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March 01, 2007


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It should not take an expert to tell us this, we all know our external financing will end eventually yet we chose to ignore it and continue to spend way beyond our means.

Its a disgrace when we wait for 'experts' to point out our 'high standard of living and high income'.Somebody should have told him an average palauan worker makes 9000.00 a year.The high standard of living he talks about are the rich and the elites.

Hence, therein lays a problem our leaders dont wanna deal with.We are a govt of the few with well connected and favoritism rules over pragmatic reality and a bunch of money hungry politicians who continues to amaze me with their definition of conflict of interests.

My goodness gracious!!!


Men I am 110% agreed with your words. Yes, politicians from President and vice president who spending our government funds left and right for their cronies and compaign. If read 3news papers you pres and v-pres and his beautiful half pictures all over the pages. No interest to improve our children education and teachers salaries. Pres and v-pres special asistant, politcal hired are getting paid higher than teachers. Then, in the OEK, today Sen. Diaz was found guilty for violating broadcasting law joined the rest of OEK members he called them criminals. Senate and Delegates minorities are spend most of their time making their businesses to enriched themselves. They wanted to speak thru camera for TV programs and radios, news papers. But none of them address our children education. By the way OEK demand thru budget law that parents contribute $.25 per meal per lunch. While they raised their salary and benefits less work high pay. Especially the minorities are getting paid while working for re-organizing both houses. They wasted 2 full years. 4 senators and 7 delegates = 11 X $50,000.00 = $550,000 x 2 yrs. =$1,100,000.00 plain salary only. Is it big waste of our money. Again, President is providing Taiwan stimulus to HOD minorities and he working like hell stimulating other Delegate of Ngaraard and Ngiwal to join the minorities to form new leadership. Now, both Del. Bells and Idechong been lured to join and they both want Speakership, so as Del. Sabino Anastacio and Mario Gulibert.

For politically corredt if they compromise to have Del Noah Idechong to be new Speaker. Del Jonathan Isechal as new Chairman on Ways and Means.

Thank you Markos.

To V-president,

Man you maybe compaigning on the wrong tree. Planting coconnut along the Babeldaob road will be problemed later on. It might fall on to humans or a car which cause accident. And for papayas may sound good but it will interfer the farmers' produce.

I recommend that you urge DAEWOO to put road signs or you ask Minister of R&D Fritz Koshiba for help. Then, spend time to make good work relationship with President. You are working like your still in US military. Where you do the thinking and they do the work. Your Director looks like he is not your side. Re-assess your stragety cause no more sympathy votes for you. You have to show your civilian working ability. Stop faking like high school teenagers. Remembered Judge Michelsen who said to Atty: Jon Van Dike, "GIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOT". Now, its your turn to give your best shot. As you may know that your track records in the Ministry of Justice and now V-pres/MOJ is showing worst than poor. Your AO Francis Matsutaro has slow folk style and we know him by working under him. Also, you need a good, strong man who has clout in the community to be your running mate and who had big clan, and money ,too not from Taiwan nor China-PRC nor US military. We want a true man of action and less word from horse mouth. strong cabinets. Be ware, if KuniwoN run then you loose the vote from his camp. You should work to stop him from going.

Your promises when compaigned in 2004, you keep them for your self we know that you intended to keep. We never forget but you make new ones.

Hatch and Re-hart Imekurs.

Average Palauans make 6,000. If you're getting 9,000 that's pretty good.


I took my figure from the latest worldbank data reporting.Right or wrong, its a small amount compare to what our riches makes with their friends.

M - no argument there.

On paper it looks good and allows us to look down on our brethren neighbors. But when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan it'd be nice to have an umbrella like our PI brothers and sisters. While we degrade them with our snobby sneers and insults they are slowly establishing a strong foothold in our economy. While the wives get the manicures and pedicures, Bangladeshi and Taiwanese workers are mesalou-ing our mesei's and consistently putting produce at the markets. While the husbands go to gout checkups the manongs are out working in the sun and getting their 10,000 steps a day. The sad part is whoever wants to change all this will not get elected by the biggest political party in Palau - the civil service.


For youor information, an employee who make $6,000/year divided by 26 pay period take $231.00 bi-weekly and first deducted 6%/$13.46 income taxes, 6%/$13.46 SS taxes, and 6%/$13.46 Pension plan contributions all total of $40.38 deducted from $231.00 equal take home $190.62. Not enough to meet families basic needs.

Those who makes $10,000/year divided by 26 pay period = $384.15 less 18% taxes = $69.15. Take home is $315.00. Barely break even to satisfied basic needs.

Now, you know who makes excessive salaries and benefits. President , Vpres, ministers, directors and Division Chiefs. All American expatriots (workers)makes $5 millions or more. Including OEK members and staffs. Majority or 85% of 3,700 government employees are making below $10,000/year. Most of the time don't have bread and butter for breakfast. Some many of these young worker tend to drink alcohol everyday to keep on going to the next day. One for sure, is that they government high official are having parties and parties, muzing every pay day, using government cars and boat , fuel/oil, trips abroad on government funds bbuy a lot of things for their families. Now, you can see their children playing moneys for toys, cars, boats, they eat MAML, KEMEDUKL, PIGEON, lobster, emang, NEW YORK STEAKS. While most of us are have nots. In the name of Palau government they spend, spend and continued to squander our resources. Look at our hospital no medecines, Education no learning materials, sewer lines, pumps are broken and Madalaii-Happy Landing dock to Malakal is smell all sewer waste. MoRND Fritz over loaded and he had no plans to meet the need for repairs nor replace with new parts nor new pumps. Non of the minister including V-president have time to priotize our infrastuctures. They enjoying their salary, benefits and trips.

