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November 24, 2006


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Here we go again!!! Another Nautilus in the making. No wonder the original Nautilus was never OK'd.

Mlarngii a mengerechar ra elsel. Ke de chebuul ar Ibililiou!!

Perhaps a wait and see attitude is more forthcoming in this type of situation. Let's get more details before we all make a decision either way. The lease if valid is between Palauans but if a foreign entity is behind the scheme then that's another issue. Anyway you look at it the pendulum swings to the negative side of KN's presidential aspirations.

I am for developing our beloved Island of Peliliu-whether it's Nautilus city or some other places. I just hope that the economy trickles to all.

By the way, Joe my friend, what I want to know is why sign a lease agreement with the rubukul(Rubak) a beluu and not with the elected government?
Tirkal rubak sebeched el melai a lease er kid er tir?
Most importantly, techa mlo smuk aikal udoud? Keleng di tirkal telolem el rubak!!!

My friend Uchelmelis,
this so-called lease agreement sounds and looks highly inappropriate but I don't know all the technical and legal aspects of it. Your probably right that the Rubaks who signed the so-called lease agreement also receive the money at the exclusion of the others. For now, the only thing that I can see from this is that it sheds a negative light on KN and might be used by his opponents to disuade his candidacy.

akoi, i dont know what to say anymore for Palau and Palau's future. What are we doing? We want this, we want that, we want a big hotel, we want our own airlines, we want WHAT?!?!?! what are we trying to do to ourselves?!?! eerrgghh

Ngerbus isl. should be developed huh?!?! Development for WHO?!?!

Ulekum ma bebil ra ikel ludoud el molab LOMESIICH A ELBECHEBED meng kuk morar mechebuul. Ar merau a di MELEKETEK a UDUDIR ea REMECHEBUUL a di MELEKETEK a ELBULIR! Minister ra State Mr. Shmull ma kau el KN....alsal beteknga ikal LUDOUD ekuk morous el morar mechebuul el MILUTK erkemiu el molab aikal DERUCHALL. Ngarker a Robinhud erkid? Techa ngkel sebechel mora ikal deruchall el mo MESIOU RAR RECHAD RA BELUU ediak el di lomdas ra IPENGEL. Aikal deruchal ra kabelment a ungil deborngii LEKERDI MO MERAU!

Tiang di mo rael a keskelel. "MEKNGIT A NGLEMOKEL!"


I truly agree with you 100% that most politicians in Palau particularly the government leaders and the former ones are only thinking about their wallet and savings, and personal gains from the government. Where did Minister Shmull get a lot of money? How much is his salary as the Minister of State? Locha mla mo kirir el kuk olengull el ngara ika deluchall, so that others can take position of their jobs and look for the best interest of others. Meral mekngit a nglemokel. Mla mo medinges a obechad.. Look at PSB's current status. Tirkel loldeu a rengrir ra rechorch ra udoud el buai ma klalou el buai, ma klalou el kebliil, a mo lmangel ra uriul, hopefully.

someone seems to have spilled the bucket of water about these two old, partners in crimes! KN sold us to Taiwan and collected $7 million in the eleventh hour prior to leaving the office of prez,, and his then chief of staff (Temmy S) must have got a big junk out of that...no wonder eng ou mansion ra bitar ra sda e ou chert a ikel $80,000 el bos with klou el mesil. do public servants make enough to buy that kind of expensive stuff?

now a resort development by the two on Ngedebus island!

sei a uchul meng kired el mo kerkikl el di oluut ra tirkaikid el dengerotk el dengerenger el melngerenger ra buai ma bakelment erkid!!!

ulekum sebeched el mo tmak er rokui e omes raikal omeruul, ngdi kid a rechad er belau, akmal soam ar betok a ududir meng meringel a doruul er ngii. Maikal obechad amlamo medinges meng mochul lobeu a delel ekid adi meruul a tegoi. What should we do? Kedi chadcheduch er tiang el meruul a rengud e merekong.

Keep it up guys. Thera are lot of us citizens watching and reading your great and intelligent comments. We are all behind you and supporting your fine ideas.

