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April 20, 2007


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This news tells me that Taiwan has good intention in giving Palau developmental money.

It's our own leaders who are stealing these grant money "Dollar diplomacy". They are to blame, not Taiwan Government.

Very True.....Dollar D,

And it is sad and an embarassment to some of our honest leaders and to Palau as a Republic and a Member of United Nations.

ng locha kletus a ngilai.

A udoud a meral risel a klengit meng mlor aidisel a ikal ludoud ng locha di silebk el mor keltang!!!

WE ARE EATING OUR YOUNG! Our children, are our future. Our evil leaders are stealing money that could be used to create opportunities for our children. They are instead gorging themselves in the monies coming in. While they get fat our children have to leave to find opportunities elsewhere. Few will return. Our land is being taken over by foreigners. Our culture has been polluted that the way we practice our customs have become more of a hardship than beneficial. Traditional leaders have kept mum and allowed the bastardization of our customs to flourish. Our capitol building architectural design has no relevance to our culture, but more of kiss ass gesture to the US. It will drain money to upkeep. I call it our tombstone. Palau is morphing into a place where its own people can not afford to live there, and have to go abroad to make a decent living. What are the chances of a Palauan child born in Palau, educated in Palau, and finding a decent paying job in Palau? The money our leaders steal is meant for our future(children) WE ARE EATING OUR YOUNG!

I wonder how and where this so called aid or grant monies was deposited, perhaps to someone's commercial bank account? Because this category of monies is not considered public monies, it can be misused.
By public monies I mean those funds usually defined as appropriated by the budget. Govt. employees prosecuted for misappropriation or misuse of public funds tend to fall under this definition as well. Take for example some of the recent court cases involving some of our elected officials and their misuse of public funds.
So I am thinking that if this 27 million somehow fell under the control of any one public official, they probably cannot be prosecuted if it is misappropriated or misused because it does'nt fall under the definition of public monies.JMO

Delelgate Mariur authored or co-authored more than 40 bills this past year almost double the ammount of other Delegates excluding Delegate Toribiong. The issue he raises about the 27 million in grant/aid monies that is unaccounted for is irresponsible. Why? consider that not one of the bills he authored or co-authored remedies or addresses potential loopholes regarding the receipt of such monies. Palau is at a point where transpancy and accountablility should not be just buzz words but a requirement to ensure a just public financial management system. This system is usually defined by our constitution and the LEGISLATION governing the management of public monies. Note the word in caps, this is where Delegate Mariur's jurisdiction extends, so why is 27 million unaccounted for?


Bad news, Special Prosecutor Just returned from Manila after investigate One delegates 2xfelons, regarding extension of travel authorization.Big time spending for ??????? cost.

SP is really upset for HOD re-organization re-move fmr. speaker Mesabluu charged for civil suit and then putting new 2xtimes felon speaker Bells.

Court Order may have said that if Del. Bells violate any laws of the ROP he will go to Jail, I maybe wrong but let us wait a while. Let us hope I am wrong on this Court oRDER.

In the senate, Sen. Diaz was assigned to preside senate as OUT OF ORDER. Floorleader Alan Seid failed to lead senate so, VPres. Mlib. Especially, DEANO. They should not be compensated for $1,000/that session. Why? when Sen. Seid take trip to Bali for IPU the senate adjourn. They are violating PNC that regular sessions is called for 25 calendar days.

I hope Sen. Santy find tax payer to include his/her name in the suit to recover the funds unauthorized and spent by DEANO. Funds can be used for Medicines/medical referrals than for personal enrichment.

You decide and report.


Special Prosecutor found out the OEK increase the Ambassador rate from $200/day to $300/day in manner to include contgency funds. So, 10 days in Manila equal to $3,000.00.

Under HOD leadership, they increased President and others salary for what. I meant, what makes them deserve a salary increase. While President and other using governments cars, boats, fuel/oil, maintainace cost.

Del. Cio Isechal of Peleliu, claimed ROP does provide a housing but how much have President spent to remodel his home, walkway , boardwalk in the mangerove area. NO EQPB and Building Permit and Lease Agreement and dredging permit. EQPB fines President of $200.00.

Mr. Cionathan wake-up and draw a line to separate president benefits of $40,000 plus $55,000.00/year = $90,000.00. $200,000/year stimulus. We know you from First Hawaiian Bank, PNCC and PNDB "hurry-up hands".

CIO, work hard to make more benefits to Peleliuans this may be your last chance and out of HOD. Barret Bells Ridep is next Peleliu delegate.

