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March 06, 2007


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A tara eliteklel a Diaz akmo: "NGdiak a record er ngak el uai a rebebil erkemiu (refering to HOD members) era blil a bulis ma lechub eng court, ea okmo ngarngii eng diak rurt malechub ea resign el diak ngara Olbiil." Ma ker el morngii akmo mechelang el blal convict er kau ra medal a kerrekeriil ekemo resign? Ea ta ra case a dirk merael el mei, meng bai ungil omereched el me metengel.

kaum spedii me bol lodengei!!!!he sure thinks he's invincible!! not so quick sen. diaz. if your a man of your words, then live up to what you claimed!!!

throw the dumbass in jail. he's a criminal like the rest of them in there carving storyboards. too bad our jailhouse is not like them ones in the states where they'll teach you how to slow dance....

lol@edeng's on diaz..niweis, kora mekera ochil a slow dance ra kelbus ra state?? A diaz ng locha kora atter rengii a lou slow dance, or is he worth teaching the'slow dance"?..wahahahhahha..

man! send him to a rehab or somthing to get rid of his problem. or dial store so he can be happy

man! send him to a rehab or somthing to get rid of his problem. or dial store so he can be happy

It's about time he goes downhill. Ngkora di ngarseikid el mela boingts er ngii ekamesang. ng robetang... bai belbetengel el mouaiiar beklechad el ngim olmedm eng medngesa Obechad!!!

It's about damn time he got give money to pay for his wrong doings, Should send his ole behind back to where he came from, make him flip burgers at Bemermii!!! akele sadmadang..!!

I am surprised that the big mouth has not said anything on this section specifically for him... What a sore loser!!!

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