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April 25, 2007


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Sandra and Hokkons have had their shot. It is time to drain the swamp and put new faces in leadership. We have paid a heavy price for the same old, same old politcs/politicians. Enough is enough.

i agree! it is time to walk the walk! the race has begun, and so today i' ll be calling every voter i know, starting with my relatives, friends, and everyone i know to go out and vote. i'll make sure that when they step up to the ballot box they'll be thinking outside the box, i'll make sure they vote for somebody who's like a "breath of fresh air", someone like Ms. Nakamura.

Good to see a "fresh face" in the race for the vacant seat.

Hope she does better and actually does work if she gets elected. Good luck to a candidate from the new generation.

I do hope that she brings with it competence and intelligence that is necessary for the job.

"A breath of fresh air" I like that Ngirosiik. Other's have had their chances and if they were attentive to the peoples needs than I am very sure they would still be sitting in OEK today. Let's put a new face in there.

Imelda is the right choice and enters politics at the right time.

Go Imelda!


Ready or not here's Imelda, our next Senator!

So proud of you Imelda!


Playing devil's advocate, what makes you guys think that Imelda can win? I warned her on this site many moons ago that if she was considering running again for public office to distance herself from VOICES and the recall of one Alfonso Diaz. Though she proceeded, that is all fine and good but at the same time in doing so, she alienated a lot of potential voters. Also if one looks at the number of votes she garnered in the last election, they were not that strong. In fact, Paul Ueki bested her vote count by 664 votes. If I am not mistaken Alex aka Husky said it best some posts ago when he said that there is more of them then us. Were just 9 to 10 percent of the total palauan population so for every 10 of us clamoring for change there are 100 of them TBC...


i like to think that the people, common folks like you and me, are tired of the same old faces running the show every time. i think the people are fed up, i am fed up, and this senate election gives us the opportunity to show our support to one another by voting for a different candidate. so let's put our differences aside, gather our thoughts, and vote for Ms. Nakamura to fill in the vacant senate seat.

i remember the first election for the governor of Koror St. when most of the people living in Koror, from Ngermid to Ngerkebesang, were each given a "melaok el chum" per houshold from one of the candidates. i hope the voters this time can look above and beyond their stomach and vote wisely.

i also like to think that the voters are smarter, wiser, and more informed ( thanks to NGEREL BELAU, OKEDULABELUU, PALAU HORIZON, ISLAND TIMES, TIA BELAU, WWFM, AND ALL THE MEDIA IN IN PALAU) than the previous election.

To echo the constructive comment by Joe, I said it under a different pseudonym many months ago that VOICES was nothing but a political vehicle for public office-seeking aspirants like Imelda. It was a political ploy to buy acceptance and sympathy from the gullible voters. What's different today around? Nothing, so don't waste your time and gasoline (now $3.35 a gallon at Mobils) to go voting on May 9. I'll have more analysis on Imelda later, but I'll let you know ahead of time that she's NOT SUITED to be a senator.


It sounds like you want to say more, but are holding back. Yet I know that we will hear more of you in the near future about this particular person. Timing is everything when one want's to bring one down. Maybe a couple of days before the election is a good time to open our mouth about someone cause the voters won't have time to react or research.

Still the people are tired of what is going on in the OEK at the present time. Regardless of what both you and Joe think about her. People would still talk whether he/she is a Saint or not. I would not be surprised if she comes around on top.

bebil ra taeam eng mechas a renguk ra bebil er kid. te kmal lobubuu ra rolel a cheldecheduch ea denguu ra omeruul eng diak ra bedengir e sel losaod ea rengud te direk mla ra buil el mei.

ak kongei loldubech ra Imelda Nakamura el mora derchall leng diak le ngerang, ng beches el mad e dirkak a tal le ngara OeK. ongerung, ng smiich a renguk er ngii el tara kekerei el ngelekel Belau el ngarengii a skulel el sebechel kongei el mo remurt el mora kingall buai. diak el uai a oumesind er kid el di mesaod lomiuo e diak a ngerang, ea debeltid e ke de di ngara milkolk e mengchecherodech el kora kerellang el di mengerellang ra chetebetel a kerrekar e diak ngerang.

me bom sengkyio ra Imelda Nakamura el mo senator. altang sebechel kuk mo ngodech osenged er tial Olbiil ra Kelulau er kid a denguu a ngodech el mad el mong. tokubets a ekebil.

Ores, i will vote for you if you ever decide to run for any public office.


