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March 15, 2007


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Ka mosa sei! A rechad ra Rebluud a medenge meral tekoi e meduch el melekoi ral tiltkii! I hope the rest of Palau can follow their example.

Way to go, kemiu el chiefs of Ngerchelong to stand for what you believe is the right thing to do. You set a good example to the rest of the states. You protect the inerest of your people because your children and those in the future will appreciate what you stood for.

Kemiu eng diak modengelii a belkul a "closer ties"? Ng omelisiich el deleuill. Ng diak el belkul a kmo ng mo meterob a ngerang er kemiu ra Taiwan.

China is a different country today than it was 10-20 years ago. It is one of the worlds major player in economy and promotion of sustainablity and is interactive in world peace.

Have an open mind people! Don't carry on the negative stigma of communist China.


Where have you been? Off island? Even chad ra honto know this. Go back to the archives and do your homework.

Taiwan v. China: tia mla mesaod el momerek meng dikea medechel. Please don't anybody start that subject all over again. Whatever you want to say about it has already been said, follow the links.

96 comments here http://okedyulabeluu.typepad.com/okedyulabeluu/2007/02/koshiba_palau_n.html#comments.

Plus 16 here http://okedyulabeluu.typepad.com/okedyulabeluu/2007/02/members_of_oek_.html#comments

The important POINT of this current post is that we are hearing from the chad ra beluu what the will of the people is.

[ring, ring]

Hello, moshi, moshi, Will of the People speaking . . . can you hear me now, Del. Mariur?

"Ma ki uase, te kmal mesaul a rechad ra Taiwan el mla ngosukemam ra rolel a sersam ma betok el ruoll ra beluu."

"Ma kau el milngilt el mo omtchei ra beluu ra Ngarchelong a lak morrenges ra kemam, ea kimorebetau."

"Don't fall for the temptation $$. This is a friendly warning from the chad ra beluam. Be honorable and serve us with integrity or else . . . mechikung kung?"

[dial tone]

Wow, times they are a changing. I feel a fresh air breezing in . . .

Btuch, come down from your perch!!

Del. Mariur doesnot/cannot run again and therefore does not give a hoot about what the "chiefs" think-maybe.

If there is anyone who has fallen for the "dollar" it is the chiefs and not the Honorable Delegate.

Tial saul!!


Tial raolbeluu erar rechad adisubed endi sekum a rechad ra Btelul Belau el Ngerchelong el kumla saing ra babier elmilketmokel ra Daitorio lul mekedong ertir elmora Palasia Hotel e saing erngii.

A kmal dowa aikal betok lomeruul el mengesueu erarechad elmora Taiwan Hotel el lolab "Dollar Diplomacy" lomechar a kelir emorimel el saing. Ea uriuel e tem mle betok ertir adim mle mereched lou dengwa elmora Hon. Del. Kerai Maiur ekmo mlo diak a mikomi erkemam ma kimle saing le Daitorio ma Chief Uong, Speaker Koichi West, Tadao Ngotel endi tal Abraham Osima Legislator ra Ollei a meral Chad meng mle kotoar el saing. Ngarngii ngikel lulba tial babier el kiltmeklii a Daitorio eleko meskau meng direk milekoi el kmo dimlowoch emlo saing endi ngii olab lekorkau.

Rteluul ma ellomes, A Hon. K. Mariur a chairman era JGA-HOD, meng miruul era urerel a HOD dimlak keldu kmo akumetechei era beluak era Ngerchelong emeruul emelekoi era tekoi. Speaker marchedal ma rubdois edal HOD.

Selkumes era "Dollar Diplomacy" eng kmal kakerous ngii ma ikel rokui el foreign grants. Tial diosisiu teletael lul ruul a former Pres. Kuniwo. Lulluspech el compaign lomechar a sengkyo erkid ma madil ngilai ludoud (millions of dollars) elwa rechad ra Marshalls ea daitoriyo meng meruul a diosisiu.

Meka moker erkau kemle vote ra ertir? Yes, you were bought by Taiwan "Dollar Diplomacy". For people that you can ask if Daitoriyo prepared document for them to sign such Del. Tony Bells, Noah Idechong, Willam Ngirakelau, Noah Secharraimul, the HOD minorities, former del. Albert Shiro, Late Gov. Omengkar Rubasch, and many more but his consistent style to get what he wants.

