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November 03, 2006


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What would be the response of Angaur and other states who have been drawing up plans and are out there actively luring foreign investments to their place? Individual states would never buy in to the number of exclusivity demand by the the Shimao group. Either they demand a leveled playing ground to attract investors for their own projects; right to offer exclusive deals; suspension of EQPB regulations, or states/public support would be hard to come by.

Ngerulmud Pundit,
These information has been available since Shimao's presentation at Palasia a year and half ago. There are people who are involved very deeply with this project and some are in office and some are running. We speak of protecting our environment not only physically but also socially and here is a company that clearly and openly wants to wave EQPB requirement, exclusive rights to gambling and golfing. We keep speaking about "front business" but how is this one different?

Trips have been paid for and taken by some of our leaders by Shimao. How is that different from bribery?

Again, we a need different model of economic development. Palau should move into a unified approach to economic diversity and should deal with environmentally (physical and socially) friendly ventures.
For example: Telecommunications, e-commerce, Banking, high end tourism.

Instead of the Trade Free Zone thing in Ngardmau.. we should an economic task force with efforts on moving PNCC from just a service provider to an Economic Strategy. What about FIC and Banking? What about the soft loans for medium size resort along the compact road all in a unified strategy toward a diversified economy for Palau?

Of course these are just my thoughts.


Diaz is back from his trip to China. Listen to him on his radio. He is campaigning hard for Shimao. He envisons 80,000 people in Palau as a good number of people. He stated there are a lot of Chinese milionairs who want to go to a quiet place after they retire and die, thus the long term visa. (Palau will be a nursing home for rich Chinese.) There aren't enough Palauans for 80k pop. so of course the rich foreigners will inhabit Palau to make the difference. This is his thinking. He went so far as to state there is more freedom in China than US. Huh. This is our senator, who sounds like he is trying to sell Palau to China. Is he just rambling without any forethought as to what comes out of his mouth or is he serious?

Is this the only type of process for Palau to entertain such investment this size?

Would the existed ministries, gov't agencies that composed or made up of palauan experts have contribution regard to the impact of such projects?

The involvement of leaders and certain citizen in this such development, is it all about getting more $$$$$$?

With 20,000 palauan people, exactly how do we see and understand this foreigner venture?

Is it true that our Constitution is honestly, genuinely favored us and to protect Palau?

El buled me kede meremang er tial teletael.

next generation to earn their living instead of living in welfare of rich people.

This is the reason why the case for SP and AG is still pending, so that these politicians can entertain investors like the Shimao Group for their own benefit while holding a short leash on the AG and SP.

I realy believe that we should put casino and the 99year lease on the ballot for the people to decide.

This is wrong and not fair. If we vote and majority wins. I would not hesitate to bow down.


This is my first time to see this. What do you mean it's been public information? I believe our leaders have been hiding this Shimoa Plan from us, the public. Was it printed in the news? Was there public hearing?

Our leaders have lost it. This is the last draw! That' for sure. They have betrayed the trust of the people and their honor for abandoning their oath of office.

So what are the people to do? Can Nakamura, Chin, Surangel, or Toribiong save Palau or are they going to sell us to the wolves?

The people of Melekeok and the whole of Palau must have a say about this Shimoa plan. It's not just going to affect the lives of Melekeok, Ngiwal, and Ngchesar people, but the whole of Palau.

Ngerchebal, what can the common people do to stop this Dark Governance?


I don't think the majority of the people from Melekeok knew about this Shimoa's plan? This will affect their lives. Metirkel louchutem er bitar sei. sorir kmeid er tir? Tirkal chad ra Melekeok ngdiak a right er tir malechub ngdi tirkal ngarbab el chad adi meruul aikang e merekong? Someone is getting rich from this, ea rest ra rechad amo suffer ra consequences.


I also must noticed that the Speakder of the House, from Melekeok, is the sponsor of the new and improved Gambling Bill. And the Reklai is supporting Shimao Plan.

What are we to do? Are we just going to be quiet about this and let our future sold off? I am so angry and scared! What has happended to the people in leadership?

what the govt of melekeok and its leaders are failing to announce is this, Majority of the proposed site is owned by my family and no amount of money will persuade me to sign their agreement. I'm their worst nightmare that they should deal with first before they talk about any master development plan!

