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November 21, 2006


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Tiang a bla de medikik er ngii.

Ng kor sel belkul a tekoi el kmo, "ke dousbech ra katuu el mengkar ra cheluomel"

Ngkora mechas a rengud alsekum a government er kid a dimlak el rellii a lach el kmo rokui el bank ra Belau a kirel member ra FDIC. Tiaikid a di chimol rolel ea udidir ar beklechad a insured. Kmal almost eak open ra account er ngak engdi ak mle bekikl ra uaitial lomeruul al dubech ra tara klebesei. Morko mdu ra Diaz mesel luut el announce ra temel a PSB el dul uasei " A domes ra temel a PSB eng mla mechesimr". Mem kulngit melak dol telchakel ra OEK leng dimlak el tir a ulerurt er tial bank. Alsekum me ke ou business el lousbech a ududir ar chad ra buai ma klaumerang er tir e bom mou business el ngara melemalt el rolel mel bolungil merael tial business er kau. Alsekum ma President ra Senate a tara major stock holder e ungil businessman e dimlak lesang tial lomeruul and that means there is something here. It's just my view of this mess.

Ngkora mechas a rengud sel ledu rechedal ra Olbiil elkmo temo choungeuaol. A kulemdasu elkmo ngerchelir el mo tuobed el mochosiik a klungiaol el mera beluad er Belau. Tia sel kumes er ngii ea President ra Senate a dilchelii a bub ra chelsel a chis e oldingel er ngii ra bekel buil. A udoud ra Pension a di mle ngesonges ra tal buil e ngmo otngelii a bngel e ngmai rokui.

I hate to say this but I will say it anyway.

The private religious school deserve what they're getting. ARen't these religious schools and churches are the very organizations that preaches that money being the root of all evil. For a few percentage interests on
their money they risked the future of their organizations on a flimsy bank like PSB.

I hope we do not spend more tax money on these religious school by bailing them out. They do not pay taxes. The government is already giving money to their schools. This is a risk/stupidity they took and they should pay for it not the public.

Klels: udoud ra pension a President Tommy Remengesau a ngilai locha ra elsel tial bank- a second time he has done it, don't blame OEK for that.

Its not a question on who put the money in the bank, weather it was the finance office, oek or the president of palau. someone who knows whats going on in the bank tranfer the money somewhere else or approve some big loans. most of these loans were taken out by the employees, board members or the stock holders. its organized crime..., get everyone involve in it so no one can point finger on anybody. if you take out a loan in palau for 50k at 8% interest rate for 15 years, your monthly payments should be around $700 - $800 a month. most of these loans are way more than 50k. board members should have meeting every month to review the application before they approve the loans. some of these loan applications are not even sign by the lender before they release the money. now..., someone who is member of the board approved an incomplete application, someone with some power up there who can make that kind of decision. so question is who...! maybe its coz some of the employee knows too much so they have to find a way to keep them quiet, even though they can not afford the monthly payment of a 500k loan. so i'm not blaming the OEK but some people ra OLBIIL, both house are member of the Board.


I hope none of those loans was made to my cousin who cannot even read or sign his name in cursive,let alone fill an application form and doesn't know what a promisory note is all about. You know what I mean.

And let's hope there are no ghost borrowers either.

Maybe VOICE can get to the bottom of this.