Daitorio have long to change HOD leadership. He used Rubasch Santos Olikong last electionin Koror using Palasia with "Dollar Diplomacy" to hold his compaign then dumped him without helping him.

You Decide..


Chochoi ak meral miles a saing erar Chiefs etirkaikid a melai contract era CIP ra Ngerchelong el rael, bai, el DaITORIYO olab a Stimulus "Dollar Diplomacy". Me tirkal chiefs a blal bet a ngisir metdisaing le tesongereng aikal betok dollar.

A Daitoriyo adirek lomechar era chiefs ma rechad ra Belau. Ea OEK members a dikeal approriate a budget elmora state CIPs ngbai Daitoriyo stimulate erar HOD-minorities lolab a stimulus ra Taiwan edikeal loltirakl era Constitution. Leng last erngii el president.

You decide..

Hey All,
The people of Ngarchelong have spoken and obviously favor one son over the other. What has Kerai done for his state? Lots of relatives to get you elected doesn't mean you can actually do the job.

He is running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Instead of being so juvenile about matters, he can actually ride with the President and get something positive done for his and the President's state. He is trying to make some big noises because he may want a Senate seat or other powerful position. Think about it.

Olekoi e Mardingaol,

Hon. Del. Kerai Mariur, Chairman era JGA was doing his duties and he find that President is using Tiawan "Dollar Diplomacy" to influence minorites in the HOD, and to attack all those who have different oppinion. What funds or money did President used to pay for dinner meeting and signing positin letter to Hon. Del. Mariur? And Or Taiwan Ambassador pay for dinner use Palasia hotel owned by Taiwanese?

Mardi, Hon. Mariur cannot for senate because the same President Tommy used the same tactics to lured you to vote for initaive to remove your voting right to choose your representative to OEK. Most of you who voted to approved are confused, used and abused by the Daitorio Tomi. So, you're asking those who served 12 years or more. They are banned not to run again.

OEK members knows that it is responsibilities of Daitorio to deal with foreign matters. Why does Daitorio is worried about? Also, why does Amb. Mathew Lee is transparent about the Stimulus grants report? Is he hiding something like former ambassador CHen. Or Daitorio stopped Ambassador Lee and CHen not to provide any documents to HOD-JGA Hon. Mariur.

Where is Special Prosecutor sleeping or being told not to investigate? Or did Larri GODddaard told SP not to do anything unless he is asked to do?

For your informations, I heard about Laarie GODidach and I visited Story Board Bar at Cave Inn. Yes, I heard him and he said "he is the most powerful man above Daitorio Tomi when running our government. He popular qoutes" Over my dead body" the oil exploration will not take place while he is running Palau government not Daitorio tomi.

Larri and SP were recruited from FSM and they said we are the like FSM stupid people. Our US tax dollars are pouring to islands and we should take part ourselves.

They kept teaching us Palauans are babarians, stupid, blacks or colored people, or rediculed us.

You can see the former legal counsel for senate now owned Rolem Productions, Even Tod Houseman of PNCC, who help Kassi Oberg benefited $200K PNCC Production equipments for less dollars, look at Peavey of PPUC who fraud $2million, Tim Tauton squander $23millions at PSB. Look the picture of our Attorney General with Chinese women at Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, HOD claime AG smoked amrijuana and he prosecuted our children. Where is Vice pres. Kamsick Chin?

Okay You learned from all these but you should find out the truth.


Kid a kora ngalek mechelebed e mechokl e sola kerdii mesa kelel lolipops eng momechelaod e obes.

Kesai elrrak ea rechad ra Taiwan a dingara chei memerchorch era Tobi ma Meriil. Ea elechang e tediou stumulus a ngered emla obes. Ea remereder lolab stimulus a kora ou Kamunist engkurtir loba klisichir era elmla mo betok el rrak lungeroel , mengelebus, e omechar erar rechad lolab a stimulus. Maikel lolekoi Governor Jakson ra Beliliou a merang kung.

Last one, SP tell yur staff Bradley to take stand at the front of Chao Tai shop to observe National government cars Pres. V-pres., ministers, Directors, Chiefs, OEK members if any is used to transport their wives, children to schools and returned home. Or going to the super markets, farms, taro patches, fishing, dinner, muzing, hospital, clinics, Land Court or using government funds to rehabilitate, extend, repair their houses, etc.