So relax everyone and stay tuned, there's a legal fight soon to begin in the future.

this is the time where you can bypass the chain of command and write a letter to VP with signatures of a lot of us. or is there a better way? help me out here. i'm sure he'll help us out one way or the other.

I will be their worst mightmare also. I don't feel like living with these Chinese people someday. I will fight for this if it is the last thing, I will do before my time. My family owns some land there too. People from Melekeok has to start voicing their rights. It is about time. Kededi melengmes el mo oingerang.

Ma ker er ngak a mora Reklai el kmo, Ngmilai a turk ra mecheoud ma rokui el chad? Malechub ngkang ngarngii a right er ngii el uaisei a custom er belau? Someone educate me ra uchei ra medidiik?

Ma dirrek, Aikal golf course, a ditirkel, well dressed, marngaii a ududir a sebechir lou golf. I know because i play the game here, too. Mekid el lou mumu sebeched el mong. I don't think so. Ngdi tirkal ngarbab el chad a sebechir el mong ea rest er kid adi mo meruu a titimel. Kede bol bukel a titimer er kid. A trip to Palau just have to made soon.

everyone seem to be on the negative side of this shimao/melkeok development plan. i would like to hear the flip side of it. maybe somebody out there supporting this plan can come out and kind of shed more light on this.

Ngerchebal et.al.:

could anyone educate me on the term "HIGH END TOURISM". I have been hearing it from TR lately and I just plane confused as to what it really means. It has a ring to it but could it be just that. Does it mean that we (palau) will only welcome the RICH to visit and enjoy our "PRISTINE ISLANDS"-another melodious term we have been tooting.


Pleas allow me to try, adang? The term "High End Tourism/Travelers" was introduced many years ago by the Legacy airlines in the Domestic U.S.,namely United,Northwest,American and others when the up and coming Southwest Airlines began its short haul service with amazingly low fares.Over the years the "High End" idea was proven to be discriminatory and it went on to be the main reason why regular folks started leaving the big airlines.Southwest was seen as the airline for the poor/middle class americans and after 9/11 when all the airlines were losing billions, they continued to post record profits.

Mr prez continues to evoke this term with the hope of somehow influencing the rich from japan and asia to continually visit Palau but it can also work against us for the same basic reasons.If we want to open ourselves to tourists, we cant decide who comes and who don't.Our tourism bureau in conjunction with tour operators can sit down and develop reasonable pricing structures that can maximize revenues and protect us from over crowding. I'll give you the perfect example, If you and I fly together to Guam on continental and seating next to each other, it doesn't mean we paid the same price. I booked my seat 2 months in advance for 540.00 round trip and you booked yours 2 days before for 800.00 rt.This is now the basic principle used by everyone in the travel/tourism industry that maximize revenue and allow them more flexibility. The assumption by TR and our govt leaders is without merit and foolishly putting us in disadvantage.

my 2 cents

I am a student from Palau Community College. I am majoring in Tourism & Hospitality. From what I've learned in class and through workshops and trainings, high end tourists are simply, tourists who pay money to locals. They bring in revenue to our country's people. They want local handicrafts, handbags, and souvenirs that are made by our people. That is why we want more high end tourists not mass tourists. High end tourists are Japanese, Americans, Europeans, and any tourist that travels to other places and leaves a lot of revenue in that country. Revenue for locally owned businesses and for our govt. That's why we want high end tourists not mass tourists. Now mass tourists are tourists like the Taiwanese. They pay for packaged tours. So they pay for everything in Taiwan and the money stays there. The only money they give to Palau is the departure tax. Mass tourists do not care about the environment. They can come down to Palau and go stomp on all of our corals and could care less. Mass tourists arrive in Palau, on a Taiwanese plane, get on a Taiwanese bus, arrive at a Taiwanese owned hotel, eat at a Tawainese owned restaurant, go on Taiwanese owned tours, ruin Palauan owned environment, and leave their trash and wastes with us Palauans.

never die,
ngkal diaz ng ngera ngomdasu? a uchul meng bai mle kired el recall er ngii a diak el soad a ikaikid el teletelel...chelcha lsekum eke doterur a beluad el mora rechad ra china, ea tara klebesei, e tirkel betok el ngalk ra melkeok te mo meruul a blirir reker? le tial blue dream el sorir lomkedechor rengii ra melkeok a diak el kekerei el klalou.

are you still going to make sure that diaz wins again in 2008? just curious.


a kurrenges el kmo a uchul a speaker Mesebeluu a oldubech er tial Blue Dream Project a leko a Melkeok a "GOSHT TOWN", el dechor a kedelal a White House ea chelsel a beluu a bechachau el diak a rechad er ngii.

