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February 19, 2007


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Hear hear! Then we won't have to repay our loans to ROC.

Typical duplicity, no loyalty for Taiwan after theys helped us so much. All people looks at is the next moneys to come in and never who gave us before and how we should be grateful by sticking with Taiwan for this. No just forget it for the money now? No looking at tomorrow or how when disloyalty happens today to some country like Taiwan then another country says no loyalty to them tomorrow from Palau. Like what happened to CNMI with Japanese who helped CNMI and then got screwed up. No honor to Taiwan just greed from Palau leaders going looking for deper China pocketbooks now? And many countries don't trust Palau, no wonder why this is. Its disgraceful and not honorable and not loyal and makes all Palau look bad this go now with China money things. And we go to Taiwan for PSB loan moneys? No self respect and no grateful leaders our country. We going whatever way the wind blows by whoever has the dollars today, but countries see this and learn not to trust us or our leaders because of this. We should be ashamed but our leaders are not-they just go begging to the next country for more money instead of making thigs fixed and working and education at home. Just beggars and no shame and no honor. And no self respect. Palau not loyal friend counry, just friend of whoever countries checkbook opens to untrustworthy Palau politicians taking free vacation to China or wherever. Beggar and Checkbook chasing leaders is all we have. And one wants to be President?

kmal lungil a moktek, eng di sel domes eng kora diak lulterkokl a bingel a ureor. tiang diak el ngerchelel a President el tekoi?

alsekum a OEK a meral meruul a urerel eng bai ma kot el rullii a llach el mo omak ra delongeled lobengkel a China, e nguu a klisiich el msang a President el ngii a uai a lomtechei er kid ma beluad el mora UN, meng tuobed el mo mengedcheduch ra beluu ra China.

ng bai mla obult ma legislative branch a mocha meruul a urerel a executive branch.


ak mla obes.

a Sen. Koshiba a locha mla omuchel melemotem ra rael mesel le mengilt el mo President ra 2008 eng di ungil besul a rokui.

ng bai kmal bekudasu!!!


Just be plain fan. Leader had trying to justify whether it is Humanitarian Loan or a gift. Let it be known that the money is advance stimulus and Receivership will pay it in one year. The money will be reverted to National Treasury for CIP.
He had distributed 100% funds for states government, church, private school. Why??? That his priorities, I agreed with him. The money is advance stimulus, is he smart , YES.


Sn. JKoshiba, chairman senate foreign affairs and he has duties to the matter. He is always smart to check like China before he proposed a any bill or reslution to urge administraion to review the process in economic and political before he enter diplomatic ties with any nations expecially China. China suport and vote in UN Security Council for our independent and to be member of UN. Nothng new, Kuniwo had visited China more than three times. He got what he wanted from Taiwan and now knocking the Chinese door for more WHAT??? Well, to much is not enough for him.
Please remebered this, his BTTCO and employees are under contract with Continenetal Airlines. But when his employees drove company's truck that hitted the airplane. Which cause big damages and cost big amount over half a million dollars. Who paid for damages? He used our Government Airport Trust Funds to pay not his company. Now, he wanted to run for Presidency in 2008. What did he forgot in our gvoernment?????????????? Ngerang ngulbes erngii meng remuurt elmo melai erngii. Ngdiak lungiang
Don't be foolish

What the heck is "advance stimulus?" Reminds me of a song. Aaa tiai a ngerem el di omulak. Tal chomei meng "advance stimulus." "Advance stimulus." "Advance stimulus." Dubechu ra ngerem a "advance stimulus."

Just don't piss off USA, while you're whoring our Belau all over the globe. USA has invested more than just money to Belau. It has taken in many of our people and has been a loyal big brother to us over the years. Where will Palau align itself if US and China comes into some dispute in the UN and requires a vote? Sure there is the veto power by superpowers but sometime a vote takes place just to check alliances. Don't poke the bear.

"You can't be picking with the chickens and soaring with the eagles" Source unknown Many of us are like the eagle. Sometimes we put ourselves in positions that are below us, and we do not feel we can go back to being what we know we can be. But like the eagle, we can remember how to become everything we are supposed to be.

That is dumb! "A U.S/China relationship will provide future gererations with the assurances of the protections of the largest and strongest global powers."