Thanks Elabama,

For heads up on what is going. Can't wait for the next report...

good points neverdie, your observations are shared by many. joe, what is the reach that legislation has, who does the legislation direct to execute these laws, come on man, this rhetoric only brings us to the chicken and the egg dilemma. who is the only one in the government making sure this accountability comes to light? would you condemn the only voice for accountability? was not one of those bills proffered by the delegate the GAO? Government Accounting Office, but no, who vetoed that? if there is someone not doing what they are supposed to be doing it is the courts, art is all talk and no action, there are supposed to be three branches that check and balance each other, but when the oek and the exec speak of checks and balances they speak only of two branches, the courts are insignificant, they gots no balls, all they got is talk. bama was the sp sober when he stepped off the plane, lol, just funnin' the sp makes me crack up everytime i see him, doesn't he look like the penguin in batman movies, lol too funny, the info is all good though, thanks, but why barret for delegate, would you replace a theif with a drug pusher, a rechad ra beliliou a diak el sal remurt ra dd, lol, but then again






It has become clear now that corruptions exist in all levels of our government starting from the President to include several members of the OEK in both houses and possibly the AG as well.

We now know that the first lady withrew all her money from PSB b/f it went down which means the president knew about it too. But immideately after the demise of PSB, everyone came out looking troubled and very SURPRISE as if they didnt have any advance warning and knowledge of the incident.

While our corrupt senators play their foolish politics trying to buy time or misleading the public attention to other matters, the president proceeded to secure a loan from Taiwan for reimbursment purposes.

This I believe was only done to silent the public till he gets out of the office. Now we got $27.2 million missing and unaccounted for....what the HELL is going on?

Can somebody start a MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE and ORGANIZE group of citizens to hold the ELECTED FOOLS accountable for their MISDEEDS? We need DEMONSTRATE first PEACEFULY in front of the OEK, OFFICE of the PRESIDENT, MINISTER OF FINANCE, ATTORNEY GENERAL'S and SPECIAL PROSECUTOR!

If that doesnt accomplish our GOAL THEN WE MUST move on to SOMETHING ELSE!

2008 Election is around the corner and by far there aint none of our PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFULS CAN BE TRUSTED! All we got are these BUNCH OF RICH FOOLS WHO HAVE NO HEART FOR THE COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE BUT THEMSELVES! All they see is POWER and DOLAR SIGNS $$$. You GREEDY FOOLS!

SUBES eng kora kmal mlo kemanget.


Ng kmal lungil a ikal comment endi a mekngit el lukeroul a diak bol lungil ra merael el mei...Endi ngera meng kesoks a rengud sel lak er kid? Bol kesib a isngem mel bol ngar ngii a ungil sisbelel a klekerker er kau me mouspech er ngii el ngar ra ungil deu er reng lak mospech a diak el ngii a ungil a rolel el ludoud leng ng diak a dewil a rengum ng kmal di tal bung era clock ea uriul time e kemeral kurusii el diak ulebengelel,,,


Mrs. Larry Gaddard is managing Caroline Resort Hotel under Ketund Corporation, owned by Tim Tauton, Jay Gobble and Johnny Reklai. Larry Gaddard were involved with Pacific Savings BNK and his wife withdrew her savings befor closing the bank.

Attorney General Beattie and his wife with different last name worked together in the office of AG. She is assigned to FIB office, two different last names qualified them to work in the same AG office.

Ed Carter former PNCC manager is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OTV and Rollem Productions. Kassie Berg former Legal Counsel for senate 6th OEK may have conspire to create their business and continued to New manager Todd Houseman. They paved the way for Kassie and her husband to get TV equipments at lower bidding price for Houseman.

THe PNCC-Ed Carter, Todd Houseman and PPUC-Peavey and Cassie Berg are all
from Florida State conspiring to raid, rape, used, abused Palau/Palauans kids in way they can for personal enrichment.


Nice to see you back. Have you check " the blil a rekung" just incase some people deserve to stay in there for awhile? Take care and may God bless us all..


In another words, the president took this loan for him and his buddies,when all this time we thought it was to pay the depositors and to revive the PSB?

And may I ask, has any of the (PSB's) former employee, and these 'exalted' depositors been charged, if so, what's the punishment?

It is obvious that the president is covering up something while milking the cow. What does he care, this is his last term anyway.

