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November 17, 2006


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Go to hell, Morrison! We're not for sale! How dare you call our president and country in a state of "begging." I want this guy's head if I see him in Palau!

Gov Ngiraingas should be executed for his stupidity and desperation!

people of peliliu...rise up and rid of this demon. this governor will only bring you false hopes and misfortunes. morrison can wipe my ass with his 20M. can't buy my pride!

Hey, Pissed, I share your sentiment. However if you slow down and look at it, Morrison is dealing with our leaders in a manner that has been successful for others and encouraged by our corrupt leaders. Palau has been and is still for sale (long term visa and 99 yr. lease). Who put the "for sale" sign up? I am more interested in the leader who will step up and take the "for sale" sign down. He will be my man/woman as it will require political courage to do this.

Thanks, Diakelmad.

While I agree with you to an extent, let me just say we may have "for sale" corrupt leaders BUT our country and governance system are NOT for sale! I have trust in regulatory entities like FIB which makes sure arrogant, corrupt and "fly-by-night" fraud-riddent investors like Morrisson and his compatriots are not permitted in Palau!

come on chelemochem, this is just an offer from someone who really put his mouth where his money is, so instead of pissing yourself all over nothing, why not try to come up with an offer yourself.

if i were the President i'll take this offer and pay all the depositors their money back. as of right it's the only real solution on the table.

drain your your brain of the piss before you try make a comment. ;)

Have some dignity and respect for yourself and our country before you even joke about something like that!

Chelmochem, the healing potion is really a poison. The wicked man disguised as a savior offers help to lure his trusting victim to his trap. SNAP!

Governor Ngiraingas tried every trick in his "Idiots Guide to ask for help book and that didnt work...he went further in his idoicy to deride the President and his wife in public which realy made it doubly hard for the President to help him. :)
and now
he has decided that blackmailing might be the solution..where the president will see the light..My lord! Where have the brain cells gone to? What in the world could this guy be thinking?...

Of all the moronic things you could possible do to further people from your cause...this is it...Trying to Blackmail the President of the Republic and the President of the Senate in order for them to come to your aid...and do it in public..that would help..
Genius I tell ya.. :)

People of peleliu vote for another person to govern your island or else you'll lose it
NO MORE USP...it will be called..UKIH Ltd.

Chelmochem..You sound like your name...Everytime theres a problem you seek the easiest way out without thinking or else you piss all over yourself..
Just because they're offering a way out of this mess doesnt mean we have to take it...
and if they meant well and were a tad smarter then they are they could have offered to bail out PSB and hence recieve much needed support for their cause...but no these arrogant yahoos...they want our president to go begging...and give them all they want with out the due process of the law..
and you say take the deal..
I hope your not one of the elected...if you are we are chelmochem...

While I disagree with the purveyors of Nautilus city including Chelmochem, I tend to agree with the general premis that we are a beggar country.

Take a look around Belau... it's all Taiwanese, Japanese, Mainland China and lastly U.S. money running the whole Island.

While pride is admirable, we need to be more practical in our approach to PSB.

Please DO NOT BLAME THE OEK for the thieving that the officers of PSB did. I certainly do not blame OEK for my cousin's construction business that went belly-up couple of years ago. PSB was a business and business go bankrupt/fail.

Blame the government for investing money on PMAir and infusing money in PSB.

How come there are so many smart bloggers on this site but we seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for our leaders? I sure enjoy your blogs.


We have smart and intelligent people in Palau already..Some don't want the hassle...their fine where they are...some don't care...they're doing okay too..some are trying but are stifled by ignorance and or jealousy..and some are outside....
Most of the bloggers here might be outside of Palau and that distance makes it difficult to affect change at home..
We'll be fine...the country will survive...common sense, decency and the truth always prevail..slow at times..but will be there..:) I promise...
I'll be there to make sure it does...God willing that is...:)
Peace brother

Emelk my brother, I hurt and pray for our people and our beloved Belau. Your words are a comfort to me. Thank you.


Right on the bull's eye!

As a matter of priority, our government at this point should secure, first and foremost, the return of the Pension Fund money which CSPP had banked at PSB.

i thought its a good and healthy solution to this crisis.

look, the offer comes in a straight line, right down the process.
in the long run, those who got ripped are happy. a strong frienship with one of our pacific neighbor, an ally. and best of all, our island nation improved moderately.

damn!! if i have that much money myself, i'll help with no strings attached.. unlucky me!


