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November 24, 2006


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now wait a minute, Mr Ngiraingas, the offer was made from Mr Morrisson to the President of Palau. He chose not to accept it. And by all means, he is our President if you have not noticed...or forgotten. You are making a fool out of yourself for making these absurd requests...facing him in a challege and to ask him to resign. Something is loose somewhere.

Are you out of your mind?

Governor Ngiraingas should hold a pubblic referandum for the people of Peleliu to get their mandate to support this Morrison before he opens his mouth.

Without such a mandate, he is nothing but a greedy share holder of the Nautilus project.

Does he want to take ownership of PSB asset?

What kind of a Malaysia company needs a foreign licence to do business in a foreign country to raise its capital?

Face it governor, Nautilus is bankrupt. No money, and needs Palau government's favorable treatment to vouch its fundraising activity.

The governor's suggestion absurd, does not make sense, and he should be ashamed of his greed.

Where is the public prosecutor and his case on Nautilus?

To Senators Asanuma and Dengokl,

All of these unbelievable actions by our leaders should prompt us to pass a law making it illegal for elected leaders to be involved/hold interests in business or pursue business activities while in office, like any of the strong democracies of the world. Otherwise, it's going to be business as usual comes Jan. 2009.

Ngmeral tegoi, ngdi tengarngii ar honest el business men/women er belau. A Surangel ma Santy and many others. Meng, comes next election, ekedmo omes a report er tir ra court. It is public records meng sebeched lomes. I hope etial chelebuul ra Bank amla osisecheklid el mo telkib lomes rar melemalt el chad a diak di domes a ududir. Where are they now when we need them? Ngdiak a belkul adebora cour, you can tell how they got their big houses and bussines. It does take a scientis to figure it out

sorry, it does not take a scientist to figure it out.


We Palauans tend to forget and forgive. That is why I'm asking Senators Asanuma and Dengokl to study and introduce/pass a legislation to protect the public interests and elected leaders from themsleves - a comprehensive law to regulate the behavior of our elected leaders- so that things like the collapse of the PSB does not repeat itself, among other things.

Ngmeral tegoi, kamsal e doker ra Santy el kmo sebechel... kedekmal mereched el forgive e forget mauchul metirkal bastards amla figure us out. We need to be smarter than they are... e olngeseu el educate rar chad ra beluad..

I have to admit. Akora mle favor ra NK for the highest office this coming election. Endi, elechal kuk bla bokudengei el kmong ngii ma Minister ra State akuk MELEKETEK ra one ra MAJOR PROJECT ra REBAI engkora mla mo diak el sal seuak.

Tiak kora di ngara uldesuek el seuak el dulii. Kede kora kmal mla morkedii a Gov. Ngiraingas el kmu etid erngii. Engdi kbai kora diak sal bekikl erngii. "AK BAI KORA MLA MO BEKIKL ER TIRKAL KORA DI MERUUL A MOVE ER TIR RA MILEKOLK." Kede kora di kibetiekl ertir sel kuk bechul LORECH er tir DEVELOP RA IMOL DERIR A ELEBACHEB! A Minister ra State adomes erngii engkuk mla oupech ra DERUCHELEL el NEKOS ra Ngedebus Project. Ngka kora dimlak a ngerang erngii ral kot el mo CHIEF OF STAFF ra KN ea after 8 years eng mla mo sebechel DEVELOP RA IMOL ELEBACHEB! (TIANG DI MORAEL A KESKELEL?)


WOW! the Pres and the Gov huh. dang, such angry people within the government. tiang conflict ra ngerang e sechelei?

is PSB, the one who is commenting here a worker at that bank or just mocking us? hehehe, its funny considering the irony.

Governor Ngiraingas,

Pull your head out of your ass and think before you really show the rest of the world what an "IDIOT" governor you are...

You don't fit to lead which I might add, you don't have leadership and negotiating skills...all you know is greed...

People of Peliliu lost a great deal when they voted you to be their governor...you are a lemon...all talk no action, moreover, people of Peliliu should label you dyfunt governor...more promises but always under deliver...

Here is my advise to you...attend to your states govermental mission, and sit back and listen more than you speak..maybe you will learn more than you know...