Alii Daikelmad,

Watch the senate sessions on thursday and friday of this week. The Big Four of the senate made it clear that the majority of 5 led by Diaz is both greedy and dillusional. Diaz does not know what he is talking about China being clean, well organized, and more democratic. Just goes to show how uneducated he is but has fooled people to vote for him with his motor mouth. I heard him say that he stepped out during freshman year in high school. He actually believe that China is demoratic society. If we are not careful soon we will have all people in OEK who think that south and north poles are the same place.

God help us.


Seems there is a plan,,A developement plan that is apparently already being implemented, if what I'm reading from the Topic of this blog is correct...

First the movement of the capital to Melkeok...Then the Gambling and Casino test run in Angaur...the introduction of a 99 year lease idea, and a Rich Foreign Retiree Emigree package proposal.. all the while there are talks going on all along with the state of Melkeok's leaders and some memebers of the OEK about a bigger developement..
Conspiracy?..nah..but i think consciuos effort by a few to get rich by selling their plan as an Economic Developement for all of Palau...not likely if you think about it..but possible..

All in all the whole thing is a bad idea and I don't think any reasonable minded person needs to see, hear or read the flip-side or the supporters view of this plans to be able to deduce that it is a bad plan...

Just from the things that have been written about it alone, we can safley with out benefit of a supporters
views see where it will go wrong...for all of us..

Just think of the impacts to the environment, the people of Melkeok and the surrounding states alone..those alone will make you shudder at the prospect of this humungouos

Those are only two of the things that will be ipmacted the most...and they will affect all of us
whatever they do..

I can already see the things the supporters of this deal will say...the same old rhetoric they used
with the 99 year lease, the National sales tax issue and the Angaur Gambling Casino...Saying as "It will benefit us all...Untrue..."It will improve the economy"..Maybe for some..not all..
but we..all of us will be footing the bill, give up and ruin the environment, displace some of the people from their birthrights, and
subsidize this Mega resort..

There's lots of ways to improve our islands economy and preserve it with out resorting to selling the future generations their birthrights by Building A Mega resort none of us will need.
Research and improve what we already have...refiine the tax laws to benefit or make it possible to start and do business in Palau in a way that doesnt impact to greatly the islands itself and its people..
Look for small but steady economic strategies...better to have small and steady growth then a one big one that will ruin the small island we call home...

How long was Diaz in China to know about these people?Kedemeral chebuul. What can we do to stop this project?

Maml, I have my doubt about him now.

So what are we going to do about this?

once they build that mega resort complex, perhaps there'll be customers, for a while...after a while, it will turn into a ghost resort in a ghost town, just like those other hotels and casinos in saipan...i work at Palau Royal Resort...from my observations, there aren't many or even any high-end tourists coming to this place...instead, it's always the mass tourists...so it's just another huge addition to sewage waste, garbage waste, pollution, etc...why would we want to bring in more problems for us Palauans? plus, the shimao group is demanding way too much from our government...we are not their slaves...

mori, thank goodness you have your doubts now...better now than later on when it's too late...when your family's land would end up being owned by someone whose name rhymes with the sound of crashing fine china ware.

Luc thank you for the excellent response.

I went to Tahiti last year and found out about the said word -TOURIST TRAP.

Kalemei: I am surprised by your response. Most Japanese tourist come to Palau on three national holidays: the Obong Week (August), Oshiogatsu (New Year), and Kempo Kinenbi, Kodomo no hi and Kokumin no Shokujitsu (other wise known as Golden Week because these holidays fall right after the other). On these occasions/holdiays, the majority of Japanese tourists comes to palau by JAL on package tours.

