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March 30, 2007


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Sounds fairly good and reasonable.

Mr. Tellei is a true leader and i think he should run for public office. he'll definitely have my vote.

The Problem with Mr Tellei and Mr Isimang is this, they are newly arrivals together with the new capital and compact

I would say this, welcome home gentlemen, come and establish yourselfs locally by showing the people your intentions and characters. Everyone knows everybody in my homestate. Kede medengei el kmo tengerang a meral mesaul ra rechad ra beluu. so come off your high horses and say hello to the common folks. we know your smart and educated but the people your attacking and questioning are the ones who visited me when i was sick and helped my family and clan in their time of sorrow and need.

I too, agree with the peoples right to know but there's a way of doing things in our state that's been practiced for many years. our togetherness in our state has endured many challenges in the past and has come out stronger. Our state leadership has served us well for many years and will continue to do so with or without you both.


Mr Tellei, if high office is your aim, your starting out with a strike out.


Ngera chised e Olekoi?

A rengelekel a beluu a meremang el mla ngmai a skulir. Me tememelasem el mengetmokl ra beluu marngelekel el mo ta ongolir ma imelir meng diak el sengerenger a rebebil ea rebebil lak. Kau ng chetim leng soam a lileakl a ongolem?

Olekoi, Dr.Tellei may have just come home recently but he has done more thn many of you.....his a good man....

As my friend Joe would posit: "Political grandstanding."

Olekoi... If that is the case then I might as well not come back there... There are many young Palauans elsewhere in the world trying to attain their degrees and have the desire to come back home to help out. But its the same darn concept that you and some other have instilled in your minds... That we, the youngsters who just obtained degrees do not have what it takes to take on positions as such... Then what the h*** is the point of even going overseas... There is less time in our hands now to try and "establish oneself and to get to know each other on your "self desires"... Stop... You think on a level that is really not going to be effective in matters like this... Regardless of whether they have been there 20 years or 2 years... The thing that matters the most is "are they capable of the job?"... In this case, YES! So no more of this... Trying to get to know who and who and what and what and which and which... Too much bu** crap too little time. If we get into that set of mind that you carry... "rather too conservative"... I think our country is in deep trouble...


Alii Kedebetok el mlora school ra guam, hawaii, amerikel, siabal, australia, new zealand, huiripin mea english. Mar mlo soldau era amerikel.

Ea oumesind erkid ngilai dekuri rekid daingak akekora choumellomes ertir emla obes era Belau erkid. E ngmai chal llemesel arengud elmo tucherakl ra yanged. Edikea donguul erar meklou chad ma klobak era dertal beluad.

Mocha chomuchel loba rengud el kmo doctors, masters, BA or BS degrees. E ngarabab a druchelek era AMT, mesuka betok el salary, e oba klou budget ma dongu ma zidoshia, ma klalo ra AMT lol ngeseu era buai e mocha demand a omereng el saul ma etengakl.

Elik, omellomes el a chuldesuem chad ebom dirrek molatk erkemam eldikiei mengetmokel a rokui el tekoi era beluad. Ediak a dekuri erkemam endi diak kimekebelung. Aki dirrek lulemdasu era okerulel a beluu marechad. A beluu akimul ngereomel erngi ediwa ruleakulchei chad. El demad, ma delad, ma rukdemeled, ma rubekud ma rokui el era beluad.

Le kimekebelung el chad ea kimla oterur a beluu mea omluut engdiak beluad. Mekau elul semuul era dekurii era college ra Amerikel. Komlo mesuub elomekewad er klechi Belau erkid edimokemiu loudekuri amo chorruurt era AMT mea beluad.

Bom ngim olemedem el rralm meleborngii a ungil reng era omenguul elak moba ngasech el reng eng chawanai era ungil schoolem.

Example, Dr. Victor Yano, I considered him as intelligent, clever, smart, e kedung, e cholsobel rar chad ra rakd ma secher. E kmal loba ngariou el reng ma klubechub el reng. Ngmeral ngelekir ar meral chad llemalt ma kldung el reng.

