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April 24, 2007


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I admire you delegate Isechal for taking the stand to lead the way in "demonstrating the true meaning of such transparency" This action on your part not only will ease the anxiety of the people but will clear your conscience. If indee, this is your true intention.

We need leaders like you who still believe in truth and fairness which is required of you. Please encourages some of your colleagues to partake this stand that you have taken. Adang!

Peleliu Del. Cio Isechal has changed from being a criminal to an extraordinary citizen. But his fate will be decided by that state voters this coming general election. Can he survive politically so that he could continue his service to Peleliu? Remember he has a good collection of criminal convictions.

Good job on his part though e Nairo.
Even with a backround with criminal convictions he managed to think and propose a valid, reasonable and I think a very important
rule for the HOD and all OEK to adhere to. At leasr his doing something towards
a transparent OEK we all want and would like to see sometimes soon.

The OEK has been inundated with misuse of govt. funds and or outright fraudulent actions by its memebers. This rule if it does exist should be implemented as Del. Isechal proposes, if as he says, the members are serious about a transparent OEK.
It does though begs the question of why now? and why
has this House Procedural Rule not been implemented?
Did the members know they had this rule to adhere to or not?

Our OEK has been playing catch up at every turn..
Seems they're slow to realize reality. To plan for tomorrow. They've been breaking Noah's rule..You build the ark before the flood not after..:)

Anyways hope this one rule
is implemented and we begin to see a true transparent OEK..Hope.


Would it be appropriate for the oek to make such request to the members of executive first, whereas TR will then propose same request to members of Olbiil ?
In circumstances, both houses have entertained us for quite sometimes.
An inference for our kids to see the relationship between transparency -
Check & Balance.
Unlike us voters, whose agenda is being implemented.
No wonder, a new face, new vision is such ??????????????

Willingness to change is a strength, even if it means plunging part of the company into total confusion for a while."

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