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November 24, 2006


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Pardon me Mr Seid, why should you have to ask Mr Reklai to step down as President? He can step down himself.

Ngmeral mechas a renguk, unless, are bebir ra rechad a meral loubail a deil. I should not have to wonder anymore but accept the fact that these bastards just don't care... lack of oxytocin in their brain... komeral chebuul kemiu el mla lose your money etir adiak el feel ra pain er kemiu malechub etemerur leng it is not in them. Could this be personality disorder...


We are seeing a desparate man. Seid knows he's finished and is just attempting to revive his political chances. As the saying goes, "politicians make strange bed-fellows."

By the way, Mr. Reklai, if you don't know how, I will be glad to show you the way by opening the door for you, that's the least I can do for you.

Dimlak el kirel mengiil ra okedong a Senator Reklai. It would have been more appropriate to have stepped down as president ra senate until the investigation commences and concludes. he apparently has a larger stake in the whole crisis, and that would have been an honorable thing for him to do.

Just a hunch....I got a good feeling that Senator Reklai was clean from whatever criminal acts were committed. I don't think he really schemed to steal people's money in the bank. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt until the investigation is completed.

Mora OEK (ALL elected officials) and the President: who is to blame between the two parties is not the issue and irrelevant- we're all united in strengthening our laws to prevent more of this serious mess from happenign again. There is no question that is a noble goal/objective we should all strive to attain, so let's get past this finger-pointing game and move to better protect our people, citizens and small but crucial assets!

Kora mla mo renguk e udesuek el uase bebir a rechad ra Olbiil ra Kelulau a diak a ngerang lodengei el kirel a reua bank e elecha ngdiak el mal sebechir el subii tial tekoi el ruul a ngerchelir el miltukt el mora ikel kingall el mo mengkar a siorai rekid a rechad ra beluu. Example, Senator Tmetuch, Senator Diaz, Delegate Mesebelabluu, Del Toriboing, Dels Carlos and Patris, etc. Mongerodch me bolodngei ar constituents erkemiu el kmo sebecham el anzing erkemam ra time ra elebuul el kmo ar omtechei erkemam a diak lobes erkemam e mo remuul a NGERCHELIR.

MORI: we can't do much but to keep talking and hoping that our dialogues will catalyze some real, needed actions on the part of our elected officials.

alii everyone,

a kulengit el kmo tial merael el meii el election ra 2008 e dotebedii a diaz A.K.A I-SORI ma Seid le tirka mla mo kengaol ra diak el dil elsel olbiil ma blil a omilil. diaz a.k.a I-sori a kmal mla pollute er tial melidiul. meng mla mo time el kired el loltuu er tir ra ikal delmikl e okes a lechetel me te diak el tobed el meleuauch ra delul obliil ma lechub el lotitech a blil a rekung el ngara chutem. kmal chebuul a rechad ra belau ma delad el belau a deluut el mesterir a techal tirkal chad me longitikaiik er kid ma beluad el longebelung er kid. te meral mla ocholt a klebelengrir.

