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April 03, 2007


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What goes around, comes around. Hope this will be a lesson learned for everyone. Think before you act, simple as that. Good day you all.


Kid a rechad er Belau a meral mekedung, Our Delegates get convicted of Felony and sentenced but no one or no law prohibit them from continuing as elected public servant. Our famous talk show host and Honorable Senators get convicted for assaulting a private citizen and yet no one really cares. Lets look at this case in a different prespective. Let's say this guy from Ngatpang beat up the two Honorable Senators. I bet it would be a national incident. The guy would wish his death, or worse would expirence hell on earth wouldn't you say. The Honorable Senator Seid and Senator Diaz a dimlak a history er tir el mengelbed ra rechad. Tebai di mlengilt el mo Senators e mocha mengelebed ra rechad. A rechad ra Congress a urelir el meruul a Llach ngdiak el loltaut a llach. If they are truly dedicated and responsible leaders they would have referred the matter to the proper authority that night. Instead, they took the law into their own hands, in other words they represent Legislative Branch and at the sametime became the Executive Branch and Judiciary Branch of our government. People of Palau trusted in them and voted them to represent our interest and to uphold our constitution. Senator Diaz and Seid, and Delegate Bells, among many should know better, Please resign from your post, Your disgrace to the whole Republic of Palau.

I think that's a pretty low sentence they have given Diaz, If it was set for a civilian or any other citizen of Palau, I know it would had been much greater than a fine and com.service, seems to me that favortism was taken place in Justice..
make him earn them 20hrs at the Sewer Plant , shovel the shits and clean the pipes, and let him feel how it feels to be talked about unrespectfully in his own radio station..aika oikel.!

I think that's a pretty low sentence they have given Diaz, If it was set for a civilian or any other citizen of Palau, I know it would had been much greater than a fine and com.service, seems to me that favortism was taken place in Justice..
make him earn them 20hrs at the Sewer Plant , shovel the shits and clean the pipes, and let him feel how it feels to be talked about unrespectfully in his own radio station..aika oikel.!

I agree with Mada. It seems as if OEK is a halfway house, housing a bunch convicted felons who try to do good by pretending to serve the public.

"Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly for the same reason".

Would it NOW be appropriate to name the Senate Majority the "FIGHT CLUB"??

The Palau Election Commission should then make it a pre-requisite for eligibility for OEK Senate and Delegate positions to have at least one criminal conviction - felony/misdemeanor.

Again, drunk on arrogance and blatant disregard for the rule of law. No matter what the courts' ruling is. In any other country, we would have riots. But we are too nice.


I think we are starting another "Chin Episode". Where these same "majorities" won't abide by the law, even after the Court rulling.

Just curious, is it really worth it to have the existance of the OEK in our Government?



I think we are starting another "Chin Episode". Where these same "majorities" won't abide by the law, even after the Court rulling.

Just curious, is it really worth it to have the existance of the OEK in our Government?



I think we are starting another "Chin Episode". Where these same "majorities" won't abide by the law, even after the Court rulling.

Just curious, is it really worth it to have the existance of the OEK in our Government?


Sualel a Madachelbai,

Plis let me show some records for Sen. Alan, He is a millionaire, he fought many guys in Palau whle Sen. Diaz was well trained to kill enemies at US Army for 23 years.

Sen. Seid, recent action, he beaten up a small kid at Koror Elementary School, beaten up a Filipino near Surangel and Sons super market.

Diaz beaten up his wives, children, Bangladeshi worker, Australian Navy, and Rehart Rechirei. Do you know how many people killed in Viet Nam war and DMZ-dividing North and South Korea. He was charged for domestic violence/beaten his ex-wifesssss. He spitted Ms. Ann Glass.

Okay bye bye bye.....

There has always been doubts whether Mr. Diaz has what it takes to be a statesman. His behavior removes all of those doubts. Why do we keep voting for him? His relationship with the voters reminds me of men who frequent the house of ill repute. Sometime they acquire a "love rash" during their visits, but nevertheless they keep going back. Do Palauan voters have a "love rash" relationship with Mr. Diaz?

Not "love rash", more like "ohhh, lets seee what Sen. Diaz is gonna do next?" Palau's society is driven by gossip and who did this and that. Sen. Diaz is like an amature actor working with the big boys making an a%& while us, the people, sit back and make fun about it.


