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November 16, 2006


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Ever since the public amassed and supported Diaz against the recall effort, I always thought that the event would be an awakening moment for Diaz. Even by prevailing, it was a time to step back and do a self-introspection, to look internally and question why such an issue of recall came to a forefront without difficulty. To listen carefully and pick-out amid the noises concern from his supporters and the public at large about proper decorum and standing in the community when representing the people. And not with the Wild West attitude of blazing through town firing your guns left and right. Instead, I believe he has misinterpreted the support of the public, ignorant of the fact that the people who supported him voted while holding their nose. It was not a support of his belittling act, vile and ignorant comments, but of a general believe that the reasons for the recall were as yet still premature. He may have won the recall but that was from less than fifty percent of the total eligible voters. Numbers that should be of concern to him or anyone contemplating a reelection. He is treading on a thin ice that is showing cracks. The public support is fast been squandered. Comes 2008, good-bye diokang!

If the verdict is guilty on both charges then we’re looking at a fine of "not less than $1000 and not more than $10,000, shall be imprisoned not more than six months, or both, this is according to THE COMMUNICATION ACT (RPPL NO. 5-43) UNDER SECTION-131 PARAGRAPH (b).

i quess the senator doesn't really give a damn when he's got the current administration and the majority of the OEK senate behind him.

i know my senator sometimes stumble..not an everyday mistakes, but he sure does. most of the time, the urge to express gets the better of him, thats when he adds speeds. not a good trait but..

we all know this..true? then lets all forgive him. better to forgive than to judge..you'll have your day comes 2008.

An acquaintance of mine this lunch hour said that the police were sent to his house for defying a court order to appear in court today, but they were told that he was among the Palau delegation that went to Honolulu, HI for a business conference.

It appears that some of our leaders have self annoited themselves as royalties. They see themselves as immune to laws governing the commoners, entitled to certain privileges, amongst them using our treasury as their own bank account. Diaz is thumbing his nose at our legal system. Why not? No politician has payed any real consequences for their wrongdoings. Minimal fines and they're free. Watch how all of these fiascos involving our bank being robbed and one of our citizen being assaulted will play out. No one will pay. Nadda. Such is the state of our affair. Come election time the same ones will be elected. We are a dysfunctional nation where corruptness has become the norm.

You right dor,,being human we have our faults ann none of us is perfect,,,Yes we may forgive him he's human failings and his belligerant and ignorant attitude...What we will not forgive is his failure to do what he was elected for. We will not forgive him for forgeting that he is there at our desire,,,and for our desires and needs.
Forgive him his human failures yes,,,but for defeciencies of the office he holds...sorry but no..

What you guys thinking? Here we go again; if you are in the top office of our government and you break the law. What would they do slap you in the butt cheecks and give you a cookie and go and enjoy doing business for yourself using the top seat in the government. Example: High Chief Ibedul and Del. Bells. Good gracious well I bet they could kill a person and be a home enjoying their coffee every moring with his family.

The US election just completed last week and what happened. Democrats took both houses. Why? Rep.Foley accused of having sexual relation with a teenage aid. Well that is just a icing on the cake and cost millions. I can't believe why our leaders commit a same crime if you and I committed will take at least 36months in the slammer, and they get a penalty that they can just pay in one pay period.

To all Ngerrard voters and Belauans supporting Diaz & Seid think first before you cast your vote.

I am just ashame to be calling them my respective leaders if their criminal record is messed up.

Hey guys,

we need to forgive Mr. Diaz but lets not forget to clean our OEK this coming election. I know DJ has made terrible mistake but his somewhat new to this OEK corruption.

PLEASE, PLEASE Let us all VOTE the OLDTIMERS out. i.e. Mr. Reklai, Koshiba and Seid! They all have been LYING to us for so so so so LONG! They've built their hotels in babeldaoub, banks, fishing companies affiliated, you name it. These PROFESSIONAL THIEFS ALL NEEDS TO BE PLACED @ SUBELEK FARM @ AIMELIIK! I'm sure they'll be able to manage that farm real well.

Oh and for Mr. Diaz, please dont forget to vote for him, for this year's BEST PALAUAN DJ! Good bye "Belsiich."

