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February 16, 2007


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Ak ko er a olengesonges e ng di ak medengei el ngar ngii ar chelimosk er a uldasu me a tekoi el ngar tiang me ka mouchais...

If this treaty is approved - how would this affect our relations with U.S.?

E bobecherei sei e Olengesonges. A telkib el taem ra ngamemong ea President er kid ma members ra OEK a mlo elbangel ra tekoi el ngilai a China el mesterir. Ngii el tekoi a tekoi ra udoud ma ngeseu alsekum a Belau a kongei el mor tir ma beluulechad el kmo a Taiwan a diak el lileakl beluu. Ng tara state malechub eng tebedechel a China.

A rechad ra OEK ma President erkid a ultkakl a ikal tekoi e urrekedii a Taiwan. Sei a uchul meng kmal klou a ngeseu el mer kid ra Taiwan.

Ng kakid a President er kid el dirk mlei e lolab a edei el million el ngesu ra Taiwan.

Mada leuaisei e tial lomerelii tirkal chad a kora ngodech e mechas a renguk er ngii.

Ng di erul tekoi a mera uldesuek. Alta te melekoi a el kmo beskemam a ngerang e kim chitii a Taiwan. Malechub e te mengedecheduch ra rechad ra siobai el kirel a techall el tir a mo tmengii a esimer el kirel.

Ng diak dodengei engdii a kumdasu eng diak el meketeket el taem er medad eng morngii a udoud el bo lolab a rechad el merous ra beluu mekede rokui el kmal mo dmeu a rengud er tir. Ea uriul er sei e sel tekoi e lulemdasu er ngii a me chemolt el ngara China el me tmuu.

Alta kdi mengesensang eng di a kmal rrau a renguk. A di sebechek el rulii er elechal taem el oleklii tial rrau el reng a di mo melasem e loureng el kmo tia lomerael a kmal di mo klungiolel belau e merkong.

ak dirrek el beldoel ra rrau el reng el kirel tiang.

chelechang a President oltirakl ra US, lolab el mora Taiwan, e tirkal chedal OEK el kuk domes er tir lolab el bedul a China, tiang di ungil besul?

a kumdasu a amt er kid a kirel loterkeklii a deruchellel el bo dobang el bekl el chad, el kirel a delongeled lobengkel a ikal teblol beluu- Taiwan ma China.

malsekum a President er kid lomtechei er kid el mora beluulchad a oumerang el kmo ngungil doltirakl ra merikel, e seikid a locha kired el mo obal chimol beluu. luldimukl ra rechedal OEK.

sel dorrenges a uaikaikid el tekoi e ke de kora mo melchesuar el uai a lak el chimol luldasu a dobang. ke de chimol beluu ea remerredeled sel le tobed el "moungeuaol" e tengara di chimol bilas el di ual terung a kabitei er ngii.

me tirkal chedal OEK a diak el melemalt el tekoi a loruul er ngii alsekum tungil medengei el kmo a deruchelled a obengkel a merikel loldubech ra Taiwan, e kuk di tir el melibech ra rolir el bedul a China. ng di uai a lak omengull er tir el bedul a President er kid.


China vote in support of Palau to be independent but our leader starting KuNakamura entered a Economic Ties. Just like Marshallese who got Eco-Ties to filled up their own pockets with o less $30 millions. OUr leader continued to support of Taiwan independent and to be member of UN. Also, Current leaders could be filling up bank in their house. You can tell by their houses, land every where, boats, expensive cars, having parties everywhere they go.

OEK senators are visiting probably runs out thier luck in Japan and Taiwan. So, they're moving to new territory CHINA.

Our leaders forgot about good education for our children, salary increase for government employees.

You go to Finance to pay you taxes, water utilities only one window opened. Their computer is very slow sending info to Finance in Ngerulmud. That is the main contributor to heavy traffic in downtown Koror.

Leaders are busy with personal gain. cause of highly paid salaries, with Government cars, fuel and Senator Diaz said followed the senate legal administrator, Val Temengil. Who ride with othe Senate staffs. Loo who's talking. How many cars he have now? 4 or 6 cars. Cause $50,000 salary and over charging his customers.

Kede chebuul.

E merang. A rrau el reng a diak el ua. Ngii ma de bechil a Taiwan a dousechelei ra China.

Aikal tekingiu e Mosi, Osiik ma Raoul a locha merang.