American tourists are also booked mostly through Sea&Seas, Poseidon and other tour agencies in the state and majority are on packaged deals when they arrive in Belau. The Europeans too.

Now when all these people you call High End tourist come to Palau, where do they eat, shop, etc.

Most Japanese patronize Japanese owned restaurants-Go to Dragon Tei in New Year week and see for your self, or any other Japanese restaurant for that matter. I saw only handful at Furusato, Emaimelei and Yokohama this past summer.

I cannot see the difference between the Taiwanese/Chinese tourists and these so-called HIGH END tourist you mention.

Let us not price ourselves out of the market- the only industry we have.


wake up and smell the coffee. Shimao Group's Plan will be built on the lands in Melkeok belonging to United Micronesia Development Association (UMDA). Local owners of UMDA are Senators Koshiba and Reklai. Senator Seid is trying to get a piece of the pie, as usual. That is why Diaz is important to the Senate Majority and he's now deeply involved in it...pushing for 99 Year Lease, 10 Visa, and Gambling - all of these are the demands of Shimao Group. Johnson Toribiong is also involved in this, too.

Nothing can stop them now....


too late, he's your senator for life, you know?

all this, with the shimao group and the development of palau is not a bad idea. we just have to get past the fact that it is not just black and white: either they get all they want and we get screwed, or we screw them and live it up "honto style."

take their plans and modify them to suit our pace but at a point still acceptable to potential investors who want returns on their money.

what we need is professional, unbiased help to assess the whole situation and give a report to the palauan people.

maybe then a choice can be made. a nation of 20 thousand people can probably vote on the issue, as has been suggested before. it is not something i'd like, but from previous comments it seems our leaders might have personal stakes involved that hinder they ability to vote for what's best for the country.


Akumdasu aikal molekoi ngmerang el tegoi. Ak remember er tial (UMDA}Are you sure we cannot do anything to stop them. Akmal llmangel leng techebuul ar future ngalk ra Melekeok. Tirkal senators ma Reklai adimlak mulkeroul ra Melekeok. Meng ditara place lomes er ngii el invest er ngii to make money for themselves mar ngelekir. Makmelekoi el chad ra Melekeok el kmo;
Alsekum sebechemiu el uaisei emo ungil sleep at night e bong. Ngdi alsekum tia "ghost town" Ngarngii ar beldekemam el ngara tochobei, mekomol medebeyakl.

Akluut el mora belau which is very soon, akmo ask ra Reklai el kmo; Why ekoltuu er kid ra Chereomel. Who's saying is this?

tungch, who are you to tell me that Diaz is my senator for life. No, I don't know.

Mori, Mardi, All opponents of this project,

here's some contact info's for the Shimao Group that i think will be of great use to all. why not go straight to the source of the problem. if we really wanted to stop this development from moving forward, let's all write a letter/email to the chairman of the company himself. maybe he might just change his mind and take his project somewhere else.



mailing: 45,JIN MAO TOWER


Mekemiu el senators;

Sel bora office er kemiu, momes er sel tal lius el ngara techobei, tirke kmal mlo meringel el mengetmokel er tial beluu. Metomes er kemiu, sel view akmal ungil, Maikel chutem molterau alodengei. Omtemale a rengrir a rechad ra melekeok, komo medengei. Make sure, emo moremei ra uchei, ra bol milkolk.

Thanks, I hope their eyes can be widened after I'm done with them.

i'm astonished. how can our own senator possibly think that one of the worlds strongest communist country be a democratic country (or as he puts it: has more freedom than the U.S.?) a little reality check to our leaders: china's gov. is led by a single party, communist party of china, it exist under a planned economy where everything is privatized, which has created a huge gap between the rich and the poor. is this how our leaders envision palau? if they estimate to have 80,000 chinese millionaires to consume chinese owned goods and services (shingmao project) in palau, then the chinese whould out number palauans 4 to 1. maybe they want their children and grandchildren to live in a future palau called pachina. i don't understand why when palauan kids like me struggle each day abroad trying to get educated and go back home and contribute to our country when our own palauan leaders are busy selling us out. somebody explain this to me.