About PSB situation, you would recognize the problem because it takes one to know one's dilema...that is the situation you are in...the bum deal you have propose to do is similar to PSB..Multi-level marketing..nothing else...

You know what, I would like to see Pres. TR take you on, on the podium so you'll be put in your place.....

Maybe, he was just trying to defend himself..mesulang

Meral klemeraing aicha molekoi e billionaire ma becherei. Tirka chad el lorurt ra amt ra Belau a meral locha di omdasue ra pocket er tir. Merkung a Election Year 2008, e betok er tir a diak el sebechir el muut el remurt el mora office el lokiu sel milketmokl el llach. Ma leuaisei e tebetok er tir a diak lomekerreu a ikal dolekoi e bai mai el me mereked el kirel a interest er tir ma ouspechel a deruchelir el meruul a siobai ma ikel mo klungiolir. Adang mekerang? A President meng dirrek el last term er ngii, meng dirrek el ngarngii a loruul er ngii el under the table, ngii ma sechelil e kmal member ra cabinet el Mr. Elbuchel Sadang. Ka momdasue e monger.

Jackson, isn't there anything else but dollar signs up your ass? Really think of what your doing. You have been lying to the people of Beliliou all this time, getting them to vote for you, and now your'e sitting comfortably, finding ways to get more money in any way you can, and ruining lives in the process. What is the priority in this stage of your life? It should be family. Bai mei mem worry ra klechad ra telungalk er kau, because in the end, that's really all that should matter.
Tirkar ngelekem el mla try el commit a suicide, and it's mainly because of a dysfunctional family. Oh yea, we know about it!
For once, do something good that your family and the people of Beliliou will be proud of.
To those who think that Jackson is not doing anything wrong, one can call it bullshit, but for the rest, it's the truth!

malsekum nguasei e tonari, ediak el take care ra family er ngii, What makes him think that he can govern the states...See a rechord ra udouid akmal diak lungil.. I hope the people from Pelelu wake up and see the real Ngiraingas..

His children are crying for his attention by trying to commit suicide, engii a di remurt el soam a betok ludoi esel lemam, a udoud ngmomangel ra kahol er ngii... It goes back to our previous discusiion el kmo; the love of money is the root of all evil. It does blind us to see what matter the most in ths life.

eliik. e Jackson just because the President deny the Morrison Offer then you want him to resign and you want to debate him too.
hey bro..these are NOT your
money $$$$ you make me sick
your are one GREEDY, idiot
govenor..no wonder they are
shouting for BOA..!!!!! better yet..get Lucas Spsesungel to run for GOVR
sad to say but people in Beleliou are with drifting to away to Malaysia w/Jackson...all he wants to do is sell Belilou out and make it like a resort place all $$$$$ is HIS only. His family is not in Peleliou struggling to make ends meet...he wasnt raise there he doesnt know the real hard life of living there..he thinks he know it all,but boy you are all wrong, its not like when you raise in GUAM.i love beleliou and palau so slow down..bro
go do some MENERUKUNG and
enjoy the beauty of our island.. odesang

man, it's heated in here! but please, personal dilemmas within the family, keep them in there, we all have family drama and just because these people are in the public eye doesn't mean you have to bring their family issues in the discussion, especially children. of course i don't agree with the Governor's doing but keep it on the subject.
and to say, a chad a dimlak a ngerang er ngii before acquiring a certain position in the government, kid el rokui el didiak a ngerang er kid, we start off in life with a lot of family support, guidance, and financial support to get educated, and succeed in whatever career we want to pursue, and i've seen the Minister's bio and he is a well educated man and so what if he's smart enough to secure his businesses to ensure a better future for himself and his family, don't we all want that for ourselves as well. we all love palau and want to secure a better future for ourselves and our country so let's debate and discuss on the subject and don't let it get too personal!!!!!


Just because somebody is educated and smart does not give them the right to cheat and steal from the people. Ak bai respect ra chad el medengei a tegoi meruul a melemalt el tegoi. If he earned his money honestly, then we don't have the right to quostion his motives.Take Surangel and Santy for example, they earn their living ma business er tir el honest meng diak doubt er tir.

Yes, being in the public eye, your family is exposed to the public. It is unfortunate, but that's the way it is.

