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March 05, 2007


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Go here and read a story about what can happen when high level officials do not follow the law that every one else is supposed to follow. http://hnn.us/articles/35958.html At first, we all follow the law. Then, we make one exception, then another, then another, until officials are getting away with filling their own pockets. And so on and so on until the government is in danger of falling apart from inside out.

Hint: it's not the Chinese, that we should worry about.

Note to self:

". . . leading requires leadership skills. Yelling at people for not doing what you think they should be doing isn't leadership, it's a tantrum. Persuade, don't hector. Inspire, don't try to tear everyone else down. And if people aren't responding the way you think they should, maybe you should rethink your approach."


Here's a clue-

Replace all mention of CNMI to Palau

"Letter from the CNMI - A Call for Action

This letter and its author deserve an introduction. Tina Sablan is one of a growing number of Northern Marianas residents who are fed up with the long-time tradition of corruption that has plagued the CNMI for decades. Instead of perpetuating the problem by staying silent, they are taking action; they are volunteering, writing letters, educating voters. And they are effective.

It is never easy to stand up to corruption in the CNMI. Neighbors and relatives who benefit from the current system invariably criticize anyone who does, and they often do so in a very public way. Those who speak out are often penalized in the workplace as well. For these reasons a letter like Ms. Sablan's is courageous. We are therefore grateful to Ms. Sablan and pleased to share her insightful letter with you here.

The Chamorro.com Team"

Ms. Sablan make many valid points. Here's one,

"Perhaps we are afraid to speak up because we think that we do not have enough education or worldliness to do so. Perhaps we are hesitant about our abilities to express ourselves clearly and effectively, or maybe we believe that we simply do not know enough or have what it takes to tackle the complex problems of the Commonwealth. But if common sense and conscience tell us something must be done, that is a start, and coming together as a community to find the solutions we need is the next critical step. No one among us has all the wisdom, skills, or knowledge that it will take to solve this crisis alone. We have to pull all our gifts together, including our good judgment and sincerity, and we have to be willing to learn from each other."

Click below to read entire letter.


Okay, just one more homework reading assignment.

This one is from the Han Dynasty of China. (201-168 B.C.E) and its about officials within government seeing problems within government but not advising their superiors to correct them. In their case their excuse was they no sooner than opened their mouths when they were killed for criticizing. What would be the reason in Palau's case.

More on this from Granite Studio at http://granitestudio.blogspot.com/2007/03/upright-words-and-dead-bodies-is-free.html.

Okay, recess time!

corrected link for Granite Studio http://granitestudio.blogspot.com/2007/03/upright-words-and-dead-bodies-is-free.html

Johnny Reklai is death. Oh my gosh.

Alii Btuch*

Ngmeral lungil a tekoi oblamdung.

Ngarngii rubak el melkoi el kmo: Ngikel ungil merreder a diwa chimol edam el smiik a ungil kall e kmur ra bechil meng remuul. Ea rubak oleker ra rokui el ngelekel elmei ra ulaol emo dengchokl ea edil kmura klou ngelekel redil mengol ngeseu melai ea edil merous a kelir rokui ea rubak a meluluuche. Eng mochurngii a besoil ea rubak chomes era rokui ngelekel lomengur ekmal moungil a rengul. Misei a ungil lolchotel a ungil mengetkel a telungakl.

E ngikel kekerei buik edir kemlo bechiil. A mesisiich adengel sowal melasm e cholecholt era klisichel. Soal menga kmal ungil kall e chou chais erar sechelil. Kmal sowal lolecholt erngii meduch, ngarbab el chad era AMT, omekall era ungil blai, melim arrom, ngmasch era skoki loba mengelngil dil, louspech a udoud ra AMT lousimang. Soal mertii e mlai huto-udoud era rengebard, sina, joseon, rechitaiwang. Emla obes era rebeluu el kmal bengebuul.

Real good leader (king) of country: I.E. he stay on the mountain watching his people living down below. Every morning his people used fired wood to prepared (cook) their food. The smoke comes out of their chimney while cooking their food.

Each morning the king looked down below and when there is smoke he feel okay. And when their no smoke then he felt real bad. So, led his people to look, find and gather food for them. Most of the time he shared his wealth, food to his people until the food be come abundant.

Today, you see how our leaders doing: No plans but reaction and reactions. And prospering themselves while all you are watching and kept silencing, getting more stress and soon strokes/heart attack.

Southern Man,

Ng soak a king el uaisei, ma kede mo metik ra ngii ra ker?

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