Ma OEK ng Legislative Branch e dirrek el Executive? Tirkal Delegates te dirrek el Ambassadors kung el ulsiseb ra Ministry of State?

Ngii dil siseb a $$$$ el mora boketngir tirkal di osisiu el diak a ngesonges er tir.

Mal sekum eng mei ngiil udoud ra China eng ua tiakid:

". . . the most immediate problem arising from the Pacific Cold War between Taiwan and China is that it further destabilises already weak and unstable governments and feeds the endemic corruption throughout the region.

Another problem is the largesse that flows from Sino-Taiwanese rivalry mostly funds prestige projects designed for maximum public relations impact rather than economic development. Thus China has paid for a parliament house for Vanuatu, government buildings for Samoa, and houses for the president and vice-president in Micronesia. Beijing has also provided new equipment, trips and training for security forces in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Tonga and has bankrolled new sports stadiums for Fiji, Samoa, Micronesia, and Kiribati.

Apart from aid, China’s main economic attraction for Pacific island countries lies in tourism and investment. Roughly 3,000 state and private Chinese companies now do business in the Pacific, with nearly $1 billion in hotels, plantations, garment factories, fishing and logging operations. Thousands of Chinese have settled in the region, running grocery stores, restaurants and other small businesses. This continues a long history of Chinese traders in the Pacific, although the latest wave of emigration is starting to tip the ethnic balance in some countries."

So wrote Susan Windybank in the 2005 Winter edition of POLICY, the quarterly magazine of The Centre for Independent Studies in Australia. (http://www.cis.org.au/Policy/winter05/polwin05-5.htm)

Me tirkal el merredeled tomdasu er mo klungiolel a beluu ma rechad ra beluu ma rengalek ra skuul ma delengcheklir ar mechas ma rerubak? I think not!

Ka de bod ungil el omes er tiang. Ko mesulang el olecholt a tekoi e olsisechakl.

Olngesonges -

Sel domes ra CNMI el ngii a Territory ra US ng meseked ra chad ra siobai ra China. (BTW te mla tomellii a CNMI. Ngdirk mlar ngii a hearing ra US Senate ra Feb 8.) Endgi diak a kingallel a CNMI ra UN. A Belau a ngarngii a kingalled ra UN ma China a sorir a vote er kid. Diak dodengei el kmo ngmekera US. US is so messed up right now re foreign policy, anyway.

Score Card -
Samoa, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tonga, Micronesia and Kiribati

Kiribati,Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Palau and the Solomon Islands

Olengesonges, Mosisecheklak, Raoulbeluu ma TalMechas,

kom dirrek el kmal mesaul ra uldasu.


kom daijiob?

ke de kora di mesaod lomiou altang ngarengii a kmung techang el ngara ngerang el medengelii a klemerang el kirel tiang el sebechel me tuobed el meklemeltid e meklemesid. adang?

All I hope for is the end result...money pouring in to help our small nation. Today, all we need is money coming in, not money being spent indiscrimantely or no clear focus on how the money is spent.

It frightens and pisses me off how most of the elected leaders get richer and the ordinary palauans struggles to pay off bills and help out w/ customs....

Typical duplicity, no loyalty for Taiwan after theys helped us so much. All people looks at is the next moneys to come in and never who gave us before and how we should be grateful by sticking with Taiwan for this. No just forget it for the money now? No looking at tomorrow or how when disloyalty happens today to some country like Taiwan then another country says no loyalty to them tomorrow from Palau. Like what happened to CNMI with Japanese who helped CNMI and then got screwed up. No honor to Taiwan just greed from Palau leaders going looking for deper China pocketbooks now? And many countries don't trust Palau, no wonder why this is. Its disgraceful and not honorable and not loyal and makes all Palau look bad this go now with China money things. And we go to Taiwan for PSB loan moneys? No self respect and no grateful leaders our country. We going whatever way the wind blows by whoever has the dollars today, but countries see this and learn not to trust us or our leaders because of this. We should be ashamed but our leaders are not-they just go begging to the next country for more money instead of making thigs fixed and working and education at home. Just beggars and no shame and no honor. And no self respect. Palau not loyal friend counry, just friend of whoever countries checkbook opens to untrustworthy Palau politicians taking free vacation to China or wherever. Beggar and Checkbook chasing leaders is all we have. And one wants to be President?