Alii klels,

Now talking about proper banking practices, fiduciary, ethics, and standards not only localy but globally is a beginning in the right direction for any discussion for PSB. All things that have been said up to this point has been deflecting responsibility away from those who should answer to the public, especially depositors of PSB. Isn't it obvious that Board of Directors and top management of the defunct PSB has not spoken a word in their defense? Maybe we should allow them to speak and shed some light in this mess. Radio man Diaz today once again publicly apologized for giving wrong information and false hope to depositors that after 15 days PSB will open and for them not to worry. He even assured the public with certainty and that they should not listen to other people but only him. This guy is a classic baseket case. One time he even claimed on the radio that he is multiple personality thinking that it is good quality to have. Obviously he doesn't know that it means crazy or a nut case. I think he should just shut up because he hasn't the clue with what is going on with PSB. This guy believes talking fast and non-stop is smart. Didn't he also say that it is not important to read and write well to be a leader. Now here is a classic example for blind who claims to be driving on the right side of the road. Anyone of you still want to go for ride with this guy or what? How can we depend on a leader who can not understand what he reads then give public advice over the radio. Only in Palau. Mla merros a malek e kid a mekerang?



Mokokau ra rechad ra missions. Te mle ungil a moktek ertir el mo support a local business e MILCHEBLAD el diua re bek el chad ra Belau.

Ak kongei a tekingem el mo merrob a udoud ra kabelment elmora ikal skuul. Diak el kirel a government el subsidize a ngidi el expense ra ikal skuul. I am glad you've boldly said it because no one has ever questioned why the government has been giving monies these schools? It has to stop. I will file a lawsuit soon if the government continues to put taxpayers monies into these parochial schools.

The CSPP loans (two separate) ought to be examined. The BOARD and the MANAGEMENT of the CSPP should be called before the OEK to answer some hard questions, and if external pressure led to their POOR decisions, further investigation ought to be undertaken. AND the board and management ought to be FIRED and discipled before they are removed.

OEK should move now to review the laws governing the CSPP program to learn from this huge series of mess that has further plunged the people's pension plan down the "dobu!"

Much has been said about this PSB issue and its becoming redundant to keep pounding.My concern is for the many struggling families and individuals who lost their savings in this fiasco. I know of a neighbor who lost everything in his name after 10 years of depositing hard earned money.Our govt and its leaders must quickly help these struggling people and play the blame game later.

Ores, I agree with you when it comes to funding the school with ROP money and the whole issue of church and state separation.But our public education system don't have room to handle their students if they go bankrupt and for this reason, I think they must be included as well.

We poor palauans,we're plenty prideful bunch.we play by the rules and though we're struggling, we're able to send our kids to school and work hard with a smile on our faces.I can't help but wonder how can these thieves sleep at night? It must take a lot of courage to know that you're stealing from people and yet act like your somehow normal.

With strong objections from my family, I'm joining the race for governor of my state in 2008.But i guarantee everyone in here that i will lose because my proposal if elected is this, Eliminate all state govt employees and stop paying monthly salaries to our chiefs and state congress members. Its disturbing to me when 80%,that 80% of our state budget goes to salaries. My reason for running is to prove a point to my fellow citizens and I'll try to rekindle a sense of belonging to a community thats inclusive to everyone regardless of your status. I believe we've lost that sadly and when our leaders talk about keeping our palauan ways,I just dont see it at all.Capitalism has robbed us blindly of our old ways and my sense is if we dont talk about it, it'll be lost forever.

greeting to everyone this coming holiday!

Uchel my man,

Relax e bo bii aikang. Ka kor tirkal chad ra olbiil dirkak el lomuchel a omesubel a oil exploration etir a mla mo OMII ra yosang erngii. Kede elbangel ra PSB etir a meruul a lechul OMELAMECH el BUUCH!

Mekau, ke de mesaoud ra effect ertial LOMERCHORCH ma TELEMELEL a PSB ekau akuk mla mo MESAOUD a bebil ra MONDAI. Ka hall ekuk le mesaoud a PSB ISSUE mo merek edebochur ra tang.

Your point is well taken but just keep in mind that weather it be private or public school....aika di rokui rokui mo produce rar mo future LEADERS era beluad. So, a little help from the government should not really be an issue. I see it as Government Investment for Palauan Future Leaders!

And oh yeah, I have heard 'em preach about LUST FOR MONEY BEING THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL but have not heard 'em preach about SAVING YOUR MONEY BEING WRONG! Lets take these issue one at a time.

right nguang, my brain cells can only take one thing at a time.. No, saving money is never wrong if crooks had learned their lessons in the subelek farm.