You can't have your cake and eat it at the same time. To do something like this will raise eye brows in U.S and in Taiwan. Your loyalty will be in question. It is not like U.S, Taiwan, and China are allies. This will only make Palau look like it will only agree to anything if the price is right.

Sel bocha leuasiei tekoi ea Belau a di ngii e lotutii er sel tekinged el kmo,


Tial mondai a kmal kirel a J. Marvin Ngirutang el mesaod er ngii. Ngka ngarker? LMAO!!!!

kid kele de cheleuid ra meral moktek ra Sen. Koshiba ma rechedal Oek el kirel tial lomerolir el mlor China.

a re-negotiation ra Compact a olekedang, ea merikel a dodengelii el telkib el merael mo kmes ra rolel a ngeseu ra udoud.

sebeched el melai a klubeled ra beluu ra FSM er tial direk mlo merek el re-negotiation ra compact er tir lobengkel a merikel. a merikel a telkib lukesengii a omsengelel, le ngerang? le ngii el dimlak a bebil ra beluu el uai a China el dirrek lolab a udoud el millengod ra chesmerir, el uai kid er chelechang?

ng dirrek el diak kudengei meng di ngak lomechiib, e omlaoch, eng di a le meral uaisei eng diak le mekngit. leng dirrek el sebechel mo ngosukid ra merael mei el cheldecheduch ra delongeled lobengkel a merikel el kirel tial compact.

ke de "mengol" me ke de mora meral rolel, leng mla mo taem el diak di domes ra remeklou a bosir, ng dirrek el mla mo kired lolekeed er kid ra remklou a omsengelir.


I have known many of us who is on one side always do not agree with other side at all the time.

We the chad ra Ngchesar have story - ollach chitned. Mongecheed tbechedem sele borngii elebuul era beluu. Tara tekoi a kmo mesa leborngii a chochim melak bommou buu. Mekngeltengat el menga lekel a klungiaol ra bitang ekemam meliita wasech.

A kimeral ebulang erkemiu.

ya olekoi....U.S does not have any interest in our island. we do not have oil and all we do is beg for money from the neighboring countries to do this and that. tial government er kid a kmal errad. we've adopted the U.S constitution as our foundation for our government but our tiny little island is now overwhelmed by its government size....too many chiefs and not enough indians. nothing's free, and eventually taiwan along with japan will own palau if they haven't done so already. china is another super power that's threatening U.S economy and i would think it would be foolish on our part to look the other way when our very government cannot sustain without having to ask for "free" money.

Halle ekuk bode merek el negotiate ra compact ekemiu a kmal limiis el di meleksakt a tekoi. "A reched a youud m'bo dengim olmedem." Kmal di MELEKETEK a NGLEMEKELED RA UDOUD! Ke de di REMURT EL KIREL A UDOUD ea beluu a di MELEKETEK A ELBULEL. A idisel a Grants ma LOANS el bla dengai ea beluu a dirke ngemuu ra KLOU ELBURUKEL RA ELSEL A AMPT!


"Mekngit a Nglemokel"



Osiik: "ke de 'mengol' me ke de mora meral rolel" - SEIKID!

Mosisecheklak: "You can't have your cake and eat it at the same time." - Why not. Ever been to a birthday party where there's cake and the birthday boy/girl doesn't eat their cake?!? Doesn't make sense.

Emaidechedui:Ollek, eh. Sel de mecholk rar chad ra Oldiais eng kired el di mo lmuk. Dwayne for President! (What's the difference between Emaidechedui and Kiabi?)


Sera kekeriei el buik eaki omalech ea Kiomkedong el kmo KIABI.

Esel demerma de mekloul chad ekede kmo EMAiDECHEDUI.

Mekede melchii enguu a lel a titimel mili a kemriil e kolii. Leleko kede kmal sechal buik.

I hope you did not missed the opportunity like us did when young and restless.

Kamekong ngkung


Breaking news or good news... Brother Techur Rengulbai had been chosen to our Director of Public Works.

A bus full of Taiwanese tourist roll over in Ngeremlengui State today.
Filipino was a bus driver.

So called Inspector General report was issued regarding Compact funds used during former President. IG Report dated 1999.

A young man in Koror prison walk out at night to rob MM and stole her car and money. He drove in fast lane around Koror and return early in the morning while police is carving ITABORI storyboard. Police did not notice a prisoner had walked out the door and returned. So, where were they Minster Chin and dir. Hazibaba? Omotei and Sylver Police Officers.

