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March 24, 2007


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komeng e tia kora ketengek..ng di soak el mo medengei el kmo tia el open thread ng ngera mal belekul sel mdu open thread???

yeah, sorry but i read further more down and i realize that there's a URL for it so yeah just forget 'bout my question..ok then sulang

What does it mean to be a Palauan? What traits,characteristics,etc.do you have that makes you a Palauan? What in your daily life do you do that makes you different then the rest of the world?

I guess I cannot say, I chew beattle nut because the yapese chew, also. I would say that I have a personality that would stand out amongst other islander. Smart, witty and cute. Only a palauan is brave enough to talk like this. Don't get mad at me, I'm kidding!!

Smart, witty and cute.. in your own way I guess. I heard the yapese chew but don't spit. why not spit? Chammoro chew the harden meat inside of the betel nut. Taiwanese chew a younger version of the nut with a hole bore in the middle to stuff cig. and the karul a kabui(sp), in PNG they chew a more mature stage of the nut. Is this culturally influenced? YOu get what I am getting at? Look deeper into your Palauaness.

I don't know. I'm just proud to be Palauan. I just don't let anything or anyone stops me from accomplishing my goals. I guess, you could say, it what makes me a Palaun. What about you?

As a Palauan am proud of what my family taught me. I am proud that I can practice my culture. I am proud as a Palauan, that I can look at the ocean and I know what's in there and what's good to eat and how to go about to get it and the best way to eat it. I am also proud that I can appreciate a good brak, kukau, and understand the efforts it took to planting, harvesting and preparing it. (I have been knee deep in a few taro patches in my day) I am proud and confident that I will keep this traditions in my blood and honor my ancestors by passing them to my children and their children.

just a few.
-oh! by the way, my children write better Palauan then I;)

to me, a Palauan is a survivor who can adapt to anything with humility and respect. We pretty much let our actions speak for us. Our approach is different and considerate. We persevere through times that others have failed. Our determination for a good cause is our strenghth. Our weakness is our temper. We lead by our strong convictions.

B Belau and Big Brother,

What you said is so true of us Palauan. I hope we don't lose what we learned from our parents.To respect others and honor our tridition. However, our customs is getting out of hand. But we have to do it because it what makes us Palauan. I get up in the morning thinking what I need to do to get ready when I get a phone call. It is funny but it is true.

.... and the bills have to be paid!!!!!

Ngmerang, we try to survive until the next pay day. It is so true. We live from pay check to the next. But we seem to make it. We are servival creatures.

Ngmerang, we try to survive until the next pay day. It is so true. We live from pay check to the next. But we seem to make it. We are servival creatures.

Ngaukai.. so true. Culture, though is a growing living, breathing thing. traditions can be changed. As they have been changing. We as Palauans have an example. We fed Uab until we couldn't feed him anymore. It's time to set fire to his feet and pave the way to a slim, fit, well oiled Beautiful Belau. My traditions taught me that family and relations are important. Let's not engorge it. Lets trim the fat off of it. The best fish you ever tasted is the purest fish from the sea to the grill to the mouth without the mayonnaise.

I don't mind contributing money to a good cause. But the last funeral I attended, people came to show their support,and left with baskets of food. They call it[bento].Do they really get hungry by the time they get home. Meng, how can we trim the fat off of it? If we are expected to meruul a chais. We should just get together to pay our condolences and meet somewhere for lunch. It certainly will help everyone else involved. Mekedi chadcheduch e merekong because this is what makes us true Palauan. Adang.


Alii, kemlora kemeldiil era Hon. Johnny Reklai, late President, Capitol at Ngerulmud?

What happened to the senators? Why they broke down? Why senators forget to read the important Senate Joint Resolution/Eulogy for Johnny Reklai?

Vice Speaker of Yap State Legislature made best in conveying the Yapese condolences to Late Johnny Reklai, he read the entire resolution to praise Johnny Reklai, Senate President.

Why did high chief Reklai B. Ngirmang gave National Flag to Mrs. Loretta W. Reklai not senator(s)?

Who planned or in charged of making decisions for
State Funeral??

Is there any protocol for state funeral?? If there is, then , follow it the next time around.

Concerned citizen,


Ollek, tial mlo merek el weekend ya tekoi rar melkoi. Akmo, Mobil Topside and Midtown, Shell NECO Gasoline Stations, KB Shell gasoline station stop our National government fuel account until payment settlement take it place.

UN office, Tokyo (Palau Embassy), Taiwan (Palau Embassy) soon to be closed unless we pay our bills.

Many Private businesses in town said, NO cashfloat from National Treasury. Including stimulus grants,
Let us pray to God for help us all.


I hope what you are saying is not true. Otherwise, we are going down the hill fast.It is the ordinary people that's going to suffer. The gap between the poor and the rich is significant at this time. In fact, some people that I know of cannot go to the hospital for routine check up. We have to wake up soon or later. The sooner the better.