I hear the radio man but i'm not really listening to him, we all know that it takes ten days for an out of state check to clear so theres no way the bank will open in 15 days with this kind of mess. even if they found someone or a company to bail us out of this mess, it still take more than 15 days for the money to be transfer to the bank. this is something thats been going on for few years and they were able to keep it in house so no one will know or hear about it, but now its publicly and theres over seven thousand people out there waiting for some info on how to get their money. the law should protect the good citizens not the criminals. i think they should give out the name of the people who cause this mess. maybe... just maybe it will ease the pain of not knowing whats going on at all. this kind of problem will not only effect the government, schools or businesses, it will cause family problems.

Ngungyang, Ores, et al:

I agree with Ngung that funding for these schools are for our future leaders. What I cannot stomach is the hypocrasy that these religious organisation practices: they preach/sermonize us that money is the root of all evil yet for few cents they put their money on an unreliable banking institution. That is what I am against-hypocrasy.

Yes, Ores the CSPP should be investigated and prosecuted and held accountable.

There are public schools that need to be, for one, adequately resources so why shifting scarce public monies into parochial schools that benefit from the generosity of their sponsoring, religious organizations (e.g. catholic, sda, etc.)?

and btw, if we survey the profiles of the parochial schools' student population, majority of those kids come from well-endowed parents who either have a lot of money, own some kind of businesses, enjoy handsome salaries/wages from the govt, or are just plain well-off.

i meant "resourced" in my previous comment (first para) and might I add that the religious organizations that maintain private schools in Palau are far richer than the government of Palau!

Klels, Ores, & Uchelmelis

Now that Mr. Tounton had escaped, FIC should make sure PSB officials and borrowers who took those big loans do not transfer their assets to third parties. Check with other banks, land courts and the supreme courts, etc just in case FIC needs to repo their assets.

Unless our laws does not allow this.

how can the mission schools be hypocrite if they didn't see this comming? just like any other organizations, they had to put their reserves somewhere where it's safe, and with good intentions they entrusted a locally owned bank. there is so much criticism toward mission schools in here. i think we should't stereotype families that put their kids in these schools, saying that they're well off because that's not the case. i know a lot of families who sell bento and work hard so that their kids could go to private schools. to be honest, they offer better success rates than public schools. i understand that there should be a seperation of church and state, however we shouldn't blame the schools for depositing their monies in PSB, they're just like any other community members that have been robbed.

for real, they offer better success rates, on what scale is success being measured by you. so they attend private schools but they are not well off? who is stereotyping now? while the point has been made that there are palauan students attending these private schools, don't you think it would be more reasonable to have them adhere to the standards set by the Ministry of Education. should there not be conditions placed on their receiving this funding. i don't know if you remember but at one time, one or more of these schools prohibited the speaking of the palauan language on campus...they can take our money but far be it for them to meet our standards and allow or teach our language.
charity has its place...is this it?

Kedung,Kngibech, et. al.:

A kot e Kedung, a hypocrisy el kulekoi er ngii a kmo: alol sisechakl ete kmo lak el bol merchorch a rengum ra udoud e le UDOUD A RISEL A KLENGIT. Te mlo merchorch a rengrir ra interest rate ra PSB el mla rebab ra bekl el bank e mla bes ra OSISECHEKLIR ra rechorch er reng ra udoud. A safest el place leborngii a ududem ma udoud buai a FDIC banks. Ma tekingem a eleuid sel mdung el kmo "they had to put their reserve where it was safe." A PSB a dimlak el safe ra uchelel me elechang ete mla tutii sel tekingel a TR el kmo te mla soiseb ra "NON-PAYDAY WEEK-END."