This prisoner is very dangerous. Next time he may or carried guns and will hurt someone.

Palau should stop holding its hand out for constant welfare and handouts.

Emaid ma Sembuki-

I want to be pissed off but you're cracking me up! LOL

Sembuki - ng ngara hu er sel chelitakl? Tial blai ngdiak a sound er ngii?

Here's the lowdown e resechelei:

One way or another our leaders are going to screw us. So here are our options:
1) get on our backs
2) get on all fours
or take a chance on door #3.

If you can handle the truth, ask me what's behind door #3.


thanks for the correction!

Me tiang di mo RIVIEW ediak a MENGODECH ERNGII or Renegotiation for change? Just curious.


A Mista Ngirutang a mechesang el outoketok ra A Leko Kau Forum. Moderechii a ta ra rengalek ma bol okerii el mei. Tia dirrek el orechudel el tekoi.


ka bekengii a #3 e mouchais el kmo ngera ngara chelsel?

ke de kmal mesikal di ngara #1 ma #2 ra bekl taem.


mem kulengit melak domkais ra #3.ngdiak kudengei endi a kumdasue eng locha diak lungil a bul!!

eang elikea,

It's a figure of speech Sembuki.... But I dont want to waste my time trying to play your game.

If you can't understand what we are trying to say in here I would suggest you go back to your nintendo or play staion where you would fit in. Invite all your friends have your cake and eat it at the sametime. Your friends would probably love you for it.


bol klou a rengum, e lak maisei. lak moldik er kemam e bai bo mungil losisecheklemam ra tekoi el molekoi er ngii, altang kekerous osenged ma ultebenged el kirel a tekoi a le bebil ra taem, eng di a kuumerang el kmo kid el rokui el ngar tiang a kmal di melasem losiik a mo klungiolel a beluad ra tara klebesei.

A de bocha ngoura chesmerel and #3 e . . .

e . . . kam hall . . .

a lak om bekeu ma lechub eng meduch a rengum e dim ngaritiang em luut . . . eleng kdekudel a ngara chelsel. Alii.

Ak melekoi a tekoi ra mekemad, ra diak el beluu ma beluu ma lechub e techad ma rechad. Diak lousbech a bistor ma saider ma lechub eng kaliol ng dub.

Ng mekemad ra tekoi ma uldasu ma omeroul el kmo: ngkel mo mesisiich a ngkel chad el:

1) sebechel mebii a ungil uldasu el kirel a ngodech el rael,
2) sebechel el mo ungil smodii ngii el ngodech teletael,
3) e sebechel osisechekleterir ar bebil me to mo kauchad,
4) e sebechel tuobed el mo rullii a mo klungiolel a beluu ma rechad ra beluu.
5) E lmuut, ngkel diak lomekerreu ra ungil besul a di bedengel, ng kmal diomes ra sel mo klungiolel Belau er rokir.
6) Ma le ngii, eng diak lorirekriik el kmo, “Ea ngikang mo techal chad." Eng di ngii el medengei el kmo a lak lebekiis eng metacherebesul.

Ka moutekangel lomtab er tiang.

On a lighter note, here’s a joke from a British comedy show:

Bloodnok: Well gentlemen, we'll have to face it. The natives are revolting.
Seagoon: Oh I don't know, some of them are nice chaps.

Komeng e Ngirosiik alsekum a rengum a kmo aikal eldecheduch a millutk er kau.

Kerdi omes a eldechedechal a Sembuki eng meskid a edei el lulekakou el kirir ar tedei el chad. A lengar ngii a rrau el reng erkid a rechad eng ngarngii a teletelel a doker a tekoi.

Mada leuaisei eng di erul tekoi a mera btelud sel dongui a eldechedachal ngkal chad.

1. Kemedengelii a tekoi el dosaod erngii ngdii kau a locha chedal a tar tirkal chad el mlo ra China, meke meluches el melasm el mengeuid a tekingir a rechad meng mo klebelung aikal eldecheduch.

2. Ng ngkal chad a locha kekeriei el buik/dil mengousekoal el melasm mengitikaik erkid me bol sebeched e lousekoal e lobengkel.

Other than that I did not intend my response to all bloggers which is what you are saying Ngirosiik. If you felt hurt then I apologize.