Sen Diaz is continuously looking for a way to strike it rich.This project apparently has that potential and he will do anything to ensure its success.I'm dismayed and disappointed because long before he was elected, he railed against fronting and being a dog for chinese corporations on the air.His eyes are blurred by the money so he thinks china is now Democratic. I'm hopeful that somehow some smart people will defeat this project when they realize they just dont have enough infrastractures that can handle this. Somebody needs to wake Mr diaz from his daydreaming days and maybe he can step aside and let the people decide.

I will again quote President Abraham Lincoln because it has never been true in this case, " IF YOUR WANT TO KNOW A MAN CHARACTER, GIVE HIM POWER".

I apolozige for my many typo's. My eyes are blurred too because of my wife's delicious cooking but unfortunately as always, " IT'S FOR SIUKANG"!!!! lol


It is ok, just send some of these delicious food this way.

Akmle defend ra Diaz leng a renguk a after ra recall, eng learned some lessons from what they were trying to tell him.
Ma dirrek betok el mechitechut akmal depend er tial radio er ngii, my father for one. Meng sel domes er ngii, engmeral diak el care er kid, ma future of our children. Sel domes er tirkal bebir ra sanators meng teuaisei, but they are quiet about it. Mekemiu el ngarbelau, please momes el kmo ngtecha sebechel morngii ra next year e mouchais er kemam.

Transparent Government,
I think all the questions that posed have been answered by successive postings since you posted. Even the names of those who are involved are mentioned. Shimao Group presented at Palasia and it was open to public. Officials from Melkeok were there.

Transparent Government, the point I was trying to make is that, if we have integrity in our governance, our leadership, in our engagement with the voters then, "Shimao", Simang or Sumaol Enterprises would not be an issue... The reason Shimao is an issue is because our leaders lack integrity.. we can not trust them.

My other point was that Voice cannot continue to be the voice in the wilderness. It must move to become a true, "community voice." If Diaz was the issue for Voice, then it was a futile excercise. Activism is never cheap, it can mean extreme emotional distress but when done with integrity, it is foundation of posterity. Check all the majori democratic nations. The national calling is for the Voice of Reason to come out of the closet and be consistent.

"High End Tourism" on a crucifix of "local spending by the tourist and local impact", it fall in high spending and low impact. For example, a comapany packaged tour on FAT, to live at Palasia, shop at Dong Fang and eat $@#@&^(Chinese figures I can read), pulling out soft corals, taking clams and jellyfish to eat at their hotel is "low end tourism".


I remain Ngerchebal


Inegrity, Integrity, Integrity.....is that the Ingegrity Senator Seid is quoting in the Senate 2006 Calender?

The great challenge in front of us warrants the whole country to mobilize itself to make a stand against tyrany and corruption. No one alone or one group in our society can do it solely or for the rest of us to rely on them to achieve results we want. We need to come together in order to create a substantive force. A chimol temikl a diak el sebechel rikii a bai, ngkirel mo chimol skobang.

I believe there are some of us in this blog who should meet and begin a dialogue of unity and the creation of a civic force, party, group, whatever you would like to describe it.

We can meet at my house.

Transparent Government,
I hope your house is at Edelmud because at Ngerulmud "transparency" is an oxymoron term. I hope your house is not just down from Ngerulmud because that belongs to Shimao.

I feel sorry for Angaurians who voted for Casino but will loose it to Shimao just down from the watchful eyes of "integrity" of Ngerulmud.

