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November 09, 2006


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blah! blah! bull sh--t. Boring. lies, cover up , more lies.

what the HoD can do to address this issue of misconduct in public office by some of it's memebers, icluding the Speaker himself, who earlier this year agreed to pay back misused public funds is to introduce a bill/legislation to ammend ARTICLE IX SECTION 10 of our constitution to include the following:



think of it..."consider all.......before it acts".. dosnt that sounds promising? now we know they have something to hang unto before passing judgment to a member..?
i use to think/believe that..no matter the degree and circumstance, whether public or personal matters, an elected official who abused a position or responsibility, is reprimanded publicly on the spot....or even voted out of office!

here's how i see it today. as an elected leader, you can take all the stikes you want, but remained an honorable elected leader!

the saying...."dust gathered builds a mountain"...dosnt mean anything. these dust....could they be future trend of evaluating an elected leader? who knows..

i may be wrong....

anyone can figure this out...Speaker is not passing judgement on Bells because one of the members may turn around and pass judgement on him.

I'm thinking about how an institution be possibly functional when constituents are political minded, In some nations, we would have history to base and simply expect to learn a lot, in this case, I say we are exposing ourselves to a new chapter, thanks to democratic system. an independent nation with 2000 pop. is compiling actual lessons for next generation to com. WE have a long way to go....

We have an apethetic populace in Palau that is slowly if what I see and hear is right...Slowly reaching their boiling point..Ironic? yes...But a good sign to those in office that Palau maybe headed into anarchy..

First due to blatant nepotism and an OEK with no original thought, a greedy nature and lacking a backbone helped
caused the power outtages that plaqued the island recently...

An AG and SP along with the Police chief becoming yes men to the Executive thus tieing their hands from
investigating kickbacks from new telecom companies who recieved their FIB license to do business in Palau in one day...Breaking the law by offering services they did not recieve an okay for...and they get a slap on the wrist...

A 99 year lease being pushed by a group of senators to ease in a monolithic project to line their pockets and lay waste to our island....

and now the demise of a bank
that had been bailed out once before by taxpayers money from the govt. and lost a million dollars of pension funds in a few days...not to mention the accounts of several hundered people....

A morally bankrupt leadership is at the helm...
and from top to bottom
their all steering the island faster and faster then the trade winds but have no clue where were headed...

and we wonder why Speaker of the House Mesebeluu isnt above all this as to call for the ouster of Bells from the house...What have ya all been smoking?..

Instead of giving teeth to existing laws,,,our senate is worried about the betelnut stains on the kids teeth..:)

We have an HOD that''s mired in criminal investigations of its members..thus have lost their power and image to be believed or trusted..

and you all are worried about Tony Bells not getting his due...Hello..People this is the way its done in Palau!........

For now... ;)

you sure steaming with heat!! never knew that..!!
lol..calm down, we're all doing our best..one step at a time..

ng soad el kora oltaut ra tekinged el "oldulb e melidel". tirka chad el uaikid meng diak desal mo dingerongel e dirrekl diak lsoad el mekekokid er ngii..

tia kuk di uldesuek..

Hehehe...Dor...Nah not steamed ..yet..lol

Just sneaking in some of my observations while trying dissect the topic..:)

Apologies to all if I seemed
loco there..for a minute..:)

you know how they say "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas" well,
" what happens in HOD, stays in HOD." lol

Hey Tauton and his wife bought a large farm in New Zealand a few years ago. Wanna bet that is where he headed?

It's good to witness the legitimately felt anger here about the PSB demise or the corruption behind it.

I only wish to incite more blog-investigation on the issue by having further discussion on the missing linkages here.

A. Who authorized the CSPP to loan (another) million dollar to PSB? Are the board members of CSPP/administrator clients, directors or directly/indirectly linked to PSB? Do they have personal interests in PSB's success/failures?

B. Specifically, who in the government (executive) endorsed the loan/transaction or the bailout proposal?

C. Why were there not public consultations, given the CSPP is owned by the government employees and depositors?

D. Are the banks in Palau legally required to submit quarterly financial statements to FIC?

E. Is the Congress going to admit that it had stalled the passage of the (improved) FIC Act and is thus actually responsible for this wrath brought about by the scums (PSB directors) who had taken advantage of a "loophole" in our financial institution laws to fill their pockets and flee the country? Not to rationalize the thiefs' actions but the OEK's refusal to pass the amended FIC Act is the root of all these problems! FIC is powerless, resourceless to guard Belau's financial institutions but nevertheless has been committed and ready to act!!! That is the truth, and you should carefully scrutinize the OEK, for its members who are against the passage of the amended FIC Act (to strengthen the regulatory framework of Belau governing financial institutions, empower FIC, and give it NEEDED resources, etc.) will obviously deflect from the real issues and attempt to place blames elsewhere.

F. Is it possible to pass an overnight law making what the PSB scums did to be (retroactively) a crime and then pursue them?

G. Lastly, the House Legal counsel (Imelda Nakamura) in her capacity as a member of the Brige Link yelled out recently to attack FIC's immediate actions to shut down the bank and place it under receivership, claiming FIC's actions and our government's response to be "communist or dictarorial)"- it's dictatorial! This is quite a scary revelation on how the HOD will act to address this PSB demise if the HOD's legal counsel reacted with such a poor understanding of the whole mess. How can we expect our Delegates to be properly and effectively informed of the underlying, critical issues behind this national mess if the HOD legal counsel is so clueless?

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