Mr. SP when yu chages the OEk members using travel funds like Del. Mario and William, Bells, Harry, at all for enriching and benefiting themselves. Or wrong reporting to the Code of Ethics. ????? Is SP selective when charging??

I pray that you be fair and justice will apply. All the SP's cases were presented to Judge Michelson and Miller or most of them all.

You read and decide to find the truth.


abviously, you don't even know what you're talking about. Or better yet, how about you yourself find out what has Del. Mariur done to Ngerchelong then get back to us after you're fresh out of your own bed at home.

#1 ALL elected officials (okay except one or two) in Palau have taken under the table money.

#2 Therefore, there is prevalent among the people, a high level of mistrust of all elected officials. Understandable.

#3 So, even if the elected officials see the light and try to do right, no one is going to believe them anyway.

So let's not try to defend anyone by saying the other side took $$.

With respect to Ngarchelong, regardless of which official took $$ from where, the PEOPLE (hellooooo, the PEOPLE) know that they have been beneficiaries of Taiwan technical assistance in farming, water collection, road improvement, etc.

So, maybe Del. Mariur cannot run again for HOD but maybe he has his eye on another deruchall.

In any case, if he persists in representing OTHER than what the people of Ngarchelong wish, he does so at his own political peril.

And, please, enough about Taiwan's "$ Diplomacy" crap. Beijing does the same exact thing.

Everything being equal, corrupt elected officials, Taiwan and China both financing them, I will look to the ground and see what benefits the PEOPLE have received. In Ngarchelong's case they have benefited from TAIWAN's technical assistance. If Del. Mariur wants to ditch Taiwan for PRC he is in effect telling the people he represents to F%*# off.

He must be expecting a big personal "stimulus. " That would explain his F$#@ You attitude.


you guys are way off track. The Delegate is only asking that the president provides documents record showing the aounts RECIEVED from TAIWAN and the AMOUNT DISTRIBUTED to the 16 states.


1. Does Del. Mariur have the obligattion to check the Executive Branch?

2. After all these government coruptions going on back home.....would you not want to know if we are not being cheated or MANIPULATED BY FOREIGN GOVERNMENT THROUGH OUR ELECTED LEADERS?

3. Is it too much for the PRESIDENT just to provide the DOCUMENTS TO THE HOUSE and clear their doubt so we can all move on to other business?

4. What is he afraid off? Its a simple request....just have Minister Sadang print out the DOCUMENT and have one of his staff walk the copies to the OEK! It's ONLY WALKING DISTANCE!



Sorry Btuch,

did not mean to use your name. Hope your not offended.



Dear all,

If it walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck then it must be a duck.

Corruptness starts at the TOP of any society.. becasue the poor.. it is survival.

"A lel a kerrekar el lomechakl lomtok era berrius a blosech."

But I am honestly Paradoxically Blind

Let's put things in perspective. The main reason (if not the only reason) the Delegate from Ngarchelong is scrutinizing Taiwan's generous assistance to Palau is the petty politics among HOD members. Not the integrity surrounding the process for requesting and receiving stimulus from Taiwan, as they want us to believe.

It is clear that HOD majority does not want the PSB issue resolved with the aid of Palau national government funding because Angaur Delegate Mario Gulibert leads the minority bloc. The minority supports the President so when he promised PSB depositors the return of their money, HOD majority bloc went wild trying to retard the noble effort of the President.

Our congressmen are becoming untouchables because of their years in office so they are putting their political aspirations and individual interest above the welfare of the public.

For those against stimulus, go to Oketol Dock and observe stimulus at work for the good of the people of North Babelthaob and ask yourself where the Delegate receive his marching orders to condemn Taiwan's stimulus.


Amen. You are right on!


One senator really likes speaker white hot leggs. Looks like a 19 years old hot leggs. How is the moon? First sign of new moon, abuil a tilab era elechal kesus ma dolech er bedenged artsumater shela/his meng keriik a dolech era bedengir dirrek.

Kamolangch ea omdengchii ekenguu a free lunch era Dichem bar/restaurant next to PNCC downtown office in Koror. call 488-4450 and leave your name and Phone# or cell#___________.

Dangke you.

Omangech era bdelul

Kau kemese su _ao,

Alii, kemlaremenges a meang el chais. Topside and Downtown Mobil stopped our National Government from continue to charge for gasoline and oil last Friday, March 16, 2007. According to Director of Finance and Controller Wong. Both have said that finance spent local revenues to start Airport to Ngerikiil road project funded by Taiwan stimulus. The economy is not good so the taxes are less paid. Taiwanese stores and others businesses don't pay actual taxes. Taiwaneses claimed that their government pay stimulus to Palau.