Paradoxically Blind

Alsekung ke de mecha ou golf course ebai erei. Ar tourist el mer Belau teme osiik a ungil "green" adang debel Belau a sorir? Arrach, a klungel a Resort ma idisel a rooms. Tia bai mocha rulii a Melke el mo "ghost town". Kamkora imagine erngii kemiu ar chad ra Artingal. Nglocha di medeldul a mesil ra dengki ra PPUC. Kuk mo power hour.
Sel ksal convince ra renguk el mor Belau e kiei for good mengii a kuk morngii a uchul a doubt. Elchal time ea beluu ra Melke kmal mla mo kosekodl, di blai ra both sides ra rael. Dikea breeze ra daob el mera beluu. Chereme kuk di dolai ra cheluut ra ked el mei. Instead ra btuu ra golf.Akai
Ak kmal feel a concerns erkemiu el make comments auchul ak mocha meluches. Kachere alta kede kesai ediak de meteet or merau endi sebeched el morenges a bodo ureor el kirel. Tia locha di telbilir tirkal kmal di kesai el chad, as you said some a diak el chad ra Melke to begin with, etir a betok el chad ra beluu,el kiei ra beluu, a delal a urriid. mekid a mo mesterir a picture ra uldesuir, sel colored picture diak el black & white. Diak lokol tuobed a delbengir el uaikid emo kotouar. Kired el lorchedid ra uchei re tirkal "big dogs" a kuk lenga blauang el mesterir el nga kengei er tir.
Finally, ngii dilak el plan ra mo host ra Rider Cup ra future, seikid ak dingak el dobechii a dekelek.
Kora kmal auanai a plan el kirel Belau, kele blal betik el kmong sebeched el sosechii tial belau el mo 3times bigger? Kede mo investigate...take care all!

Kemiu el chad ra Melekeok;

Wake up and smell the coffee,kemiu engdiak concern er tial mermang ra beluad. I know.... el kmo komedakt el me tuobed. Meng tia beluad el ngarngii a rechad el songerenger, a rengmiu tirkang te care aikang. I will give you an example el kmong ngdiak el care er kid, sera loruul ra sewer ra beluu etelochang aikel lomiich a dach er bitara obliil without their permission. E momes ngdiak a ngara tara blirir. Meng kmal unfair aikang. Kedi muuk, leng kede medakt.

Meng tial project el meremang ra beluad. They don't care whether your opinions matters or not. Maltang, etomdasu el kmo, kedemechebuul e mekebelung. Tirka mla ngmai a udoud, malechub ngarngii a lolai er ngii. Ngdi kid a ngargnii a blid, ma klisiched el kmo, Ngak achad er tial beluu. I have a right, probably more than they are.

Kedemoraikel sebeched, alsekum ngdikeang, at least we tried. Tirka mousbech a rael el mortial sumaol el beluu, meng ngtecha mo kongei alngara chetemir a rechad? Not me.

M dirrek, I have been to Vegas, It is truly a " sin city" I don't care to being my children there. Do I want this casion in my bithplace, No, thank you! I've email to Mr Chicken Wing Mui, and I will call him also. Maybe, he can take his business somewhere else.

halle rebluu ekemiu a mall merechedl el jump a bosiu e oumerang a ikal teluchidel a tial kong Voices. This is purely slanted sharing of information. Hall e dechiielii a official proposal male tobed e dosaud.

Kmal merechel pre-empt a ideas ma udesuir a rechad el miltutk elmora ikal deruchall. Kemiu el ngara merikel el di diak a ngerang el mrelii el mora belau, bom sesei e de let those staying at home make the call. Kom ngar ikrel belau el menga mikdanold, stek, e harau e teksiu el mora ngodch el kabelmengt e ou mesaold auaikal tekoi? sechellei, boriou e hall lak em sel merechel el mesaod.

bai mla mo kired el ngmai aikal llemeltiu el sengkyo leng diak a ngeral omrelii el mera beluu erbelau.

etemiu leng etemiu. kora lacha klaloue ra keblii a chutem.

bom soro e sechelik...


Ngerang mekeko ra mengedcheduch el kora Diaz, Kemiu a uchel meng kom kiei el secure, aile tax er kemam. Maikal grant el molai. Meng sebechemiu alak ki pay a tax?

Meng diak modengei a chutem ra melkeok. E ngerang omodengei. Ak medengelii a utem lomdasue er ngii el morser bab. Ngera kemedengei? Mal chutem ra keblii, engak a ngarngii a klisichek. Meng kemedengei aikang e melekoi engdiak.

you do sound like diaz, if not probably diaz jr. who are you to say that us in the mainland don't deserve a right to vote and don't have a say in what's going on at home. while your back home enjoying the tropical weather, swimming in the blue ocean, and eating fresh fish, a lot of us are here in the u.s. busting our ass with a goal of going back home with experience and education so that we could reform our government. like they say, "wake up and smell the coffee!" obviously we have leaders in our gov. that lack morale and are too selfish, and yes there's tons of evidence to back it up. all they think about is "stiking it rich." it's so pathetic to think that some of our leaders have been persuaded by short-term happiness of trips to china and small$$ when our beautiful island is at risk. maybe it is just a propaganda, but we should look at the big picture, at a macro level, and the potential disadvantages outweighs the benefits...benefits for a few number of people and their families. so before you stereotype and make nonsensical allegations, you should open your mind a little.

