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November 17, 2006


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I have trouble seeing "voices" merely as a "mechanism" or "exercise." Like a living organism, "Voices" eats,breaths, and is sustained by the hopes and aspirations of its founding members. It needs to be nurtured in order for it grow into the organization that it can be otherwise it will stifle itself and die a slow death. So I say to "Voices", you cannot preach the virtues of democracy and its processes and then put restrictions on what that is.

Right on, Joe!
I'll shut my mouth and stay right behind you!

The same lesson applies to anybody or any groups that purports to act in the name of some kind of public good!

NOT AGAIN!!!!!!VOICES, Please crawl back where you came from and don't come out....no one needs you...

All your organization is good at is stirring up commotions, lie to public for your gain, spending {"waste"} public funds, and nothing come of it....and then you disappear and hide...

Lack of leadership, write and voice a lot of hot air and no follow through...

Don't waste our time...

I say lets give them the benefit of the doubt..A chance if you may, to exercise this effort called Voices...
They're the only ones so far that have sort of made sense and at least are trying to affect some real democratic changes..

Lets give them a chance.. like every group their bound to make mistakes,,just look at our govt..:)...

We'll keep an eye on them and help when we can..
as long as there is no other or ulterior motives for this "exercise" it could be effective...

as Dr. SK suggested, our society was borne out of "aristocratic democracy".. this then, might be the reason VOICES cant progress as they had hoped.. VOICES must break this barrier..that is, tradition/culture/custom vs. true democracy. ...a monsterous task!

if on the other hand, VOICES simply seeks 'wisdom and truth' from communities but lacking resolute committment/performformance, then our "aristocratic democracy" prevails in the next twenty-five years or so..

i have yet to see VOICES standing to/for its namesake..in this lifetime.

this is the apportunity and probably the only apportunity (time) that "VOICES" can truly legitimize its existense. This apportunity will give them credibility and respect they deserve. But If they let this apportunity passes then their voices will dim to wispers and demise will be knocking on their dor louder thn ever. Why do I say this...because one of the officers of the bank (PSB) Margo LLecholch is the sister of Imelda one of the founding member of the "voice". Voices need and must without fail demonstrate that its existence is not the usual "palauan way"... "blame others and keep quite when the problem is closer to home". I hope they heed comments from Joe and other, but Im afraid their recent posting and response from Imelda right after the PSB fiasco is the usual..look the otherway and blame others. Its not only a sad day for many palauans who lost their money but a said one for the thounsand others who listen to the "voices" on the recent recall..I hope tomm will bring rain and wash palau clean...

I say more power to the Voices. I hope you don’t wilt and die from the comments but to take what’s being said in a constructive way.

There is I think a parallel event in our short democratic history that we can look to and be reassured that however the initial negative reaction from some of the citizens, Voices I believe, whether one agrees with it’s goals or not will survive the turbulence of it’s early years and be a force to effect positive change to our island. I am saying with the success of Sen. Diaz’s radio station in mind.

August of this year marked the 10th anniversary of his radio station. And those were not trouble-free and painless ten years. When he started broadcasting as usual being Diaz, his new style of broadcasting and the way he expresses himself for all the people to hear rattled the sensibilities of the people and started a deep-seated ill-will toward him. He had people approach him threatening his life, burned his car, say all sorts of bad things toward him, but those did not deter him one bit. One needs only to mention his name to evoke all kind of emotion. A love hate relationship beguiled the people. He persisted; never once giving up on his believes that with his radio station he can effect positive change to his beloved island. He built his radio station into a powerful voice of the community. He basically set the agenda for the day. Issues are not important if Diaz did not cover them in the morning program. And the people so agreed, that after many tries they gave him an opportunity to serve the people as their Senator.

With Voices, the journey had just begun. They are still being tested; with their characters being called into question, their motives, and the mere mention of Voices could cause seizures. The three public faces of Voices have been ridiculed, taunted, and being described in all sorts of negative ways. However, I see the organization enduring through trials and tribulations. At the end, I believe that as long as they continue to maintain their presence in the community, they could start to win over people with a set agenda and begin influencing the public. Not that they need to show anymore that a segment of the community supports them as the recall election showed. I hope the Voices continue to hang in there. Everything that’s coming your way are just part of the process.


then tell us who do we go to for help? Who else can stand up for the people? Which members of OEK has the balls to stand up against the tyranny of this run-away government? Tell me!