Rational for my previous comment placing priority on the return of pension funds banked at PSB is the very fact that CSPP as a government entity responsible for managing government employees retirement contribution is liable for the return of that money.

Regarding other depositors money, that is a business transaction where FIC and the leadership has to find a common ground to resolve this issue.

I have also lost money in savings accounts at PSB, but I want to make sure my retirment pension is secured before the government tries to secure every depositor's money.

Governor Ngiraingas' days are numbered.

Let's ask our grandpas, grandmas, brothas, sistas and cozins from Peleliu to VOTE HARUO ESANG instead of NGIRAINGAS.

That will put an end to Mr. Morisson and Naughty Lose Project and the negativity about Palau once and for all.

i want to see shimao's offer! maybe they'll come up with a better one with slightly lighter conditions..

dor, with our state of affairs nothing any more suprises me. Yep, it's coming...

Hey guys,

did your read the terms and conditions Mr. Morison and Gov.Ngiraingas offered. It also said, "Mr. President of the Senate needs to come to Malaysia if he wants his help." So while yall are attacking the governor, keep an eye on Mr. Reklai cause he might take that OFFER! hehe $$$$$$ "MEKNGIT A NGLEMOKEL" People RELAX! Easy Fix will only lead to Biger PROBS!


hmmm, Haruo Esang? Look for some new and clean candidates. Mr. Esang owns more than his share of the prostitute joints in all of Palau.

Peleliu is the most populous state in the Repubic. We don't need to recycle folks from there.

How about some Peleliu women?


The same people(chinese) who are connected with Shimao did offer to help Palau with the recent electrical outage this past summer- offering almost $50 million to ROP. Pres. declined.

Etau where did you get the idea that Beliliou is the most populated beluu in the republic. Koror is.

And all you folks from Peliliu please vote for Balbao!!!!!!!!!

BALBOA!!! that is.


Peleliu has the most people in Palau. Koror is the most populous but more than half are renters.

Who is Balboa? What about someone new like Sinton or a lady from Tatirou?


very considerate of you to give praises/compliments to all who deserves it.

right now, these people are needed. isn't there are willing soul in this blocsite who have the gusto to rise up and say I AM?

i hate to admit it..but im beginning to sound more like a derumk..:)


perhaps the nature of this crisis might strike-blind the pres?..provided of course, something under the table..rofl!

and please...not the sailor!! peleliu has enough as it is..don't add more stripe into their habitual labeling tactics!

uchelmelis is the only one making sense here...

"Take a look around Belau... it's all Taiwanese, Japanese, Mainland China and lastly U.S. money running the whole Island".
Palau has been and will always be "FOR SALE" because we don't have any source of revenues to run the government and then some. the only industry we have is tourism and just how much revenue do you all think that brings. most of the infru-structures are built by grant monies from taiwan, japan and other countries. not to mention even computers donated to our classrooms by some japanese organizations because our own government cannot afford to buy simple things as computers.

IT'S CALLED COCONUT POLITICS PEOPLE....our government is bigger than all the other island government put together...waaaayyyy tooooooo maaannnnny Chiefs and not enough indians.


Why single out "boa"? Was it your version of a "surgical strike" on KN's candidacy since he is KN's nephew? or are you with your proposal to vote for him making fun of the people from Peleliu? Sure Boa's the island muse but do you know that in the years that I have known him that he has more character then most, a sense of humor, and he's loyal to the core when it comes to Peleliu and its people. I wonder who would you have next on your list, Baudi? I hope you give it more thought and at the same time I propose to you, lets always talk politics etc... but never at the expense of those in our society who cannot defend themselves here.

Joe, mu man:

My bad!!

Never intended it to mean that way. Matter of fact I was going to include Willard's name but Boa, as you said, "has more character."

mea culpa, mea culpa!!!


in case you havent noticed, the leaders of our beloved island nation, are taking advantages of our proximities with our asian neighbors.

another reason why i admire our leaders but at the same time...we bleed too much inside.


