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November 15, 2006


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I applaud Sen. Seid for his plan to holding a public hearing on PSB when he returns to Palau. But I would add that he also hold hearing on Palau Modekngei, PMCI, to find out what happened to $800,000,00 saving of PMCI that had disappear under his administration as President of the Board.

I would also include a public hearing on PMA.

FIC is doing its best to protect the depositors. However, criminal investigation should be instituted immediately against the officers of the bank.

Soul on Ice,

I am sure you are joking. It is like saying Alcapone will investigate the mafias and will put them in jail. I am sure you do not intend to give too much credence to Seid. Just maybe he is connected with PSB in some ways. He should butt out on this one.



diak el bekel chad a beiusech a osengir el sebechir'l miich a ikang! hehehe WOW, Alen 4 Da Rescue, eh? That's a CLASSIC ONE, right der! :=) Kud one Soul! Should make a song out of that one and have soon 2 be DJ Diaz again, to play it on the air.

isn't that surprising?? come on everybody, let's go to the public hearing and hear what they're gonna say to justify the "omerechor" at PSB. lol

do you really think hearing will take place? Bunch of guys sitting around and drinking coffee and talking about other agenda. With elections in two years, ngdiak sorir el metuoub, leng most of them are guilty. I truly feel bad for those people who got messed up with this. These guys needs psych eval and be treated as incicated. Or blil a beab ma subelek farm according to Nguangyang.... it is time to go work and earn an honest living.

Tia mora Mori ma Kedung:

I can sense many people in this blog "know" some of the "kleptomaniacs" involved in this big mess. Now that we've seen some info on the improperly accounted for loans, let's hope some names will be revealed to give some relief to those who lost money in the scheme.

Kora di wonder- some of the names on the board of directors table a kora mal meklou a blirir e teletellir a ollab a "udoud." Ngeral udoud?

I know you and I had disagreed before but you have to agree with me now, tia meral chelebuul. Please tell bechere what moreremii is? I still want to have a cup of coffee with you and discuss our concern. I promise, I will be nice not a bitch.

Mori and my fellow Palau brethrens:



My only concern with people living outside is when they fall into extending their support for politicians' call for them to come home and contribute to national development. Why? We all can't just return home (or most of us) because there are no jobs. As one had rightly observed, there is a serious gap or imbalance in the labor sector- e.g. the available jobs (unskilled) do not accomodate the pool of young, educated Palauans overseas who are asked to come home. Om kaiyeri el me remei em mongam a ulekiu, ear molech-iticians mar boring-creats el longedelbuu er til el diak a meral productive outcome ra urellir, ngarngii a ututellel? I am no fan of overseas Palauans returning home now UNTIL the leadership and the government get its acts together!

Komeng to you all, eng dimlak kungil smodii e mousubes a delcherull a tekingem elmlo telkib el mekngit. Mle ungil a moketek erngak ea kulengi a klausubes.

Bakuchi aka I'll gamble only my own life, not those of others'!


Let's have a coffee at Okemii Cafe soon! How do I contact you? You can be a bitch if you like, I like that! ;)-

Bakuch, are you also a bitch? cause if you are, can i join the two of you for a threesome... over coffee of course.

hey mori, i was just being sarcastic. although it might be fun just to go and hear what their going to say about this mess, but too bad i'm not there.lol

and bakuchi,
apology accepted! lol. thank you for your concern about us returning home to no jobs, however, just to be part of the everyday life, going to a palauan store, listening and talking to palauan people, going to the ureor el beluu, is just priceless. and i'll take that chance to come home just so i can do those things and live around my own people.


Political grandstanding aside by both Seid and Mariur, do you think that whomever is at the forefront and instrumental in resolving the PSB crisis will be the next President of Palau? Seems to me a lot of political mileage can be got since Senator Reklai's association with PSB will probably negate his anticipated run for the Presidency. If their was a right time for your "darkhorse candidate", this is probably the best time for them to get into the fray. Anyway, just my query and thought here and there. Btw, I agree with you regarding land ownership being concentrated in the hands of a few and how that can even be a bigger danger to all of us who strive to see a Palau for all palauans. Oh, you left one person off that list, Shallum. I hope it was not deliberate LOL

Both link above are fixed now. Don't know why they were changed. Might have to go back and check every link from Marianas Variety. That would be tedious task so I am relying on you - the readers - to let me know if links don't work or linked item has been moved.

