII section 7..and Seems we've assumed too much power into the Executive Branch...

Nowhere in there does it make or give the president the power or the right to choose someone to the OSP
with the advice and consent of the Senate..The only one close to giving him some right is #3 under Section 7 in Article VII..but the OSP is not a national office so it may not work using it.

The Office of the SP is, to my understanding is supposed to be selected by the Attorney General or the congress.

The purpose of the office of the special prosecutor.. is to investigate and maybe prosecute government officials for wrongdoing.

If we base our govt. on the U.S. then that's what the setup should look like..

The president selects the AG with the advice and consent of the senate and The AG is charged with the power to select an SP if and when there is a conflict of interest...

The Congress too has the power to call for a Special Prosecutor if they see a need for one..

Now if the constitution is as I read it, then we have given the president way too much authority...or he may have committed a crime by
interpreting the law to suit his office...:)

Where's the SP? and call the HOD Legal staff we have a case here...

Then again I maybe completly off ...My copy of the Palau Constitution was last revised on August 1979...:)

That said...merging both offices would solve none of the problems we have today..
Will cost money, time and maybe both unconstitutional and basically a mistake.

Sorry PB Article VIII not VII Section 7 #3

i think you can find it ....forgot the page and Title, but maybe chapter 5? its somewhere in the PNCA? try to see if you can find it....

i get lost when i read that bulk of papers..

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