If Kuniwo Nakamura and Mr. Shmull did indeed pocket the $7M from Taiwan's Dollar Diplomacy during their reign as President and Chief of Staff (1993-2000)then that explains their mansions, businesses, SUVs, and their plan to develop Ngedebus. Chief of Staff/Ministers' salaries range beteeen $30-35K a year for they are contract workers. As for the President, he makes $50K a year.

There's nothing wrong with what KN and Minister Shmull are doing because there were/are no real tough laws against politicans/gov't officials to profit from their positions during their reigns.

That is why we must bank together and push for Senator Asanuma and his Group of Honest Leaders, to introduce and pass a comprehensive law that will once and for all stop this practice which, at the end of the day, undermines democracy and the people of this country.

We should also add to the prosposed Amendments an additional one that would reduce the salaries of Members of the OEK from the current $50K to $30K. That extra money saved can be used for education and health. Plus this will dilute the political race so that only the ones who truly care and love Palau will run, not for the money but for their passioin to improve the country and the lives of the Palauan people.

It will be a tough job to pass these laws right now, but given the recent developments, the public's outrage and anger will force the whole of OEK to pass them.


We need new "faces, visions, ideas and leaders."

Ea llak el taut ai tiang, ea dedi melemollem el mesaod a diosisiu el mondai ma ringel el de elbangel ea rechad el ngara kingall a di melemollem el mo merau ekid ar "mechebuul" a di osisiu.

I am tired of this, and I've said enough. I am done talking about this and I WILL HONESTLY EITHER NOT VOTE OR TOTALLY WRITE IN NEW 'NAMES' on my voting ballot in 2008.

I wish many Palauans could truly reflect their frustrations and anger come 2008 on their ballots!

Till then, keep the spirits up and stay good!

GBYA and our young country!

It is time to "drain the swamp" and get rid of the oligarchy that have been raping our treasury for years. Young Palauans need to rebel and unchain themselves from customs that encourage clanship loyalty for this to happen. Vote not for your relative but rather on issuea. I am tired of our nation being perceived as a banana republic being ruled by coconut heads.

I understand how you feel toward our leaders now... but in the meantime, what can we do to put pressure towards these guys now? Auchul mengarngii a finger pointing ma stalling er tial issues, atir a invove er ngii ma rechad el kaudengei. Akumdasu ea public pressure and their anger may speed up this process... Tengarker ar Voices at this time. Mengtecha mosebechel el rulii tiang? Omdu ngdiak bom vote etia mo affect ra rechedad madecheroid engdi bother er kid leng no matter where we are, ekid adi Palauans adang.. nice to see you back.


we need to organize if we are to change Palau comes Nov. 2008. We can't continue to be disbursed like this and expect to make a change. We need to come together and form a movement, otherwise, the powerful establishment will consume us one by one, then they'll retain power at the end of the day to continue their grand agenda for Palau.

I believe that there are a handful of people in this blog that can make this happen - organize to lead this movement. I'm in if you both are.

I'm in for sure.. Ngdi cheroid ekedemo kaudengei. Akmerael el mora belau soon makmo omes ra situation e try to convince ra rechad. I thank God el mlechell el chad er belau, meng akmora ikel sebechek el rulii el mo sebechir tirkel young palauans el tara klebesei etoureng el kmo teruatechang amle fight to keep palau the way it is now. I'm decided to live int the states the rest of my life ngdu sel part er ngak kmo techebuul tirkel ngara belau. What can I do to help them?

I'm in and will be in Palau by January 2007. Feel free to email ORES at rauelreng@hotmail.com (real email addy).

Thanks for the word of encouragement, good folks, and the effort to try move beyond mere rhetoric and do something. But, as the old adage goes, everything starts with informal talks! I've got an idea that has yet to be dissected by good bloggers who want to meet and exchange ideas.

Belau's history has taught me that require a different, home-grown type of civil movement for a change. That will be the challenge if we want to sit around and talk!

