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March 19, 2007


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The doctor would be a fool to go there. Everyone know JT is a has been who has never and will never be privileged with the TRUST of enough Palauans to pull it off.

If I were the Dr. I would gracioulsy decline and not have my good name sullied in such an unneccesary association.

I hope I shot down this test balloon.

Oh God, that is a terrible idea! i mean, his clinic today has shorter hours because he is the minister. when he becomes VP, he would'nt be able to help the community as a doctor should. I dont like this one bit. I hope the rumor is not ture!

I agree with Btuch. being a doctor is good enough. Please dont let this be ture!!

Not a very appealing pair, in that we're seeing a highly respected and extremely well-liked physician and recently a public servant tagging along with a historically unpopular prospect for the presidency.

It's not official yet, and if Dr Yano were reading this, I would strongly urge him to take a separate stance and go alone! He can do it alone! Please!!!!!

The ticket or pairing system will present an unsually difficult 2008 presidential election, as we will likely see unpopular presidential candidates sucking in popular figures. Besides this Toribiong-Yano prospect, don't be suprised if Senators Diaz and Asanuma do decide to make a team!!

The voters will be presented with very delicate, difficult decisions to make. Let's keep our fingers crossed so that we may see one good pair that will be characterized by integrity and genuine desire to make Palau better for ALL of us!

Too much responsibilities in one hand is never a good sign of accurate, If Yano was to become V.p. he will encounter more topical urge in his terms, leaving his Clinic in which he helps the community in any stages, and being the Vice Pred. he will be afar from his feild of medical and purpose in his medical career. " Yano, decline the V.p and stay where you are, political issues are not in the medical feilds nor will have you stick to your true program in the medical feild."

An excellen pairing. An attorney, who is well versed in the legal ramifications regarding our constitutionl laws and who is also a traditional chief steeped with knowledge of our culture. A physician who is aware of our health care needs in a position to influence policies that will have an impact on health services to our people. It is a winning combination.

An excellen pairing. An attorney, who is well versed in the legal ramifications regarding our constitutionl laws and who is also a traditional chief steeped with knowledge of our culture. A physician who is aware of our health care needs in a position to influence policies that will have an impact on health services to our people. It is a winning combination.

Goodness...I personally don't think this is a good or smart idea. Dr. Yano is a Minister now and he is known as Miniffer because his wife Jeniffer runs the show. Can you imagine him being the VP?! The country will be run by Jeniffer and her olai. No..no...no...! Kede metemelang a rechad er Belau.

Goodness...I personally don't think this is a good or smart idea. Dr. Yano is a Minister now and he is known as Miniffer because his wife Jeniffer runs the show. Can you imagine him being the VP?! The country will be run by Jeniffer and her olai. No..no...no...! Kede metemelang a rechad er Belau.


An Attorney J. Toribiong and Dr. Victor Yano are smart enough to make their own decisions. To run high offices of our land. They are masters of their own destinies. They AIM high and now they are aiming for highest offices of the land-Belau.

Let us give them a chance to prove their IQs. They were both graduated at the top 3 of their classes. Both of them are successful in the fields and they have taken a greater part in building our nation in the past 26 years.

Let us go and VOTE for the two best candidates for President and V-President in 2008.

Don't worry about their fields. There are Palau children to fill up their places as they did like the Fathers. Speaker Toribiong and Deputy or acting District Administrator/High Chief Ibedul/Ngirakelau/Kloteraol of Oreor..

It is terrible to waste these two gentlemen to come to aid their country-Belau.

If you don't vote we both loose especially, rechad era Belau.

God bless Belau and all people.

Thank you and Belau need you.

hey all...for the first 5 comments....you can all cry and bitch like you all are but the bottome line is that you're still too young to understand and critisize the coconut political arena back home. Bottome line is do a little homework about these people before you make comments like that. If your going to college then keep on studying and if you're not then go back to school so that you can make sense of your cencern. In the mean time keep your two cents to yourself so that you don't reveal your lack of maturity and knowledge of what's going on back home.