just speaking my mind


ngeral taksem a mora udoud el kimolai a rechad ra belau ma govt? mal diak. a minimum wage el omsekur ra merikel e menga makdanong e melim a moromi ma ngesonges...bai klou el kantribusion erkau el sebechel rulii e kau a melmolem el kiei ra merikel loldeu ra rengum, meng mo sebechel a rechad ra belau el omrelii a telkib el mortir, a bai mechei a tekoi ra keruul ma development mel decide a rechad el kiei ra belau.

keltukl el diak modengei a tekoi e diak em lechuul. etemem keleltang, engdi kirem el mo remei e kudmeklii..eallak ea rechad era blim el dirrek el chad ra kebliil a klou a klisichir. A rechad ra Meleke a mla mekiis ea uchul te mekereklang el mo melisiich ra belurir ma capital erkid. Te medengei el uase CHINA a doldanges erngii ra di telkib el time, ngdiak le isiabal, merike, taiwang, korea ma lechub eng europe. kid a merolang...mesa tiang e:


komeng ra klisiichiel a tekoi elk dilung engdi it's not personal...telkib el ongtik marnara ikrel a beluu ra belau bol soro el llak el sal omtikl a mondai e bechitrir a ngar belau el mellomes el dirrek e medengei a ungil ra beluu mel make decisions...adang. diak el mekngi kumdasue.

A Reklai a medengei a tekingel e mochu oldubech ra uaitial tekoi...

Ea Kedung, kebai change ra ngklem el mo Dengerenger. lol!!!

If you so adamantly insist you have a say over management of development at home, hurry up and finish your education and go back. Stob el di omekbraod ra rechad ra blim e di moilile loldeu a rengum ra Merikel. Ak mal guarantee erkau, a skulem el omnguu ma lekong work experience erkau, a mal diak bol lousbech ra kabelment ma beluu ra Melekeok. Ke bai kiei ra ngebard e osii a ungil ureor e send ra klou el ududem el mor belau ra bekl el erul sandei. That's a kot el klou el contribution el sebechem el make erngii. trust me, the money el omsend el mora belau ra rechad ra blim a mo ngosuketrir e tira a mo sebechir el dechor di tir e melisiich ra kabelment ma re mengutling ra beluu. Odim whine this and that, e diak a ngeral substantial el om relii, engdi osisiu. A kulekoi erngii el tekoi a diak el personal makal mekngit. I'm a straight talker and I am trying to get my fellow Palauans outside to make some meaningful contributions besides cheap talks!!

Ngarngii a judiciary (SP, AG, judges, court system on the whole) el tackle a tekoi ra corruption..me bechititrir mel loruul a urellir ekau mruul a ikel sebechem..diak di mou mondai e diak modengei a mui el omsodel a tekoi.

Adang. tiak mal dirk e mechututau ra Ngerulmud eak mla omuchel erngii...

ka kung bong ebok belchii a imelek el kohi ek ngasch ra computer ra kabelment el melidiich...



Akmedengei el kmo; kemla modengelkak, makmerkung, mak invite er kau er belau blik, I'm sure you know where I live.

Akoi e Mori...dikia el sebechem el smodau meke mocha merma ra blik. Ka mal mla metektak e udellei/ochoellei/ochedengei.

Kam luut el omtab a kullekoi lleng ngarngii a dmolch el belkul. It's not about you.

Bai mera obis erngak ra Ngerulmud e dou kohi ra elechal ongerul ureor e deluut kmal moungil smaod aikal dosau ra Okedyulabeluu. After all, we all share one common goal, that of putting together the common threads of our nation's development so that after all we can all be served equally and fairly!

Adang mekerang?

Bakuchi, Yo momma's so stupid,,,
Open your eyes, and mind for that matter! What's wrong w/ya?! Your comments sums it all up to your stupidity!
Sounds like Diaz, write like Diaz, it must be the moron himself!

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