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March 15, 2007


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ng mekngit losisechakl alsekum kede merredel ra beluu e diak domekerreu a llach. le rechad ra beluu a omes omeruul e mesuub, el di uai sel tekoi el kmo "monkey see, monkey do".

Rokui el chad ra okedyulabeluu,

Let me share with of what late Hon. Johnny Reklai tried to do:

1. Last Oct. 20, 2006 at special stockholders meeting at Airai PSB branch. He ask them that there is an foreign investor who is willing to invest $20 millions US dollars but we need to amend our PSB by-laws. In order to allow foreigner to invest.

2. Hon. J. Reklai pledged his WCTC stocks to Pension to bring $1 million US dollars to PSB.

Then, FIC closed the PSB in November, 2006.

3. He used his commercial building with value of $1 million and over in Malakal next to Dengkibu to settle Palau Shipping Co. account at PSB.

4. Early, this month he went to Saipan to attend UMDA stockholders meeting and He asked his friends to help invest to revive PSB. His group from Saipan were interested and ready to invest the sum of money from UMDA to invest to PSB. Unfortunately, he died before his friends come to Palau.

5. Hon. J. Reklai tried to sell the Caroline Hotel for $5 million to be used to revive the PSB.

For your information, Hon. J/. Reklai, do have others assets that could have used to revive the PSB. However, FIC Recievership extend time for Him/PSB to provide a rivivable Plan to re-open the PSB.

*No member of PSB directors attempted to revived the PSB not even TIM Taunton and John Devivo nor Tadao Ngotel.

So, why? Are You trying put all the blame to Hon. J. Reklai.

Hon. J. Reklai is member/Directors of various Companies such as WCTC, Palau Shipping Co., UMDA but very unfortunate PSB have failed and no different from the rest. Only, Tim and Devivo were con artist, scamers, cheaters, where Hon. J. Reklai put his trust on to them. If, he took all the money then I am 100% believe that he had return them all to save PSB and depositors.

I hope you find, investigate for more informations before accusing or defaming or blaming. Please find right infos and tell the world.

Did you know that we leaders who have scammed millions but SP and AG are not doing their job.

Let us give chance to learn more about Hon. Johnny Reklai, there is no question about his total commitment and dedication to his tenure in the both houses of OEK.

I believe his MY TRUE STATEMAN for legacies of all he had done to Ngerchelong State and the whole Palau in Senate


You said "monkey see and monkey do."

I read Island Times this morning. Speaker and Governor of Koror State Government asked Ibedul lease rentals paid or waive. I totally agreed with Gov. Adachi that KSPLA have the authority to waive any lease rentals.
In 1990's Ibedul/chairman KSPLA waived lease rental of over $100,000. What about those squatters, expired leased agreements like Belau Transfer, others.

I think Governor and Speaker should be fair not hostile leader. Because there many people not able to pay.

What about purchased expensive cars I think it not wise investment for the people of Koror. There people who needs good housing and good roads to taro patches, to their houses. Apecial scholarships to young children of Koror future leaders, Senior citizens, especially return public lands to right full owners.

oops...too many spelling and grammatical errors...lol

So where's the beef?

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