I am for the funding of private school for this reason-the kids in those schools are also palauan kids. Whether they are the children of rich people is not the point. A government a government ra mmechebuul ma re merau. Ea rengalek a rengelekel belau.

Ng uaisei e Uchelmelis, it doesn't matter whether Palauan kids or others are enrolled, what matters is that the school should know at what level of enrollment can be sustained with their present level of funding instead of expecting the government subsidies. Just because parents are deciding to enroll their children at private school, doesn't mean that they should be taken in without regard to the levle school resources. That would be irrespinsible.

Tiakid akuk uldesuek.. the love of money is the root of the evil. Meng,tirka kuk ulemes ra mo uchul sesei el interest el mora ududir.There is nothing wrong with their decision. Meng ngarngii a difference raikal tegoi... I don't know, maybe Billy Kuartei can help us with this issues.
Kngibech, akmedengelii sel prohibition ra palauan language. Their intentions amle encourage rar ngalk el practice el speak English ma dirrek el make other friends other than palauan. I support the funding of these private school also, leng tirka ngeleked el dirrek el mo mengetakl er kid ra tara klebesei. mesulang


Read the Constitution. The gov't is to fund non-religious aspects of private school curriculum. Again why attack the victims who lost their money. The ConCon2 did not find this issue in need of revision so it remains for the time being until constitutional ammendment is proposed.

As a matter of fact, the republic stays to gain more purely on economic scale because cost per student in private school is far less than public schools. This is why no lawmaker has proposed to remove this clause. In RMI, the government has contracted religious groups to run their public schools. Just thought I throw in these facts for you to think about.



Sulang e Senator,

LOL....Hale e bade sikii a Ben Ladin ebechu mou MONDAI ra ikal private schools. Kom kora elut ra BUSH Jr., el mla moikrii a kmal mle uchul a telemal a oldekedek rar INOCENT!

Keep in mind that everytime that our country has host any major event or occassions, these very private schools your attacking has always step up to the plate and support in anyway they can. We have seen them sheltered mass ground during Pacific Island Festivals and Micro Games. Aikal tekoi a BEBITEKIIL. Endi ngkakid a senator el mla meketeklii el merekid el kmo constitution erkid a diak lomtok such action from the government. "BAI HALL E DUDECHEMII NGKEL LUCHUL ENG MERAEL A NGLEMUU RA BELUU," ede buchu ra tang. Adang e UCHELMELIS?


One more thing, ke mekera medengei kmo mle OMERECHORCH EL RENG a uchul me te mlo deposit a ududir ra bank. Ke kuk mla mo sebechem el mesa elsel RENGUL chad. Hal'em RELAX, elak di moltelechakl a tekoi el diak modengei a meral luchul. Daz like you saying every customer that saved their money in PSB a di MERECHORCH a rengrir. "BO BII AIKANG!"

I will join Senator Asanuma in support of funding to private schools. But before I do that, let me throw this piece of intro. I have children attending private elementary school in Koror, two of them, at Maris Stella after a couple of years at a public school. I hold a part time job, in addition to my regular job, to supplement my income just to make sure I can keep up with tuition and other school expenses. I hardly make enough to cover my children's tuition but that's the price I have to make to secure my children get better education.

And here is an interesting find I've made. I find the teacher's salary for those teaching my childran at private school about half the salary of some of those at public school, yet the result of their hard work is telling.

Just recently our PTA Chairman revealed the SAT score of our children. That's priceless compared to the fact that public schools did not take this test.

Whether my children goes to a public school is my choice, but I also want to have the same support that the government gives to all the children. If the bottom line for funding public school is to guarantee provision of teaching and learning to students, our children, then I want the same for my children, regardless of the religious orientation or leanings of the teacher and the school providing this service.

I am saying this because I am also a tax paying citizen and I want equal service and support of my government to all the students, including my children attending private school.