Ng meral dimlak kudengei el kmo ngarngii a website el ua tiang. Al du rechad el kmu ng kmal kirem el mer tial website ea rengud ng kora kmal ngarngii a klungiolel. Tia meral di mui ra telulechidir a rechad el diak a ngera lodengei e di orrenges a chais e mer tiang e mesosaod el di ngii ma leblar sei. Kau el KURSII, ke mesaod el kmu Diaz ma Seid a mla mo kengaol ra chelsel Olbiil ma blil a omilil, ngera ke mesaod? Ka mouchais me bo dodengei el rokui el kmu ngera belkul a kengaol ra Olbiil? Ada ke mlar sel blil omilil me ke medengei el kmo ng techang a mle mekngit e mesaod el di ngii ma cho blar sei? Molengull ra telulechidiu e chelik. Ak meral merur ra ikal teleteled a rechad er Belau. Kerdi meduch el mer tiang e mesaod a kengterir a rechad el kid a diak dungil medengelterir e diak el sebeched el mdasu a klungiolir. Ngak a dirrek el kmal okekad a renguk ra Diaz ma Seid ra bebil ra ureor ra Beluu el sebechir el mla remuul engdi dirkak el ruul, engdi diak ber tiang e kusaod a terchedir a rechad el ngii a dirkak ues ra chelsul a medak. E hall e kuuchais eak mlar sel blil omilil er sel taem ra lemechelebed ngkal chelsensang el buik. Tirkal terul chad ra Olbiil a mle dengchokl el chadecheduch a tekoi ra ureor. Ea lorael mei ngkal chelsensang e ng di mlong el uase,"Kemiu ngera mo ko mer tiang e mesaod a tekoi ra ureor?" Ngak ak Diaz malechub ek Seid el mla choitii a blik ma telungalek er ngak ek bera blil omilil el me mesaod a kirel a beluu el kmal mla mo oberaod e meringel a bteluk er ngii, e lemei a chelsensang el chetelaol el kekerei el buik el diak lodengelii a rengul e longedecheduch er ngak el uaisei, eak CHUMUR A NGEREL!! Ng kmal ngeltengat el mle beot el chelebed a mlor ngii.


Ke medengelii a story ra Martha Stewart ma Enron? Please e bom research er ngii e tial lurruul er ngii a Reklai a kmal di uaisei--tomekedong er ngii el kmo "insider trading". Ng President ra Senate e medengelii a chouaisei el tekoi e mong lotobed a ududel e dimlak lomdasu rar telendelokl? Mei me ksbedau el kmo Martha Stewart a mlo kelebus. A kumdasu eng diak dil Step down, ng dirrek el kirel mo kelebus me kuk longelim er tirkel ngeleked el ngara kelebus e loruul a itabori.

Hall ellak em sal mereched el assume el uase JR a guilty e DIAKACHISED.

You just lectured KURSII about the importance of withholding judgement, so please em exercise a molisechakl rar chad adang.

Ellak dosaod a telulechoid.

;) peace my sister...


Tial tekingem blekul a kmul kmo, mle kirel mechelebed ngkal "chelsensang el buik?"

A uchul mete kengaol (Alan & Diaz) te remuul a lach e judge e oltaut. Te ngilluu a lach el mora imorir. Endi chad el mechelebed ra Diaz ma Alan a deserve el mechelebed. Tirka terung (Alan/Seid) tirkel kot el modil chad ra elsel belau.


Ke mesaul el mla smodii a diaz ma alan me sel incident el betok a diak lodengelii e mesaod.

e kmal meral tekoi, ng kid er rokui el di chad ra telulchoid. engdi bechikid ar ngar belau el tiang a teleteled ar ibelau. endi tirkel kiei ra ikrel belau el ngara ngebard a kmal mechas a renguk er tir el dirk sorir loutulchoid.

dolngit molcholt a klengebard e bo bechei a telulchoid. al somiu e mer belau me bora mesei malchub e bora chei meltelkib el atter a omoutulchoid

bizbuzch, diakachised

komeng a ki kmal mlo mekngit alsekum a ki mlo imis a telulchidam el kirel a diak kim sal medengei el tekoi. mousubes a ki cheroid meng meral diak ki modengei a klemerang, ma ki di melibech a cheldecheduch. ng meral oumesind ra taem e kemam el ngara ikrel belau a di melai a chisam ra simbung ma internet ea leko ki kmal medengei. e kemiu el kiei ra beluu el mengard ra chelebuul, e ngara ureor beluu, ma siukang a mekedkudem ra bek el sandei, e dirrek el meringel mengismuk a delengchekliu ma ureriu, ea osisiu el taem e ko meringel loleiuu otechir a re bebil er kid el di ngara milkolk e ngidil lokeiangel a medecherecher el teloched el uetech.


I agree e Merur...Al ngak Ngikel buik el milchelebed cheak MERUR...:) Pun intended... :)

Milchelebed rar terul medelulam e kora memodil chad...:)

We will hold judgement on the two alleged assulters..:)

But,,,yes there is always a but,,just from what Diakachised said...The two assulters...being senators..assumes their intelligent...should have
called the bouncer or the cops...or walked away or argued vehemently their positions with out resorting to physical violence...

