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November 12, 2006


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As I have been saying even before this report came out, our govt. thru DRT looses money yearly due to poor administration, poor collection, and other factors attributable for the lack of a better phrase due dilligence. So kudos to you Senator Asanuma for getting the ball rolling but now that we have this information, what is our next step? Also, if you recall last year I raised the concern about "technical smuggling" to you and how the mis-valuation of goods coming into Palau is also a potential revenue stream diverted away from govt. coffers. Anyway these are just my thoughts.

PALAU: Ex-President Wants Price Controls, Tax On Imported Food
By Nazario Rodriguez Jr. For Variety
KOROR (Palau Horizon, Marianas Variety, 5/16/2006)

Former President Kuniwo Nakamura has urged the House of Delegates to establish a regulatory agency that will control the prices of fuel and other basic commodities. Nakamura also recommended an import tax on meat and other canned food items, a shipping registry law, the establishment of a maintenance plan for infrastructure projects, a fuel tax law, legislation on tourism development particularly at the state-level, and assistance to senior citizens. Nakamura was the guest of honor during the 24th and last day of the sixth regular session of the House on May 4. Speaker Augustine Mesebeluu said they invited Nakamura to present his views regarding progress in the country’s economy. Nakamura, a businessman, challenged the delegates to make economic development a priority and continue the gains of the past. He said Palau is far better than most of the other Pacific island countries. However, he added, the welfare of the people of Palau depends on the vitality of economic growth stimulated by good policies and controls set by the government. Nakamura told the delegates to firmly take control of the economy and prevent foreign investors from gaining a foothold. Born in 1943, Nakamura served as Palau’s vice president from 1988 to 1993 and president from 1993 to 2001. His then-vice president, Tommy Remengesau Jr., succeeded him to the presidency.

Wow!!!!!...I think our seantors and delagates needs to write up a law that would put contraints on business and indivisuals to pay their taxes rather being lax about it...

Delingquent tax payers are definitely taking advantage of the on time tax payers...the law should put pressures on the bank about interest payments if the delingquent tax payer is trying to capitalize on interest earnings.

We should have a tax power to go directly to a business or individuals account on any bank to collect thier due tax.

I am sure this will drive the process of on time payment...Maybe Bad for the bank industry but good for our government...and Palauan society and economy overall.

Remember, the person who is not paying their taxes could be your neighbor, which they are taking advantage of YOU...This goes to the rest of Palauans like our leaders even the president. NO one gets away with it....

If we have the law of the land that we need to pay our taxes, then we need to cough up when its time...SO, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO OWES THIS $1.4 MILLION, BETTER START COUGHING UP $$$$...WE THE PALAUANS WHO PAY OUR TAXES WON'T STAND BEING TAKen ADVANTAGE OF....

Have house party or ocherauel to pay your debt but absolutely don't send me an invitation because I have paid my obligation...ON MY OWN....

I see you all as bunch of COWARDS...really don't care who you are...senators, delegates, state representatives, etc...."YOU STILL OWE TAXES"

PAY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's an idea, All Elbuchel Sadang needs to do is go thru his rolodex and call his friends and their business partners to come and pay these taxes.

They come after me as a small business owner every year and yet they continue to ignore these unpaid taxes in huge amounts.

Kudos to Santy.He at least has the foresight and clearly is as honest as they come and hopefully he can turn this tide.Our govt is riddled with corruption from the top to the bottom and changes in this coming election is a must.

We as palauans are being taken advantage of by the elite's among us.Its easy for me to say these this things but it doesn't take a scientist to figure it out.There's a huge a difference when we compare the rich and the poor amongst us and thats not something we should be proud of. Who has the power to change and solve these problem? It is you and I, We must be the change we wish to see in our land.

This report is all good but what is missing is it did not name names. Why are names not out?? Is it because they are the people in the government?

While we are losing money from businesses who are not paying their taxes TR injects million dollar of the pension fund money to PSB???

We should raise questions about this $1 million injection that our GOVt put up...It smells like the elite taking advantage of poor again....

Listen, a timely injection of money into "PSB" and checks are not cleared..but we hear that majority of share holders absolved it. Inside information among elites behind the closed doors...I wonder...Here is an inside information, it is totally legal to SUE every share holders for what your lose is...start filing court paper work...Go after their property, their cash in the bank, their cars, boats, you name it....

The money should have went to clear checks that were outstanding....now local businesses and individuals are left with uncashable checks to collect...

"Pyramid scheme" INSTITUTION, FOOLED A LOT OF PALAUANS..We should go after the share holders for what is owed, instead of using Government funds "peoples money" to bail out share holders mistakes and lies...

Imagine this, PSB is like a bucket with a big hole on the bottom of it. No matter how much money is injected...it disapears...

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