And as a reminder, our constitution is clear that English is our official language, not Palauan. So there is nothing wrong to mandate students mastery of English

good example of merechorch a rengul a senator Reklai.. love of money is the root of all evil..I don't mean to be cruel but it's the truth.

My advice to the President is to ask Ambassador Chen to loan additional millions to the ROP so that the ROP can bail out PSB, take it over and merge it with PNDB in the inerim. This will keep out the Jackson/Morrisson & CO and their likes.

In additiona, this move would calm the public in time for the holidays and comes January 1, 2007, launch a comprehensive investigation on this crime. The rule of law must prevail - those who are guilty must be punished to the full extent of the law. This will once and for all warn anyone that Palau will no longer tolerate illegal banking practice. Palau's honor has been tarnished and is in need of desperate repair. The whole world is watching.

Thank you, Senator Asanuma, for the useful piece of information from the Constitution.

Non-religious aspects of private school curriculum. That still does not pass the litmus test, I would argue. When ROPG gave the Catholic church/Midszenty (sp?) money for its school building, that building was and is used to support a school curriculum that entails a religious course (theology from grade 9-12). How do you completely disassociate that linkage is, I believe, difficult.

Uchelmelis and et al:

The fact that the financially well-off parents (most of) send their kids to private schools in Palau is a factor in the debate, and it's not irrelevant. The government, while for all people of Palau, has limited resources and has to effectively target its social programs and associated spendings! Gearing resources to few private schools, whose mother-hosts (religious organizations) are far richer than the government of Palau, while the majority of our public school students are under-served is inappropriate and is tantamount to a misdirected public policy. In aggregate terms, private school students academically fare better than our public school students, and that should propel the government to further inject more resources into public schools. This is a problem with our leadership and government. Many people here in this blog and in Palau find my position offensive, and WHY? Because you have kids and relatives who work for and/or attend the public schools. I went to a Catholic high school and beyond with parental support and personal loans, and I should be supportive of your arguments, but I cannot in my right conscience support the status quo. There is already a government scholarship to support Palauan students enrolled in colleges/universities (public and private), and that is a good thing (which really needs to be further reviewed for improved targeting).

This whole issue of govt financially supporting private schools might be a tiny issue but it represents what I would call the larger "carcinoma" (kasinoma or cancer) slowly eating away our very lifeblood. Keep condoning these benevolent acts, and we'll surely sink more and more as a country.

With a little foresight here, some years down the road a non-Christian group establishes itself in Palau with a church and a school. The precedent that has been set would dictate that the government also extends financial support to that non-Christian school. Imagine what Palauans would be saying differently if that becomes the case!

and let me also add that our government is overactively inserting itself in every economic sectors of our country, that it is crowding out the private sector. i would hope our government and leaders do what they're created for- make and enforce laws and regulations without interfering heavily into private businesses, schools and etc! If you listened to Senator Diaz and the whole 22 Nov presidential conference, they all promote a "mirage" that all will be fine and dandy when the government is involved! ROPG will come to the rescue of ex-PSB depositors, and the President assuringly declares, "we'll get the money!" However one interprets that, I sure hope that the longer the receiver is required/forced to settle this PSB crisis, the government will not be injecting public money to clear up a few private businessmen's crimes! I agree with the option that the government and FIC will work to find a interested private (investment) party to take over the failed loans of ex-PSB and etc.!

the success rate i'm talking about is the percentage of drop outs, SAT and TOEFL scores, etc. do a little research and support your arguments with facts and not just judgemental statements. i.e, take a PHS class and follow them from 9th to 12 grade, you will see not just 1 drop out student, you will actually see a bunch. take a MHS class and follow them through 12th grade, there's a thin chance you will see one drop out. check the SAT and TOEFL scores and see which schools score the best. call all the colleges and universities around the world and find out for yourself which students are enrolled and hold good and perhaps top ranks in their classes. so please, don't prejudge these schools by saying they wanted that little interest because you...just simply don't know. thanks to the senator, now we know there's nothing legally wrong with funding private schools, it will be beneficial in the long run. so don't attack these innocent schools that have been deceived just like everybody else because you are getting into the minutiae of the situation. let's just try to figure out the real problem here.