Well it's about time he's charged with something! Forgive him? Nah. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. He's gonna keep on doing what he does best, shaming our Belau.


Your comment that Diaz is their for our "needs and desires" sounds like something Diane would say. Maybe a more applicable phrase would be Senator Diaz is their at our "beck and call" as well as our other elected leaders. Anyway, just a suggestion. :)

This will probably be the ulimate test case for Rubekul Belau as to what they will do as a body regarding the senator while he disdainfully looks down upon them as archaic and having no place in palauan politics. Can the Ibedul and the other traditional leaders impose its own set of sanctions and penalties? i.e. BANISHMENT Could they do the same against Senator Reklai and other palauans associated with the PSB closure. It seems to me the sky is the limit but whatever is decided by them must have impact and send a message that the Rubekul Belau are still relevant. There is nothing wrong for the body to impose its will once in a while if the end result is positive. Looking down the road, it is exactly the opening the country needs to shift and change the existing political power structure in the Senate. The political damage sustained by both Diaz and Reklai might mean two new Senate seats in the OEK come next election. If the negative trend continues then the effects might rub off on the rest of the senate majority.The question is can the Ibedul and the other Rubaks orchestrate this outcome? or is the Ibedul's loyalty with TR who pardoned him gonna come into play. Perhaps the Ibedul is not clearly aware of how much of a spoiler role he also can play in upcoming elections if either he or his brother run for President in '08. The likely outcome in either case is a split for those votes for KN or JT. Just maybe the candidacy of VP Chin has a leg to stand on but then again that is still up for debate.

I bet Diaz is playing MC Hammer's song "can't touch me."


I do believe Diane would say my "regretable and uncorrectable mistake"..lol

I do agree with you about the potential impact our High Chiefs has in cleaning up these dirt in our politics but i have some misgivings in our High chief Ibedul and his commitment to the well being of our integrity as palauans collectively. I remember his case against Gov ngiraingas which turned out to be an embarassment to his authority.

He ordered his ngarametal to arrest the Gov and took him to Koror State biulding and eventually sent him to Peleliu.I remember being outside the courthouse when the high court gave the ruling that reaffirmed Gov ngiraingas positition.It became clear that although we do honor these chiefs in our traditions, they have no authority whatsoever under the law to enforce,evict or prosecute anyone.

I'm hopeful that some delodau el reng will prevail in our senators that seems to be out of control and I continue to believe that our voters are smart enough to know when to say Ngungiang el e merkong.


Hey Joe..

Your suggestion sounds right but I kinda felt it might
make me sound like I was calling him a servant,,,which he is..:) Just didnt want to sound too uppity..:)

Btw who is Diane?..:)oh never mind,,he's ex,,I get it now..lol...But she wouldn't say that..I mean she left the poor "melatech boes" guy..he apparently couldn't satisfy her desires and needs...so how was he going to for the rest of us?...:)

Anyways he and all of the elected official are there due to the desires of the the voters and are there to serve said voters their desires and needs...and are at the beck and call of the same voters too..:) How's that sound joe...:) better? nah?..I tried,,:)

There's really no need to go as far to ask the Rubekul Belau to impose their traditional laws or will on these runaway officials...There are laws out there that if applied would be just as powerful..and democratic...

What is needed then is just one upstanding law-abiding statesman to stand up to the corruption...just one..Who?..I can't say?..but that's what this
island needs right now..someone or two to rise up and say enough is enough...if that somenone is from the Rubekul Belau as joe alluded to..so be it..Wherever they come from is not the issue...the issue is one who is able, willing and trustworthy..

We also need the media to get invloved...These arrogance we;ve seen from these elected officials would disappear if our news media was stronger and unafraid...and doesnt have an ulterior motive too..
Where's Voices? Tia Belau?..Island Times?

...and Diakelmad...

Diaz can play whatever he wants...but one thing is for sure in life that he must heed to too...No One is Untouchable..only God..:)

Diaz can wrap himself in whatever fiction he wants to believe, but the truth of who he is, what he has or hasen't done will wither away his fake shield of lies..

Enjoy the Weekend all..

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