The people have a choice, either to stop him or sit back and watch him humiliate our country. Where are the real leaders? Keep in mind that even the president and his wife ARE NOT ABOVE The Lawa! and I believe that they and their clonies should be prosecuted!

If you have to, take it on the street!


Hello Elabama,
Some of the statements made seem far fetched, I know there are rumors and you just report them for us to decide but, this is what I know, from documents I've seen.
First, I don't think it is illegal to work in the same government office with the last name the same as someone else, I don't think it is even illegal for married people to work in the same government office.
Second, I've seen the FIAC and extension for Roll'Em and Ed Carter is not listed as CEO, if listed at all.
Third, the PNCC IFB for the video production equipment followed policy, this is documented, please check.
Fourth, the Florida State conspiracy theory is a hard one when only one of the four is actually from Florida, one is from Texas and one is from Kansas, as the newspapers have printed, Ed is currently in NM, his boat is in Florida though if that makes it any easier to make him a raider and raper of used and abused Palauan kids for personal enrichment.
I usually use an alias for this blog, but this is just so unreal I had to post using my identifiable account. It is not constructive to spread rumors and even more destructive when these rumors are started with lies.
A le meral ngar ngii ra rengum lolngeseu em kititii a tekoi el mo ungil uchei ra omoluches, a llak ker di mo ua betok el di omiou meng mo diak a oumerang er kid.

I would like to put my comments again and again. I think its about time that us people (citizens) should practice our rights. Lets not just sit back and bla bla bla and watch things go by. These higher officials have learned that no matter how they play their games and create more corruptions for their gain, us citizens just sit back and do nothing. I feel proud for Imelda Nakamura when she started the recall for Mr. Diaz last year and I think thats a very good lesson to us all that even if your beab or rekung, engdi ngarngii a lemeltem el fight for what you believe in and should be done. I think its about time we do something, instead of just sitting and watch them play their games. Its seems that Belau a kloklir and that the citizens has no say or right on anything. I think its about time that we the citizens do something about these corruptions by removing these bastard out of office than just sitting and watching them play mind games during sessions or Presidents address.

I think we should start it early. Starting today. Those who are in Palau can start by contacting those leaders who are for transparency, against government corruption, and misuse of public funds to start with placed billboards around the island with a message from concerned citizens. On weekends we can have a sit in on the front lawn of OEK with our messages. 2008 is just around the corner. So if we could start now, we should have enough time to get the message out to our leaders and concernd citizens. By then we should be able to vote with one voice and turn the government and the leadership back to the people.


I think (Mosisecheklak) is righ folks. I think we should start doing something. Let us not wait till the worst comes worst. I think the people should start excersising their rights. Lets not just sit or chat on the net discussing these corruptions. We should start doing something. This country is for us all not for the politicians only. Of course, we voted them but if we see that they are not fit or do not abide by what they told us during their compains, we remove them. I've learned some of these politicians only do sweet talks during compains to gain your vote but onced they earned it, they forgotten about you.


I have learned that over the years about one weaknesses that some of us have. We tend to gossip more than being straigt forward especially voicing our opinions and fight for our wants and needs. We are too worried about what people say or might do to us instead of believing in ourselves. We tend to let opportunities go by instead of trying them out and see for ourselves. Most of us are too insecure and most of the times,their insecurities comes from worriying too much about other people's point of view. This refers to whats been going on. Some of our leaders do not care because they know that most of the time, people will just talk and do nothing. Lets not just sit or hide in the corners and let our country fall from the hands of these deceiving leaders. Its about time that we do something. This country is ours, not for only few people. Benefits comming into Palau as grants all palauans.

These deceiving leaders have earned alot from them and plus they have secured their childrens future with some of these money while we are struggling to provide a paycheck for our families and our childrens future.

Did you guys know about this????

It appears that Palau is receiving grant from other countries left and right like this one from India supposedly to "advance sustainable needs and development for the island".... so do we know how it was spent???? Here's a clip from Ambassador Beck's website for your reading pleasures. Alii tia $100K! It may not be much but they add up just like the $27.2mil that's unaccounted for.

"Ambassador Stuart Beck Expresses Appreciation to India for Support

Feb 23, 2007 -
Ambassador Stuart Beck Expresses Appreciation to India for Support

NEW YORK, NY—February 7, 2007, India pledged a grant of $100,000 to advance the sustainable and developmental needs of the Republic of Palau. India provided the grant as a development partner to the members of the Pacific Island Forum (PIF). The announcement was earlier made by India during the 33rd Pacific Island Forum in Nadi, Fiji last year. His Excellency, Stuart Beck, Palau’s Ambassador to the UN met H.E. Ambassador Mr. Nirupam Sen, of India to personally thank him and his government for their generosity and their support for Palau’s initiatives in the United Nations.