I will be in Palau before new year. We can get together with those bloggers here. Tia meral mla consume ma time and I just cannot look the other way and enjoy my life here. I have not even start doing my chirstmas shopping yet leng mekerang sel kumdasu ertirkel kmal mechebuul el loch diak adudir just to meet their needs. Meng mocha ungil a renguk el kmo, we are starting to talk and put word into action. mesulang

Metia di question er ngak el morkid el bloggers el kmo; alsekum ngmeral ngarngii rarrngmiu amo join er kemam el to stand to what we believe is right, ngkiriu el mo ready to pay ra consequences leng a beluad akmal kekerei mekedi kaudengei, be ready to receive a name calling ma klebelngud, ngi ngak adiak care just as long ea rechad ra beluak bolingir.. I know who iam now, so mo matter what they say, it won't convince me otherwise. Who is willing to join us?


What you guys are trying to do is very good. Its time for few of us Palauans outside of Palau to gear up and do something about the future of Palau. Theres a new law that limit the term of OEK. Most of our leaders today will not run in 2008 election. You should make a list of the new leaders, people who will make some changes in the government, if elected.., for the best of all Palauans, let them know that they will have 100% of our support. Five will have the majority vote in OEK, so we need at least five very strong people who will have a strong voice in OEK. I'm sure we can come up with few names.

I am curious as to what kind of a pension plan do ex OEK members receive?

Mori,Ores, Klels

There is hope now for the future of Palau - we have all spoken. Fantastic!

Meet we shall. Since I'm the only one in this "coalition, group" who's here in Palau, let me offer my house to host this first meeting. Since you've been away, I'll make a feast - Palauan food. Let me know of a do-able date and I'll give you directions to my house.

Send me your private email to deruumk@yahoo.com so we can start this path

It is nice of you to host our first get together at your house. I will send you my private email.. feast indeed.. I hope everyone im this blog can join us. kedousbech a input er kemiu el ngara belau leng komkmal close to the situation. Mesulang. Let me know what I can bring.

ngkmal lungiil a uldesuiu el kirel a belumiu. engdi mek kulengiit er kemiu ma uchei ra mosaoud a tekoi e bo mungiil el tirterii el modengelii a techel. lak di monguii a news paper or e di morenges a tekoi e mosaod lek kumtab e locha diak mungiil el kleuadel. ngu ngiil me kmiu tial melalk a mei er belau mek kom kmal moungil el subii e tirterii el mak klemrang e meng mosebechiu el mesaod ma omosaoud eng klemerang e mareal tekoi a tekingiu.

if your tired of this republic no body is holding you drain your self out it. this is not a banana nation. if think that our leaders are coconutheads please think again. palauan leaders were elected by majority of the palauans. you stated that they are coconut heads that means mjaority of us are coconutheads. i think your worst than coconut head. your noni head






I sori,

i sori too if the topics being discussed here are offending to ya. :=) Maybe you can tell us the truth behind all these LIES we read on the news papers. hehehe. How about you sue Moses and Horizon? Shiiet, might as well go on air with Mr. Diaz and tell the truth the PUBLIC! hehe You just might be right....like they say, there are always 2sides to da stories, right? Please tell us the other side of it, I beg you. :=) I love you and I'll be waiting for your respond paitiantly. "TALK DA TALK and WALK DA TALK" Share with us some of your walkings....sounds like your capable of running the KABELMENT! I'll VOTE for you if you tell US YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY, DA TRUTH since you claim that what we read on PAPER are nothing more than LIES! hehe :=) Si ya


This is not the first time that Ngedebus had been leased out. About a decade ago Governor Jackson Ngiraingas and his friend Sanderson leased it from Peleliu State Public Lands Authority to construct five stars resort hotels and golf course. People of Peleliu were promised new airport, new dock and Ten Millions to be deposited in the State's treasury within six month.

Now, the island is owned by Ngerdelolk Hamlet. It was awarded to Ngerdelolk Hamlet by the court about four years go. it is administered by the four ranking chiefs of Ngerdelolk who signed the lease agreemen to Nakamura and Shmull.

My understanding of the lease is that Nakamura and Shmull are given right to take coconuts on the island for the time being.

That's a shame that Temmy is involved in all this. I used to think that he's one of the good guys. I guess all that money is putting his head between KN's legs.
i sori, get out of the house. Your'e not making sense AT ALL! Are you still in high school?

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