As far as giving the flag to Mrs. Reklai, Kede mssuub ra rechad ra merikel, when one of their service men passed away.kede kmal mekesai el chad e mesuub ra merike el meklou el beluu. Do we really need all these people working for the government? The capital is too big and most of the time, hardly, anybody is around. The government has to maintain it and pay the electric bills. Each of us has to decide for ourselves, whether to stay around or go else where to secure our future.

Have you attended wedding before? The planning and all the works that goes along with it. They always rehearsed prior to the main event. So, as the funeral of this kind where he was one of our significant and powerful man. Someone should have planned this out and rehearsed it prior to the day of the funeral. I hope we can learn from this. If they need someone to organize similar event in the future. I can volunteer my time because I'm very detail oriented person, personality A, which can drive anyone insane including myself.

I hope I have answered your questions. Good day..


Thank you Ngungyang,Beautiful Belau, Choi Sensual, Ngimes, Btuch, Nos732, ORES, Jinko,Diakelmad, Elaich,,Agree, Ngaukai, Ngaraardian, Motormouth, Mosisecheklak(Mosi), Belias, Star, Silch, Ordomel, Nurse Aid, and everybody for your information and comments.

I am your new friend even though I have been reading your comments for a while without commenting on anything. I have learned a lot from you folks! Thanks again!

I am very proud of you all, ar ngelekel belau kiei ra chelsel ma ikrel Belau, for sharing your thoughts about our paradise island --the most beautiful place on this planet Earth (Just look at those picturesque Palau photos on various websites, they are absolutely, attractively charming), for informing me of what is going on back home, for providing some ideas as to how our leaders could alleviate or solve some social miseries and political ills crippling our villages, states and nation ( a society that desperately needs social, economic and political advancement), for displaying your love for Palau by expressing your concerns regarding inimical business ventures and other sinister schemes( multimillion dollar projects), which only foreigners involved in these questionable dealings could reap enormous financial rewards and perhaps lucrative payoffs for their greedy Palauan middlemen( bribery and corruption ?)that could destroy our fragile, pristine environment (if our leaders are not careful), for exercising your rights as concerned citizens, not afraid of any harassment or threats—verbal or physical, to ensure a true, fair and just democratic system based on good governance, transparency and accountability in which everyone is free to express himself/herself, for tolerating those different views, and for preserving our cultural heritage and “Palauaness” in every way you can. I am also very proud of you all for your splendid ideas to rectify our democratic institutions’ shortcomings even though we all have myriad ways and solutions to the same problems plaguing our island. Moreover, your open, straightforward and honest responses and comments to some issues so far have invigorated my poor spirit and emboldened me to be more active in reading your writing masterpiece, classical arguments, excellent writing styles, impromptu and terse notes, sarcasm, comical or even obnoxious comments, I do love them all. I am sorry for committing cardinal sins of writing (too long sentences, generalization, over- simplification, etc.). I hope you all forgive me.

I know in my heart that all your intentions are always good, for you all love Palau. Palau for Palauans!

Let us all remember, nevertheless, that we all love Palau in our own different ways and that we have the rights to disagree on almost anything and everything presented in this blog, provided that, we all be reasonable, respectful, etc. Together let us protect Palau and preserve our cultural heritage. I love you all, you are all lovely Palauans! You all have done a wonderful job here!


Kid a rengelekel Belau a kot el mekesai. Tedi telal chad a mo dmak ra elsel belau e sebechir e lorkedii malechub e te mesiulii a uldasu el mo bedul seludesuir le tebetok erkid a diak lorrenges ma lechub e tomekerreu a tekoi el ngii a ngarngii a bol temelii ma lechub eng kutmeklii el kirel a beluu ma delengchokl ra elsel.

Meng kmal dmeu a renguk e outngeu erkau e Naiiro el merema teloi er tial tekekib e londibel ra elsel tiang.

Alta tara klebesei e tia mouchul ea rechad a mo telkib el mellomes a uldesuir el kirel a kerruul ma rolel orretel a beluu.


Ke meral mesulang ra betok el lungiil a belkuul el tekoi. Dirrek el kmal mesulang lounged er ngak el mertial chelchad. Kemeral mla ngikak ra tmuil makmal dirrek loureng a saull ma ungil lomeruul. Kau m ngak mkid rokui boltarguud e toltobed a ungil luldasue el mo klungiorir ar chad ra Belau.


Ke meral mesulang ra betok el lungiil a belkuul el tekoi. Dirrek el kmal mesulang lounged er ngak el mertial chelchad. Kemeral mla ngikak ra tmuil makmal dirrek loureng a saull ma ungil lomeruul. Kau m ngak mkid rokui boltarguud e toltobed a ungil luldasue el mo klungiorir ar chad ra Belau.

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