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April 20, 2007


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Show the Teachers, the Law Officers, public Utility workers, Hospital workers, Farmers, Fishermans, Dock workers, All Govermnet workers who are working under this administration that their bi-weekly checks are not sufficient for the cost of living in Palau. And that you are going to do something about it first before you start thinking about raising your own salary.


i thought we were kinda low on money, but i guess i was wrong.

but yes, you should all give yourselves a raise. i really hope at least one of you, our esteemed leaders, reads this and shares it with the rest.

with the spectacular job you all have done, it really is about time to give yourselves a raise. in a small nations of a over 20 thousand people, i'm glad every citizen is well fed, kids are educated with up to date books, and our economy and financial flow are being responsibly managed so our future is stable.

i am so glad we have self-less, law abiding, honest, hardworking public servants like you guys. this raise has been a really long time coming!

just look back at the last 10 years( heck, 15 years even!), our island has come really far from constant blackouts, rickety roads, sub-par public education...and we owe it all to you guys for your hard work!

a raise is definitely what you guys need for a job well done.

actually, go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back as well.

go on.

you deserve it!!

Ea Belau a meral chebulang le kom meral chormam el losiik a angari era rechad era Politics el doluches er tir el momtechei er kid lolngeseu er kid a bai obiteklang meke de angar a ududir ekid el miluches er tir a meral di mechitang el diak dengai a angarii Common, people kid a di diul di chad le blebelel a rubak el Dios diak a klekakerous er kid le rasch el remurt era bedenged a di osisiu a iro er ngii...Kede kuk ngar ru riul era beluu era YAP...


You contradict yourself..
"Kede kuk ngar ru riul era beluu era YAP..."

Have you been to Yap lately?

In the future let's not belittle our brothers and sisters..as you had written, "kid a di diul di chad le blebelel a rubak el Dios diak a klekakerous er kid le rasch el remurt era bedenged a di osisiu a iro er ngii..."
Atleast, they can be proud of saying they're Yapese. They're not so gripped by the greed that has taken hold of our Island nation. We are All God's Children. Happy Earth Day to you all.

The demoke is really greener on the otherside of the fence. Can you smell the skunk? The gall this guys have for raising they're salaries now, as if PSB wasn't enough. They Raped the people in the "$# with their under the table moves and now tagged-teamed; the blindfolds are off and their doing it again. "Who cares? we are out in about a year! Let's milk it for as much as we can!!!" The Exec taketh and he giveth. In the General Election we voted to limit their terms and now they are yanking each other on top of the table while we stand with gaping mouths in awe. Leaders, mo'lungul eya tolchoi a di'kya mo eral a tul. The nation is a marriage between it's people and it's leaders. This is out right evidence for a divorce. This marriage is lapsided. Mla obar a chad, eyak ngu a tik e toubed. Voters--Ice Cream is sweet and cold but can't last a moment in the Sun and has no nutritional value. Stop! eh bom kelii ongral ma odom leng klo a nutrition er ngii and will hold you to the next meal.

honest..I'm not crazy, I'm pi$$3d off. komeng ra language. Ak kekerel chad el mla mo embarrassed ra leaders ra beluak. You know, I see a lot press about the good things that Palau is doing.. a whore wears a lot of lipstick, but that's how a whore gets paid. After a while the "goods" loose their integrity, but we are stuck in the same profession. Please, change the profession.
Demoke-grassy rules!!!!

Demoke-grassy!! The grass roots compaign to bring Palau back to the People!

I hear you loud and clear Bartsimpelton!

Another "Do what I say, but not what I do" Administration! Just look the the Bush Administration, it is a lame duck because the people expressed their dissapointment in his leadership through their votes. And, we the Belauans can do likewise!



Hon. Kalistus Ng. had good reason to discuss the new HOD leadership and organization. He joined the the majority's position to call for resignation to all HOD staffs. He immediately, wanted to Mr. Warren Umetaro to resign because of his interest to run against Del. Kalistus in 2008 for Aimeliik Seat in HOD.

In addition, Speaker Bells who hired Attorney Imelda Nakamura, now asking her to resign in 60 days. Because of her legal opinion about "$200,000 dollars diplomacy given to Pres.Tommy for Presidential Expenses.
It looks like Speaker Bells is new puppet of Pres. Tommy. he heh hehe, akoi.

I hope so,Omtikl because tirka ousbech el kmo kedemekebelung. I hope and pray that we can choose our leaders wisely next time.

What happen with the funds that Melekeok state building has been cited for "double funding" Are the people really living peacefully and orderly, according to the leaders? I doubt it. It is more like, you do what we say or else...

My questions is this, how can these people sleep at night? Oh, I forgot, alcohol is their sleeping aid..


Akoi is right. Their actions is ridiculous and they don't deserve to be called Honorable this and that. They are all "tatach"

I would rather call any old rubak in our island "honorable" because they certainly deserve it. Oh no, not these so called leaders now. I better pause for now and go swimming because my brain cells are diminishing at a faster rate when I think about these "tatach" leaders.