Don't get fool with their education, ak respect ra chad el bai medengei a tegoi, menguul e omdasur ra udlsiur a rechad.


Like Passerby says, it is sickening to see deep the discussions on this blog have degenerated. PSB's demise has no connection to the success and prosperity of government leaders that you seem to take pleasure with your targeted accusations and condemnations.

Good for you at least you see the good side of senator asanuma and senator surangel whipps.
Try to see the good side of the other senators and our ministers for a change.

The reason these incumbent leaders continue to lead our people and our republic is that fact that more people believe and support. It is a fact of democracy.

cheating and stealing?? i consider myself pretty updated with what's happening in belau but haven't heard of cheating and stealing on the account of minister. just because someone is associated with or works with an individual who's got "connections", does not mean they're cheating and stealing. if he earned his money honestly, you say, so you have facts to back it up that he didn't earn it honestly???
and i'm not denying the fact that the family is exposed but that doesn't mean we need to target the family for any reason, because, again, we all have family issues and being palauans, i know for damn sure family comes first and just because their father is an elected government official does not give anyone the right to disrespect them or drag their personal obstacles in here. keep it on the subject and i believe we have bigger issues at hand than trashing each and every elected government officials on a personal level!!


Kemam a cheroid e kmal melatk ra beluad, mengkmal mo mekngit a rengmam sel mdu ngiak kim pay a tax. Belkul a kmo, ngdiak a belkul a chuldesuam. Meng atae kedemo disagree e kakerous a uldesued, ngdi ditara tegoi kid er rokui a soam el mesa beluad el mo klungiolir ar ngeleked mar grandchildren er kid. komkmal mesaul el kiei ra beluad e mengetmokel er ngii.

biz, meringel er ngak a omes a klungiolir tirkal bebir ra senators lek mera belau ra every year makumes ra medak. Maikal business er tir me tir adi merael el mo ungil beserir ear mechebuul adi merael mo chebuul. Alsekum ak cheluid, e mouchais akuk ungil klungiolir. Bai mei memchadcheduch el tegoi er belau, mengdi kid a medengei a ngesechel a rengud.


bol meduch a rengum ra tekoi el moruul er ngii mbol sebechem el mo meritm ra ungil redechel ra uriur. A kot e mkedmeklii a delengchklem malchub eng skulem e bochum momerek ra ngeseu el mora bebir ra rechad.

A experience er kau a locha diak el sal meringel el ua sel time ra TT el oumesind er tirkal leaders er kid a mlara school. mle meringel a immigration me touspech a visa e oureor el part time and ngara school. Dimlak a kmal scholarship ma betok el ngese el ua elchang.

Meng dechal a rengrir e teliluut el mera belau lolab a dongu er tir ra klechad ma uchul e te meleket. E tirkaikid tirkel omcheluch er tial amt er kid lokiu a tax ra siobai er tir ma tax ra income er tir e mengol er tial obereud el ellungel el omcheliu er ngii el beluad er belau mauchul e sel omei eng keldmokl.

Meng bek el beluu el di uaisei. Tengarngii ar mlo ungil beserir, mar ngarngii ar ebuul mar ngarngii er ngara delongelel el losiik a rolir ete ngoriakl. Mar ngarnii ar di omkidokl e di omtelub mar melekoi a rikuts. Endgi belau a melemolem el develop e progress e emolt er elechal time el kot el ungil merrael a kerrul er ngii ma keizai er ngii el beluu ra micronesia.

E sei a teng er tirkal leaders er belau. Meng ngerang a kmal mekgnit?

uchei omelekoi aikang endiak modengelkak ma skulek. A teng rar bebil a ungil ear bebir a diak lungil meng kired losiik a meral ngarngii a ngara uldesiur ediak dilomdasu a wallet er tir. Ngdirkak answer er ngak el kmo ngera klungiolir ar bebir ra senators? Kau ngeral side of ngarngii? Ngdiak make sense aikal molekoi.

biz ma mori,

ak remember ra KN ral reliii lach el mo 100% el MEKUUL el diak el sebechel angii dil obis or department ra kebelment el loltobeda udoud el mor OCHERAL A ROM! Sel taem a late honorable Senator Rudimech a dirk'e senator. Eal lorael a KN el me tuobed ra tuangel ea senator a kora ulungelakel el kmo diak de relii mel sebechel a at least eng sesei el sebechel mora ocheral a rom. A KN a mle hensi erngii kmo, alsekum ke de stob erngii, ede stob erngii 100%.