The preacher really knows his sermon! You fit the very core message of your assinine message!

Go back to school and cleanse your head of the rust that is eating away the useful cells in your brain!

I totally echo what ORES said to Elaich... Back to GBH... or the Koror Headstart in Idid...

Elaich, that is why inventors created a certain part in a website called " comments" now, if you think we should keep it to ourselves, then you should go back and do a little research on the word "comment", ...LoL..ak di feik..... but for reals, apply your COMMENT to yourself. akai!


Please stop wasting your precious time. Messenger is a messenger. Rise above a little higher and don't get angry or mad at the messenger. Go find the facts or truth before you aired your stressful. You must be under duress because your mail is lack knowledge of information or Palau history.

But I think you are cable of findings and writings, maybe much better than mine. Or you know to communist China policies, and you wanted to send the messengers to back to pre-school. No way, because I will be 65 when I finish learning. However, I have an experience and accumulated years of Palau history by going back to 1958. But as human being I made many mistakes while growing-up.

Sorry, but you may continue at your level and I don't mind at all.


Unquestionably, Mr. J.Toribiong and Dr. Yano are very intelligent. They could make an interesting and fascinating team for 2008. Toribiong,eloquent,diplomatic and Machivellian, and Dr.Yano, smart, pragmatic and tactful.Both are probably the best minds in their respective fields in Micronsesia.The former holds an advanced law degree and the latter gaduated from the UH medical school with honors. They did well in school, and Micronesia knows it. It is too early, however, to predict if this team has all winning combinations. There are a lot of factors involved when choosing a situational leadership team. What are their leadership and management styles? What is the team's platform ? It seems that we have lost trust and faith in our leaders. Can these two win people's trust? I personally have no problem with them. Then there is a geographical issue. A winning ticket has to be geographically balanced. Can they win without that. But I beleive in politics, we can not use word, ever, never and always because everything is possible.


What happened to 3 senators minority?

Why they walked out?

Why didn't seat and explain the votes 4 is not majority of the 9 members of the senate? As it stated in our constitution Article IX, sec. 13. that 5r is majority of nine (9)members.

Are they going to file a case in the Supreme Court senate voting action?

Okay, the minority could have done the followings: 1)did not show at all. 2)or show-up only for roll call to be presented to get pay $1,000./per session day. 3) boycott the session and support their candidate to win the vacant seat. He will joined them to form new majority of the senate. 4) vote for new presiding officers.

Sorry for Dias who claimed majority whip that when he speak everyone listen.He forgot to read the Palau constitution but scared then vote for his fear factor.

I report and you decide.



We all know the reason why these four senators elected to chose the president at this time. They want to secure their positions before the actual voting begins.
This is very disturbing if in deed, this is unconstitutional. Are we as Palauans going to sit around and allow them to think that aside from God being the Almighty, they are next in line. Diaz, being the instigator of this saying. What a shame!

If this is the indication of what's going to happen to us in the future, irregardless of what the laws says, I personally cannot see us moving beyond our expectation for the betterment of our nation...

By the way, If we cannot change the course of what's happening now due to some of them holding these positions, I certainly hope and pray that we become wise with our votes in the year 2008. It is the future of our children by which, I hope will change our way of thinking. Let's envision what Palau will be like for our children twenty years from now when you and I are no longer around. Maybe this will motivate us to vote wisely.

A bilas a kmedang ra elduukl. Ea rebekel chad a melasem el melemosem a uldurokl ma klumech el kirel a techellel a lemuut el bebil ra uldurokl el me ra beluu. Ea rebebil er tir a rerewuchel el melemosem a makitengir el mora beluu leng diak lodengei el kmo a Kabitei ng kongei er tir me telmuut el dmak el merael ma lechub eng diak.

A ulebongel a olekedang, ea Kabitei(voters) a mediderirech a medal e lomes el kmo terua techa merael ma redi kiei. Ngikal kabitei a telekib el echerd a rengul le tedioumesind el tane el diak el sau el melemosem a telechuul meng mla obriid a bebeil ra ikal telechuul el osechesemii a bilsengel.