Ng kmal soak a eldechedecham e Talmechas,

A rengelekel Belau a kmal lungil bolousbech er a ilechal bla bades el mo uai al rael el bodokiu ngii e melilt ra remo orrurt ra beluu er elechal mei el election.

A dik bekikl er ngii a tekoi el kora mla mo siukang er kid a rechad er Belau sel dolilt era remo orrurt ra Beluu.

Tedi tirkel betok a chederir malechub e temeteet el sebechir mengub ra rechad lolab a ududir a mo sebechir lorrurt ra beluu. Ng diak lokmerreu a lorruul ma lolekoi. Le tolab a klisiich, udoud, employment el mengitikaik er kid ra elbuled.

Great Topic!

Keeping in mind, that, the broader the competiton the better. China as super power will definitely make sure that Taiwan will stay honest with its obligations.

Perhaps this is the right time to learn Manderin!


MC Martiliong,

"Obligation" means an act or course of action to which on is morally or legally bound. Taiwan in this sense has no obligation to Palau. They OWE Palau NOTHING. They are endeavoring to BUILD a relationship. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and claim an obligation on their part. To illustrate by contrast, the US has an obligation to Palau vis a vis a legal document called the Compact of Free Association. Palau has a corresponding obligation to the US outlined in the same legal document.

Maybe, I'm missing something. I will sit corrected if you can show me the error in my thinking. Have we and Taiwan signed some kind of internationally recognized piece of paper?


ngak a mededaes a renguk, ak bai kora di melasem lomeklatk er kid el kmo a bebil ra taem e ke de mereched lochebir osenged ra ta rekid el mla touchakl el tmuu ra diak el rael.

me bai kulengit mesel desang a chad el uaisei e doutekangel ngosukii e dokrolii lotebedii ra delul a bokso. adang?

ked rokui el di ngarengii a de ngesonges er ngii ra klechad er kid ma uchul ak melekoi el uaisei. leng diak dodengei, altang a tara taem e ngak malechub eng kau a kuk mecheuid ra rael. ea Sembuki a kuk sebechel me ngosukid.

ma cheldecheduch a kmal lungil, me dolemolem e ngak a dirrek el kmal lolecheech a ikel tekingel a TalMechas. komesulang!


ak dirrek el mo odekiar a kerik ra kerim el mora Uchel malechub eng kmung techang el sebechel ngosukid ra omesodel tial compact review.

omomdasu ea merikel ngarengii a bol ngedecheii ra chelsel tial deleuill er kid lobengterir?

I like that, e Ngirosiik.

Mada elecha kmo ngodechi tial blil a reng el mo telkib el mesisiich ma lluut el me melokue a Sembuki ea kbai mo mecherei
a orueruek el llel a medu e bai mengeluut elobengkel. Ea esimer a kmal di teleu e Ngirosiik malsoam el mengeluut elobengkemam e ngidi moutekangel el smuuld a ochim ra tkull a ubeng e bemtuu.


Hal e kuk du sesei...

Ng diak el sebechek el meskau a melemalt el nger ra kuk rolel a babier el blel sign er ngii a Belau ma Taiwan. Engdii ak medengelii a President er kid el Remengesau ra press release erngii el mora beluu ea kumdasu eng dirrek el mlora beluulechad el recognize ra Taiwan el kmo ng Independent Nation el diak el tebedechel a Sina. Sei a uchul ma ngesue ma Embassy ra Taiwan a mle tmuu ra Belau.

E dirrek el soak el mo melasm er sel nger er kau e Ngirosiik.

Kid a rechad er Belau a mla mo Independent, ma delongeled kid ma Merikel a okiu otireklel a babier el kid a mle sign erngii kid me tir. Mesel bol merek a temel tial contract er kid e ngii a mengubet a chimal a Merikel er kid. Elechal taem e tengarngii a rechad lullilt er tir a rechad ra Olbiil ma President er kid el mo reveiw ma lechub e te mo omes el kmo aikal tekoi el dekilengei kid ma rechad ra Merikel, Ngoureor, Ng ngarngii a telkib er ngii el mekngit mekede ngodechii, ma lechub e kede oitii. Tirkal chad a milrael el mo ra FSM, Saipan, ma Guam e lomes e mesuub er ngii el tekoi. A mo kdek er tiang a mo ngosukid el mo keltmolk mesel bol taem el deluut el mo ra tebel kid ma rechad ra Merikel eng sebeched el medengei a dosaod, e medengei a chetid ma soad ra elsel tial deleuill.