Mori, you made a good point there. Tirkel mekngit a teng ertir akirir el kuk mo olenguul me tirkel medecheduch el lomart ertir emeruul a elbirukel. Ak kora omes erngii el di ua KASINOMA. Alsekum ma Kimo dikeal loureor engkired el di Amputate er tir el 100% lelak esel kekerel Kasinoma akuk lemuut el lomkerouul.

uaisei, e nguangyang ngdi a cancer al ngara major organs eng meringel ade cure er ngii without damaging vital cells. e sebechel mutate e spread faster to other parts of the body. Mauikall omeruul ra beluad el mla happen alak demereched el stop er tirkal cause aikang ea rest er kid el chad belau amo affected...mebol tarngud engkmal kekerei a beluad medekaingeseu lolab a ungul uldasue ma omelekoi.


Sel omei ra belau ra bekl rrak, eng kmal telal klebesei el mngara tiei ekmo sel momes rar senators a di merael mo ungil beserir ea rechad a di merael mo mechebuul? Tal sandei? tal buil?

Tirkel mduu te mechebuul, te uangeral ebuul, diak el blengur? diak el blail ra baille? Sel mdung te merael mo mechebuul e ngera kmal imi tial tekingem? Rrau a renguk leng diak sal medengelii a blekul. Lak mo lab a standard er kemiu el ngara merikel el me ra belau?


Mori, Merur, Biz, Ores, Klels, Nguyi, ma rokui el chad er Belau el ngara ikrel ma chelsel, tokubets kemiu el bebil er kid el ngara beluu. a KUURENG RA BEKOKEUII EL KURISMAS MA BEKRREDECHEL BECHESERRAK EL MER KID MA TELUNGALEK ER KID EL ROKUI. NGILEAKL E MEKEKEALD EL SUS ER NGAK EL MORA RECHAD LOUREOR LORRURT RA BELUAD. TOKUNI PRESIDENT MA VICE, RUBEKUL BELAU, MA SENATORS, DELEGATES MA ROKUI EL GOVERNORS. ak di mo dulii a chimol tekoi el krirengesii a chimol redil er Belau el mengitakl er ngii e kora kmal mlo soak el chelitakl. engdi diak sal medengelii el rokir. me tiakid a di telkib el tekoi ra chelsel el kora kmal miltichekl ra bteluk mak di mo dulii leng kora mo tmaut ra chelsel a renguk sel kngar cheroid e kulatk ra beluak ma blik ma rechad ra beluak el kmo te uangerang.


a kulengit me bom kerekikl e mongetmokl a bedengiu me bol sebeched el tmak loutkeu e lak de mekesakl. ma ikrel a rak e kuk bol sebeched el lmuut el mo kebetech ra melidiul.


i.. yechad kau ! mei!!..., kora kmal 10-4, e bleketaktl luldasual sel molatkl er kid er rokui ar chad el kuk mlo sebeched el lokiu tial techal el dmung a kel seuad.

We do have all sort of people in our family, lineage, so I must join you and think optimistic.

I do have mesaik el chad around me but i must loved all these sort of people as much as for being my friends, family, colleagues. Also, I have these rich friends who are neeghbors, relatives, and being every where I go.

I'm glad I have a life surrounding with these all sort of failures as well as people with a great wealth here in palau.
So, I'm pretty much okay with this lifetime. However, the next generation required to have a government that will paved their destiny, and people like us in this blog must choose what kind of human being will be the next Palau Leader.

e kid a di chad..... rokui


Ak lmuut el dulii. Alsekum kengara ikrel belau e diak pay a tax el mera omsengelel Belau, eng kekerous el deruchall ra ngerachel, omesiou, ma wes ma omelekoi a dengarngii.

Me kechad er belau lokiu a rasch, ma llemalt el sengkyo, endi kulngit me mosebech a tekingiu el mo atter ra omerelliu el mera beluu. Sel dim nga tekoi el totekakl eng diak a ngeral omrellii lekor kau ma beluu er belau.

