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November 10, 2006


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I've always wonder how is it that a senator and his brother's seems to be doing so well. Hmmmmmm....

It must be nice to have your own bank.

Can somebody please organize a demonstration back home DEMANDING JUSTICE to be served and all those RESPONSIBLE be held fully accountable for this MESS! I mean, the government needs to make EXAMPLE out of SOMEBODY otherwise these FOOLS think they can CONTINUE PLAYING THERE GAMES thinking they'll get away every time. Dotobedeterir ra AMPT, em IMPOUND A MLIRIR, MA ERT ER TIR, SIOBAI ER TIR, MA IKEL PALACE EL LEKIEI RA ELSEL! E please em DEMAND ra ALEN SEID mel harau ra KBELMENT ra ikel $$$ el blel invest er sel one of the many BRILIANT PROJECT he've proposed (PMA). Alsekum a Government erkid a diak el sebechel LOTAUT a LECHUL malechub el SEBECHEKLII AR CHEBUUL EL CHAD RA BELUU el dosbech a texir ebai merkol MESESEB A OLBIIL! Adang techa mo sobecheklii a CHEBUUL el CHAD RA BELUU?

Kemiu el ngara AMPT loreched el mengetmokl e OMECHOBECH A SIOBAI E MERUUL A OYAOL RA UDOAD RA REUA CHINA MA BEBIL RA BELUU LEKOR KEMIU le komedengei kmo temiu a meremang. Ali ngarngii a ELDI, me bom kerekikl ekomol LO CHOUD A REKTEL A MEKNGIT EL ELID LEKORA BLIMIU MA TELUNGALEK ER KEMIU!


nothing is going to happen to these guys'... we can get mad, raise our blood pressure for what.

Even the priest cannot rest in peace. These people don't care, just as long as they get rich.

Techebuul tirkel ngarngii a sesel savings er tir ngarsel bank. Christmas is just around the corner.

OLLEK!! De meral chebuul e sechelei ra ikal chebirukel el tekoi el di dubech ra belauad. Ngera chised e Belau mede di ruebet ra klengit ma chetiteuokel el blekeradel.

What ever happened to "Domdasu ra rengelked ra klukuk" on every OEK session and campaign add?!?!?

ngar ker a Klechi Belau?

Over the years, I've heard Senator Diaz extole the virtues of investing in PSB because it was locally owned. He has even said he keeps a savings account their valued at US $50,000 plus which he used as a selling point when he ran for Senator saying he did not want to become a Senator for just the money because of this account in PSB. I willing to bet that Diaz is one of the high govt. officials in the above article who withdrew his money after the cash infusion from the Retirement fund deposit. Note to Senate Minority, its time to go for the political jungular on the unlitimate yes man.

had i known this would happen a second time, i wouldnt have gone to NDBP! look at me...still paying my arse off...after nine years.!!

those lucky people who got loans at PSB without much paper works.. i mean how can a four figure loan turn into five figure loan within the same application?? dosnt that sound amaxing?!!

but you know what everyone? to me, this a good way or another method of becoming rich in palau. cant go to jail for this! ROP's not going to pursue this matter to its conclusion since the culprit is "paper work errors"! does anyone know the outcome of its first downfall? if ROP's gonna bail PSB again, then i bet all there's a third downfall coming ahead and maybe more!

becherei, come home....
some signs you people need to scrutinize rather carefully as you evaluate your decisions.

Every night, ak read all these sfuff going on ra beluad, edingak ek kmo; keleng bei ungil adikngartiei, ebai olengeseu rar chad ra blik ra syukang e send a udoud rather than coming home. I just don't know. I would love to meet you and discuss this if you don't mind. mesulang

For those who like to see Diaz eating some dirt, this is the one that has caught him in the arse!!!

Rumor has it (THIS ONE IR A RELIABLE ONE) that Diaz had about two hundred grand in the bank that he tried to withdraw just days before the closure. Unfortunately Emory wrote him a check...

Now he wants the government to help....

Government should help but it should start by paying the poor who had their savings there- say, people who makes less than twenty grand a year.

WOW! Can Moses please try to get hold of these info. and print them out on Tia Belau for Public. That way we all can be REALY CLEAR on WHO to VOTE for this coming election. On top of that, we'll know who ALL NEEDS TO BE STONED TO DEATH. Mechu MEDINGES A OBECHAD MA LECHUB? Sengeral famous quote ra Diaz el komra morngii a "DIOKANG" erngii? Mla mo kiral change erngii mo "BELSIICH."