A President Remengesau ng medengelii tia el omerael? Kele bolongesang er ngii (kid) me a Taiwan...

if you think about our problems today, it is possible to trace them to world war II and the geopolitical war the supernations at that time played.

they hopped from place to place gathering territory and resources without regard to the futures of the peoples and cultures and they invaded.

basically we've been handed here and there, given assistance and pride to declare independence, and then forced to struggle to survive with our meager resources.

we can't industrialize, we can't grow, and we can't really do much without the help of the UN, or the IMF, or any other international organization.

i don't think it is such a bad idea that our leaders are courting a lot of people to get help for palau. i just wish there'd be more of a cooperative approach to their methods, with more to-the-betterment-of-palau goals.

can you imagine what it would be like if our leaders were self-less?

with the education and common sense they have, if we took out the greed in their characters i bet our country and future would be in much better shape.

thoughts and comments if you please.


Its more helpful is we all stop thinking or acting all times like we are VICTIMS of the world or big countries. No VICTIMS here. And even looking at history here tells us that things in olden days were not so very great-or if they were maybe we should go back to only eating coconuts and fish and no electricity. But if we wants modern things then we must work ourselfs to get them, not always being VICTIMS and beggars. Other cuuntries peoples want to visit us for tourism things, so that is our industry or resource that we have right here. But nobody wants to work obecause our politicians lets in all these foreign owrkers to work for such low wages-same in CNMI where they let in 28,000 foreign workers now outnumbering locals who then have to leave because the wages are so low! Maybe stop spending our money on show-off things like new capitol government buildings for politicians and instead put that money inot schools and colleges and trade skills teaching. But we are not VICTIMS and our politicians should not be beggars and should be more loyal to the plaes which helps us before like Taiwan and U.S. instead of selling ourselfs instead to whoever offers bags of money today to fix the messes our politicians made yesterday, instead get rid of these politicians who makes us think we are VICTIMS when we are not.


I have learned so much just recently. We blamed politicians for our failures and other issues as mentioned previously. Ngdi akmla mo medengei el kmo a rechad er belau including me are just talking about it and no one has the guts to stand for what they believe. I might as well just accept it and move on. Adang mekerang!

EA rebeluu,

Komelekoi rarbir era leaders elmo ra China ediak dolengmes ea Taiwan elma meskid betok ludoud. Kau kekuk bess era China member era UN security council el vote el kongei era er kid elmo Independent. Omom dasu e ungil tekoi ya China dil ngii ma Southwest Islands elomesterir a ngeso udoud ma klalo.

Klel Leaders erkid a melai meliol dallas elmo ra ipengir mea deleng eklir akmal mla moi imis.

what dollars for infrastructure, (or anything lasting more than a survey or study), have the UN or IMF or ADB or World Bank for that matter, given the ROP? in an ideal world JusTired loyalty and trust for past deeds are valuable traits, but here and now, they are the badges of suckers and newbies...at the very core of the international issue is the One China policy versus sovereignity and recognition of the ROC. don't be fooled they both play this game, and have been playing this game since before we were members of the UN. please as Mr. San Nicholas said yesterday, "let's not go there", lol, ak meral tuobed a cherik er tirkel ngara Saibal sorir lomekesiu...
Bring it home...don't be spitting in my olbaol...from over there

If peoples tont see and understand the many differences between the Taiwan/US/Japan governments and the China governments then maybe they needs glasses and more learning. Besides honesty and loyalty what about leading by example for our children-or just tell them to forget their mothers and fathers and relatives if someone from a different family or country has more moneys today? And you show me one-JUST ONE-place where the Chinese peoples invest money and then go live where they afterwards just leave and go home? Where? In the Philippines where they control Manila? In Tahiti where they control the real estate? And now in PNG, the Solomons? No they stay in those places and then won't ever leave.

Stop always looking for the quick and easy money like a common hooker. Friendship and trust are supposed to go 2 ways. Will Japan and Taiwan and U.S. trust Palau on this, or just seeing more greed? What are the childrens learning from this? Lets EARN our money and friendships and honor, or should we just be beggars no other places will trust some more? Or maybe they see like we do that some just want to try international blackmail? Or you think we should just trade our work and study and grant and education privileges from US and Japan and Taiwan-for Peoples Republic of China with 1 billion peoples who soon can't feed themselfs or have enought natural resources for their own country? so short-sighted peoples need better glasses and some self respect for selfs and our country.

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