Lets not forget about the real problem and the people who caused the problem. its not the school or the government or the bank. theres only few people who caused this problem and they should be the target, not the private schools or the government. the private school are doing a pretty good job educating out kids, i'm sure the government is trying their best to help the people on getting their money, so the intention is good. lets not drift away from the problem.


You misread my bloggings completely!!

What I am saying is that the government should not infuse any more more money(our money/tax dollars) to rescue this bank just because we have some private schools' money invested/deposit in PSB.

If you read my last posting, I said I am for funding private parochial schools including Ibobang schools. Whether these schools enrollements are mostly children of the rich people or not is not the point in funding them. Remember, these students attending these schools are also palauan kids. Again, a government er kid a government rar MERAU MA REMECHEBUUL, ng color blind.

If we are to follow the argument that because most of the students of these schools are children and therefore we should not fund, we should remember that the rich people pays more tax.

i am so sorry..my post was for kngibch. oops! lol i did read your point and i agree with you. have a nice thanksgiving!

or kedung el chebud...please, i was not making judgements, as some others were blogging about "you...just don't know." again, funding of private schools is a constitutional given as the Senator has pointed out, but that does not dimish the fact that these schools don't submit a budget nor are they accountable in any way to the funding being given. which is my reason for saying that their receiving such funding should adhere them to some sort of educational standards. great, it sounds like they will exceed those standards easily and there would be no problems. but do you agree with the government giving money away...wow, that is scary.
at any rate, success is being measured by SAT and TOEFL scores as well as universities and colleges, and drop out rates? i think you should read up some more on this issue. if you are unclear about what i am refering to, give me a buzz, we can start a whole different thread on this one.
this thread does involve private schools so if you feel we are not staying the course feel free to jump to another thread. public forum being what it is and such...lol


I hear you. Your free to discuss whatever yall want. I only ask that at the end of the day, when your getting ready to sleep...pray that the PSB CULPRITS will be brought to justice and for the VICTIMS to see through the tough times. You may be lauging but the people that lost their money may be strugling to survive. The private schools are now begging for loans just to maintain their daily operations. So many YOUNG PALAUAN STUDENT who attend this school may be asked to leave.

I feel very sorry for the VICTIMS of this situation and I just cant wait to see justice prevail.

KUDOS to the Catholic Mission Schools who deposited their money the old fashion way-with UNCLE SAM's bank.

How ironic that CEO of the bank was an American and those who took their money out from PSB just before it closed were Americans, including attorneys. How ironic that "tirkel katuu el milengkar era cheluomel a diak dil medinges, meringel a delir." How ironic that innocent and very trusting grass roots people are violated and now being raped by all the finger pointing some of which are directed at them as "irresponsible." How ironic that there has never been a call for those who are involved in this PSB issue to step down from their elected positions until it clears up. How ironic that the very issue of private sector development is raped by a few irresponsible culprits.
How ironic that some elected officials would venture to present a "bribe" to bail out PSB. How ironic, that no one is saying, I take the blame and fingers are being pointed at someone else. How ironic that a private bank can have such impact on the economy of a country and there are those who would argue that it is just a "private thingy."

How ironic that I am stupidly Paradoxically Blind

Paradoxically Blind,

Are you sure you're blind? Kemal meduch lomekakou.

I'm full of rage but I have to remind myself that exploding my anger will not bring my money back. I have to keep my cool and focus my attention on how best I should focus my energy on-a path that will compensate all of us, the ones who were fooled. I don't care at this time who should go to jail, just give me back my money.

I'm so disgusted and alienated from this government, these so-called leaders. I have no one to blame but myself for having voted for most of them. Never again.