Today, Socio/Surangel have not recieved stimulus payment for the above mentioned road project.

Does our National hospital have money for our medecines, equipments needed to the hospital for medical treatment to all of us.

Yes, JGA-chairman and the OEK have responsibilities written in the our constitution to check and balance executive branch for implementation of all laws and constitution.

Ngmelemalt e chubechub el kabelment. Adang kora ngodech. Klemdung.

Alii, a chomolekoi tuobed el rasm ealluut eng dial elmei. Molekoi a di klemerang melungil medilungil. Lekemol dimelekede eng mesauch a bital blai.


dont know of anybody from Ngerchalong that does not appriciate the FUNDS recieved from Tawain and I'm sure Del. Mariur feels the same way as he expressed during the Oketol cuting ribon.


1. What's so hard about providing the documents of the TAWAINESE MONEY TRAIL to the OEK?! Is it that hard?


3. Do they have any documents to prove or did they loose these documents? NGERA KORA KMAL ETITUOKEL ER TIAL REQUEST?!

Anyways, hope the government can BE MORE TRANSPARENT so that they can earn more of the PUBLIC TRUST!



I understand how you feel but these guys are something else. Ngmeral mekngit a nglemokel.

So when can Palau begin operation on a clean slate? It is like we are bread to be greedy and self-centered beings that care for nothing but ones interest and personal power. And to attain that power, how does our leaders do it? i do not know but it seems to be working.

the gap between rich and poor in Belau is getting greater. the people are no longer connected but are separate along major materialistic boundaries.

so, if these dealings between other enities and the different states of Belau is not for the common good of many, the powerless has no chance in voicing their opinion.

traditionally, Belau is ruled by cheifs and their female counterparts, the decisions made are absolute unless protested. i have seen no such protest.


Yeah, SHIT, why doesnt' every elected official produce documents of all foreign $$ that they receive.

It's obvious that those Senators who went to PRC received $$$ That they are using to stimulate among others in HOD, Del. Mariur to beat the drum against Taiwan and for China. It's working because the Del is singing and dancing too! E tou senk ra ngii!

C'mon, how stupid are we supposed to be.

You rightfully acknowledge that the People of Ngarchelong and Del. Mariur himself appreciate Taiwanese assistance $$$.

What's up with your hard-on about DOCUMENTS?

We are all for transparency, but what's your beef with Ngarchelong? Do you hate the people of Ngarchelong?

Ungil tutau:

A ker el kired loker erngii el rokui, e kora dital delegate Mariur oker er ngii, a kmo alsekum a UDOUD el me soiseb er a Belau el President er kid a ngilai ra Taiwan ma lechub engii dil beluu ra beluu el chad, kirel mora omsengelel belau ma lechub eng di sebechel a President el mengoit el mor sel seual el diak el bo lokiu a beldukl el teletelel a omengitel a udoud buai? Sel domes omengitel a aikal "STIMULUS" endi ultuir ra Daitoryo er kid a uchul meng kired loker er ngii el mondai.

Ak bekikl er ngii el tekoi tia kid: A Taiwan ma lechub engii dil beluu including China a sebechel el msa udoud a Daitoryo er kid meng mengoit el mor sel seual el diak lokiu a teletel omengitel a udoud buai. Lmuut el tang, aikal beluu lomeskid aikal "STIMULANT" A MO INFLUENCE A ULDESUIR A REBELUU. Ngkora dio mekbitang a beluu el mla benefit ra ikal stimulant.

Specifically: are these money/grant/loan, you name it, ROP money or not, and if they are, isn't OEK supposed to enact laws for them to be disbursed?

Kulengit ma nkgal ungil Senator er kid el Sen. Santi Asanuma mel ngesukid el meketeklii tial mondai!!

Now that is hitting below the belt...e Meral Btuch

Ngungyang is talking about transparency by our leaders.
We are still in the dark about the dealings our leaders are doing with Taiwan and now they want to compile the problem by creating more dust that would obscure our vision about where we are at and where we are going. It has nothing to do with the people of Ngerchelong the leadership that they have. You are throwing a curve ball to stray away from the main issue.