Remind me my friend not to get on your bad side. You are the "king of malaprops". First you go after Balboa (KN'S Nephew) who holds a fifth degree black belt in the Peleliu Seinen Dan then now you mention Willard the once "one man party" and now resident evangelical christain whose family has close ties with President TR (ie Willard's nephew Barett Ridep recently appointed to the tourism board). Now there is only one more loose end to tie. I hope you don't mind. I put out the name of Father Wayne Tkel, jesuit trained and VP Chin supporter as the catholic church in Peleliu was the sole beneficiary of land given to them by the same VP to build their new church. All the factions mentioned are opposed to Governor Ngiraingas . In which case, how can we give credence to the idea he proposed along with his Nautilus cohorts that they can conditionally bail out PSB. Give it some thought, why publicize something you propose to do? unless if their intent is to publicly bring to bear external pressure thru the media to ressurect their failed project or simply to kick the President while he's down. Pick or choose but either way if the President called them on this offer, they would not be able to deliver on their promise but will instead offer something else to President TR to see if he will take it. I guess that's why to some negotiation is an art. Incidently, Palau's best negotiator is Kuniwo Nakamura.

screw jackson, morrison and malaysians themselves. let malaysia deal with its poverty before lending a hand. we are an indepent nations for our own who are screwed by our own leaders. the problem stems from certain individuals greed for money similar to the collapse of enron. see to it that the people who are responsible, pay the price.
c'mon people, we chose independency with the majority vote and this is where palauans inside palau takes actions.let the depositors of PSB strike, whether palaugovs employees or not. come up with banners, march on the street or do something...this is way too much for the people of palau who deserve nothing but honesty, integrity, and devotion to duty from our leaders....again screw jackson and his buddies from malaysia.

Joe buddy:

I give up. Ok, two names then:

Tanzi for governor, incidently he was the best tour guide peliliu ever had.

If you do not like Tanzi, then Maide. Too bad Moko is gone.

very funny guys....

i believe you two are both king of malaprops... mea culpa eh?...heh...

what is mea culpa? translate please..

The nerve of Jackson, who must think the people of Beliliou and the whole Belau are so naive and dumb that we'll fall for his latest tactic. It's diguised in a different manner, but the motive is still the same. How long will this go on?!
Let the bank officials deal with their mess.
Kemiu el chad ra Beliliou el kiei er tilchang er chelchal time, I urge you to have the tenacity to go after Jackson and get rid of his governorship.
Also a plea 'lmora rechedal mar ngelekel, talk to him on what he's doing. It is so wrong!! This affect all of us and the generations to come. It's hard to comprehend he does not have that in mind.
Greed is NOT good.

my apology joe...ur not that.

but I AM from peleliu.. here's what i dont understand.. if senate pres somehow involved in this scheme at PSB + some other high gov officials, my governor has offered THE only good way out of this mess...should we take this as a joke? shouldnt the other leaders(governors) seek solutions elsewhere too? our entire island will/may not be shaped by us alone in this generation, and thats a fact we have to understand.

perhaps their approach not appropriate coz PSB not affiliated with national gov., but our gov would still benefit from this deal.
are we waiting for "the best deal" coming our way? i mean, to me..national gov has no funds to deal with this crisis unless they tapped CTF, highly unlikely.

mngim olemedem.. come up with a solution of your own. lot of people are affected by this episode eh? thats just one solution..and thats how you feel about it. who'll stand to benefit? jackson and family? peleliu? palau? these are old stories in our island..

i don't mean to change the subject, ngdi, I visited peleliu last year,it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. You guys just don't know what you have.

akimlora beach, I collected so many shells which I brought with me to the states. Me sel ngarngii a bad, eng waves comes thru the rocks. Ngarngii sel kora edo, I even jumped in there. You guys are so lucky. I hope to visit there again soon.

thats very true becherei..
but how many of us are so unlucky/lucky to be where you are, when you visist, you can detected that onessbeauty and harmony still echoing among the sands, beaches, trees...nature itself?

and, how many of us who remained as "iubet ra keburs",...behold these glory? we have to move forward, otherwise everything becomes stale...we have to follow the flow.?

the approach, whoever "menguml er ngii", thats the problem in our society today, as i see it. this approach by peleliu governor, isnt it just like deals made with PRR? or airline servicing palau and asian entities?
but because its the governor of peleliu who instigated it, and not a high position government official so it must be treated with hostility/indifference?

these are just thoughts...as i said, positive thinking? i don't want to dwell in the opposite side...too much freaky language can cause hartattak!!

sorry bib, i might have sound harsh..but wasnt my intention.