Ng kora di ngara elsel a renguul kung el kmo kele lebai lungil kung a lengititerir a rebebil er tirka el lekebil el meduch e smau el melemosem a telechuul melakelsal mo elsechusem a bilas.

Please All,

Don't take it seriousely, for I don't mean to offend anyone. Most of the time I don't even know what I am talking about myself. To see things from a different angle in everything we do in life can be helpfull when one wonders about why things happen.

With no strings attached, I love you all for your concerns, as well as taking the time to voice it out. It realy does make a big differance in our every day life in this day and age. Again I love you all and I love Palau with all my heart.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would agree with some of our brothas and sistas here that the good doctor should focus on what he is good at and that is medicine. the lawyer can actually go for politics because the two fields, lawyering and politics actually go hand in hand as history proves it.
It is in my opinion that one of the reasons why palauans who have attained degrees from abroad never make break-thru’s in their field of choice when they come to palau is because when they come to a level where they are just about to, something comes in between and that is “politics.” They move on to politics, a new field which does not mix with someone who have studied medicine in all of his career. I am talking about the good doctor now.
Yes he can probably introduce good laws for better health but any politicians can do that. Good laws for better health does not come I believe from a man who used to be a doctor and now is a politician. Instead good laws for better health here in palau must come from someone who is actually practicing in the field among his palauan people.

then the role of a Palauan politician is to go to this expert, the medicine man and ask him for advice. Why? Because any new advice or idea given by this expert medicine man is “pure” and “distilled” from political influence. The good expert thinks on the side of “health” and that’s it. Simple as that, there is no political “cloud” influencing his thoughts.

Over the years, I see this trend where palauans who have achieved degrees in their fields come to palau to practice, in this case medicine then lo’ and behold, in a few years, they start migrating to politics. This is not right infact it is the wrong move. It is best to stay at where you are and do what you do best, then advice the Palauan politicians about better health laws. You will come up with new and innovating ideas that palauans have never seen before and you will do much more in your contribution than migrating to politics.
I believe ladies and gentlemen that palau can have a better future by having palauans master new fields of thoughts and positions by doing what they do best because it gives them opportunities to do what has never been done before and that’s what palauans are looking for, a few palauans who take their fields to the next level and innovate, not by going to politics.
Palau’s future depends on those few palauans who do what they do best and change the world by starting in their native island of palau and grow, innovate, and invent why? because they stay focused on what they do best.

Good day ladies and gentlemen.

Politicians come from all walks of life. He is a good doctor. He see's Palau has a sickness he prescibes the proper medications and we are all better and happier. He is the man for the job.

I do agree with Ngaraardian,

Why pick someone who is very much needed in one area to do something he did not spend most of his life to get a degree for?

It looks like the race is on to pick people with reputation and trust to make one's color shine brighter, but not necesary how he was groomed for a certain task.

Nascar racing is one of the most popular and dangerous sports in America. For one to win this presitigious event. One has to pick the best mechanic, Most qualified driver, best pit stop crew to pull of a winning combination. One does not dare to put the mechanic behind the will and expect to win the race just because everyone knows that he is the best mechanic.

Just a thought...

oops!!! sorry...

"Mechanic behind the wheel"
Meaning the mechanic becomes a driver.

Mosi, my friend, we elected Diaz- a radio man at that!!

We, the kabitei's, repeat mistakes and mistakes time after time when it comes to electing our "leaders."

Ke mengiremrum e melaes e melekoi a kenterir endi sel temel omelilt eke de mo doiderekl ra diosisiu el mlai.

Sorry, but I am really at a point where I should be "oriik a yaes ra kelek e merking."

Just curious, are the rules and regulations governing next general election in place? Can someone shed light on this issue? Since it's going to be the first time we will elect a president running with a vice president, does a vote for a president automatically count toward the vice president? Or, the vote for the vice president, does it count for the president?

Is there anyone othe who can help?