A kot e bemrei em ngara ureor beluu em harau a tax e bochu moldars ra ngerem. E sel dim ngar cheroid lou tobal er kau e mongedek er ngii eng meringel lekor kau mar chad el molekiis er tir e diak a tal ngerang el klungiaol el mrelii. Ngdi klengit. Ke di mai a kengtim ra elid el ngara babeluades, ma delebklem rar beldekel belau e ochau a mekngit el reng ma omelatk lekor kau.

Le sius, ma telulchoid, ma otuub lokiu a elechei ma blechechelingaol reng a diak a tal ngeral bol kedmeklii el kirem mm belau ra tara klebesei. Me kom uram er tirkal betok el leaders er kid e diak modengei omerellir ma sulir lekor rar edemiu, te sechelimiu, mar dim kauedengei el chad.

Leng diak el ngerang, a belau a kmal kekerei el beluu me kede kausispech el mong e mei ar ngar elsel belau.

Bol meduch a rengum el loureor em chudel a ududem me sel omei el ngarngii a techellem el mo chad ra olbiil mel bol sebeched el ousepch er kau.

first of all, a jackson a ungil medengeii el kmo ngii ma carol a belsel ma morrison ia chutem el losaod er ngii a kmal diak el kloklir ma diak a ederdelir rengii. tial chutem a chetemir a private el kebliil. lomeduch a president, melak el besang a techal kal merechorch el chad ma chochedal ma uriul el kerd a morrison el mengeriil a ududel er tir e desang el kmo sebechel oterau a chetmir tirkal chad ra ikal kebliil. meral $$$$ sign a elsul a medal a governor ra peleliu ma sister er ngii. mla oterau a chetemel rokuii meng ngosiik a rolel mengkad a belsel el omkuuk ra ibengel. Governor and Carol, my advise to you, step out while you can. Do not wait for someone to file a law suit and take both of you to court. ak kmal medakt!!

Let this be a wake-up call to Jackson! Your time will come.
Ngdi merail loumeral chad er ngii e CHERAD a chelsel.

Passerby, unless you have been so wronged by Jackson, including your own family, em nguu a ngerem er ngii. What goes around comes around, and if Jackson think he can perform illegal acts on his own people from Beliliou, which included my family, I will most certainly give it right back to him!
I'm so sick/tired of these public figures who have brought so much 'elebuul' to us common folks and people like you think we should give them a break about their own families so the rest will not know their dirty little secrets. Pleeeaase!!
Being an elected public official does not give him the right to be a moron.
You said to talk about issues, HE is one of the biggest 'issues' in Belau. Look at what he's doing! A GOVERNOR WHO IS A SELL OUT!


I say again...Give it a rest..You will never succeed
in your quest to silence the voices either in Palau or outside..from questioning in any manner they want of our elected officials

It does not matter where I pay my tax or what I have done or not done for my country that matters...Even if I havent done one iota to benefit Palau my right to say what I want and how I do it is not any of your business and my right to do so is no less then yours too...Got that?!.

Tilchaikid el rengum ma uldesuaem lomadasue elkmo
ar rechad el ngara ikrel Belau a diak el belsachel ma lechub ekedorenges eritr lete diak a ngeral lodengei..che diak a relii er Belau ..a bai sebeched elkmong rengul a mechechei malechub eng bechelelingaol chad.

Che dirrek el osisiu el blekeradel mea uldasue lolab ar bebil rar elected officials er Belau..Mea uchul meng kmal klou a cherrodech er ellechang...

Ngidak ki mechehei malechub el bechelelingaol a rengmam ra rorurt ra Belau...Ngkmal diak..Ngkmal diak care al bol marau, el meklou che beches a blirir ma mlirir,,el lou berberingel
a iklir ra gold..Ngidil meruull a ureor el milngilt el mo meruul mea beluu el budech el lungil merael a rokui...

Bobechei a mesaod ra klengar rar chibelau elngar ngebard..ngdiak el ngerchelem..Ngklengar tir meal sorir etemermei malechub...

Mosaod rar elected officials mea urerir ma reuoll...chi sei a ngerchelem kau mea rechad el ngara ikrel belau..