Diaz a di MILATECH A BOES di mlak a tal chad el lokodir.


Kemeral mesaul ya kmla obes ertilchang. Chochoi, Ngikang a meral blelbak erngii ruriuel a Lieutenant US Armry era DMZ lomii era North ma South Korea. Lt. a mlo tngeyong erar soldau nglubet a subelngir a staff sargeant Diaz was in-charge. Lt. a ngiluu lodureklii elmora Honolulu. Diaz ma bechil redil era Korea ma ngelekir sechal mlo check-in era airport. Diaz adi ngilai passport ertir e chemiis ertir a dimlengiil el mlo betok el sikang elmo medengei elkmo Diaz a mla emiis el merael.

Ngmlebak, leng meral milatech a bosir arebuik ngeduch, hispanic, white american. Saisei. Ngikang etil a ungil redil , betok aududel, etil a redil mellomes arengul e ngarbab a urerel. Ngikang a kmal beketertord, bengesngasech a rengul elua redil, soal sechelirir a ngarbab e betok ududir el sechal. Mali kemo kerkikl erngii engmol tomelau. Ngdirrek el kmal soal lou sengk ma lechub eng chou tip era rebuik.

Mada, aikang a kungkungiyang.



I am reading your comments, and I do not know what to say. I have no problem with Sen. Diaz, except his criminal history. He has to learn how to lead by example. So far he has failed miserably and terribly in this department. He is also not a good role model for our country's young people. He likes to commit fallacies, especially ad hominem or poisoning the well tactics when involving in political
dicourse or discussion. This last one is not Mr. Diaz' forte: it is his foible point.

Kid a rechad adingarngii a kngtid ma boror er kid. Meng diak lungil a omosaud er tiang. Mosaud aikel kuk chetim er ngii er chelechal ngara senate, and leave his personal issues along.

Take a load off your shoulder, and taste some of Angaur's "demok" which I'm drooling as I think about it. Take it easy!!!

This is what happens when we elect an uneducated,
crass, uncivilized yahoo to office...

Diaz is a very good example of who NOT to elect this coming election year.

Choose wisely all or we will be here 2 years from now bemoaning another Diaz like yahoo embarrassing themselves and their constituents with sophomoric
tantrums and antics.

Choose wisely...choose someone who actually does posess an original thought process and does use it for the betterment of all.

Diaz in his tenure so far as a senator has not one,,not ONE,, idea that has become a law to benefit
Palau...NOT ONE IN 3 Years in office.

Instead he's been found guilty of criminal activiteis and behaviors unbecoming of a senator.

Choose Wisely..your future, our future, our childrens future rests on your choices
next election.



Since, he does not allow us to his WWFM Radio to rebat/explain ourselves. He is easily goes to his radio and spoke directly defamed or smeared other people. Even spoke about his family on the air and sing a song he made "omeliakl".

Anyway, I have nothing to loose but gain. Diaz is playing greater part of attacking traditional cultures and promote US democracy government. He is US GIs or government inventories. US government are using many retired US army, navy and marines to deseminate or preaching democracy to the world. Let us not be surprised if US is funding Diaz radio to eliminate our traditional cultures.

Rebeluu, Captain Wilson was used by Paramount Chief Ibedul to have wars around Palau. Then Spanish, German and Japanese and USA all came but we survived all they barred us from continiuing pratice traditions.

My question?? Those who are in favor to erdicate, eliminate or erase our traditions (blai er klobak). Then, kebliil, telungalk, ma ongalk. E kid dimo admengii el ngar eungel a democracy government.

I am sorry, I will not join the "wind of change" mentality group(s)and if I do change. I will definitely ask them to change Palau name to something else.

Our forefathers saved our islands to our future (which is today)then who are you saving Palau for? Alii, Palau is very small and we know almost everyone. We also know how is everyone got ric? Where wealthy people got their money? Most of them were using their elected offices to get rich and wealth. And we know sold a pieces of lands to get rich. And we know who work honest and hard to be rich.

"to much is not enoungh"

by: Monkey


Tia Belau Front page:


Taianese government provide to the Office of the President for the "President's Expenses".

I am wondering, how, why, what? Is going on in our the "lost paradise" PALAU.