Ng meral melemalt e bleketakl el tekoi aikal tekingir ar Traditional Chiefs ra Ngerchelong. Lak komei mem tekur a ribong e molasem el smile ra siasing ea obletemiu e komengitakl ra Sina. Motobed a babilengiu el kirel a rokui el ngeseu ra Taiwan el lochara tebel e mouchais a klengit e lorruul el mer Belau era uchei ra obo mongitakl ra Sina.

Uchel & Mosi,

Ak rongesmiu . . .

Ma di rrau a renguk er ngii a kmo . . . of all the $$$ that has come under the table straight into the pocket of politicians including Senators which they use to build houses, business, buy cars, etc. . . no one is asking for their documents.

In the case of Ngarchelong whatever under the table $$ there maybe going on (I don't deny that) but FOR ONCE it is clear that a rechad ra beluu are getting real benefit, you all are complaining and NOW you want to see documents.

Improvements are happening to people's farms, transportation etc. We are not talking about mega resorts or what have you.

Please explain why this rises above outrage for undertable $$ that benefits politicians Only and no trickle down to people.

All I hear is "a chelbuled, a chelbuled" about corrupt politicians. But here the people are getting something, using it to make their lives better and the complaint is louder. Only now you all want checks and balances.

We have a run-away OEK that will not even legislate banking laws to protect poeple from banking practices that are illegal in most educated countries even after a major bank disaster. And Senators themselves, for chrissakes, are deeply involved in shady lending and borrowing. And innocent depositers are being blamed for being stupid to put their money there.

We complaint that the people are getting screwed but now they are getting an opportunity to make something better and we jump on them too.

Maybe we want the people of Ngarchelong to get screwed too so we don't feel so bad?

And for their own Delegate to be at the forefront is mind-boggling. And he is being cheered for screwing his constituents? WTF?

Honest I just don't understand please mosisecheklak. Feel free to explain but I don't see how anyone can make sense of it.

This is exactly what corrupt politicians want, the common people turning on each other so no one is paying attention to politicians while they enrich themselves.

We are sounding like children:

"How come a Ngarchelong a betok a kelel kiande e kemam a di kesai a kelam?"

Whatever Ngarchelong is doing is what the other states should be doing. Rather than tear down Ngarchelong, we should all be copying them because it seems to be working.

Send your officials to the obis ra Daitorio ma obis rar senators and demand that if your state doesn't start getting stimulus asap the chad ra beluu are going to march down themselves and throw their asses out of office.

C'mon people, you've got the power!!

Hi all....

Meral Btuch..Your a Real Star...and I agree with you
we have to speak up or STFU and Die...:)

I for one am in favor of the desicions of the Ngerchelong Traditional chiefs rejecting Del. Kerai Mariurs suggestion that they
should establish ties with China...there are many reasons why I agree with the traditional Chiefs and I've also stated those same sentiments in here under a different topic..

Having said that I have to agree with Del. Mariur if he or the Speaker or any other Delegate are questioning either publicly or otherwise how, when and why are the Funds from foreign countries are being
If they (HOD MEMBERS) don't know where and how the money is recieved and disseminated who does and why is the HOD in the dark about them?

Is the Executive Branch namely the President going out there using his office and the name of the Palauan people to secure funds and then disburse it without the full knowledge of the HOD?

If this is happenning or has happened then some thing must be done. This goes against our constitution. It is ILLEGAL.
If any officials in our government use their status, office or the name of Palau to secure anything
it must be done according to our Constitution...By law.

The HOD basically is the holder of the Purse..they control the money.
The President can only appropriate money already in the budget not disseminate money he secured from foreign countries..he can propose the appropriation...
it is the HOD that must
okay it.

All this has to be done according to our constitution..anything less then that and we are where we are...questioning the transparency of our leadership...
I believe..and I maybe wrong...

Meral Btuch,

tell me where did I mention that I did not appriciate the fact that Ngerchelong state got their STIMULANT from Taiwan. Ngerchalong state seems to be moving forward with all their projects at hand and that is freak'en OUTSTANDING! I wish we can see the rest of our 16 states moving forward at the same speed if not faster in regards to their infrastractures.

You are still not getting the point though, one word. Read my leaps, "TRANSPARENCY!" EMELK nailed it right on the head!


Okay, guys,

You've made your point well and I am convinced.

I will join you from now to advocate for TRANSPARENCY in this instance and in EVERY SINGLE case where the light don't shine.