A kuk denguu er ngak ea Merikel a elebangel ra kmal klou e mekemad, ea betok el beluu ra beluulechad a di rokui el melasem el mo telkib el ngaruchei ra Merikel. Mada leuaisei ea Merikel a medengei el kmo omengetikaik a kmal klou el kirel aikal mekekeri el beluu el mora side er tir. Mak kmal medengei el kmo a Merikel a diak el itid. Tedi meklou e mellomes el beluu ma dongedecheduch er tir eng kired el medengei a dosaod e melekoi. Alsekum ng diak dekeltmokl e melasem el mesaod aikal tekoi e kedi telokl e te meskid a otsuri ra klungel a udoud el kired el melai er ngii.

Thanks everyone for the great discussion.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying let's ditch Taiwan and jump into China's sambang. I just wanted to relieve Martiliong of what I believe is a misconception that Taiwan somehow has an obligation to Palau.

If either party owes the other anything it's a sense of goodwill (friendly, helpful and coooperative feeling or attitude).

If we continue jumping from one ally to another without due diligence and due consideration e kede mol metom ra uel metom ra mlai.

Palau has all kinds of options. I don't advocate ruling any out. But let's not allow our leaders use our options to obekid el mo e lmei.

Foreign Policy is too important and critical to our future to be used by pathetic politicians who are clearly in their twilight and who are desperately hanging on to straws in their sad attempt to maintain relevancy among a constituency that is slowly but surely waking up to the truth that they, the people, have power even if they have been trained to think they do not.

Politicians may have money, jobs to offer and the usual election time goodie bags. But sooner or later, the people are going to realize that all they need is someone to believe in, leaders who are trustworthy and who have the ability to sort through all the details and lead their country to true and lasting prosperity.

The question is when the people do awaken to this realization, will they find such leaders amongst their midst. If they find no one else, they will vote in the same old same old.

But my point is valid about "can't have your cake and eat it too" - this is a hypocricy in Palau - it's done all the time. Legislators still run their businesses, law firms, etc. and yet they make laws that affect the economy of Palau.

Ministers own businesses and give their wives the final bid offer.

President's wife has the "smarts" to withdraw her money before the bank collapses. Challenge: if you really want to be serious then take it up with OEK, the President's Cabinet and his wife. Come on!! We're hiding behind aliases on the freakin' internet. Doesn't spell serious to me.

As for cliches - ever heard the saying "the rule of thumb?" It stems from spousal abuse - the rule of thumb is you can hit your wife with a rod as long as it's not thicker than your thumb. **Cliches are so rural.**

The President said in one of his weekly press conference that although we have diplomatic ties with Taiwan, China is more than welcome to join us - the problem is China would give an ultimatum that we need to dump Taiwan before it befriends us. We're beggers and that's a fact. Unless that changes does it really matter who we beg from?

Ngirosiik: I like "the road less travelled" (not a cliche but a poem by Frost). I'm hopeless, but thanks for trying.

TalMechas: Soak a namba three. Uisekea.

Emaidechedui: I have witnessed the merradel wraps stuffed with Kiabi, Ebud, or Bangikoi. Unfortunately no one really teaches you the proper etiquettes of this so I've seen cases where it's chewed in half and the guts come out of 'never mind.' And don't touch the Elaich or your fingers will be crooked.

Olekoi er Rebeluu,

Former Pres. KunN signed Economic Ties with Taiwan, Republic of China. in exchanged for the followings: 1) support and vote a resolution in UN recognizing Taiwan as Independent Nation. Taiwan is doing the same with all small nations in Africa, Pacific Islands Nations. They recieve money like Palau so, as presidents. If watch tv channel 14 you see Taiwanese opposition against Pres. Chen Hsu Bien and his wife & family for squandering millions of US dollars. Wife was charged for crime.

Yes, Most of the elected leaders who travelled abroad on government travel authorization with funds. They bring their business documents to negotiate for businesses to their wife or families. It is public records Eurasia shipping company, Palau Mobile Company. The super wifes can sell back the shares for millions of US dollars. Wife got influence by the halves when applying for any National Permits or Licenses. You tell me, Are they lucky or corrupted wives adn husbands??