Elchak mochung. A president Tommy Remengesau Jr ma Minister Elbuchel Sadang ma Governor Ulechong angara osisiu el bilas. Sel bel cholt ra buai eng meklou a uldesuir ma lomdasue el kirel a beluu ea debeltid ekedomes ra rechad ra kmung ker el melecherakl a seng ra kmung ngera raikal dengki basira el kid arechad er belau a ulemechar, metousbech aikal bladebechar el dengki basira el kuk meruul a business er tir ra side. Te meral Mecheblad, maika mlirir el Lexus el donation ra taiwang ma computer el mora school el donation ra taiwang ete ngmai alekong donation er tir el mera beluu re belau. Ngak a mal kuk ngara tal bilas ma Jackson Ngiraingas, ng meral melekoi a llemalt el tekoi. Ngkal daitorio a mal merrau, ma minister, ma rokui'l chad el osisiu a udesiur, te merrau ekid el bebil rarechad re belau a meral chuarm el di mesuk a 400 ra 2 weeks e sechelei, ea eral klalou a di ngara reba...etir bechal lolai a raise... tial deruchall el omngiluu e daitorio a kirem el lilekong loba beltik el reng el mora rechad ra beluam ma beluam el rokir. Di bomodengei el kmo aki mal mla metirm ra idisel a mekngit el teletael el kimorrenges eng merael ra elsel belau el kau ia uchul endi olebo ngera eldechulel, diak a skulek ma deruchellek el , mo mtikel a rokui'l tekoi e mo metik era sel meral omoruul er ngii, mengdi ikaikid endi aika di me emolt eruriul, endi ki rokui'l medengei el kmo kou bail a deel endi alii ke mo kerkikl e daitorio....



These guys are true poiticians. Temeduch el meruul a tegoi, e change their actions el mereched, depending on who is around. Tomes ra situation e meduch el adopt el benefit themselves mar families er tir. Madomdasu el kmo, tirka ngeramteuaisei, engdiak el sebeched el mo understand, leng tirka ngodech a atama er tir.

Meng kired el mesuub el mo smart er tir, leng kid oba klisiich sel mei el senkio. Adeluut el melilt ra rechad el uaitirkang ekedemeral mesa belau elmoua oles el ngarngii akmal ungil besrir markmal chebuul. Tia di uchelel, engii a merael el mo kmal meringel rar bebir ra rechad ma chelbuul adesal mo mesang. Medekaingeseu el mesiulii tial beluad el mo belulir ar betok el chad leng ar beldeked a ulemdasu el uaisei. Adang


are we going to just sit and watch these things happen?

Who can we turn to? It feels like Palau had turned into "Gotham City". Holly toledo, where's Batman?

Hi there all :)

It is very interesting how the gov't is putting bills to raise their own wages... when even gas is above the minimum wage, most needed things in the store are 2x more than the minimum wage.

Again it comes down to where they are only gaining, not providing. Is the community so less of the thinking that they are turning a blind eye and think for oneself?

JFK's saying, "Think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"... has now been extened to where it is now broken. Politicians in this case are not thinking about the country but thinking for themselves.

There are so many many well educated Belauans... and yet the elected people into office are the bussiness owners, who in the first place think of their bussiness first and how it will the laws/taxes will effect them... and not think about the people... Yes! where is Batman! or that Knight in Shining Coconut Oil Armor! Those selfless people who fight for the people... where are they?!?

I do not understand too... Belauan President is going to make 75k while the USA President is like making 100k+... for a small nation, smaller than the smallest state in the US, Belau is going to compensate the President that much??? or raise officials wages that much??? Where is the improvement in the community? We hear that monies have been misused within the gov't and yet bills are passed to compensate the chair holders, what is going on?


Politics is brewing into a dangerous point in Palau as we speak.

Do you think something like what happened in Fiji last December can happen here at home`? I`m saying this because Palau is leaderless now. And the Mob had taken over our government.

The politicians have to hold public hearings to justify their pay raises¡

Let's wait to hear what the Chamber of Commerce has to say about this.

The people who need the raises the most are the nurses, teachers, the cooks, the folks who sweep our streets, and those receiving social security.

President Remengesau and the first lady left this weekend again to the great $ ally of People's Republic of Taipei, Taiwan.

I guess the pay raise of himself, vice president and, of course, his cabinet members are up and coming...let's wait for the announcement next week on his weekly "pressure" conference every wednesday with executive government PIO aka Senator Diaz. Ng liluut el mo melai aikel dirk medechel el derngel a udoud.

Warren Umetaro for Aimeliik state delegate in '08....Best of luck to Delegate Ngirturong!

Please let's not go to where Delegate Bells (HOD Speaker) is taking us. Blind leading the blind - I don't tink tink so.