I rememember earlier in this blog, there was a writer who supported Senator Reklai, Koshiba, Seid, etc, as the "engines" of Palau's economy. I would like to hear from that person again to explain today's economic crisis, please.


I hope you had good holiday and have reconsidered your run into politics but if you are still going thru with it then good luck. What you say in you comments above is true but still many in our country are unconvinced or are just blind to it. I guess its just easier to avoid then to confront problems. BTW, I'm still thinking about what you said many blog entries ago if I'm correct equating our plight as palauans with the native americans on the reservations and the fact that the Compact has not been good for Palau. Below you will find a link to an article for you and others interested. Happy Reading and take care.


Uchelmelis, I think your just pouring words from
mouth without even realizing what your saying.
The religious schools are
suffering as much as everyone you pity with, who had lost their money from
that Bank. Wheater or not
they paid taxes is not the
question, they still suffer
the consequences like everyone and don't forget
these are the schools that
teaches morals and deciplinary to our young
generations...Be realistic!


I never questioned the fact these private schools do not pay taxes. I was merely saying that the public, (i.e. government) should not be made to pay for PSB's debts just because we have schools involve. I do feel the consequence/hardship of those who had money in PSB. One of my employee banked there and I had to advanced him money so he can pay for some family essentials and his kids tuition, who by way the go to SDA school.


E bai mosubes er tial uldesuem el kmo aikal skuul a olsisechakl a tekoi er a "morals" ma "discipline." Alii ka mla obes er kmo eng te rechad er a blid a okesiul a tekoi el kirel a omerelled.

If I may, I would like to address Mr. Uchelmelis's statements, particularly his statement made on the 21 of November. Sir, I would first like to inform you that I attend one of these private schools. I will not lie and say I am not offended by your stereotyping because honestly, I am greatly displeased by your close-mindedness. But, this is not my reason for responding. Let me point out that these schools do not preach that money is "the root of all evil". In these schools, we focus more on strengthing morality (which I may safely say you have none) and common sense. I ask that you please stop your haste judgements and think before you write. I shall remind you that when you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U not ME. I hope my words teach you something. Good day!

May I also point out, Mr.Uchelmelis, that in order for a school to run money is needed. My school was not greedy when it took advantage of PSB's interest rate. It was doing what it saw fit for the students. I will honestly tell you that the student missionaries and teachers who are hired to teach get paid very low. Their income can only buy basic neccessities such as food. Again sir, I mean no disrespect, but I would like to remind you that ASSUMPTION can make a fool out of anyone. Thank you.

Another beauty without brains - I will ASSUME and conclude that you meant "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil" - not money itself.

Please I ask that we stop this stupid foolishness now and actually try to find a solution. Anger and revenge...once fulfilled, they become nothing. But we will gain more if we actually try to do something to solve this problem. It will only grow if we continue to procrastinate. Don't expect your leaders to do everything. We the people need to also lend a helping hand.

Dear sir (uchelmelis fan), then you are a fool to assume that behind every beauty there lies no knowledge.

Oh and fan, I would like to let you know that I had quoted Mr. Uchelmelis. I am not here to start a war of words, so please, don't waste my time with this foolishness. Thank you.

Poison, :=)



-Are you sugesting that the public is to be blamed here for the closure of PSB? Did we not elect this people to the government position to represent us and SERVE OUR INTEREST!



- Last time checked my eye it was still 20/20.


- Nope, I'm just hoping to get my $372.48 money back from that bank. Yes, I did not close my account there. It might be small to you but I still want it back.


- Republic of Palau....I hope that can refresh your memory!

** I'm not blaming anybody here but I want to know why the bank is close and who do I go to collect my $372.48 back! I WANT TO KNOW WHO IS RESPOSIBLE FOR THIS PROBLEM AND I WANT HIM TO GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! Please... lak moldurech erngak el mo mengeriil ra ngiidil chad ra beluu etemol olbedid.


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