Let's set the record straight. The constitution says each house of the OEK shall elect its presiding officers by majority of its members.

The senate consists of 8 senators, presently, so if they had the majority to convene a session, then there is nothing wrong with what took place.

Swallow it, Senator Koshiba is the new president of the senate, and he will make a good president.

He is the most knowledgeable about the parliamentary procedure in the entire OEK and is bound to surprise many for his quick and brisk style of leadership.

But be happy because Attorney Johnson Toribiong and Dr. Yano will win the primary, if they are indeed running together. The real question is, will they win the general election in November 2008?

So, we vote in the good Dr. as VP and he goes back to running the Health Ministry. What's wrong with that?

Dear All,
I read Ngaraardian's posting with great interest because he argues on the side of medicine and not of health. If the point was delivery of MEDICAL services, then Ngaraardian is quite correct. However, if it is protection and promotion of health, then politics becomes a tool in achieving health. The expertise in health promotion and health protection includes environmental augmentation and policy designs, not alwasy scalpel and bandaid.

There are those in the community who believe that politics is a domain owned by selected disciplines and not others, such as health and few others. But why? Politics is a tool or a means to an end of ALL disciplines.

The assumption that the "politician can go to this expert and ask for his advice." Hmm! To name a few: Medical Insurance, Curfew hours, Tobacco Legislation, Codex Alimentarius, Revised Internation Health Regulations... let's look at the PNC Health Section...it is still the old TT. It is given, health people in politics are advocates for health and that is no different than other disciplines.

Perhaps the issues regarding Mr. Johnson and Dr. Yano.. could include: Do they have the VISION for Palau? Do they have the INTEGRITY? Are they good LEADERS? Would they move Palau and Palauans beyond the stagnant inuendos of sovereignty and self sufficiency?

Nurse Aid


I know you are very smart and you read an "Article IX, Sec. 13. Each of the House of the OEK SHALL elect a presiding officer by a majority of the members of that house."

It meant: HOD have 16 members and 9 is majority. It does meant majority of members present 12 and 7 considered majority.

At the Senate: 9 are members and 5 shall majority. Even in vacant seat 5 is right number majority not 4.

Maybe you are confused with Article IX, Sec. 12. "A majority members of each house shall constitute a quorum to do business."

Senate can have a session at any time when there is a quorum. Majority of quorum 3 vote yes and 2 nos the bill/resolution can be passed but not electing presiding officer.

For your info, Sen. Asanuma, Dengokl & Whipps filed a complaint to uphold the constitution this afternoon.

Belias I do have a room for mercy or giving second chance to Dean Joshua. You can say that, this is his first error or mistake by intepreting our constitution in over 27 years or over 35 years in congress representing us.

I highly respect of him but starting to have .

Belias thank you fishing responds.


Dias said, "Dean Koshiba told Hon. Uduch S. Senior, to get opinion if she is not comfortable to give Oath the office and she returned to go ahead and gave an oath to Dean Koshiba."

I heard Sen. Whipps and his minority colleaugues file friendly suit to protect our constitution.
We 're hoping to h ear from the Court soon.

Thank you bye bye...

The more I read your comments, the more I realized that you are very intelligent individual with concerns for our well being as Palauans. We need people like you who takes the time to inform us what we need to know. I thank you.

The same for you, Emaid for taking the time to inform us, also. The more we talk about it, the more people will soon realize that we, as Palauans{voters} have the power to turn things around. Not them. Keep up the good works. God Bless us all.

By the way, Badruchau, is has been said before" the truth shall set us free" Woe to those who knows the turth but choose to ignore it... good night.


Let me congratulate new Senate President Joshua Koshiba. I believe it was an excellent political maneuver by the senate majority. However, this move has infuriated those who believe in a fair and just way of selecting our senate president. I am almost certain; nevertheless, the majority has sought legal advice on this matter before executing this move. As you know, with the passing away of Mr. Reklai, the senate was equally divided. It would be almost impossible to select anyone predicated on each senator’s personality and voting behavior. Plus the senate has no majority now.