1. Our President Tommy Remengesau, jr. is schedule to make his state of the union address.

2. President is schedule to re-organized HOD presiding officers by place Del. Bells in the minority group. He will also place Del. Noah Idechong in the minority group, too. Del. Noah Idechong claimed that if he join them he wanted to be new Speaker. Because the rest of minority are all guilty of mismanage the "Contigency Funds". Who agreed on "settlement agreement" to pay back the funds to National Treasury.

Del. Bells, Mario, Sabino are all asphire to run for speakership but the records with SP's office are "total".

3. The senate is in chaos/Raoul Beluu. President Tommy said, that "senate action is unconstitution or illegal". What would happen if senate does not get quorum? Then, there will be no joint session for 7th OEK. Is president Tommy going to make his address or just a copies of his speech will distribute by "DOMBURI" to new Speaker and Dean pres. Joshua Koshiba. Or Dean President sent police to arrest senate minority group4 led Sen. Santy. I applaud Santy's group4 for what they beleive is right. Because Dean and his forgot or failed to uphold our constitution they took an OATH for it.

I am okay but kind of ngara raoul Beluu. Of what's happening to our Palau and our elected leaders.

Let us pray asking GOD's help.



It almost sounds like the Senate is a curse to our Government. And I suggest that it be desolved.

It doesn't take a genious to know why the 'majority' rushed to elect the Senate President. These people think of themselves as D-Law and you and I will be a fool to think otherwise.

Make changes or suffer for another(God) knows how many more years.



Ea Kau, meng mora radio meng melekoi era rechad, and is it right for you to do the same thing here?

Bai dosiik a cheldechulel with positive attitude el kmo, ngera mo dokiu er ngii, metial beluam ma beluak, ma rokui el chad a mo ungil. Tirkakid di ngemuu amongst themselves, and guess what, we are the ones who put them there. So, to attack them personally is certainly not going to make them think wisely.

Me dolasem el losiik ra kmo, ngmekerang a dosiik ra mo candidates er kid el meral mo meruul a ngerachel el mo klungiolel a beluad, al dikeal sebeched er chelechang, e dongiil ra year 2008. Adang mekerang!


With your positive attitude, do you have any ideas, plans and thoughts of what we need to do to change the course of our nation? Kededi melib lomiou, and somehow, nothing is being accomplished. Teriid amo melcholb ra Itebang el diong er okemii edi melib lomiou without any interventions, e merael el mo remei el didekimes.

Very good question Mori,

I have been here in this web sight for a while. I have seen people come and go. I also have seen others who were for and later turned against a certain candidate. There are so many good and bad informations that comes out of this websight.

Regardless of what one says, Most of the time someone will jump in and try to correct that concept to try and change ones mind. As time goes on one will slowly understand what is realy going on out there, rather than say he or she is my relative or I heard he/she is a good person. So please everyone if you are serious than put in your two cents and debat for what you believe based on the informations you have. You will be surprised when others start to see the truth in your words. Don't descourage others for their opinion, instead challange it. Both of you might just learn from each other based your conversation.

From time to time there are some who just come in here just to make fun of others. As much as posible ignore them. We want to keep civility in here.

Oohs e mori,
Did you have your cappuccino, prior to your comment? I would like to debate with you anytime with any issues. You name the place and the time and I will be there. I will keep you an option in choosing your favorite place, which is Okemii. Could this siyonanai teriid be used for "demok"?

Omtikl ra Chol,

Alii, ngak tiei eldi ngara ked ra Ngercehlong edio mes erkau era ometikl el dio mauech.

Ngmeeral tekoi a senate a mla rulii a tekoi el mengedeng a rengud ma uldesued. Ediak a ungil uldasu elmo llach (law) el klungiled. A kot el uldasu ulul ngesechakl a ududir elmo $50,000.00/year. Ongerung ete re-organized ra mengeteklir ngoititrir a group era Sen. Surangel el diak el chairmanship emo Minority. Ongerung, a Sen. Diaz a diou chais a party ertir lolab udoud buai. Edimlim a rrom elko tengarbab el chad. Misei ea uchul engilasech a rengrir era Olkeriil e cholbedii me temlo (Guilty) ra Court of law.

Malewasei, eng meral kired el recall ertir malechub ea mo beches chedal senate sengkyo loltobed ertir. Mengmo rengii a sengkyo rar mo beches chad elmo mors senate. Adang mekerang.

Mada, kad ielii Court elmo otebedii a uldesuel era modaii era senate ma constitution erkid.

