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November 20, 2006


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This is another example of how big businesses and the power of their money can inlfuence our leaders to push aside the flesh and blood of our own island.

If I am not mistaken I have read so many blogs in here that sings a lot on "How we need Hotels, Golf courses, Casinos, and many more investment to make our island self sustainable.

I am not against this, but if we are not careful and open with the public on these things. A lot of our people will be pushed out to the streets. Only our leaders & family, Business owners $ family will live happily ever after.

I have nothing agains our leaders, but to make it fair to our people, I just wish we allow all island voters to debate and vote on anything worth Millions of dollars in invesment from outside investors. I beleive this is the only way we can have a fair and open forum where no one can point fingers to others when it's finalized.

The reason why I am starting to think of it this way is because of the fact that more and more of our leaders have either squandered the tax payers money or enriched themselves by using the positions that the public entrusted on them. All in the name of national development and progress for our own people. Yet we
have to forgive, forget and put them back on the same position just because.

While we have seen a handfull of people living lavishly over the years, We realy don't see any progress from the public's standard of living to capitol improvement exccept the compact road which was voted for by the people as a whole and monitored by the very people who gave us that money to make sure that it is spent and accounted for.
Besides this we have the so called White House which is quiet big for an island of 20,000 population that don't have a sustainable income. But so what, we are supposed to be proud and show off our new building for our leaders. To have such a marvelous building will result in marvelous ideas to benefit our people. But first we have to figure out how to find more money to help maintain the building. Raise tax maybe, the people are very proud right now and that they won't mind to pay a little more out of their pockets.

Or maybe I am just imagining things and that this is just a dream. Either way all I can say about our islands real progress is our New Hospital. I thank our leaders for that and I thank our (VP)Camsek Chin for the waiting house which is being built next to our new hospital. One of the best idea I have seen so far.


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