Bo mungil lorenges ebom ungil dasu me bomungil melekoi.

Mesulang er temem ma uldesuem. Dolemolem el mesuub a ungil tekoi.

Ngmeral tegoi e Eamaid, anyone can obtain degrees, ngdi meral ngarngii a meral medengei a tegoi, el mekerang al influence people to change without creating resentment.
Mr. Tellei, may have done so much for the people of Melekeok, but there is a civilize way of letting his concerns made known. He certainly has a lot to learn. I can refer you to my father who inspite of my education, I always turn to him for advice..Like father, like son!!!

I don't know what his intention is at hand, but if just lost my respect. He has put some of his family in a very uncomfortable situation in the name of a good cause. I don't disagree people for finding out the truth and wanting changes, but their mannerism of doing things is inappropriate and disrespectful

Mr. Fire-Ouch,

Ngarngii a rubak Renguul era Belumam Ngerchelong. He said, "Kedol tobed a uldesued el rokui esel moungil era rokui elchad sei ya kbo kengei erngii. Eledi kul toech era di uldesuek engkuk diungil erngak emekngit era rokui elchad."

He meant compromise to reach the concensus then everyone follow.


folks this is the problem we today palauan generation are facing...we come here and talk and talk but none want to walk it....for too long we've been talking, its time to walk it..theres thievery in and out of our gvernment from top to bottom from mantekang el mochang ra ngerulmud and yet kerdi olngesenges...ng kirel lobuu osul a tekoi al bebil ra time...temla mor tirkel el kmal meklou a ngerir mesaoud a tekoi er tial forum....bom kkeldemel a Dr. Tellei alsomiu a ungil belau....

It took awhile to register who Fire-Ouch was. The joy
of getting old and senile.

Ngmeral tegoi ailechang el molekoi. Akmla loumerang el kmo, tirkal meklou el chad mar delad, akmal medengei a meral tegoi, meng kedemeral song a lak dosuub. Arorel a ngidil subject. Kedebai, oulecholt a degrees er kid, maltang melomes a rengud, ea rorel a klechad ekede uriid. Kemesulang.

I'm using the name,Ngaukai, meng di remind er ngak el kmo, I still have room to learn something from anyone.

Have you ever talk with someone, who gives you an impression that, they have been there, done that and so on. It does remind me of a chicken with no head. Remurt el mei e mong, ekebelung ediak a ngerang el learn mal relii leng diak a btelul lomdasu leng locha mui ra " nothing" leng diak a space er ngii. But, let's not forget, they have a degree of something, probably basket weaving. I know what I'm talking about because, I happened to work with so many people like that, and believe me, I get a headache just trying to lead them to do something.

There is only one way under high heaven to get somebody to do anything. And that is, by making that person wanting to do it. The desire for a feeling of importance is one of the chief distinguishing difference between mankind and animals. Meng kel Mr. Renguul amla subuu tial tegoi.


I read your posting with great interest because its silently speaks of the internal conflict that we Palauans feel these days. It is the conflict between two opposite worldviews. One that revolves around consensus and one that revolves around majority rules.

I have spoken to Dr. Tellei on many occasions and agree that the art of conveing his frustrations could have been better.

But let us frame that frustration. Recently, the Chiefs of Melekeok signed a support document for Delegate Mesebeluu and "asked him not to resign from OEK." What exactly does that mean?

The Chiefs in Palau should in their traditional roles STAY away from democracy governance. They should build, enhance and progress their traditional ROLES in this current society. To do this they must TRUST unconditionally that consensus is the right framework of governance for a country like ours with small population.

I, like many in this forum was educated outside but I truly believe that the traditional government is better than this modern one. Yes, it has flaws but the flaws can be improved.. many of the judgements that we make of it are because of the people who hold these titles rather than the system itself.

Many of us understand modern democracy better than our own democratic aristocracy system and so how can we truly judge?

Dr. Tellei was recently conferred a chief title in Koror. Like I do, Patrick truly feels that to strengthen the roles of the chiefs they must get out of the modern democratic system. Getting out and assuming their true roles in this society will allow for the return of their power. Yes, he could have delivered better but internally, I think he understands the struggle.