Hi dor...

You seem to always be on the side that's incompetently blind or outrageously obtuse..Your support of Diaz who is both outrageously uneducated and obtuse...and now to Gov. Ngiraingas. A man who's lost sight of the absurdity of Nautilus City Resort in Peleliu..

It will never become a reality...never. I know..I'm involved in it..the land he wants..one of them is ours..and he'll never get it to build anything..

Now to his offer to our President...It's not a solution as you say...it's
all their absurd demands met, ie..FIB Licences, EQPB Permits etc..They want all those for the loan.
Our Island and its government is not for sale...Our government cannot be blackmailed into
selling any part of it..to anyone...and the President cannot okay any of their demands without facing some form of recrimination..

Our island is just that, OURS, not for the few millionairs who want a piece of it..it's for all of us...

It's not the national government or the people of
Peleius fault or responsibility to sell-out to bail out PSB..I feel for those who lost money but it is not cause enough to break our laws and give in to a blackmail offered by Greedy arrogant yahoos..

Have a little pride in yourself and some sense to
analyze the news and instead of taking it as the gospel just because it's the only one being offered...

oops emelk...your so outrageously pissed.

my thoughts so dont take it too personal. anyway, details details details.....cant live with them and without.

and i thought i'll sell my one small piece of land for a lump sum!!

you've just strike me dumb....lol!! i sure hope no follows....

To: Morrison and Jackson

Go to hell.

Your on target Emelk. Keep shooting.

The people of Peleliu are not responsible for the demise of PSB and should not be made part of an equation for the return of PSB depositors money.

It is clear Nautilus cannot affort to pay the required EIS for this project. That is the reason it wants to by pass the EQPB Process.

Now that is a crime the governor of Peleliu wants our senate president and Palau President to commit.

To the people of Peleliu. Be careful with your vote. Go Haruo Esang.


an idea occured to me..'why not go for the side of these people whom you say are "arrogant, greedy, bloody blind..." and many names i dont know..and try to sell their character..or their point of view.

while reading many comments in this bloc, it seemed everyone are duplicating mimmicking Sen. Diaz's attitude, tone, and manner towards the public...in this bloc.

we voice our opinion in the name of righteousness.. ..and yet, the way we deliver it isnt any different than him...

we say we are better than him, and yet, the way we describe our leaders are exactly like the way he was when he wasnt in the leadership...to present.

we may not say we are better..or intelligent, but not a day goes by that a comment comes up humiliating degrading another fellow palauan in our leadership...result? we are better than him..

we get into their personal life as if its a part of the heading to be dissected and passed amongst us...result? we are just like him.

and yet again,..we call him names to satisfy our dissapointment and regrets.

arent we better than that? believe me..i have so manymuch pride in myself of who i am, what i am, and where i came from in this tiny speck of an island.

i admitt, i didnt do a better job of selling my product.

tial saul...

FYI, your'e one of the bloggers here, if not THE blogger whose comments I take very lightly, and that is, to be very blunt, due to your deadbrain attitude. So next time you read something here, try to understand what we are saying and contributing are solutions (hopefully) in a long term, not just a quick fix to one problem.
Do you have any idea how ridiculous you come across?

Just back from my vacation in Nautilus city of denial and now I find myself a prisoner of your thoughts. Its just like that malaprop of all malaprops, "Its deja vu all over again." So my friend , it seems like you've increased your list. So you've tapped our dear Tanzi whose WWII knowledge goes hand in hand with Peleliu's "don't ask, don't tell" unwritten island policy. You mention Maide who reminds us a little bit of the character of Carl in "Slingblade" and Dustin Hoffman's Rainman character then you list my Uncle Moko. Well I take solace that at least by mentioning Moko, you've allowed me to remember him. What a story he could tell. I remember as a young man when he would visit with my grandfather and the tales he would SPIN. That being said neither of three would make very good governors but what each one offers or had offered to the community is priceless. What comes to my mind regarding the most important thing I learned from them is the idea of tolerance of other's differences. Its always a work in progress.

Joe my captain NEMO:

Likewise, I do have some fond memories of Moko. I still remember when he used to break bread and drink with my father till the wee hours in the morning. Quite a character.
What was that song about him?

So you see my friend we do share somethings in common. Only if we could come to one mind re our future leaders.

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