For starters can we revisit the PSB case, in a separate thread? Are the documents out on the Taiwan Loan secured by the Daitorio to reimburse minor depositors? Do we know who exactly the debtor is and what the terms are? I thought Caleb Jr was signing some kind of loan papers.

Also, was the PRC trip made by the Senators, specifically budgeted for in their OEK budget or was it discretionary, miscellaneous or what? Can we see those travel reciepts and who ultimately paid them?

What else is in the milkolk?

This is a great time for all elected officials to come clean and start fresh so that Senator Reklai's death is not in vain. Only then can all states get on the road to true sustainable development and the national government can exercise good governance that is accountable to the chad ra beluu.

Finally, so that we can all be effective in establishing transparency in government, why don't we form a citizen watchdog group?

Thank you Emelk and Ngungyang for you patience and skillful debate.

Alii betok el ngor,

Kakuk mesa tiang. Oketaoll project: 1. Architect and Engineer- Tiger a cousin el blel pay erngii advance stimulus el kirel engineer design ($200,000) 2. Contractor - Socio Surangel Construction co. era sister Balerie $ ??millions. 3. Other state CIP Bidded to Chief Uong and Kalistus W. because of Taiwan "dollar diplomacy" that influenced chiefs, governor, legislators of Ngerchelong. Daitorio provided letter , luncheon at Palasia hotel for them eat and drink and signed letter to Del. Kerai Mariur.

Daitorio and Ambassador Mathew Lee are not transparent leaders of both countries. Palau today is like a "mengol el dil" ea Taiwan ometuut er ngii loba "dollar diplomacy". Taiwan paid for expenses at Palasia hotel.

JGA-HOD merengmiu endi kmedung eng ngobuu rengrir eng metuobed erekel a bobai era delengerenger lomeruul. Elik edulbelau engelbelau ngirabeliliou molekemt ta rengrir loudestar tir rokui.

Alii rechad ra Ngerchelong,

Ng Daitorio mle influence erkemiu chief ma governor ma legislators el mengang e melim e saing ra babier. Ka mouchais Teriid ma Tilorch le omtechei era Ollei el Legislator Abraham O. dingiltang a dimlak el saing. Emle declared era "conflict of interest". E choumera ra Hon. Kerai Maiur, Delegate.

Long speaker Tadao Ngotel ra Yungel hamlet ka mou chais era saing erkau. Ma ureor el kiletmokel era taem el om 20 years el speakership erkau? Ekuk domes ma machisel PSB ma bank book (savings) el ngara Bank of Guam.

Documents or not! Palau has lost most of its children. Most of us don't want to come back. I'm ashamed that we can be bought. Most of our so called Honorabel representative don't care about their children's and palauan citizens future. I know that its not going to change. I believe that Sen.Koshiba is gonna run for another 20 years. When you have alot of relatives and money. You can pretty much do and buy whatever you want. A rechad ak kmo mesa a GUAM mesa a FSM etc etc.. Ngak a souak el mo medengei el kmo 10 years from now is Palau still there. Ngera plan? Kerdi olengit a udoud rar ngodech el chad. Will we ever improve? I say NO!! This is it! Palau will be taken over by foreigners. That is the truth!! Its all about money folks.

Sen. Alfonso Diaz,

Ngmeral mering a rengul a deruchelem el mlo senator ra Belau. Leng kloul temem a ngara Radio WWFM el dio mouth elwa malk. E merael ra restaurand eldiou chais sa chisem el kot lungil ediou ketui ra rechad luldimukl ra rukdemlem ma milchelau. Echol tuub era rechad erai Ngetpang, Ngerbodel, Techikbai e melekoi a rechorch elmora Ididers.

Alii kelemobes el mesa uchelem elmo chad ra Oreor, Ngetpang, Ngerbodel, Siabal ma Tinian mea Oles. Ochoi, diungil omdu elkmo kichiekl e mekebelung e besbas ra Oreor.

Mengwaisei, endi tmeu a rengmam eldi chad ra Oreor.
Ungil a rengmam era kiblam ruul elmlo klungiolir e klungiolem e klungioled a rechad el kiei ra Oreor. Lultuil ra Ibedul mar Ngarameketii.

Kau a diak modengei el kmo akimedengei elkmo ngdiak modengei el diak modengei kemla momui era okengelel a tekoi merkau marengum e kot e kmal lungil a chomoruul tekoi. Mekedilung el kmo kerkora berikt el rebotel el blil a betok el tekoi. E chobiteklang meng ngosecha rengum erar melekoi el chad.