Kmal lungil aikal luldasu!

At some point in time we need to learn to trust other countries. Right now US thinks we the Belauans are in its pocket. And I'm thinking that for other countries to pay attention to the interest of Palau, maybe,just maybe, the US will offer us a better deal, rather than just an "OTSURI".

We just have to be wise as a snake and gentle as a dove.


Good one Sembuki,...My bad!

If you would have put it this way instead of using little kids and birthday parties I would have not jumped the gun.

I do admit that...Kau a kora melaitemudes el rulii a iro erngii el mo uai a elechedal a rebotel meng daik dungil mesang. E sel desal kmal kmedang me bocha lungil osenged e kede
kibetiekl e mengai el me meuat er iou....lol


ke kora mesaod er tial compact review eng metecherakl ra bteluk a financial aid ra skuul el Merikel oltobed ra bekl el rak lolengeseu ra rengelkel Belau. a Merikel kele bol longesadel malechub el terob.

kau tial melekoi el kmo ng di mo kid ra ikrel 2009 el mong, me kele luchul a OEK ma rechedal a mla omuchel losiik a kuk bebil ngeseu ra ngodech el beluu el uai a China el mo melinget a ikel mo teleu el Merikel a mo diak loltobed a ngeseu el kirel? ngera uldesuem?


ke kmal mellomes. ngak tial direk menguiu er tial poem ra Mr. Frost - THE ROAD NOT TAKEN- e kora mla remiid el tmuu ra delul a kebeas, mal sebechem em ngusukak lotebedak el mera rael. kam kora di mo smodii a telkib er ngii lolab a tekinged. adang?

mekngit sel lemlak debor ra skuul.

I'll join the lovefest too and apologize to mc for bringing my hammer down on him/her about Taiwan. My keyboard was smoking so the brakes stopped working.

Just one last point, mei me lak dongiil ra merikel el mo omeskid a a klungel a udoud. Let's insist on it and not hope and pray and beg for it. We know our worth.

Engdi sel dillii a Mosi a ngii. . . ngkired el mo ungil remuul a subeled me ke de kmal mo meduch ra ngii e mesisiich.

Alii meang el chais,

Breaking news, Special Prosecutor file a charge against Koror State Government high official.

Plis, go and find out the facts from SP's office.


Osiik ra Talmechas,

Choichoi, ungil ludasu a dosiik elmora China ma Taiwan, kadmomes era chelachal sils ea rechad ra Taiwan amla kosekesii main businesses center ra Oreor. A ngeso elkuk dolngit era China-PRC kelelmongkangk eme sokedii beluad elwa sesei Chinese descendant elngara Belau. Chief of Staff just returned from trip to Marshalls islands. They said "90% or more businesses in Majuro are run and owned by Chinese-PRC. So, we need to be careful of where our leaders leading us to it.
If we stay with Taiwan then only few will get richer and richer, first the presidents2 are already very rich in cash-US dollars.

Seek and ye shall find the truth.

Palau to small and we know who they are?? Who we are??


A Belau a ngarngii a Diplomatic ties lobengterir tirkel tewal members era UN Secutiry Council: US, England, France, Russia except China-PRC. Tirkal teim memba amle sengkyo kongei mekedmo Independent emo memba era UN. Machul a Taiwan a kmal sowal losechelei erkid elmo olngeseu erngii elmo Independent emo edal UN.

Meng ngrang mekerdi MENGOL-prostitute ourself to Taiwan for money. A redil ekedemla mo ksous er a diokang. El Taiwan a dio metuut era kngibech.
ESILECH erkid.

Kakuk mou chais.

Ngera chised mea President,

A kora dibeches el melekoi ra Senator JKoshiba elkmo wine and dine era Peoples Republic of China. Edirrek kmulkmo a Del. KMariur a diak longuiue malechub eng diak sebchel menguiue. Ngerang a kora kmal tilmall tirkal terul CHAD? Temelekoi a diak sowal tekoi.

Let us look around Belau. Ngeremlengui state is lacking funds for their state road project. Is it punishment because their delegate did not agreed President to join the minority in HOD. While, president stimulus or stimulate era Sonsorol state era $175,000 for what? Ms. Yangilmeau, HangariOpie. Then what? punishing del.KMaiur and TBells for pouring millions to Ngerchelong & Ngaraard. I am lost.
What to Del. KNgirturong or twice wrong of Aimeliik? no stimulus.
Now, we beg del. NIdechong with stimulus to join the minority to form new HOD leadership.

