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November 10, 2006


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FIC should move to immediately to file charges against PSB's board and management and get the Belau govt to send an official request to the United States government to extradite this Taunton to Palau to face whatever charges are leveled against him and his crime partners!


see that's the problem. these guys have not done anything wrong. how can the government file charges against the bank and it's management when there's not a single law that's been broken here? maybe the bank director, president, and members of the board will end up owing people sums of money but that's it. oh, if you think that the bank and it's management will see jail time for not paying back the depositor's money, think again. base on what i read in article IV section 6 of our constitution, it clearly states that, "no person shall be imprisoned for debt". but hopefully that is not the case for these crooks.

good info okaming. our constitution is too precise. ulekum me tireka el chad ra olbiil ma tebai beiusech a mederir el miles a uaika el kired el ngmodech ra uchetemel a llach erkid ebai diak di loilil ra buil.


you're asking oek to make changes to the laws to try to stop these kinds of things from happening again. are you kiddding? in case you missed it, the presidet of the senate Johnny Reklai, along with Mr. Taunton, are the major stockholders of PSB. so connect the dots and follow the money trail and you will end up at the front steps of Sen. Reklai. that's right! He's the one who should be lynched/hanged for this mess. since we won't get our money back and likely he won't see any jailtime, i say we the people should just take matters into our own hands and hang the senator.

Aukelot ra hang the senator!! dont you think thats a bit brutal. I mean, this case is not unusual to the world and corrupt politics cause when there is money, there is always that tendency for greed and other sort of unethical attributes. I dont get it. When the Constitution states that "no person shall be imprisoned for debt", for me personally, i would assume that refers to personal debts and somthing of that sort..but what about the citizens' money; Udoud ra buai ma ududir a dersta'l rechad ma telungalk?? how does that go? could someone elaborate that issue. thanks.

and as for Sen. Reklai, gosh, i dont know. Could they convict him under some sort of money missuse and curruptancy? Man, tirkal respected el chad ra OEK ngeram te kmal di soiseb ra chelbirukel ma chetituokel el blekeradel?

they keep talking on and on about the "future generations" and Klechi Belau, but where is it?? if its not embedded in the hearts of our leaders, then, what does it mean to them?

Earlier this year, Diaz had been yaking on the air about the credentials of one John Marco and how he was hand picked by Senator Seid himself namely to help with oil legislation with regard to Kyangel. As many of you are aware, John Marco was the machete wielding attorney who recently pleaded guilty to two assault charges and now has left Palau. So now its Tim Taunton so what else is new? Taunton was not even a banker by trade and experience yet he was at the helm of PSB. Perhaps we should heed the words of Australian Economist Helen Hughes who says that
“All the expatriates should be kicked out of the Pacific. They’re responsible for almost every stupid idea in the region.”

lol @ hang the senator...okaming, i do not support death penalty! lol
but you are very right! the trail of greed leads to the ones who are supposedly our eyes and ears.

while the FIC was investigating the bank TR infused a million dollar into the bank. Within days the money was gone.

Rumor has it that most withdrawals were made by rechad ra merikel who were tipped of by chad ra lach ra FIC el dirrek el chad ra ngebard. Someone should investigate who withdrew their money during that period because I'll guarantee you techad ra ngebard.

Joe: could this be considered INSIDE TRADING?

You guys don't get it. The national treasury is being siphoned by a few. It has been going on and will continue to go on. They are in a positions to divert funds to their cohorts or themselves. The populace don't care or are getting the trickle down payoffs so don't want to rock the boat. Our blogs are nothing more than bleatings of lambs being led to the slaughter.


that is not so true, that all chad ra ngebard took their money out of the bank. my son and my husband didn't, they both share the same anchor with some palauans who were banking @ the PSB. we even bought lot of stocks from PSB. lots of americans lost their monies too. why do I know? cause we do circulate e-mails and lots of them wants to sue johnny reklai for scrwing-up. now we have to turn our heads & eyes to the president to see if he will take the opportunity to save the people of and their sweats. thanks and please keep us all posted.

i believe this is the third banking institution in Palau to go under. the first being the Micronesian Bank, second Melkeok Bank, and now PSB. so i quess the obvious question is- will there be another one?

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