The minority block could have its strategies in place before attending any congressional session, particularly when they suspect that a new senate president could be chosen any time. JK is politically prudent, and there is no doubt about it. Did they have a possible compromised choice for president? Or did the senate have a quorum to conduct its business? Therefore, they selected their president legally. For those who disagree with the selection process, would it be fair to say that they inveigled the minority block to show up and delivered a big surprise, or was the senate president election scheduled for that day? Was the minority ready for the day’s business? Did they just walk out knowing they had been already technically knocked out? So it was a foregone conclusion? Yes I agree with you that the senate selection process appeared to be unjust and unfair for the senate minority, but if the election procedures were followed properly, the election of JK was indeed legal.




This coming special senate election will be interesting because who ever wins the election could create a new senate majority. If he or she aligns himself/herself with Senate President Koshiba, then the present senate leadership will remain intact. But if the opposite occurs, then the senate will reorganize itself. Maybe Senator Surangel will be the next senate president.

I have heard that the original minority will contest the senate president election results in court. Is there such a lawsuit pending? If so, let us wait for the court to render its decision.

In the meantime, the most interesting thing is: are senators willing to campaign for their candidate to ensure their majority status? Or it is not that important anymore? What do you think?



Other possible presidential candidates,

I would to suggest that Senators Asanuma or Dengokl be considered for running mates for 2008. They trounced a group of well-known politicians in the last general election, and they proved their electibility. They are smart, well-educated, honest, and dedicated. They also have proved that they can stand consistently for what is right and fair for all Palauans.



Uchelmelis my friend,

Tilechaikid sel dosaod erngii. Ng kmal betok a tekoi el medung el rrulid el mo rrau a rengud leng diak dodengelii a techel a tekoi. Meng diak a ngerang el dodengei e mocha oumerang mekedemo mengiremrum, melaes, e ketutk. Eng di a klukluk ma ngiaos a dirkemei. Ma erengel a sils elolekeed el morsel sengkyo el sils, engii a obiich a tekoi e temo keltukl tirekei el ngare rengud ma btelud el bodoluches a ngklir er sel sengkyo el sils.

A kmal medengei el kmo sel lorael el mo kmeed. E tirkal el kohoshia a me tuobed el mo melasem e lomeskid a uldesuir ma rael el sorir a bodokiu el ngii a kirel a kerruul el kirel a beluu. Ng ngarngii a mo betok el tekoi el me tuobed ma klengit el leko temilruul. Temo kaiuerebet e lolab a boro er tir e kau me ngak a bai outekangel e loriik a yaes ra keled e moungil mekur a bilas meng diak lobechakl.


By the way what is "Merking"?

My brothas and sistas,

I believe in my gut feeling that mr. Johnson did not choose the good doctor as his running mate because of his political skills instead, He chose the good doctor mainly because he, dr. yano have “a good reputation” among the palauan people. In other words the good doctor have “integrity.” Will this make him a good politician? I don’t know.

I believe ladies and gentlemen that if you are voted by the people of palau to hold a political office and do not have the “political skills” to do your job then your integrity will not hold you. You will be passed over. That is the nature of politics in palau.

Forexample, almost every politician in palau have done something wrong, meaning that most of them do not have integrity among the palauan people mindsets, and yet you the palauan people, my brothas and sistas keep them there in their positions, why? Is it because no one have the political skills to replace them after you vote them out? Hehehe.

The question my brothas and sistas is not will they have good integrity? Are they good leaders? Or will they move palau if voted to lead?

Instead the question should be what Have they done in the past that will make me believe he or them as a pair can do the job? In other words you are looking for their “past performance” What things have they done in the past that have benefited you? Your family? And the palauan society as a whole?

Someone mentioned that the good doctor’s clinic business hours have been reduced? Why? Is it because of politics? Is politics taking too much of his time? If you look at the good doctor’s record, what area in his “two fields” has he contributed the most? I would say ladies and gentlemen that the good doctor has contributed to the people of palau what he does best and that is being a “doc” not a politician.