I just had Starbuck's coffee which is out of this world. It is very addicting, so, I suggest for your own sake, stay away from it...

I will accept your challenge in debating whatever issues I chose. Seeing, you might be younger than me, and brighter, of course, I need to know what I'm talking about.

If you live in the states, I invite you to the Brewers game in June. You just have to see what the tradition of Wisconsinites is when tailgating, prior to the game. Eating barbecued bratwurst with sauerkraut and plenty of beer to go around. The fun is unbelievable. I hope, once you experienced this event, you will stop talking about "demok".

If you happen to live in Palau. I will be there sometimes this year. And Okemii is the designated place. Take care...

By the way, Star, there are lots of good looking men here, so you might have to wear neck brace to prevent you from getting a neck pain for turning in different directions...

Alii el Rokui Chad,

Akumerang el kmo locha ulerenges era Dean Joshua Koshiba ma Senator Diaz era WWFM radio trying to detail and defense their action. Dean is know for using well known name like late Kaleb Udui, an attorney and former President of the first senate, OEK. Dean claimed Kaleb Udui wrote senate rules of procedures but rule does not amend Constitution. I hope Dean is function well and intoxicated of alchohol or drugs. I do have highest respect of him as my senator since 1981. I remembered Dean while I was working in the senate, 4th OEK. When, speaker Surangel Whipps and del. Alan Seid raised an official expenses from $,1000 a month to $2,000/mo. Dean said, this action is against Constitution. Ms. Sandra Pierantozzi used Chamber of Commerce to sue OEK and OEK lost. Members who took the funds returned them to National Treasury. Dean led the senate 6th OEK to hold VPres.Chin from getting his seat in senate to uphold constitution.

But this time he may be wrong in his detailed explanation for maintaining his president seat while waiting for Court order. He should look HOD action today for voting del. Bells to be new Speaker by getting 9 memebers votes. As it clear that 9 is majority of 16 memebrs of that house. Diaz is so naive and follishly. Tomorrow, President Tommy jr; will give his state of the union address with his gronies/new majority of HOD. While Senate is in big shame and trying to be norm and no integrity leadership.

Anyway, its okay, they act like Octopus changing their colors to be like president and new speaker Tony Baloney.

Sen. Diaz what you, Dean and speaker will read is straight from your preaching in Democracy. "If the shoe fits then its yours, if not then its mine".

Salamat po.


It's true what they say, "what goes around, comes around" This time around we are able to see real colors. Not just a mirage.

This is just the beginning, things will be more interesting the closer we get to the election day.


"This is just the beginning, things will be more interesting the closer we get to the election day"
Not too fast! first let's go back to financial matter now that delegate mariur is out of sight and tony is being not much of an economist.
For us voters, we'll sit back and wait until election year as it is our only basic hope left.
Well, within these months to come after they settled their scores among themselves from being recently organized. I bet they have no time to waste but to begin the process of next year budget. Remember last year, was it interesting or what? I think it became an entertaining process to see our leaders consuming great efforts on trying to fix, balance, or propose funds to match the expense of palauan people. I guess we could have seen results or changes but as we see today, looks like a chapter two is taking over.

This time they have done the first phase by eliminating enemy-Kerai. hoping senate won't interfere as they are seemed to be the lone republic leaders.
So, now that we have been entertained, experimented, and used. All they have left us is the fact that election year would be the highlight of palauan people in their own social activity.
Meantime, let us do our businesses by serving ourselves in expenses of palauan people.
my friends, the interesting part is already way past over our head.
I just hope, Reklai is alive, Bells has wisdom at this age, and Mariur would had a chance to share palauan what could have learned from the "Mechellins el Gov't"

Where is check & Balance now when none exist.......


Long time no hear, good to have you back. And yes that is the interesting part that I am talking about. Right now things are being reshuffled under the table and not much is being said. Our people are fed up, and their only hope is bringing in fresh leadership who are serious about turning the tide and direction of our Republic with a unified vision.

The power struggle and differences of views between our leaders of today has resulted with neglection of duty to the people and our Republic as a whole.

A rokui el boro a di me tuobed sel bol keed a taem. Tia dirk uchelel a tekoi. A omerael a dirk ngaruriul el mei. Mchaus a emeliu e moreked a olekesengeliu ea techel a tekoi a dirk okiuriul el mei.

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