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November 07, 2006


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isn't tabacco enough said already....and whatz the penalty for this.

If this bill is passed and signed into law they can very well think again about running for office.

Debalsa, this is a good bill. It prohibits the young/underage from chewing-a bad health HABIT.Usually the kids chew with tabacco.

So be nice and support this bill.

e Uchel...
it's a nice bill but there are more important issues for the Olbiil to tackle legislatively than getting too involved in parental responsibilities, I think.

But, you're right still, it's a good bill...and I now can finally give a C- (from F) to Senator Tmetuchl. ;)

Ores, on the Contrary our children/the young are our most important resourses. More important than your "more important issues". They are the future of Belau.

Forget about the messenger...it's the message/bill!!!

really good bill...while their at it, why don't they add -- "provided no parents should give daily allowances to their kids"..?

do you know how many packs of cigarette are emptied each day by kids under 18 yrs old? at .25 cent a stick? if kids/stores dont heed an already existing law, what makes our leaders believe they'll heed this one, if it ever come into effect?

anyway, its another expense and an intrusion of business privacy? republic has to install cameras at store/market.. otherwise its just one of those bill passed into law without merit.

you are very right about that dor. it is a good bill...i think, however i can't say too much because i don't chew. question is, now that it's passed, is law enforcement really gonna implement it? this is actually an old topic that's been debated for a while, one of the main argument is "chewing is a part of our culture;" that's not true though...chewing was only practiced when you are old enough to be recognized as an adult in the society,i.e. doing elsang and other responsibilities. so i don't see any reason to resent this bill. palauan children who are the future of palau does matter.

nguaisei e Uchelmeiei...our kids/youth are the most important "issue"...but if the OEK (Sen Tmetuchl) truly cares about their future, then it/they should propose more meaningful, high-impact laws to improve their education and well-being....I agree this proposed measure to control "omellamch el buuch ma dekool" is good and may has its own contributions, but I would still echo Dor and Kedung's concerns surrounding the enforceability/implemetability of bill, should it becomes a law.

Unfortunately and respectfully we'll have to shoot the messengers sometimes, I think that's not only "innate" in the political world but also crucial part of scrutinizing our leaders. I had been critical of Sen Tmetuchl for his "passive" nature, and I am glad I'd been proven wrong as he had started to rise up and execute his "youth and culture" portfolio.

Ores there is no question that enforcement of laws is lacking in government.But we should not blame OEK for that. We should point our fingers, in our case our bloggings, toward the executive branch. When we muddled the blame game then we are surely blame-let us point fingers into the right direction re enforcement of laws.

Meral tekoi e Uchelmelis, and I would also add we should expect more from the OEK to strengthen its oversight responsibility by actively, vigorously and consistently calling on the rest of the govt (exec and jud) to submit comprehensive performance reports (quarterly or semi-annually) to respective Committees. This responsibility should also extend to cover the private sector, and with that said I would hope the appropriate committee in the Senate/HOD immediately calls the defunct Pacific Savings Bank officials to appear before the Senate/HOD for some inquisition.

This bill may have good intentions but it is treading on a thin ice on amendment rights to enjoy Palauan heritage.

This smells like another government tactic to control Palauan lives and making a buck of them..."lomals rar mekekerei mar meklou"..

If a parent gives permission for their child to enjoy their heritage, then where would they get a waiver? You see, I do not think I need anyone's permission to enjoy my heritage...People should be allowed to excercise their freedom as they see fit...knowing that buuch might be bad but still it is individuals choices not GOVT.

The government is here and there to govern... it passes laws, regulations and rules that we as citizens need to abide by. Mr. Billionaire... its people like you who demand their rights and yet your ways are not justified. The bill is appropriate... it has been proven that chewing bewelnut cause cancer and all sorts of mouth diseases. In addition, it has become a pollutant... we see almost everywhere... public places too. If this has become such an overwhelming problem then the government is just on its actions to modify behaviors of such. Regulating teens on chewing betelnut is another step in creating a healthier and cleaner Palau. If you think that the government is trying to rob you off your so-called rights then you need to assess your claims as they are rather "lame" and "corrupt"...


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