Ambassador Beck stated: “On behalf of the Republic of Palau, I wish to thank H.E. Mr. Nirupam Sen, his government and the people of India for their generosity. Your kindness will go along way in reaffirming the already warm and friendly relationship we share with India. Your country has not only helped Palau meet the sustainable needs of its people, India has proven to be strong supporter of Palau’s initiatives and interests within the United Nations, and for this we see India as an key ally and a true friend of the Republic.”

Ambassador Beck added: “India is a rising global power whose vibrant culture, rich history, robust democracy, and growing economy has enabled this dynamic country to play a greater role in the international community. And as a founding member of the United Nations, India has made major contributions to the growth and development of the UN as an international forum for peace and security in the world.”

We are going to change Palau. We have to be optimistic about our future. With Palau’s widespread, ubiquitous corruption culture, we certainly cannot sit idle and allow corrupted leaders to destroy us financially and morally. We are doing our best to use the media and this blog to exposé corruption, wickedness and evilness within our democratic system. These greedy leaders were probably stealing monies from the government because they had held higher echelon positions before becoming elected public officials.

We can talk about what we need to do until we are blue in the face but it seems that nothing is going to happen. When can we the(people) rise up to voice our concerns?

They have used their powers to misguide us and at the sane tune find ways illegally to benefit themselves and their loved ones. We need leaders who are going to change the course of what has become of our island.. I think, people like you and me has to go beyond our secured life and voice our opinion for the sake of others. Adang.

We can talk about what we need to do until we are blue in the face but it seems that nothing is going to happen. When can we the(people) rise up to voice our concerns?

They have used their powers to misguide us and at the sane tune find ways illegally to benefit themselves and their loved ones. We need leaders who are going to change the course of what has become of our island.. I think, people like you and me has to go beyond our secured life and voice our opinion for the sake of others. Adang.

I would like to see President Remengesau, all OEK Senators and Delegates and Ministers investigated for possible corruption or any other wrong doings. I will not be surprised to see more illegal activities surface during an impartial, thorough and speedy investigation conducted by the Public Auditor Office in tandem with US Congress’ GAO.
We cannot function as a nation with too many questionable dealings with Taiwan and and too many criminals representing us in our government I hate to be called a nation of thieves.

"Some people rob you with a six-shooter, some with a fountain pen." -Woody Guthrie

Yes, I totally agree with you. We cannot talk and just do nothing. Our country needs us to intellectually talk about issues and expose corruption that we need to know to correct our democratic system to serve us well.

We are doing our share by informing others about our perceptions and ideas concerning problems plaguing our nation. As you know, there are a plethora of things that we can do to change things back home. I feel , however, that it would take me awhile to enumerate things to be done by you, others, me ( I need to write a long essay on this subject if I would be convincing and persuasive.).

Let me say, nevertheless, some few words about our strategies and tactics to change our government.

We need some things to happen: implement campaign election laws to ban barbecue or other feeding activities before and during elections, end all campaign financing by candidates, scrutinize all candidates background, establish an ombudsman office, requires the public auditor office to publish their reports in the media, encourage the media to be impartial and report all embezzlement, fraud, forgery or any other corruption, etc. ask the media to be responsible by educating and informing the public about any important social, political, and economic issues, demand the president and his/her Minister of Justice to enforce all laws fairly, equally and justly, elect new faces to join the good ones in the OEK and other national and local elective offices, be responsible citizens by writing, reporting or talking issues with others, etc.


You have put it right simple words. Since, October 1, 1994 when achieved our Independent island nation. The leaders from executive branch have spent and over spent even with budget authority they benefited for themselves.

Then, comes Taiwan with "dollar diplomacy" and "stimulus" only two leaders have benefited the most like Marshallese leaders.

FYI, Big Al used KB Queen to transport his materials from Koror to Ngaraard and returned with former president local materials. He was charge for violating Code of Ethics, transporting his materials for enrichment/personal gains. Former President was not charge.

Former governor of Ngiwal was charge for spending state funds and lost his lands from his dad. Ngiwal have not paid him back.

Court system or justice is not consistent. Especially, hearing chiefs title dispute then found them both OCHELL to stop there. All parties have spent over $60,000.00.
Is that a high profile corruption?