Mada, bora President Release era klukuk lek kesmau menga luut.

Sel chiyewii tiang ea nets era btelum amo highblood. Me kemora wwfm radio e abarer.

Mongaet er ksous ra diokang ma tutau. Ediak mongsous erkau ekemet mall, adang.

A Dios estakupa. ha ha ha haha haaaaaaaaa. Akidiomekera rengum ma bdelum. Ea om smart elak loteb a bilis e mou ngeroil leke mol lobangech a ngusem.


Comment removed the Administrator

Comment removed by Administrator

Ngmeral meseseked ra dingad aikal tekingiu. Mem grow up. Please, Diaz don't defend yourself, you don't want to come down to their level mentally. Continue doing what you know is right in your hear. Adang.

Kemeral mo delbeyakl railechal tekingem. Ngkal Diaz a chederir a rechad. How would you like to hear nasty remarks to one of your relatives. Take a look around, life is too short to hate someone so much.

This has been a good exercise in exposing why the best Palau will ever achieve is MEDIOCRITY.

We eat our young.

Now now Meral Btuch..dont
you go getting cynical on us..:)

Dont let the few rotten bobais in here ruin us all for you. :)

We will be better off with out such exposure of our witless wonders but reality dictates that we live with them..I guess life would be too damnded boring if we were rid of them.

Anyways I thought I'd add to my comment earlier..I said that we needed transparency in our government...and what govt doesn't Aside from the few communist countries..one of which some of our leaders are pushing us to close ties with.

Here we are questioning the transparency within our Democracy while some in there are espousing closer ties with a country that has no transparency in its governance. Is it me or is do I smell something rotten in our OEK...Smells like foul Bobai..:)

But I digress..that was not what I wanted to add to my previuos post.
I was going to say that I must apologize for what I said about the Executive Branch namely the President
allegedly securing and disbursing funds without the HOD's input. Or for that matter
those in office as I wrote the post.

It was meant to stir thought. The though that though we may disagree with what some of our leaders namely Del. Mariur does and says we can agree with them on some issues.

I have no reason to suspect that such doings as I mentioned are happening in Palau, but I, like all here have heard rumors to that effect. It is why I said what I said about the President and any other public official.

We have a recourse and redress in all matters regarding our government and those that run it.
Luck and the intelligence of our forefathers gave it to us. It is the best form of governement ever borne. Borne by the intelligence of forward looking humans for their children and I am
hopeful that we will not let
a few bumps, ignorance, greed, and gluttonly ruin it for all of us and our children.

We must educate ourselves and our children on the way it works...Life and our Government. If we remain ignorant of that we will
never be able to confront the problems we see today.

So learn,,read our Constitution..I have..its a good read though mine is a tad dated - April 1979..:)

Some in our government probably haven't read it..or know how it works.
Thats why we have the problems we have today and
a good reason for us to start electing people who, at the very least, have read and understood our constitution.


Ng diak a chised e Bibiroi,

Kemeral di mlei el mecherui a elsel tiang mengkal Diaz a di mlo rebab e high blood pressure er ngii, Ma tekoi e lulebengkel mei a dimlo wai a bibiroi el mekerreklii ngkal chad e loungerachel er tiang meng mocha melemotem aikal tekoi....A klisiich a ngara medal a olechesiu me moutekangel mesei el mel sengkyo el sils.

LOL...sometimes this page could be very funny.

Dear Emelk,

I think you hit the nail on the head. That our constitution clearly states who shall have the powers to "borrow money on credit of the national government to finance public programs or settle public debt" Article IX (OEK) Sect 5(2). While in Article VIII (Executive)Sect 7(6)"spend money pursuant to appropriations and collect taxes." (8) "to propose an annual budget."

I think OEK does have the mandate to inquire about the any loans or assets that are procured under the national representation.

Paradoxically Blind

Tia breaking news,

A d-ass a melai Stimulus $200K aleko ririid er PSB.

Priscilla Soalablai, Director of Revenue & Taxation, Please verify Dias taxes report verses his tax report in the past 6 years. I hope there is nothing wrong with his reports.

Chief of Labor; check Imelda's work permit. Is she domestic helper or sales lady or lover girl????? In USA senator who hired nannys, DH is like slaving people. IN Palau do not allow senator to do both DH and Lover at the same time. No one is above the law. A Doctor once said that Palau wasted time to vote Dias to Congress then mouth mouth both radio station wwfm attacking people who have diffeent opinions.

