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November 02, 2006


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I offer a lot of kudos to Mr Pedro.For him to challenge this status quo by the chiefs shows he has guts and the people of angaur should be proud of their chief. This is not an issue for him wanting more money or more power.It simply states the facts that most of us are scared to address. Our high chiefs and their staff are surely enjoying our tax dollars and yet somehow their immune to the public when it comes to accountability and critisisms. A lot has been said in the past regarding this issue. Some say Traditional and democracy must coexists for the better of Palau and certainly there's nothing wrong with that, but this is a one sided advantage for our chiefs and something must be done about it. We as citizens through our tax dollars pay for their livelihoods and yet none of us elected them nor do we know what is it they really do. We do know this, they show up on every ribbon cutting ceremony in town with poor written speeches if any, and they demand and want respect and honor from all of us.If anyone think its worst now, the future chiefs coming up from their clan maybe even worse. I guarantee you, if we take out the money aspect of this organization, a lot of them will quit because that what they're in for. The perfect example of what a chief should be for me is the late Ibedul Ngoriakl of Koror, He walked the streets and knew everyone from ngermid to meyuns. He led by example and lived a humble life and the people loved him for it. I remember as a young boy when he showed up in our house one night for a coffee and told my father, " Be a man that your wife and children can be proud of". It was a simple statement yet it stuck with me throughout my life.We need chiefs who are willing to serve because of their love of people and country. We need chiefs that can be on the side of common people when clear signs of corruption is all over our "democratic" govt. We also need chiefs to protect our heritage and maintain our traditional values. I as all of you do respect our traditional chiefs but there has to be an effort by them to continue to earn that respect. I just don't see any of that now because they're in a tinted car flying by so fast.

Based on what chief Pedro says, one can argue that the current government is illegal as there was already an existing government. Should our governance been reverted back to the traditional leaders after TT came to an end? Did a coup d'etat occur and went unnoticed?


next time, write in Palauan so our Rubaks can understand what you're saying. Perhaps your concerns will be taken into account seriously if it was written in our language, as most of these rubaks don't read and write english. i too share the same views regarding this particular issue, and i believe it can be addressed effectively in our own traditional way, by first writing your thoughts in palauan, taking it to your village chief, and asking him to bring it up to the attention of the high chief in their next meeting. how about that? only my two cents.


Ng kmal melemalt e a real e lokiu ngii a Chief Pedro.
A taem ra lemokdubech tial tekoi el domekedong er ngii el kmo "The Organization of Traditional Chiefs" eng mle taem ra uldikel. Ng dimlak e luldedsuir tirkal rubak malechub e ngulekiu a siukang er kid a rechi-belau.

Ak meral dongesii a Chief Pedro ra lemeltel tial tekoi e lokiu ngii. E olengit ra rebekel rubak ra beluu me bol dak tir ma rechad ra Olbiil ra Kelulau. El semecheklii tial tekoi ma real e lokiu ngii, el mo mengaisisiu ra uchetemel a llach erkid me bol bleketakl ra reksii rekid a rechad er Belau.

Akuker el kmo tirkal chad ra Melekeok ngdi ungil a rengrir tiang al bora belurir? Malechub tiang dimle uldesuir ar sesel chad? Can anyone answer me?


a bebil ra taem e ke de kora mo otutii sel belkul a tekoi el kmo, "KE DE KORA NGERCHEBAL EL KA DE SIND EL MONG MA KA DE SIND EL MEI", ra diak le ngerang, ng teblol medal omerredel meng betok er kid a mo telaod a uldesued a le bebil ra taem. meng telaod a uldesued e blengchekl ra luk leng mo diak dodengei el kmo ke de mekerang, ea dongerodech el kirel eng soal mol medobech a dekeled. e tiang a tara uchul ar betok el ngelked a mla chemiis el mo kiei ra ngebard. mak dirrek el mo obengkem e kmal lolengit ra rubekul belau, lomuchel ra chetengakl IBEDUL, REKLAI, ma rokui lobekul a ikal bekl beluu el kmo, mem bol ta rengud el rokui e dotireklii a CHIEF PEDRO e desal kmong choteklid el mo bedul ker. altang sebechel mo uchelel a bakes el ngoikid el mora meiusech, bleketal, ta besul, e mimokl el mora bekl chad el teletael ra omerredel. meng di mle ikaikid a soak el kmung e ke mesulang a blol sebechem el chemuiua ikal luldesuek.


thanks for your time and commitment to maintaining this site for all of us. greatly appreciated!

i would have to disagree with you on this one. don't get me wrong, i fully respect Chief Pedro's decision. however your perspective of chiefs enjoying our tax dollars while all they do is show up at some ribbon cutting ceremony with broken english speeches is not the actual case. it's bigger than that. it's culture, traditions, history, and a society that sets us different and interesting than the rest of the world. to have them all step down would bring a cultural fiasco. chiefs don't make good money as everyone think. they are constantly bombarded with "elsang" which they actually spend more to the community than they make, but they do it anyways because it comes with the title. if we're moving to eliminate our chiefs, what are we gonna cut next? our sense of respect, our palauan way of life, or the whole "palauan" in us? i'm a strong defender of the palauan culture and i just had to respond to this. however Luc, i was so up-lifted by your testimony of the late Ibedul Ngoriakl. i wish more people remember him as you do. it surely brightened up my day. thank you.


get a load of this

our cultures/customs has seen so many changes one can hardly understand what they are today. is it during a funeral? is it ngasech? the traditional dances? our languages? or, bestowing a chiefs title?
to whom does our societies consult for the final decision in terms of conflict?

it is not so much that we are ignorant of these "siukang" that our forefathers bestowed upon us,..it is the lack of respect, honor, integrity, belief, etc, of who we were once before.
our true culture, which i suspected the preamble of our constitution refers to, is a dying art. the word mandate, charter, and a few of captain wilson's document will forever dictate the final decision when it comes to who is who and what is what in our societies today.

i know Balerio Pedro ment well, his intentions for the good of our culture and the people...but, in the end, it's the foreigners mandate or charter that dictates the final judgment of our own space, land, relationship, and much much more..

Dor don't forget the religious influence that permeates from the top (government) to the bottom.
"Blessed are the meek(we the down trodden) for they shall inherit the "dregs and crumbs falling of the plates of the exuberant President, OEK and other government officials."

don't know much about our traditional leaders and how they get paid, but my dad is one of the rubak in one of the states e kirel mo chomelduchel ra erul telael ra chocheraol ra bai....damn!!! he's about eighty years old and he's damn lucky he's got children in the working class helping him. somehow, this is too ridiculous.

Hooray...so he is going to stand alone? Not to say that the Council of Chiefs had any power to begin with, but at least a formal organization is more able to be heard. Does Mr. Pedro propose to create a separate organization to take the place of the current one, or discredit this one to force a review and revision, would not working within be better for this tactic? Just odd that he would release what little influence he had in the original council to go one man army on this issue. Not sure but of late the Women's Conference have had more success in promoting change than this current council, even though there is an official space for them at Ngerulmud. Anyway, Mr. Pedro, good luck and stay out of the deep end, the kiddie pool suits you fine...

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