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November 21, 2006


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did the President have any knowledge about the 1million dollars from Civil Service Pension Plan going into the bank just days before it's closing? hmmm!


The only person in the republic who can disburse public money is the President. He authorized the money to be deposited in PSB.

Ok Jackson, oh what to do, what to do! Darn it, that did not work out for you, huh?! Let's see where you'll end up next with your scheme.
Just give it up already!

iaia kemiu a locha kmal meloms klo kobai mei meko mo remurt el moraikal deruchal ra beluu meke de moungiil el beklechad. ak melkoi el uaisei base ra ikal comment er kemiu. lak eluid ia pres a diak el sebechel el disburse a ngidi el udoud el diak a kengei ra olbiil. ak kongei el kmo choi a pres a mle mdengelii tial tekoi e direk lomera el kmo rokui el chad ra olbiil mete medengei le te mle approve er ngii.

Sei a uchul mak melekoi el uase a problem a ngara rechad e loureor under a PSB. Me tirkei el Board members me tedirrek el elsechusem er ngii. Bo bechiteterir a rechad ra olbiil ma President me losiik a rolel a udoud el
mo ngosuterir tirkel mlo choid
a ududir. E bol mesisiich el kulebsengeterir tirkei el tilemall aika e ludoud.

ulekum aikal tekingiu meng bai mo udoud me bai sebeched el oseblii tial insolvent el bank. "A former president a kmu walk the talk" don't just talk the talk because nothing will change.

This double standards by the president of Palau will hurt the republic's image in the investment market. I hope the next president will take a much more investment friendly posture.

This double standards by the president of Palau will hurt the republic's image in the investment market. I hope the next president will take a much more investment friendly posture.

Posted by: Randy Santos | July 29, 2007 at 12:04 PM


What exactly is the double standard you are talking about that our president is practicing?

Can you explain?

Good you asked Julia. Take a seat while I name a few of them. One one hand our president openly welcomes and treats investors mainly from Taiwan with a set of friendly standards but on the other hand he treats investors from other countries like Malaysia or any other investors that might been as a threat to the Taiwanese influence with another set of unfriendly standards. One one hand our president waves the flag and chants the slogan of preservation of our natural resources but on the other hand he brokered a deal to support Japan's agenda to kill dolphins and whales in waters surrounding Palau and throughout the world. On one hand our president chants the slogan of world peace and support for human rights but on the other hand he voted against the establishment of the human rights council in the United Nations along with a few other countries like Israel which Human Rights groups have recorded to be one of the worst Human Rights violater in modern history. I can go on further if you want.

Randy Q. Santos,

Read this piece again.

What kind of President, in his right mind, would assent to a proposition such as this offered by Nautilus? If this is the Malaysian company you are referring to, then think again.

It's Julie. Komeng eng typo e mlo Julia.

Remengesau: "No" to Nautilus City offer
President Remengesau is not keen on accepting the offer of $20 million from a Malaysian firm to save the Pacific Savings Bank. He said that Palau would not be "held hostage" to the terms and conditions of the firm. One of the conditions of the firm was for the government to approve the concessions and permits such as Foreign Investment Approval Certificate (FIAC), Financial Institution Commission (FIC), and the Environmental Quality Protection Borad(EQPB) regulations. And the government must honor promises to Morris Davidson regarding the Palau-Malaysian diplomatic ties.

Remengesau in an ambush interview, said that the firm's offer "is not a good way of approaching the government. You wonder about their true interest." When asked anew about the firms offer, the President said it's a "No". (Palau Horizon, Nov. 21 - 23, 2006)

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Julie, bekiis em terengur a coffee. Every dealings with the government has conditions that are set for both parties. Conditions are a fact and a must for all transactions of any kind. Unfortunately for this particular dealing it is being publicized and politicized by the president. My argument is not whether I'm supporting this deal or not but rather with the attitude and mentality the president is employing and the lack of consistency on his part from the very beginning.


Your grasping at straws. Your candidate VP Chin would have done the same thing if in office and the immunity does not extend to JT or Surangel either. What the so called Malaysian firm was offering was "fools gold". I am just glad TR was able tell the difference.

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