"If we didn't drink, we would all go insane!"

I was too pissed off to see the humor in the "below the belt" comment earlier.

Mosi - yes LOL! I was wondering what kind of Palauan language I was reading.

Emelk - my copy is missing the plastic binding. but the gold border label with type-written title is still on the green (yellow with age) cover.

You know how the Christians "bible thump". We should "constitution thump" carry our constitution around and quote passages, like Paradox is doing.

Yes, we grown ups need to brush up on it. But the other really really really important thing is EDUCATION K-12 and beyond.

Democracy is extremely difficult when the any segment of society is allowed to remain uneducated and ignorant with no understanding and appreciation for their political rights and responsibilities.

The only thing I've seen here about education is OEK charging for school lunch and bus.

Oketoll, Badrulchau, Dias Tinian, Olkeriil, Bibiroi,

It appears you know so much so please elaborate in a way that we can understand your comments/concerns or your point of view. Don't allow your personal feelings towards a few (or more) elected officials interfere with your intention. I think your intention is to share the 411 with the rest of us but it's not delivered in a way that we (at least I) can comprehend it. You keep using the term "stimulus" and Daitorio. You must know something we don't so please let us in on it, the inside info so I know what to do next time I vote.... p.s. we all know you're one and the same. Please no hard feelings, just solid information.


You may think you know me but we are all different and using/borrowing the same computer laptap.

Yes, I we may sound like one but we group of writers trying to voices our mind, concern, play someone's mind. When one responds we win.

Just wait for next week to hear the breaking news. You will understand that our group dig in to the bottom of a real problem. You will find your excuses to disagree with our group.

Anyway, you been caught by Badrulchau "kemla mochau a uldesuem."


Could this group consist of the same person with multiple pesonalities? If so, meral betuch is nicer than the rest of them.


Do not waste your time to know or attack the Messenger.

Long long time ago there was a person name Pastor Luke who drink beer from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday he stood up in the church preaching. A christian asked Pastor Luke, How could you drink everday then preach. Pastor said, never mind me, just take the holy words of God for sake.

Yes, you may be nicer but don't take off the panties to smell their a*@%holes. You are smart enough to catch the messages.

Dimo ngara Klem e moriik a Yaes erngii.

Thank you.

Alii Meral Btuch,

Hon. Kerai Mariur, Delegate of Ngerchelong. We been watching him conducting public hearing with the able staffs of Finance Ministry. I believe he may have found some strong information of stimulus. So, he throw his letter to Sen. Koshiba to see. Who will react first, then Hon. Daitoryou immediately, produce a position paper, to hold luncheon to influence Ngerchelong leaders to signed to warn or attack Hon. Mariur,JGA.

Btuch sebechem el kukmesa owatiang e teletael. Adang, kuk mla mekelau era "Dollar Diplomacy".

Kam check erar chief el kmo temeral di Contractor's era stimulus projects.

You decide.

E Badrulchau...Kid tiang el melekoi...Al meral tekoi
aikal molekoi e bom lechesii
a babirngem el mora Island Times or Tia Belau e mouchais..or e bo uaikal
blad dung ertiang..Bom mouchais rar chad ra HOD or the Senate mel bol investigate aikal molekoi..

Odimosaod a rua Stimulus era techang mea techang ertiang elak bora meral
teletelel a tekoi eng diak
bol lungil stimulate aikal
stimulus el mosaod.

Kede mla kmung..a rokui el
grants, aid or stimulus el
mengai loyak a ngklel a Belau a kirel mesoisb loiak
a lach..A lechul a Belau.
Even mal bleketakel a kirel morngii meng kirel a OEK el
lotebedii a lach el mo smaod.
A OEK a mess e appropriate a
lechul..a President a sebechel edli propose a mo lechul aikal klalou ngdiak el appropriate alsekum a OEK
HOD especially a dirkak el
tobed a lachull el kirel aikal uduod.
Me mngai aikal tekingem el kirel a stimulus ra Del. Mariur ebom stimulate erar HOD members me bolodengei.
Isei a rollel al soam el momedengei elkmo
ngkmal mlar e mor aikal stimulus. Mea lechul ngmla
tuobed era OEK malechub.
Kabong moker chebem sodid..


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