Lawyers have been desciplined by new law limiting them from charging no more than 25% but before Atty. David Shadel collected legal fees of $7,000.00 for $350.00 check returned. Question? How much did our government earned for using Judges, court room, utilities, parkings, staffs, ect???????

Land Court allowed claimants to claim his lot more than what is in the Daicho Map. BLS used the "term more or less". i.e. high official bought land in Ngaraard of 7,000 sq. mtr. but he monumented of additional 30,000 sq. mtr. from state public land. Land court awarded him certificate of title at Youbeluu.

At Chol hamlet, LCourt awarded hamlet plus to heir used sketch map an attorney. My question? Is i this robbery???? In Guam surveyors, attorney and real estate were prosecuted for stealing lands force documents.

Ombudsman is soft person with good heart from Ngkeklau. I never heard of report through his office. Probably lack of understanding or training for this top job.

Thank you ..


Ollei, plis check ED Cart website.

Yes, all writer are right and FYI, Sen. Diaz and Mlib held RCTD hearing. And I tell you that you and many Palauans defend whiteman. Please, wake up and learn how to protect our country. Please start to learn how detect whitemen's brain washing your Palauan brains.

former PNCC manager Stout, Carl were relased due to their arrogant who told members of the Board marons "kebelung". They were caught awarding the bids his former company to purchasing over $100,000 computers.

Please investigate to protect our PNCC.



I strongly beleive that the President of Palau is involved with some forms or shapes of illegal activities, but he may be getting away with them. Why Del. Mariur was replaced while voicing some concerns about the president office expenses and Taiwan Dollar Diplomacy money, among other questionable fanancial practice by the president. Why Del. Mesebeluu was dethroned by Bells with the help of the president. This issue will not end here today: it will resurface from now on.

Hello Elabama,
Yes, I was there at the RCTD Hearing, which was more the other way around because they were not hearing very much from PNCC, they seemed to have made up their minds and wanted PNCC to do as they were saying.
And, FYI, I am no Tonto or Friday...I am not the defender of the whiteman, they do very well at that themselves, I just wanted to let you know that PNCC is a locally (public, is the word used) owned and predominantly locally operated corporation with only about 6% other nationalities as employees.
I also volunteer my time to help OTV assisting in local programs, at Roll'Em for any one time there is a production, half the staff is Palauan, mostly younger people gaining experience and skills in the production of tv programming.
So you may view my comments as coming from someone who has been brainwashed, but please take the time to read the other posts where there is a call for action. What action are you taking to address the deterioration of the Palauan in Palau? Other than bad mouthing people...Udellei, moluches a tekoi el sebeched el sumechokl e llak di dongesbereber ra kboub el mla mo bechachas ra chetul a klengoes...meaning, lets not paint a dirty wall, to remove the dirt

I wonder what is the Presidents next lie about this loss fund claim.

I have heard a news that he even receives money from some of these Taiwanese investors that wants to start their investments/business in Palau. (This news came from a closest person to him)...

Why do you think he gets all these expensive gifts from Taiwan and as a cover up he puts as a ngeseu to the government.

Let the investigation on the fund be processed because this is country is not for him and his family only. It is ours.


Ollei, you are good guy but Ed Carter and Todd Houseman are far knowledgeable than you. I don't mind you get mad at me. I had some experienced whitemen lawyers and I knew them well. FYI, like AGs and Larry GodDard and most of them looking at us as stupid and black marons. Although, you still need more time to learn and by the time yu find out> It's to late.

Do enjoy but keep watching them. Even President and OEK members are not good enough to defend our island independent country.

Jokes: Lawyers, Noyers and Laiyers you choose. Our educated beloved brothers and sisters who learned from USA are thinking like them I hope you're not.

I am proud Palauan and I had done my part. FYI, I dedicated my life in public services and I had a chances to remove all whitemen from our PNCC and PPPUC and other offices. I fought for my people.

Sorry and sulang.

What is happening to the Mariur Report?

Is the AG or the SP going to take some action?

Now we can see why the President wanted a quick reorganization of the House, to conceal a criminal act!

I smell a rat too Patrick. One wonders why all of a sudden Mariur was removed without a good explanation. If I may, what has been done to the former employees of PSB? Will they serve time at all? One could go on and on.

We all should have learned from the fate of late Senator Reklai (may he rest in peace). That you can only go so far. Ngdi a Obechad a dital bolmedinges.


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