I thank you for your post and I am sorry that this was long.

I am Paradoxically Blind

Thanks for your posting, I now realized what Dr. Tellei, intentions were. If you happened to read this, Patrik, I apologized.
I was raised in Melekeok, also in the same era as you. Melekeok was ruled by Chief Reklai at that time, and run by magistrate... Do you remember how nice it was, when these two worked together, their priorities were to seek the need of the people... I, too, have been educated abroad but when I returned home, I was disappointed to see what has become of our place.

I have spoken to some people from Melekeok, if what they have seen bothered them? Their reply was, What can we do? What they say goes, and we are afraid to voice our opinions. In as much as I respect, Reklai at this time,I believe that he is lacking the leadership that requires the interest of the people. Take the sewer project for example, people were unaware of these system which controls the you what to be build in their properties. When people who owns these land start complaining, his reply was, Where have you been? Meaning not living in Melekeok at this time. Drive through Melekeok once and take a look around, none of these things are build near their homes.

By the way, we all know why the document was signed by the Chiefs to ask Delegate not to resign. Governor is his brother.

Dr. Tellei, I'm on your side. Let's work together to turn our village to once you and I remembered as we were going up. Adang! Good night, I have to go to sleep so I can get up to go to church to pray for the freedom I once knew.

Good Morning e Fire-Ouch,

I can sense your frustrations and concerns regarding your state of Melekeok. I can only imagine, what would be like to watch these morons govern and rule the place now.
I have driven through out the states recently, and could not understand why the citizens allowed these things, I don't know what you call them for you know what as you said, to be build closer to their houses. If these houses are for rental,the tourist, in their right minds, cannot
possibly stay in there. And also, the road leading toward the dispensary up the hill, I saw piles of garbages that's really "tatach" by the road. For those people living around that area, your health is at risk not to mention what's living in there. And this is suppose to be where our capital is located.

Wake up, you people and join hands with Dr. Tellei and do something about it. You can change the course of this sinking ship by replacing the captain.


Kame doleakl aikal tekoi. A Amt era Melekeok a loba Gov. Lazarus Kodep. Meng ngo yak al lemesel a Dr. Patrick Tellei eng sebechel lomes a Audit Report era Public Auditor office emo medengei ediwa osisiu lomeruul a loruurt era PCC.

Ngoyak osisiu elmora Reklai Bao Ngirmang era blai malechub tengara Bai melkeong. Le Dr. Tellei a kmal mellomes arengul el chad/

Ngak omtab a tekoi ra klobak era Melekeok eng mlorngii a mondai era dui er Ngirkungiil el Hustino Rdiall amlo dars a ngklel. Edimlak ea Doctor a mle kirel elmo merolel a Ngirkungiil, Ea Hustino dimlak el kengei er ngii a klobak. MIsel klautitekangel era Doctor ma Tosko Sebalt a kora domes erngii. Ea Doctor ulba ngasech el reng el mo cholechollt era llemes. A kuk osengek erngii.

Endi ngak a mlai ngesonges a ungil klemedengei erngak ediak kua Doctor malta elewid. Melewasei, ea kumerang elkmo mle sebechel e sebechel loba ungil llemesel ma Doctor erngii mesemechokl era AMT era Melekeok. Leng kuk mla mokie era Resel a Dokeue ra Irrai.

PCC is also at stake with a lot of questionable in management. i.e. a recent employee got fired for not doing personal assignment of President. Even, most powerful world leader President Bush do have many faults in his administration. And our President, too.

Although, today is April fools, but Jesus asked Jewish he who do not have sinned pick up a stone and cst your stone to sinful lady (whore) (oteruul el dil). No one throw a single rock.

Common sense, it is wise to identify problems and provide solution. Find any wrong doing from any RUBAK elmo yiis, be removed from the klobak. But do not kill, abolish, or destroy the house of klobak.

Today was welcoming day for Hokulea canoe from Hawaii. I heard the Canoe master speech/words that encouraging us islanders to use this trip to re-strength our heritage, traditions as Hawaiians, Yapese, Micronesians and especially us Palauans.