Good day ladies and gentlemen.


You are absolutely right. Amen!


sorry about "MERKING", it should have been "merkong."


If Omdui is right that the good Min/Dr Yano is JT's choice for the VP, don't be surprised if another good, popular doctor joins the rank and pairs with another presidential contender! This is going to be an interesting race, but remember to vote on the a president who will make the necessary, hard decisions we have been in need of making. So far, the game has been the same since day one. The presidents of the past and now have had the luxury of abundance of US monies to keep things going, but now with big prospect of no more money after '09, we need someone who can make some hard choices for our future! I hope that becomes the guiding light as we vote for a president in late '08.

God bless our young republic!

Why don`t repubic of palau form a political parties.
Most civilized countries in the world at the present time under democracy have two party system.
This is the best-way to narrow down choice of the candidates and their marriages, to serve their common interest in their political plat-form promissed to the voters.
This will be their contract in four years term.

Adang mekerang?

Ngaraard, every time I read one of your blogs I find myself looking over my shoulder for the collection plate. "Can I hear an AMEN to that brothas and sistas?" Halleluia, the Lord is great! LOL. What political skills are your talking about? Perhaps, JT knows the public is loosing trust in the government, hence his choice. A brilliant decision.


One of these days you and I need to sit down and eat some “demok,” hehehe. Come to think of it, there is only one place in the entire palau that makes good demok and that is the village of “ngesang.” Hehehe. Not only that but I think the ladies there are probably the most beautiful ladies in the world, hehehe!

Well my brothas and sistas, let’s get down right to it. The main subject at hand is “choosing the right people to lead our palau.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, the subject itself is flaud, because there is no way to tell whether the candidate your going to vote is “right” for the job or not. Besides, the “right” word itself is not the right word to use, Let me explain…

When the people of palau say, “we are voting because we are choosing the right people to lead our palau.” to me each is saying, “ I am voting for this candidate “hoping” that he or she is going to do it right. But what is “right?” right could mean many things. According to you, “right” probably means a better health care for palau after he or she takes office but to another palauan, he or she is voting for "a brilliant political speaker,” or a business men or someone with a master degree or a phd who have not been proven. Somehow I get this feeling that palauans are attracted to lawyers, phd’s and businessmen when it comes to voing for the hightest office of the land, ehehehe.

Let me ask you a question ladies and gentlemen; what tickles the palauan people when it comes to choosing a political candidate, “do you want to hear what you want to hear, or someone who can buy you bag of rice when time for voting comes, or do you want someone who have done something “physically” in the “past” to benefit you personally and your family? Which one has more “track record?” which one has “performed” in the past? Mark my words ladies and gentlemen, “palauans who will make “right “ when voted, are those who performed in the past to benefit you, your family, and your small village, when they were not runnging for political office. Great future political leaders are those palauans who have knocked on your door in the past not to solicit but to benefit you!

Most palauans to me are voting for palauans who have degrees or businessmen who have become rich as if to say that these people will make good political candidates. This is far from the truth. My challenge to you my brothas and sistas, choose someone who have come to you personally, in the past who was not associated with any political office but just an ordinary law abiding citizen asking you at one time or another “ what can I do to help you?” What can I do to benefit you? Your family and your village?

Choose someone who have organized clubs, and have created miniature organizations to help palauans in their villages and hamlets. Choose someone who does not have a business on the side! So that all he thinks is “you” the palauan people, all he or she thinks is “how can I serve you.?” Surely you should know someone! This someone is the one that should be a political leader because he or she has proven to you early in his career ( you shall know them by their fruits ) that all he thinks is “you” the beautiful palauan citizen.

Do not choose a businessman to run for office who has spend his entire lifetime building his own wealth to benefit only him and his family to run for the hightest office of the land.! Choose someone who is a man or woman of the people of palau, for the people of palau and from the people of palau because of what he had done in the past!

Vote for a candidate who once stopped at your door, at your village years back and knocked on your door and saying, “ I see something that is needed in your village or hamlet and I need to pool bunch of people fix this problem so that it can benefit you, your family and your village are you interested?"