Komeng e bizbuzch,

Engdii ng soak el dueb ra ngerem er tial tekoi el kmo kemiu a kiei er eroid
ediakom pay a tax.

A kot e tilechal tekoi a elbirukel e diak di lolengesakl ra rengelekel Belau, ng dirrek el rruleterir a rekauchad, odam, odos, el mo oumerang erngii el tekoi e mo diak el kaukerreu el kirel a kerruul e loldak er kid mekede mo mesisiich.

Tial web sight a mesaod a issues el affect ra beluad me tia debate e mesaod ra tekoi el ngii a belau a elbangel erngii er elechal taem. Makulengit erkau mal sekum ng diak el sebechem el debate e mla nguu el mo
personal issue e bai mngeseklau ra chelsel tiang.

Alsekum ng soam el mesuub e kuk di mluk e momes e kemam a dimlak kimei el me
mesaod erkau. Adang!

Meri kurismas elekorkau ma telungelek erkau e bolungil a rengum. Ekemam a diak kim "Enemy"


Komeng e bizbuzch,

Engdii ng soak el dueb ra ngerem er tial tekoi el kmo kemiu a kiei er eroid
ediakom pay a tax.

A kot e tilechal tekoi a elbirukel e diak di lolengesakl ra rengelekel Belau, ng dirrek el rruleterir a rekauchad, odam, odos, el mo oumerang erngii el tekoi e mo diak el kaukerreu el kirel a kerruul e loldak er kid mekede mo mesisiich.

Tial web sight a mesaod a issues el affect ra beluad me tia debate e mesaod ra tekoi el ngii a belau a elbangel erngii er elechal taem. Makulengit erkau mal sekum ng diak el sebechem el debate e mla nguu el mo
personal issue e bai mngeseklau ra chelsel tiang.

Alsekum ng soam el mesuub e kuk di mluk e momes e kemam a dimlak kimei el me
mesaod erkau. Adang!

Meri kurismas elekorkau ma telungelek erkau e bolungil a rengum. Ekemam a diak kim "Enemy"



ngera ngarngii ngii erang meke kmal MESISIICH EL MEROB rar chad er Belau a longetiich rar "ELECTED...ELECTED OFFICIAL." It's about time that every VOTERS UPHOLD EACH ELECTED OFFICIALS TO HIGHER STANDARD OF INTEGRITY!

Mos ma Ngungyang,

ng diak a merob er kemiu a mosaod a issues. Ng bai soad. Me molemolem el mesaod a issues e bol medechel a telulchoid ma leng diak a ngerang el rellii el kirel a issues el dosaod.

E le ng diua ikel molekoi e mos. tirkal chad el mosaod er tir a dirrek el ngarngii ar ederir el ngar tial site, el uai kemam.
A alan seid a edak e betok a blal ruul el tekoi el kiungiolel belau me momes a tekoi el molekoi e mongetiit er ngii ra urerel ra buai e bo bechei a ikel urerel ra private business er ngii.

Ng uai tiakid a dosaod a issues, kedolab a facts e diak di dorodech e dolchedech.

Ma ikakid a facts:
1) sel FIA amdendment a blel submit er ngii a president el mora senate ra January 2005, meng mlora committee ra ways and means.

2) Senator Santy Asanuma a mle Chairman ra Senate Ways and Means Committee ra January 2005.

3) Sel regulations el govern a banking industry er belau a dirrek el dirk ngara Olbiil Era Kelulau, el dirkak el pass ra resolution el approve er ngii meng diak louteliil.

4) FIC ma President el executive arm ra government er belau a melemolem el melekoi el kmo touspech a ikal lerul tekoi, a amendment ra FIA ma regulation ra banking el mo sebechel a FIC el telki el mo mesisiich a urerel.

5) ea Article 9, Section 5 (4)& (10) ra constitution er belau a msang a OEK a ngerachel el meruul el develop e regulate ra banking system er belau,

6) over 7,000 el chad er belau a mla suffer er tial crisis ra PSB

7) sel dul senator asanuma el kmo ngarngii a constitutionality issue ma public hearing el kirel tial bill, eng diak er kemiu a question er ngii.