Just from the news and what I have read regarding this matter the two senators may be found guilty of simple assault...

but...:) Yes again the but,,
Being they are senators.....
they will be _____________( you fill in the blanks....:)

and Bizbuzch...Give it a rest...Telulchoid as you call it...is what weeds out the true from the untrue..
if not for the telulchoid in here from in and out of Palau....the truth may never come out...

Its what cures the malady and brings back the senses..As the heading on this blog says..so lak moutulchiod al chetim..tebetok ar sorir..:)


Those of you who accuses this site as rumor mill needs to get some senses in to you brains.

This place is for debate and we opine with respect to everyone in here.Majority of bloggers here knows what the issues are, and can debate accordingly base on the media reports and other sources. Rumors? What rumors? Everything reported here are facts and i'll sort em' out for you, 1. Its a fact that JR and his cohorts stole my money by giving themselves outrageous loans, 2. Its a fact that our senators did beat the crap out of one common man 3. Its a fact that we have a huge govt with enormous costs that continues to rise with no end in sight. These are some issues that we want our young people to be engage in and debate among themselves. And pleeeasse, this issue of outside palau vs inside palau is so 1980's, its getting rather old. Any Palauan citizen has every right to question or debate these issues regardless of where they stay. You say, " aki ngar belau el meruul a ureor, ha ha, ko mengebelung ra reua techag? When was the last time you participated in Ureor beluu? huh? The siukang you attend to is your own choosing so stop ranting about them. Our society has become a capitalism hungry monger without any regard to our old palauan giving and dare is say "Caring ways".

Let people opine and if you dont like it, all you have to do is click on the X of your browser. Goodness gracious!!

Oh boy,

Well said staffer...this notion of outside vs inside of palau is not only old its idiotic. there are many palauans living outside of palau but have built their home in palau and attend to every "siukang" yet they did not ask their clan to buy their house. unlike many who live in palau, dont participate in "siukang" yet expect relative to help pay for their house.
and those of you who think of "telulechoid" give it a rest. There is no such thing. A uchul meng ngarngii a telulechoid ngar ngii and meral luchul. alsekum kemesang omaoch el ralm eng ngulterkokel ngarngii a madedok ra bedul.
for you isori,
you sound like diaz...and i did not get your point so it did not come across. for you to speak of how peoples parent sleeps is so disgusting and beyond dirt...its not palauan which lead me to believe that you are really diaz in hiding behind sori...I hope you know what sori/zori is...its that thing between the sole of your feet and the turd....get it...to speak with your own word...i think it was "your father who was asleep while a delam a mengaet ra chad ra marialas...bai bom ngasech ra iedel kaul ngalk ra omeliakel...sound familiar...yep...ng cheliteklem el mora delam e temamuu...

Ng diak mkora medengei a chisel tial kmal milrael a isel el shipping line. te mle metekoked el chad a ulelrurt er ngii meng di milrael er bab. elechang e ngikal Mr. Greedy a Bresident er ngii meng mla mo kosokes. Ak kora mla mo melcheluches er a uldesuek a kmo, tia kelel ngarngii a kora "ORREUAES" el remurt er a elsel. Aikal bisir el mora NUCHAB ma klausechelei er tir er a rchad er a NUCHAB a kmal mla chemas a rengmam. Ka echerei e aikang a di ua rekel a bobaii el di ngii el me emolt. Ng kmal mla mo bleketakl er kemam el kmo ngkal Mr. Greedy a mla dongerngerii a bank ma shipping meng di kea ududed ma yasai er kid.

A kulengit er kid el ou kab el kmo elchal merael mei el temel a sengkyo e dolemosem er tir e domechakl er tir e dongeteket er ngii e kede medakl.

Happy New Year Lekor Kemiu eng locha meral mle ungil a Kurismas er kemiu.

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