How is CRC presidential compaign and rally doing.
You know JICA described Palau as new NATO in Taiheiyo. NATO means No Action Talk Only. URUSAI ne KUDASAI ne CHIODAI. Bakasioziki ne Toming ngakko. Bakasteruyo.

Baka no bioying kikanai.

Can some one help explain....

Need I say more, our leaders represting our interest in the congress are like that small Island west of Aimeliik State.

Let me remind our leaders, that everypay day your happy to see you paycheck, Uncle Sam is so generous eventhough were spending federal fund to establish deplomatic ties with China, he continues to support us.
Bo mungil lomdasu, ele kom ngoikid el longesechid ra meched. If that happens will you be crying to China? I don't think so, who is going to bail us out? UNCLE SAM!

If you want to pave the way for your own political agenda, please do not try to convince Palauans that we on the same boat, or trip you made is in the best interest of Palauan people.


Ke mla NATO?

Have you ever heard that saying;you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. POLITICS. No two condidates can became president at the same time. Respect my decisions and will do the same. It's not personal and it was never personal. Bol klou a rengum. Lak msal mo overwhelm ra ikang eia ikang a diak el ngerang.

Ngarngii a klaiskurs er elelchal taem era delongelel a deleuill ma ngeseu re meklou el beluu el mol muut ra mekekeriei el beluu. Elechal taem ea Merikel a elbangel era klou el mekemad el esechusem erngii a betok el beluu ra beluulechad. Ma delongeled kid me tir a kmal lokedeldaol er elechaltaem.
Ng betok a beluu ra beluuleched er elechal taem el kmal sorir e lomakes el moruchei ra Merikel ra rolel a mekemad, keruul, ma mimokl el deleuill. Ng dirrek el soak e lomeklatk er kemiu ra lebol lomekedechor ra fence a rechad ra Israel er sel loliochel er tir ma Palestine. A Palestine a mlora U.N el mo oumondai. Ng mlor ngii a sengkyo ra rokuii el members ea rokui el beluu a mle sengkyo el ngara side ra Palestine e dital Merikel ma rtedei beluu a mlara side ra Israel. Australia, FSM, Marshall, ma Belau.

Ma rolel a Fanincial aid e Ngirosiik a kmal di ngara imorir a rechad el mesaod er tial tekoi tir ma Merikel. Ng meringel er ngak a kongei el kmo a rechad ra Merikel dilu er kid el kmo ng diak el sebeched el lemuut el melai. Al sekum komilenguiu ra PDN er elechal sils 02/22/07... Eng soak a mchiuii aikel eldechedechal a Lawmaker Shimoji ra Okinawa el kmo "Ask Uncle Sam". Ng diak el kired el medakt ma lechub e debekikl.

A Belau a kmal kmeed ra Guam, ma Hawaii meng meringel ra Merikel a kongei me debechititerir a rechad ra Sina, Iran, North Korea el me tmuu ra elsel a beluu.

Elechal taem el klou a uldikel ra beluulechad eng mekngit e klebelung el tekoi al recherechel a rengud e detemelii a chisel a beluad ma rechad a mo diak e loumerang erkid e bai mo mengebelung er kid.

Becherei a rechad lorrurt er kid a longebelung er kid eng kuk tara tekoi leng di kid. Ng di lsekum ngopriid el mora ikrel a beluu eng kmal mo meringel ra rengeleked el molab aikal deruchal ra tara klebesei.


Meant Jaluit or Jesuit Island in Marshall Islands. Japanese only pronouce letter "l" to "r".

Yes, we always cross the path but not join each side and that is good for Palau.

Like chief of staff BK who spoke at Eco-Symposium blaming OEK for not increasing Educators-Teachers. My???? Where was he at his tenure as Minister of Edcation who joined frmer. pres. KN. They proposed service retirement law to oust the older employees and to hire Palauan here and abroad. No one was interested because of low salaries, no benefits like housing, med-insurance. He is been Chief of staff for TR of over 6 years. Plis stop all the BS. He claimed the richest reverend. What a WOW..

Be nice..

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