So, if you wanted destroy, dismantle our Klobaks then take it away from Kebliil, Tellungalk ma Ongalk. Whereas, let us make a move to Commonwealth of the United States to be full DEMOCRACY government.
And stop piece meal just your own sake. I think it is fair and square.

Doctor take a lead and I, we follow. I am 100% with trust and faith in you.

Thank you for reading my long mail and God bless.

Dr. Tellei,

You are doing the right thing for the people of Melekeok. Time and history will defend your actions so don't slow-down. Never give in!

This is truly a wind of change.

Ngirbedul ngmeral tekoi. Seldenguu aklobak locheweklii enguaya dokodir tial klechibelau erkid. Akuumerang elkmo a uchul mechelchal time ekerdi ketouch kid el mla modiak chomengull erkid elmorar meklou chad ma rubekul Belau.

Where have all the flowers gone? When the rubaks and mechas used to have our respect? Are we too Americanized that we don't care anymore?

Akuumerang elkmo aikal dui a chedaol, either they are blessings or curses. Recently I have been reminded of a Bible verse, "What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul'? At the 'Sunset" it's not what you take with you, it's what you leave behind.

There's got to be a better way, anybody out there?


a tara tekoi el blal bechelii a Dr. Telllei a skuul ra omesuub el tekoi er Belau ra PCC. e tiang a kmal klou a belkul el kired el mo blak a rengud loldubech er ngii.

ak dirrek loumerang el kmo a lorael a taem el mong ea tekinged a mo remiid alsekum ng diak domuchel er chelechang lomecheliu, olsisechakl, e omekeroul el kirir ar telecheroll el merael mei.

Momngarker,mekedngarker e mesaud ra beluu ra Melkeok. Al ngarngii a modai er kemiu, ea rorel a tegoi, merael mora beluu mebom involve a tegoi ra beluu e momes a ungil techall e mongesemokl a tegoi ra beluu. Mal somiu ebom ruurt el mora ikal techall. Eal sekum ngiak, ekuk di momes a tegoi raikel ngarngii a delengchekliu er ngii e mosaud. Alikeyang, kemiu kom mlarker el mei e medecherecher a ngeriu. Bo moker a delucheriu ra beluu ekomochul remenges a chetimiu el tegoi....

I appreciate the fact that dr. tellei is pushing teaching Palauan to pcc students. I would suggest though that the program would be more effective if it was taught to an even younger audience. Christians and scholar alike all know that the younger the age that you instill a lesson the better. I think there should be a Palauan club formed with in the PCC atmosphere that brings Older Palauans and young alike to Practice the art of speaking Palauan. Maybe have these speakers do the rounds of all the schools. I read alot of wishdom in this blogs and truly feel how unfortunate it would be to have it lost/wasted in cyberspace forever and ever. The knowledge that yours and my parents/grandparents should be shared. It is our only god given duty.What we learn we lmust certainly share. I will give my ful support anyone that can put this to action.


mle uangera kohi ra OKEMII CAFE? ng mlo sebechem ngkung el mo kebetech kau ma Ngungyiang ma Bakuchi?

a kora ulerrenges er kemiu el mesaod ra omerollem el mo oldingel ra beluu ra Ngetelngal. mesel lungil cheluut el bedul a Bai le Chesau, e kemam a uoi di mengard er tial loberaod e dechudech leltel a beluu ra ngebard.

ak melasem el mengeuid ra uldesuem ma rengum e mengetakl er kau el bedul a ikel mle ungil lomililem er sera bo moldingel ra beluad er Belau ma blim ra Melkeok.

e mousubes alsekum a ki mesaod a diak ki modengei el tekoi, diak lengerang, a uchul a ki oltoech a ngeram a somam a klungiaol el mora bekl el chad ra Melekeok. le bol klungiaol lekong eng dirrek el klungiaol el merkemam el diak kim chad ra Melekeok.

alii kele mobes, a beluad a ngarengii a oliochel ra delongel, eng di a ikal rengud a sebechel di mo tang. me bol le klou a rengum e mngilmii a chimo ra starbucks e dongiil ra 2008.