8) and yet, ng kmura ngerel wase FIC a play a politics, e diak ker el morngii el kmo ngerang mla rullii ral chairman melchang eng mekerang,and yet, ngdirkak a tar kemiu el raise a ikal issues.

Kobai di melekoi ra alan seid le senator Asanuma mla tutkii el mo uker a ker el kirel tial issues. Kam unguu tial issue el mora uchul e momdelid er ngii el mei e momes er ngii me lak di beot el mechetakl.

your comparing apples and oranges...i thought many of you have said..."stop pointing finger" FIC/OEK and all the amendments in the world can not and will not stop anybody from commiting such moronic idiocy...Again, FIC/OEK did not aprrove unsigned loans/or loans in millions w/out prove of collateral, or loans without applications...if you read that audit report you get to wonder how did these people get to work at the bank or better yet, how did this bank started. it leads me to believe that the CEO/officers and chairman knew exactly what they were doing. They must have known that what they were doing was leading them down the path of distraction...why did they not stop....GREED...EVIL INTENTION EQUALS CRIME...GET IT...if you must continue to point your finger...than point to JR/TIM and them officers...

Ke kmal mesaul e Biz,
Ea ilechaikid a lemeltel a eldecheduch ma rolel a domiich a tekoi. Ng ngarngii sell tekoi el kmo
"Bomungil lomtab a tekoi ele rechad a lebebil ra taem e tedi mengedecheduch el melai a ngaremel."

Maika el tekoi el medung ra chelsel tiang a lebebil e kedemo rrau a rengud erngii engdii klemerang a dimo emolt ra uriul.

A chad ma uldesuel ma chad ma uldesuel ea lobiich eng mo emolt a klemerang ma lemeltel a tekoi.

Ngak ma kdirrek e loumerang el kmo tial issue ra PSB a diak el telemelel a Senator Seid malechub e techad ra Olbiil.
A kumdasu a ungil example sel case ra Enron el dilubech ra Merikel. A President, Congress, FBI, CIA, a di dilengchokl elolab a llecherir ma lekong kot el ngarbab el llomes ra beluulechad ea ududir a rechad ra beluu a mo dibus. A leborngii a kerrekeriil e lobiich a tekoi eng mlo emolt el dii tirkei el chad e lurureor e mle medal ngii el kombalii.

A kumdasu e keleng bai lungil a bo dengim olemedem
e dongiil ra result er tial investigation mesel tobed e deluut el mo tmak e dolasm e lomiich erngii.


so what happens now? enron is and still
not good enough a lesson to
all? can someone enlighten
us on the subjects of the late catholic priest and the dissapearance of his monies from the "depleted"


We all know that Mr. Taunton and his cohorts used PSB like his piggy bank.

But the question is, how the hell on earth would FIC as a regulatory body know PSB is milking its depositors. The only way to do this is through some audit.

Does FIC have the authority to compel banks to submit audit reports?

What if the banks stall, this process, what then can FIC do?

Check with your PNCA and weep. Because you will find that just our banking laws are riddled with holes.

Unlike the US and the FSM where laws require banks to publsish their audit report/balance sheet annually, we don't have a law requiring that.

The fact that it took six monts for PSB to submit its audit report to FIC, when both establishments are only 3 minutes drive away, and nothing in the books to give FIC authority to compel submission of this report, then you know there is something wrong with our laws.

This is not finger pointing. But our laws make our community a fertile ground for evil minds like that of Mr. Taunton and company to concoct his magic, and the attitude of those responsible for making sure or laws are comprehensive and have teeth the opportunity to perform his vanishing act.

And this is not like Enron. Comparing PSB to Enron is like comparing apples and oranges.

Enron's CEO and CFO made millions by cooking up schemes to artificially inflate the value of their shares. Through accounting device, they were able to enrich themselves when they cashed their shares. Mr. Lay and Skilling were convicted becuase there are laws making their acts criminal.

Unlike Enron, we don't have laws that make the conduct of Mr. Tim Taunton and PSB crime.

For us depositors, its real money that is supposed to earn interest at PSB that is used like lose change for PSB CEO and managment in the way they handled their loan program. It's real money that dissapeared.