Joe my man:

KN is at the forefront of the whole PSB. He came out first calling for the prosecution the officers of the bank.

Kerai will not run for the vp nor the presidency.

Alan is to calculating to run for the presidency however. Mark this though, if KN will surely run Alan will be his vp.

Only one word FDIC? Was there a common sense before they start this bank. I know there been word about FDIC but please find the way and get the GM that fled to the US and get his behind back to the island and let him face the consiquences. Why spend time doing public hearing for the private company let the company deal with its own problem. Politicians please don't use this as campagne promotion please just deal with this slim that lied and cheat us Palauans and fled to his native country.

if only it was that simple sweesh..
right now..and probably, someone in the hierarchy of our leadership, is taking stock and contemplating the best route in solving this mayhem. instead of a swift conclusion, this could become a political debacle.. no, this could become the last "5min. question & answer" to see who'll accumulate more stars comes 2008.

our misfortunes are now fortunes of our leaders in this foray and we cant seem to do anything about it.

Uchel my man,

lets hope KN is not that politicaly blind to place Alen by his side this coming election. Results could be disaster! hehe That's for any presidential candidate that wants to commit POLITICAL SUICIDE! hehehe I'm in favor of KN but if Alen cause along....then I'll just have to WRITE YOU IN as my presidential Candidate! :=)

Ngmeral tegoi aikal molekoi. Ukekum sebeched el moua merau mengdi sebeched el mera belau. akmla nguu a education er ngak e dirkak decide lekong...my other option is to marry one of these old farts that I care for at times, but I just can't see it.I'm not in the mood to perform CPR every other day...

I'm very familiar with the location of Okemii Cafe. I will meet you there after new year. Mengol, you can join us but you have to be a bitch. I thought about inviting becherei but she is too nice, she might put us to sleep....

Mori,bakuchi ma Mengol

i'm getting excited just listeaning to the tone of yall conversations. Could it be possible to add one more person to the party? i'll be anything yall want me to be. hehe Is the coffee really that good @ Okemii's? :=)

Yes, the coffee is going to taste very good. if not, I will bring some capuccino from the states. Ngkired el mo tmak e chadechud el kmo, kedemekerang e bai share a uldesued el kirel a next election. The breakfast is on me. ma dirrek ngsoak el mo visit ra subelek el farm... I will be in palau for almost two months, meng plenty of time to check out blil a beab incase we need more than five for these guys...

Sounds like a plan. I'll be there this coming January for two weeks.

mri mori... molenguul endirk mlo merek a halloween.. what is wrong? your broom can't take you there before me.. I will see you there, also.

I'm just trying to find rumor out of this mess.. we need you there to take notes and calm us when we get out of hand... they say, laughter will keep the wrinkles away. Best natural medecine.

you know, derengmiu lmsaod a mora belau. i wish i could be like you guys.
anyways, the idea of preparing our selves for the next election is a great idea. let's all share our ideas for a better future of our mother land.


So what you're saying my friend is that, it's politics as usual. What you say about Seid being KN's running mate makes some intial sense if one follows that first out of the gate with a statement about PSB was KN and is soon followed by Seid. I can see the connection but why? KN lost money on PMAIR but if it was only pocket change to him then no harm done but there still remains the fundamental difference between them regarding 99 years lease, KN is against it while Seid is for it. In a simple analysis, KN and Seid would canibalize each other's voter support. I wonder by mentioning the proposal if that was your intention all along. However, if you are right with your prediction , I will make ammends. CU

Joe da man;

You know what they say: "politics make strange bedfellows."

Contrary to the popular belief that KN lost money on PMAIR, he actually made money. The only two investor who made money in that misadventure were Alan and Kun-Alan through his salary and Kun when he made all the employees, who were renting rooms at Sunrise, move to his apartment.

