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April 18, 2007


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WOW! Hopefully it will be implemented before election. Not After. Only time will tell. This was introduced in May 2005. Their term in the office is almost over and it's still sitting idle. What is wrong with this picture.


Do you know why does Sen. Diaz proposed a bill to disqualified him and others???

Sir Baste said, Diaz is ShelaHIs, SechaleRdil, lunatic.

When she is she, she degrade beautiful, rich, experienced, resourceful and sexy lady.

And when he is he, he attacked a man with Phd, Master Degree, rich, knowledgeable, wife is beautiful and sexy.

He claimed that woman is Big Bus, that you entered the front door then out the side door entered the back door. He referred a big beautiful woman.

Dosubes kid a remelilt erngii. Le kedemle medengei elkmo ngdiak lodengei, diak lodengei, diak lodengei elkmo kid a medengelii elkmo ngdiak lodengei.

His friend senators put him as chair/president of the senate not following the senate rules of procedures. More or less, his out of order president. The rules is very clear that pres. or V-president absent then, the Vice President take the helm followed by Floorleader then to Chairman of JGA. V-President should have applied the rules because he stepped down and did not debate any. I think they hire someone to provide training, seminars, or orientation. hehe hehe he.

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