Kemesulang e Ngioosiik, ngkmal mle meringel a ureor er chelechang, I saw someone died while I took care of him...I'm stressed out. Sel medal okemii er chelechal time.

Ngdiak a rua Star el kmal mellomes a rengrir meng telkib el mo add to my strss. Ngdi moungul besul, kede melatk ra beluad el belau e osiik a rorel ra mora rokui el chad. Take care. Thanks, I'm calm now.


Ngmeral meyang el CHAIS ra Supreme Court of Palau found Sen. Alfonso Diaz GUILTY for lying that he ran after Olkeriil Seklii to stopped Sen. Alan Seid from hurting him.

Judge ORDERED Diaz to 1) pay $100.00, 2) do 20 hours of community services, 3) 6 months to behave, no violation of any National Laws or State or Kekerongel el 6 months., apolgize to Olkerill Sekli, his families, and all the people of Palau thru WWFM radio and media.

If you all recalled when Diaz defamed all elected leaders who have committed crimes/felonies, ect. And he always claimed that he is cleaned as white no records. His big mouth , big liar is coming to haunt him.

So, look this the third time Diaz lied in court but found guilty 1) court found lying about land case between him and his uncle Imeong, court found that all land belong to him from his father Ngichorachel, 2) he lied about the tapes he did not provide as mandated by PNC, Law. Court found him lying and guilty. Court order him to pay $1,000 fines for 2 violations CJ suspended the jail term.
3) Now, guilty for continue lying thru his radio. 4) He will defend his action at the special session by voting Sen. Joshua Koshiba to be president of the 7th Senate. Court will find him that he lied about CJ by putting his words to CJ mouth.

I hope he will take sometime to review his words and actions then and only then to correct himself. And to start acting as representing the people of Palau in the National Congress. Spend more time reading his documents in the Congress to learn more about his responsibilities and to humble himself like all wiseman, to love his mother, brothers, sisters, to love women, to make love, to his woman not treating her domestic helper, to love his people. Stop lying to the people he represent in Congress.

Any way, let us forgive because we voted him to the 7th Seventh OEK. Let all us pray asking God to help him and us.

Thank you,


Ngara belumam ra Ngerchelong ea rukdemelam ouchais el elkmo: (ELLOMES)- Ngbtelul a Belau meng NgomDasue, NgOrrenges, NgOmes, NgMelekoi, NgMengarm e NgMelungel e NgMengang.

Ma Belau a betok ar mellomes el chad erngii elwa Ngiraked Johnson Toribiong, Ngirngetpak Kuniwo Nakamura, Ngirachitei Dr. Victor Yano, Dr. Patrick Tellei, Ignacio Anastacio,
Ms. Tina Rehuher, Mrs. Sandra Peirantozzi, All member ra Palau Historians,
Ibedul ma Reklai ma Rubekul
Belau. These are few people I know that they can organized a body to review our traditional customs and heritage or cultural history. They put into living document no less than our Constitution like China with two policies that go hand in hand.

After approved by us then it shall be mandatory a part of our education curriculum from Headstart to High School.

I have full trust and faith in these guys.

Those who always condemn our traditional leaders is okay. They can be removed or impeached by traditional laws and replaced by new rubak(s).

One (Palauan) should be proud of who he/she is?. Or where he/she is from? One has to be proud of him/her. Two policies is llike practice traditions at home, clans, Beluu. Then practice your democracy at your work or your offices. Improve as we all go along everyday of our lives.

Thank your for your time reading..

I hope the attempt to hijack the senate gets a resounding thump from the court.

I bet your pardon, mori.. I will let this one go by this time because, it appears that you were stressed out.

Who is going to voice their opinions form Melkeok other than Dr. Tellei? I was just trying to help out and I'm sorry if I step over some boundaries. Have a coffee from Starbuck and relax adang...

Certain people, very few are born with wisdom, but knowledge is learned. Adang mekerang e Badrulchau.. some are really "tatach, mild and barely "tatach"

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