And because PSB is not required by FIC, like FSM and USA required by FDIC and relevant CFR to publish annually their audit by an independent CPA, how can we expect FIC to know what PSB was doing all this time.

Biz ma Janet,

sounds like janet could be right. the chairman, the COE and the officials seems to have known well what they were doing from the get go.

Mosisecheklak, meral lungil ade relax edesa result ra investigation. Engdi tiakid a ker:

1. Alsekum ma "LLACH" a dimlak el metemall leng uaikel mla medung el kmong ngarngii a METETOICH erngii, ea investigation MO BEDUL KER?

2. Malsekum tial case adi mo MUSAI leng dirkak a LLACH el mla metemall. Whose go'na compensate the customers that lost their money? Government?

This one does not look good at all. Looks like the GOVERNMENT is go'na end up CLEANING UP THE MESS and nobody gets convicted. IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT! Senator Reklai needs to issue a public statement to clear out some of the questions in the minds of the PUBLIC! That would be the right thing for him to do....it would only be fair since his the cofounder and the others are missing! This can also clear his public image otherwise, he will forever be tainted with CORRUPTION!

Hi there everyone :)

I have been gone from home for about 13 years. I do not know much about what has happened in our beautiful island. These latests news hit really hard though. I am sure it made a lot of impact to everyone who are overseas.

I recently wrote a letter to Tia Belau about my opinions with PSB... and if you read or no, let me just clarify the two events here in the US that I feel that combined, similar... may not be as parallel, but close.

Enron and Martha Stewart cases = PSB endeavor now. Okay so "Why?"
1. Enron - The CEO, CFO, and COO embezzeled from the company. Falsifying and/or destroying documents/papertails about them extorting money from the company and wanted to file for bankrupcy.
2. Martha Stewart - Had a friend stock broker, WHO had information about her stock that it was going down so, she pulled out from that stock.

So we put 1 and 2 together = PSB. This does not go to Tim Tauton only. This goes to ALL those who knew what was going on from the date of the audit (May 17th, 2006) to when they closed it (Nov. 3rd, 2006). The people who went in between those dates and closed their accounts with PSB (it does not matter what authority in the gov't that one holds also) are as much at fault. Those people who closed their accounts then, knowing what was going on, should have used the information to help the public, if they hold office, the public who put their trust in them, and helped them get to their seat in office.

Word to the wise... these are the times when we look at what is going on, and know who we elect to office next time. Not only to the public, but to those who are holding office or will hold office... these are the events where strickter laws should be made to protect not only the people, but the gov't also, of who we agree to do business with in the future.

I hope the lesson is learned and that the Belauan Gov't can get the assistance of the US Gov't and extraite Tauton back to Belau. He does deserve his day in court... also, if this happened in the US, Tauton's wife would not be opening her mouth.

On that note... I am also from Bliliou. If I was in Belau right now, I would have started a rally to take off Senator Ngiraingas off his seat. It is such a shame to see someone be that disrespectful to the President.

It is so so shameful to open your mouth in public without any regards when you are in office when the whole island know one has no control at home.

Senator Ngiraingas, I do hope that they take you off of office right now... too see all these posts about you... you are not worthy to hold office in Bliliou... in Belau for that matter.

Again... maybe Belau Gov't does not have laws that may deal with the situations, but these are the times when the people who are elected to office see to it to make the laws... and the people of Belau to elect the people who they see fit to the office to make the laws.

I think it is about the time the people see points of people running for these offices instead of voting for people JUST because they are relatives or friends.

Thank you all for reading my rants and raves :) Mongetmokl a bedengiu ma uldesuiu el rokui.


Kora kiei ra Belau e diak kudengei el kmo techa Senator Ngiraingas. Ka mluut el smodii tiang!!













Inflating shares or approving loans with out collateral and diverting funds to cover up in the dark is the same as intent to erich yourself.

I am 100% sure that someone is going to jail and people will get their money back.

Kamesang e Ngungyang,

A eldechedecham a omuchel el kmo "Alsekum". Ng tekoi el diak dodengelii me becherei e dongiil ra result ra Investigation e bochu domriuch a tekoi.

Mesulang ea ilecha kmal lungil questions el kumdasu eng monger ra uriul sel bol bleketakl tial tekoi.

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