What Emelk/NP are saying make sense to me. We gotta give it to them, they're the only one of such grp. out there. We will be watching their every move.
To Voices, DO NOT lose sight of our 'KlechiBelau'.
A concern I have is I hope your Org. is open to ALL those who are in need in Belau, not just a selected few.

a word of caution and advice VOICES, since you know me...

in our society, there's KEIUKL and then there's DESBEDALL. use both words wisely, because all of us, from the north to the south, are connected in many ways by blood..and, in some ways by deeds....

Ngeulmud Pundit,

Ngmo ungil a rengud el mesekemiu el mes a mo ungil era rokui el chad er Belau ma klisichel a kltal reng. We all have different backgrounds and individual agendas. But when our country is in danger, we put our differences aside, and come together for a common purpose.

I wish I can meet the four of you and see if we can work together. Is this possible? Can I contact you?


thanks to Voices, Mr. Okeriil Seklii and the House of Chiefs have taken Senator Diaz to court under the communications act. It was Voices who lead this path in taking Diaz to court for liable suit and other damages.

You cannot discount this courageous contribution from Voices. Voices had shown us by examples and have given us the courage to challenge the people in leadership and not be afraid to do so.

Let us now take the courage to unite and take Senator Reklai and the PSB gang to court!

It is up to us, the people! We have the power. We cannot rely only on Voices or our leaders to fix things for us. There are times when the citizens must act and say something. This time is now!

With the 20,000 pop. "Voices" is not merely about three individuals. Anyone who would see the intention of such organization "voices", should comprehend that there are Palauans who would never represent themselves in any given day. I think our next generation would understand this approach better than us.
Again, "voices" not the individual faces is the a concept of HOPE.

Gaining the essential public trust and respect in Voices' mission, not to mention it's ill-conceived birth and structure, would require consisent, fair and dedicated committment to what you preach:

"Is an effort to stir up dialogue from various social groups in an attempt to bring out true community VOICES. The exercise will hopefully create actions to influence leaders and introduce policies for the betterment of the people. Variety of VOICES will be sought within different communities in order to engage and gain true communal perspectives.
A true sense of democracy requires the participation of the people in order to encompass a system that is sensitive and reflective of the needs of 'the people.' "

Months have gone by with no Voices' word and action about the Antonio Bells' case and now the PSB mess.

What the Voices' leaders seem to be oblivious to is that the people of Palau see the Voices' true colors or "aspirations" as Joe pointedly explained. I like the idea of what Voices stands for, it's needed in our infant democratic society, but we need true, legitimate and sincere people to promote the mission, and until that becomes the case, let's not waste public time, money, and other scarce resources that could be better used elsewhere.

VOICE at least acted. There is no other organization that exists to counter what is going in our government. This site probably comes next to VOICE. All we do here is voice our opionions. That is it. Some bloggers have substance in their blogs and are thoughtful, others are but banal diatribe. Go VOICE.

I agree with you, neverdie,
at least Voices are trying to do something about the issues back home. Who, among us is brave enough to put their words into action and lend a hand...if not, we should not be criticizing them for doing what they think is the best for the betterment of our country. How about it emelk? Time to put words into action. I'm still in the pursuit of Mr. Taunton. I want him to be brought back to Palau to face his crime... Mr Taunton, you better run fast, but after seeing your picture, you might as well fly your planes because you are unfit phycially.

did you hear Diaz yesterday, uasei, kedemeral mekedung a rechad er belau el meral diak a ngemuu e mengiil... Kede chebuul, we have been stabbed, stepped on ekedimuk etir merael mo merau. Something is wrong with this picture..


I stand to be corrected but I believe Palau Attorney General is the one that filed charges against Diaz. If Voice assisted Mr. Seklii in the preparation of his complaints and actual filing of the suit with the court, then I it is good for VOICE.

It is clear it is determined to get Diaz.

I would offer VOICE a bigger whale to harpoon. VOICE can lead a class action suit against PSB. A class action suit against PSB Board and Management may just help expedite resolution to PSB depositors money problem.

But if VOICE continues to hunt Mr. Diaz, then, again, it is their choice and it is still the VOICE.

i talked to mlib regarding the allegations that he stole father yaoch's money or any wrong doing with closesure of psb and he said that if anybody can show prove that he did wrong, he said,mark my word " i will resign as your senator now!!

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