Uaisei, e ngikul! Warren Umetaro for aimeliik,2008.
ak blechoel di melatk ra tekoi el kmo,a cheldechedechal a Belau ra uchelel el mei a kmo,a ngeremlengui,melekeok,oreorma imeliik a ngelekel a milad, ea imeliik a di mlo imol redil. meng blechoel ngarngii a klakebosech ra uldasu, engdi diak e lokor tirkaikid el tedei e lodam me ngikal imol lochederir el ngarngii sel mekreos ra rengrir el kasebechakl. ma uchul ma beluu ra imeliik a diak a ngerang el mla meketmokl er ngii,e bai melai ra mo blil a komi el mong, a delegate adi mekiis ra tutau edi omes ra btil a kerbou el mo klebesei.elechang eng teloi er tial beches el org. ra HOD, meng medengei el kmo a urrerir ng merael bedul ker?a lechub eng kuk di omeksekd el soal a attention?!!!!

good point bartsimpleton!!

i still don't see any good reason to increase the compensation of the President, VP and the cabinet members. i think there are more well- deserving people in the public sector who need a raise such as teachers, police officers, doctors and nurses. these hard-working people do not succumb despite such dire circumstances they are sometimes put in. they are over-worked and under-paid and could use a couple thousand dollars in raise.

The People should NOT be afraid of their Government, the Government should be AFRAID of the People.

I dont quite see whats the purpose of raising salaries for those who have benefited from our government MONEY. Most of these people that are mentioned for a salary increase are not like most of us that are "udelang el mengerker" but still our salary is not enought to provide for our daily living and at the same time afford these high taxes increase that these lawmakers have set. I believe that it would be fair if they raise the salary from the least paid GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES before they move to the highest.



I firmly believe that there should be the government’s across the board salary reduction, definitely not a single salary raise for anybody in the executive branch. We cannot afford to pay more salary raises; we are a small country depending on the Compact funding and other foreign aid to keep us afloat. We may not be able to renegotiate the Compact funding in 2009 because we already have our Compact Trust Fund invested for us after 2008. We have to learn how to use our funding wisely, to be prepared to run our government efficiently ourselves, and to end our tendency to be a beggar sovereign state.
We need to institute a hiring freeze for a while, to privatize some departments, to merge or close some departments, to eliminate the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, to enforce the existing merit system, and all other cost reduction measures. We have to have guts and take some actions to eliminate waste in Palau.

Well HOD, Kom kuk mla kolii a kelel a beab el Cheese? Ngera chised er tial salary raise (a wukl). Taing mekerang?

Why don't you put some of that money for Education, hospital, public safety and other entities that does not meet the expectation of all citizens.

Why don't you increase the salary of those whose hands are getting sore and rought during the day, while you guys just sit and get the credibility and recongnition for those work they did.

Why don't you put some of the money for hospital equipments so when we go there, we can get diagnosed for the right illness/sickness.

Why don't you spend on our childrens school.
-facility improvements
-activity facilities
-learning materials and tools.
-lunch program, especially food that meets proper nutrition.

Why don't you put some on road maintenance so we do not have to spend money on new tires 5 times a year.

I'd put it this way...

Its a last effort to increase his wage before he leaves the office. That way he'll have extra for the rest of the years to come.

Rumor has it that the SP is after speaker JUMPING Toni Bells again. Jumping Toni apparantley went to PI for some conference and while there went to a medical check-up and ended up extending his stay. Further, he also extended is TA expenses and SP is after his sculp now for using the Govt as an insurance company to pay his medical bills.

Rechad ra Ngaraard,

Kuk ngera chised era Special Prosector mengkuk mocha omangech era Del./Spkr. Bells. Omolalm obo moriidm. Mea Speaker Isaac Bai joined Mad and Governor telling Bells to join the minority to join President Tommy. The very next thing Speaker Bells did fired Atty. Imelda Bai Franz. Did Spkr. Bell totally commited to serve President Tommy.

Spkr: Bells first agenda was to raise/increase salary for President Tommy. Yes, I agreed with Pres. Tommy because he is smarter then Bels and the new HOD majority.

If, the bill passed in senate, President Tommy is well calculated/planned to retire at age of 52, severd 8 years as president who earn 8 years of stipend at $75,000.00/year until reach age of 60 years old. Then, retire at 60 to earn highest or 60% of $75,000.00 =$30K plus/year.
Although, President is his last less than 2 years and he forgot his grassroots supporters/voters but more to planning for himself and family. I like him for smartness above all.

Speaker Bells is dead man walking and talking. Bola bola.

Chairman Mario and Bells joined in committee hearing with MOF.

Super Mario at PSB and Bells ConCon2 went to hell ask if Satan cannot lie?????? These two delegates were not aware of their actions. Mario was very instrumental of having National government to deposit funds to PSB and did he took advantages to get undocument security for Half millions loan. So, as Angaur state funds one strong Okdemaol ra Ngerbelau can claimed he took funds to PSB then lost. So,how can we trust these two delegates.????
Alii, Ometikl are following??

You decide.
Wow Wow Wee..

Good News,

Anyone out there, can you/we find out who? is the high ranking traditional leader who REFUSED $100K from foreign investor?

Please, allow me to thank him as true traditional leader. Before we found him out.

I know one traditional leader who died in good heart without any bribery while he was in public offices for over 60 years.
He once said , as traditional chiefs a Rubak goes to Abai with bettlenut /bagpurse and rerurned home with the same bag/purse.


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