Nguying, Mori, Bachuk,

can we all get together and do anythig we want? i mean, besides the coffee and breakfast, are u guys into role-playing and stuff like that?

oh, by the way Mori, thanks for the breakfast. when u say "it's gonna be on you, did you mean you'll be paying the tab? well, i thought i ask just to be sure.

Uchel my man,

kmal di mo mekngit arenguk sel mdul kmo KN ma Seid a RIREMECH a UDOUD! Seid maybe but KN, I'm not sure, have not heard about him rubbing people. But then again, I just cant believe you, unless you got prove man! Are you the assigned KN campaign spokesman? If you are, then please tell KN, good bye diokang! :=) If you aren't, then I hope your odd prediction is not true. ma uriul :=)


its only coffee and capuccino! Nothing special so calm down ekemo smecher!

ngkirem el mora blil a beab meluchub eng subelek el farm leng locha telbib el mekngit a btelum...silch


Never said KN robbed anybody. I just said he and Alan were the only ones who did not lose money from PMAir.

KN was/is an astute businessman. When he saw PMA wasn't making a buck, he made the PMA employees who were renting rooms at the former Sunrise Villa move to his own building-any wise businessman would do the same, so at least he could recover some of his investment. Wouldn't you do the same!!!!!


I apologize for the mistake. So, is KN really go'na pick Alen to be his running mate? Is it TRUE or were you just guesing?

Mori, Nguying,

the role-playing i'm talking about is more towards all that's been happening around town. let's take Pacific Saving Bank for example:

Mori, if we got together and play the role of Sen. Reklai, what would you do at this moment?

Nguying, let's say your role is the President, what would you say to Gov. Ngiraingas and Mr. Morrison about their offer to rescue the bank?

how about the case of Sen. Diaz?

Mori, if you're playing the role of Sen. Diaz, what would you do? the criminal charges seem kind of seriuos don't you think?

Mori, the only reason why i asked you about picking up the tab for our breakfast is because i just wanted to be sure you'll be paying, so i don't have to borrow money. right now i'm really broke, and my $223.54 deposit at PSB is "illiguid".

sorry if mislead you guys. next time i promise to be more clear on what i mean.

good day to all!

Mori and Ngungyang:

I am not so fond of having MENGOL join us. I would be uncomfortable talking about MENGOL's "kind" of issues and it's a long drive to go to Okemii Cafe from Oreor with no guarantee that my time won't be wasted on trivial gay stuff! ;)

No offense, Mengol, but I just don't think sexual orientation issues are important these days in Palau. And if you could change your name to something else, I might be a little at ease. ;) lol!

Ma atode...kung. Ea Mori ma Ngungyang, can we meet later in January 2007? A weekday lunch or post-work happy hour would be suitable for me. We should call on others to join.


sorry i left you out on that last blog.

so tell me, what kind of role would you like to be in? you can be anything but just make sure it is something that doesn't involve any gay marriage legislation because i have a feeling you have something against homosexuals. what do you say?

Whaaat? Now we have match.com going on here.

never die ma mengol;

why can't we
just plan on getting together without you guys making insulting remarks...

I should be there before new year so it does not matter when we get together. Ngunguya is only going to be there for two weeks. Is he/she going to
stay until the end of january. I hope some of you bloggers can join us. It would be nice to get together and just relax. Alsekum, Okemii Cafe akmal mo meseked, ekek move el morsel chelechol ra medal a blil a Ruluked... Bakuchi, you name the place and when we get together.


It was just a guess, rather a gut feeling re Alan's potential candidacy. He is a sly one.

Mori ma Bakuchi,

anywhere but the dropoff.....diak el seuak el mo ELDIL a Diaz ma Alen. Want to get back on the plane w/o a black eye! Hope you both agree with me.


don't worry, I have been practicing kickboxing everyday at the gym...below the waist.


Where are you? Have you drift to neverland? My sista, are you going to help us seeing you have your black belt... don't fool them. Ready to strike when enemy provoke you. adang..

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