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March 06, 2007


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I am not aware of any personal, public proclamation or offer to resign??!!?

Why should he resign (if it's indeed a genuine offer) when he's committed an act that is so common and pervasive amongst our leaders?

It's all a rhetoric exercise that has kept our state of politicization (bread of Palau's daily life) going!

I'm not aware of his offer to resign either. I'm curious to find out the names of these triditional chiefs who renewed their support. The traditional chiefs did not vote for him. Don't the PEOPLE of Melkeok have a right to decide. We are not stupid to know what's really going on. Some people certainly can get away with murder. I have lost any respect I had in them.I cannot wait for 2008. Time for a change.

OREOR and Starlish,

"Politic is an art of compromise".

Those who are smart players can always survive.

I only wish that our Special Prosecutor play fair on both OEK and Executive. He is proven selective or President is smarter and powerful who dictated SP or maybe Larry GODdaard.

Speaker and President of the OEK. SP claimed per diem when Continental Airline Secret Marshall ordered him to get off the plane for his misconduct. Also, claimed to SP for Palau. His travel authorization was not authorized to lay off Yap. He had no work order to Yap. Again, SP and his drunkard wife used governmetn TA to meeting in Sweden and he did not make his trip report nor submitting his land transportation expenses, copies of airline tickets. You should hired independent counsel to charge hime like the rest OEK members he charged. SP failed to convinced Judge to issued Court Order to jail guilty defendant. Why??? I said he selective. Del. Flavian Carlos deposited Sonsorol State block grants he voted to approve for his state. Del. FC deposited to his personal checking account and use for his personal benefits and enrichment. Del. FC and his Attorney Dengokl visited his office and convinced SP not to prosecute Del. FC. Why?? Because was minority in HOD or the community.

Including, Deen JKoshiba was not prosecuted. When Deen requested SP for investigating and charge al who made wrong doing at PSB. Charged back and scold Deen that its his job.

SP played stupid or he think Palauan leaders are all stupid. He said, during his hearing at the Senate_JGA, Committee, that I will do my job in responding to telephone calls, or any letters to him or walk-in to his office> He will be very happy to do his SP's work. After he got approved by Senators he immediately forgot his words. SOme said , he was just fishing the Sinators..

Where Senator JKoshiba the Corruption Busters. Is he just tired an old man by the sea. Ya Helloooooooooo.

I don't know why a lot of people are jumping all over the SP?..Seems to me his doing his job..not to the liking of some but he's doing it...and before you say he's selective in his investigations..remember
as an SP his duties and the duties of his office is to
investigate and prosecute
"high crimes" involving "high officials" of the government.
Now since he's an appointee of the president he maybe be unwilling to or in conflict regarding the Executive Branch therefore he doesnt seem to be able to go against it.

The Senate and the House could if there was a crime or a need for an investigation regarding the executive branch..or for that matter any high crimes involving officials of the government appoint an independent prosecutor to look into it..an outside of the government attorney..

They should not ask the SP or the AG for they are appointees of the president, and as such would be unwilling politically and or be in-conflict if asked to investiagate the Executive Branch...
The HOD and the Senate have within their powers to select a separate inedependent prosecutor or counsel to investigate
any and all actions they agree to. I would think that our constitution
provides for such.
It is not the SP's fault there are corrupt officials in the government.
The corruption in there exists with or with out the SP...so lay off the SP and start choosing your elected officials wisely.,,well me too..I got to do the same..:)



I have read your mail and they're very OK. First of all, I was not and I am not a member of OEK but I am working for executive-Revenue & Tax office. I hold my hold my name because of my job/income for my entire family.

There many things going on in my office. Its done above the law.

OEK have trice couple time to create General Accounting Office but President vetoed it everytime it pop-up in the budget. He claimed that we SP, AG, and Public Auditor. He object any funding for independent legal counsel. Last Friday Gov. Hon. Shallum Etpison told many delegates at the meeting held in Palasia Hotel. He said, His business operation have a person receiving money, person issuing receipt, person deposit daily sales and super accountant. But in Ddepartment of Finance on person working recieving money, isuing receipt, and deposit money to the bank.
So, how could it be balance and transparent all the records. I agreed with him 110%.

Emelk, the government is yours, theirs, ours and mine, too.

If you take Executive side then maybe you are recieving benefits like them.

Well, we are not getting any but watching our tax dollar fly left and right. But compying the budget law or apporiations.

Alii, aikel moruul dewa dilkau mengades era eldeklem. What goes around comes around. What goes up must come down.

Thank for you time and mail.

I am realy confused and weary about our leaders. If government corruption is a pie on the table, all they have been doing is nibble on the crust. Those who are found guilty will only get a slap on the wrist and life goes on. Those of our leaders who claim to be honest and true to the people are acting like it's not their problem and that they don't want to get invloved. Our President realy don't want to bring outside investigators who are not connected to anyone with in the government to show that he is serious.

The people of Palau have only been getting a taste of the crust but not the whole pie itself. This has been going on for many years and that our goverment continues to loose revenues while our leaders try to beg for more money to offset the balance. Every now and then some of our leaders will get up and make waives to make it look like they are concerned, but they fade away with the wave that they came with. The public keeps complaining, but it seems that they have accepted the fact that this is how things are and that nothing can be done about it.

If we look towards our neighbors we see CNMI struggling to meet ends meet. Guam now is under the gun for allowing the govermnent to grow fat with incentives and pay raises that has not only affected their education system, but the government as a whole.

I am wondering now if we the people of these small islands have allowed ourselves to fall victims of materialistic ideals. Before when we were free without outside influence we cared about each other. We had pride of who we are. We used the word "WE" at the begining of every sentence and we meant it by heart. If this is a new path that our new generation of leaders have adopted for us than it makes sense to just vote for your relatives only. Because everything our elected relative does out there is to ensure that our whole family benefits on it and nothing more.


TAke a look around in Palau. We all know who's got the money. I predict that in the near future,we will be asking each other what happened to our econony. By then, these elected leaders has incure so much money that you and I may not have any choice but become their maids or driver. You may laught now, but this is going to happen.

Trikal chad er oles a rengum sorir el maid er kid. Ngdi tirkel meredel ra belurir a dirrek el tilemall a udoud.

Bolblak a rengum lomdasu er kau mar family er kau if it means leaving Palau to seek better opportunities.

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