I hope I help in detailing to be more understood to everyone interested.

Where is that Tulchoid a ngerel Diaz. GUILTY.

Sen. Diaz welcome to the OEK cllub of guilties of misdimeanor and felonies. Diaz be ware of your case in assaulting Olkeriil front stomach and hng hng hung. You might get guilty for felony. Based on your record is fight Johnny B., Rehart Rechirei, Australian Navy also, your US military well trained in killing and defense. Also, your abuse records for domestic violence where your former better half was hospitalized. By the way, you always said in your radio that you have relationship with women around the world. You left children around the globe. Women are like Boss. Sebaste, said you brought your domestic better half to celebrate our President TRjr; birthday in Bai ra Amayong. Aren't you violating her right or human right??

Wake-Up and Shape-Up. Love her as much you love yourself. She is beautiful human being WOMAN.

I can sense your frustrations and anger. Meng sebeched el share er tiang leng aikal molekoi a meral lomeruul er belau. Meng tebetok a rechad el medengei ngdi sel lak a ududed eng diak a ngerang el sebeched el kmomgerang leng ngmol modiak bel ngesukik abo dechebuul.

A sheets ra hospital a meral mechut ma delak a metuud ra klebesei engdiak a kar ea stouang ra Yano amla close, meng dimlak lolai er ngii etemle change ra kerur.. Do you think these guys are aware of this? Mekede meral chebulang ngdi dikeang el sebeched el kmul mongerang. They live abouve the law and probably think they are God. Kedemeral chebuul el meral diak fair aikal lomeruul. Becherei esel lemad etemo mesaud er tir ra Dios leng diak sebecherir lomulak or make deals behind close doors.


You can say that I am frustrated but it is hard to learn. Thaat our leaders who at their last term in both Executive and OEK seem don't care about the most needy Palauans.

Leaders lost their honesty and mercy. Especially, no integrity at all. You and I can surivive in our little means to live and enjoy with fun.

Kele dotebedeterir a rokui el domestic helpers ra elsel Belau ea government ma private businesses a locha kmal mo mereched longesechi a minimum wage.

Kmal mo meringel rar betok el chad ele temla mo smau el ngar ngii ar mesilek e meruul a kelir. Engdii kid a rechad er Belau a dimla kid el mengetmokl er kid ra ngara mong el merelechang. Ng dii lluich el kluk eng sebeched el sikii a chad el sibur e dolemii a sersem er elechal taem. Meng kmal diak el make sense ra rechad ra Olbiil sel dolekoi a ongesecheklel a Minimum Wage.

Ng diak kudengei tia kora di uldasu el kuu otsarai er ngii, engdii telocha ngarngii a ngara elsel tiang el kmal medengelii a elsel tial tekoi. A dii utebengek er tiang a kmo tekmal betok er tirkal ngar Olbiil a di ousoibai ma lechub e techederir tirkal lousiobai el debodetuu ra siobai er tir e temeseked ra rechad ra rengodech el beluu loureor ra elsel. A ududir a kmal ngareiou e tir a kmal meses e kmal diak loumondai. Ma bocha leuaisei a omeruul eng kmal moungil er tir leng

1} Less tax and Salary to pay, and more work done which is a model of every business owner in this day and age. If anyone tells you that it's not true and that he cares for his own people than he/she is lying. He/She cares for his money more.

2) If OEK decides to raise minimum wage than it would have a domino effect that would ultimately trickle down to the domestic workers. In return they may have to pay more tax and more salary. Not good for their business.

If I was a leader in Palau. My first order of business is to gather all the business owners including banks. Set up a what you call giving back to the community trust fund and open the door to all Palauans who have lease or land in Palau but do not have the capitol to open up some kind of business. The government and the private sector have to work together and come up with a list of businesses that are needed in Palau today. With this list and the trust fund together with an auditor will be a tool to ensure that the money spent from this trust fund will be utilized to a specific projet. Once the project is done the owner and his family or clan will benefit from this and in return pay the trust fund for the next Palauan. It's a win win situatation that will benefit everyone not just a few.

It's just a dream, It's up to our leaders to make it happen otherwise I am just a fool with no education. Other than that I will still dream today, and tomorrow for a better Palau.

It never really bothered me before that our leaders were both running the country and running their own businesses. But now you start to see how their decisions are all based on profits, disguised as "economic development" or "other sources of income for when the compact money dries out."

It bothers me that "56 percent of all government expenditure" is from aid - translation for every dollar the govt spends on say salaries, 56 cents of it was begged from US, Japan or Taiwan. For every hour worked, 33.6 minutes of it will be paid with beggars money, and only 26.4 minutes is honest pay.

Wow! Sembuki,

Short simple and right on the bull's eye. Paint's the
whole picture of the end when the compact money dries out.

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