It will be interesting to see who was able to withdraw or close out their accounts the days leading up to the bank closure. The rubaks and mechases and the most needy were obvlivious to this, but a handful of people got wind of the upcoming fall somehow and saved themselves. Wish I was one of them!

lmao @ "rektel a mekngit el elid." ng abai meral mlamo kired el melbeakl ertir er a ikal elid er belau..lol ak kmal mekngit a renguk ra rechad ra blik el kmal ngilai a meklou el lududir el mo deposit ra PSB lomdasu el kmo, "ng bangkir a rechad er belau, el koklir a rechad er belau, el mora rechad er belau," e elechang e te ebuul e diak a "precautionary reserves" er tir. i think this situation applies to a lot of innocent palauans. can somebody tell me if there is in fact some law hidden somewhere that can be applied to these greedy bastards?

it must be damn nice to take out a 5 figure loan and build a private get away resort up in babeldaob and never pay a penny for it.

A source tells me that Minister of State Temmy Shmull was one of the big depositors who took his money out two weeks before the collapse. In fact his wife had to cut short her off-island trip so she can return and co-sign the withdrawal slip. Shmull is a one of the longest serving member of the Pension Plan board.

The one million dollars infusion from CSPP was said to have been made possible with Johnny Reklai as a guarantor of the money.

very cruel NP,

looking for a cure for this malady..instead your pounding it with more compound scenarios! when will these ends??

just my thought...
let ROP pay all the depositors:

1. who saved their money at
PSB,..has never resortd to
loans. majority of them are
now having difficulty
providing for thier
2. sell all the properties of
those responsible and the
money collected..ROP's
3. dissolve PSB. ROP's fund
should be used to help
national emergencies(not
disaster like PSB's, which
has become a chronological

well, just some thoughts worth considering..

and becherei,
see you when your in/around town.

NP, merkom harau ra one ra Manong e moderechii mel sesebii sel Mansion ra Minister ra State Mr. Shmull el ngara Ngesekes. Ngilechang meng tara kmal meduch el play both sides. Kam check erngii e kelel blal bol own ra PC completely. Ngta ra ELIMOSK ra rolel UNDER TABLE! TIANG DI MO RAEL A KESKELEL!

Ng kmal di soak el nguu tia el techall e omeklatek er kid er a ta el tekoi el uase, "A ngibes er a udoud a risel a klengit." "The love of money is the root of all evil." Me a le uaisei, e tia el issue er a PSB a diak le beches. A kot, a chad el mlo open er a account er ngii er sei, a kirel medengei el kmo tia el bank ng insured a udoud er ngii me a lechub. Ng kmal klou a ultutelel el bo dodengei a ungil el komakai lomesodel a ngii di el tekoi el kirel a ngiidi el ngerang se el tekoi er a udoud. Ak kumdasu er a rechad er a Belau me a dirrek el rechad er a Yap. Se el branch er a PSB el nga er a Yap, ng dirrek el ko el ua ngera a uldesuir a rechad er a Yap el kirel a ududir el le bla le invest er sei. Tiang a mo modak ngii maikel lududir el le ble le invest er a PMair. Ng mirngel a dosaud ele rechad el involve aikang a di ngara ikal kingall er a kabelment er Belau. Me a di ongtik adi uase, ng kdekudel el time er chelechang, me bom kerkikl e lak di moumerang er a ngiidil chad. Sulang, doluluuch mebo le moluut a ududir a rechad, e lak le kesib a rengmiu. Ng dirrek el kumdasu ea kabelment lak bo le involve. PSB should face its own mess. ROP is losing a lot of money. Aika rua mesil er a dengki me a beches el rael el de chelebangel. Sulang, God bless our country, for we are Christian country!!!!!


direkl el moluluch me tirkel luchul aikal elbirukel bol OL al belsel aikal ringel el blal cause.

Pray that citizens get paid back there money and at the same time JUSTICE PREVAILS against these FOOLS!

It's sad to say, but it's at a point that it's not at all that surprising this is happening in our Island. We have gov't officials who are trying to sell pieces of our lands, now we have some who are stealing money. All the chaos that's going on in our gov't, it looks like things are going to get worst. Nothing is getting solved. We have blinds leading the blinds. How scary is that we have these kind of people running our gov't!

"Mmerros a malk a kau a orreched el mor? Morael el mai a ududem el molochang ra PSB... It's the only locally owned bank"

This is how PSB was aggressively advertised and leading people to bank their fortune and lives at this bank. Is it fair to expect Senator Diaz to shoulder some of the responsibility for his most effective advertising of the bank?

Just curious.

E Uchelmelis, I don't take pleasure in Diaz having possibly lost his money (rumored to be 200G), but if that be the actual case, I am sure he's not worried. He's got more diniros elsewhere, I am sure.

Did you loose any money in the PSB scheme?

Hey hey Ores:

I love and trust UNCLE SAM, I bank only at FDIC banks.

I do not take pleasure at seeing someone losing his/her fortune. However, I like /enjoy watching hypocrites eat their own words.

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