This is the man or the woman who is worthy for the “right” job because deep down in your heart, he or she fits the right description of a political candidate because to you as you know by now he or she is asking not what his or her palau can do for her or him instead he or she is aking "what can I do for you my people."

Till then ladies and gentlemen.

Well said e Ngaraardian, I tend to disagree with you, when it comes to the best"demok" Although, it has originated from your states, I have tasted some really, "ouch demok" from different states. Are there some good looking male from there? I have to check it out. And taste some demok. Anyway, I agree with what you said about choosing our candidates.

E "Ngirademok". I only hear from the condidates once every four years. How they know my address, I have no idea.


My brotha,

The voting process you have just elaborated for us to emulate is democracy at its best.

Regretably, we are still too far from reaching that threshold. Until the standard of living improves to the point where each individual voter does not depend on the service and promises of an aspiring candidate to improve his lot, and until the literacy level of our population improves, to enable each voter to independently and singularly conduct his evaluation, assessment and analysis of competing campaign platforms and to make objective and rational decision thereafter, until we can have majority of our voters capable of this, we will continue to vote the way have since our first election exercise, based on relationship, associations, assumptions and promises.

What you said is so true of us Palauan when it come to electing our candidates. In as much as we hope to chose qualified people to run our country, we continue doing what has been done in the past. What must we do to change the mentality of our voters? We tend to look up to those who has money and prestige in the community regardless of their ill behaviors.

Is this to say, that we will never change as we approach the year 2008? I hope not. We are at the crossroads of our nation now, and those whom we elect in the year 2008, will either break us or lead us to a better future.


Yes, I absolutely understand your frame of mind.

You see my friend, the ability to change our mindsets, the ability to change the way we act is only hindered by using words like “regretably,” ehehehe.

A “threshold” is something that must happen in the “future” and “regrets” is what happened in the past.
when a palauan sees or reads something and know that something needs to change in one's mindset then one must act “now” to make that change come about. You don't say, "regretfully something is holding me back." if you do that you will get "stuck" in the past and not moving forward.

In order for palauans to vote in the right attitude there must be no inch of "regrets" that exist in one's mind. "Regrets" to a palauan is bound by “traditions and cultures.” “Regrets” is based on things that we have been doing in the past "consistently" for many years. The past is an “illusion” because they do not work today in the palauan political system, you and I know that. We can only hold them ( traditions & costums) in our hearts for moral and ethical issues, ( althought some needs to be change )they guide us spiritually as opposed to the democratic system which is based on a written form. And a written form creates a government. Our traditions and cultures are "invisible" but the democratic system is "physical." Our Traditions and cultures bound palauans and sets them apart from the world as a unique group. Only our democratic system blends us in.

The “standard of living” does not have to improve for a palauan to vote in the right attitude, all he or she has to do is change the way he or she “thinks” based on "new information."

The now and aspiring candidate who is running for a seat of the government only “promises” and palauans ought to know by now that “promises” and ‘buying for votes” do not count, instead they look back to what he or she ( the candidate ) has done for the community in the past. In other words,"what has the candidate contribute to the community of palau in the past."

It is my belief ladies and gentlemen that palauans have taken the voting process to the next level, they do their homework before they vote because they do not “regret” instead they see something that must be done which is the right thing to do and do it now! Today is the time for “change” and it must be done now.

“literacy level” again do need to improve inorder to vote responsibly, all you need to know is the “right information.” Right information are those that tugs in your inner heart that something rings an inner bell of truth, because you can “feel” it because it does make sense. All you have to do is read the information, if you can’t read, you can “hear” it from someone you trust then “apply” it. When you “apply” something it must be done now! and change takes hold immediately.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have much more to say, but time is running out and my “demok” is fried!” I left it on the stove too long.

By the way biz, have you ever eaten “fried demok?” ehehehe. You should try it. Its like eating fried chicken ehehehe.
I will be back and we will talk some Mo’

Till then ladies and gentlemen.

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