My thinking is that Imelda should instead get behind the candidacy of Sandra after all she has a stronger voter base then her. Put in the work now to ensure she has a good chance of being elected in '08 because if Imelda loses in this special election, any political credibility she has gained will be lost. For all intents and purposes, this is probably a one shot deal for Sandra and she will long for the private life again. I've felt that her alterior motive for getting into the election is her desire to serve as Palau's representative in the EU down the road. As far as I know legislation for that position is stagnated their in the OEK. Anyway, this is Sandra's dream job now that Marcelo is an honorary Italian Knight. Serve the ROP in Europe and live the life of a royal with Sir Marcelo. Really when you look at it, the only thing left for her to do is to write her memoirs and her love story with Marcelo. Who knows, it might even be made into a movie. Life is full of possibilities, right?



Your comments are valid and truly merit consideration.

There is no question about Imelda's qualifications. However....

For now, after having observed her since her unsuccesful bid last time, she's committed an act that deviates not from the same trend we've been experiencing since time immemorial (since we installed a congress and elected members).

That trend I am referring to is that all the non-performing and politics-as-usual members of congress (we've been complaining about) always rode on some kind of public campaign in the name of public good and interests to pursue their career in the OEK. Those people are the problems we have today, that is why our congress is a circus group. Imelda rode on Voices and now the Youth advocacy program to pursue her political ambitions. While many would say that is normal and the way to go about it, let's pause for a second and reflect on why we're at where we are today with all the political problems plaguing this country.

If Imelda were to have produced meaningful outputs from her Voices and Youth engagements (see to it that they mature and do real goods for the people they professed to work for), then she will be suited to become a senator. This is a critical barometer by which we should qualify candidates for public offices.

If we as responsible voters do take our voting rights seriously and make independent, responsible judgements when filling in our ballots, we will have a different culture of operation in the OEK. We would have a more productive OEK. Just look at the quality of work the OEK has produced the last how many years! Where's the effort to improve Palauan people's livelihoods while they are sucking the little monies we got into their pockets (raising high-ranking ROPG officials' salaries) when the blue collars are starting to ration their bi-weekly food budgets?

Voters of Palau need to look beyond candidates' family "rankings and networks," material assets, and deceiving desires to work for the people! We're very gullible that why it's the same story over and over!

Oh and let's not forget, too, that she wrote a stinging attack on voters and the whole of Palau after she lost the last election to the senate! A bo dechad ra Olbiil eng kirel tara character ra (for example) Senator a mo MEDUCH EL HANDLE A DEFEAT!
Kid a rechad er Belau mal di omes a MIRAGE (the water-looking image in the desert) e diak bo de kerkikl el omes! Sei a uchul ma dedi remurt el mora tekoi e mengchechrodech!!


If what you say is the yardstick in which we measure candidates than name me a person suited to seat in the OEK. It's not a fair assessment holding Imelda to a different standard while leaving the other three candidates of the hook.

In your comments, you're describing who should be an ideal candidate. But what lacks in your assessment is a comparative analysis of the four candidates and perhaps if you cared to do so then we could start putting your standard up to measure each of the candidates to see if anyone can pass the test. If you are willing to do the analysis, let me say in advance that Imelda will come out looking as good as the other three, or even better. All that mirage is not all Imelda, but the others as well.

My observation is that Imelda is going to win. And it is because of the recall election. Contrary to what the people say as her downfall when she led a recall Diaz campaign, I believe it’s the reverse; she came out of it stronger than ever. Why? The recall election was framed as a character issue, and Diaz’s character was an issue. Voters made their intention known at the polls, not because of disdain for Imelda but because they saw Diaz’s character as a non-issue and therefore deserved to be retained. The recall may have failed, but Diaz was left deeply wounded, and can’t mount any attack, a pyrhic victory at best. His words, thoughts, and actions are now being scrutinized and filtered through the prism of his character. The recall Diaz campaign instilled that in the people’s consciousness.

And less than a year later, his temperament became an issue again as he has been convicted twice with his last conviction a felony charge. Proving that Imelda was right to call into question Diaz’s disposition and forbearance to seat in the congress. Now, keep in mind that more than half of the registered voters didn’t cast their votes during the recall. And the resulting repressive action of the Senate’s majority (Top 5) over the Big 4 along with Diaz conviction and Alan’s pleading guilty does not endear them to the public. It is bound to strengthen all the Voices supporters and combined their numbers with some of the voters who sat on the fence during the recall and victory is sweet for Imelda and I guess we can say Voices will be vindicated. And that is my analysis.

Ka kuk bong e derengesau…

Imelda is not your typical politician, that is why she's right for the job, especially now when we need a no nonesense leader who will do what is right for the people of Palau and not what's going to get her elected in the next election.

A Belau a chebulang, and Imelda does not care if she loses or ruin her future if she loses in this special election. Her decision to run is out of her genuine and honest dedication and commitment to help the people of Palau for what your typical politicians have brought us.

I ask you that we give Imelda a chance to prove herself in this one year term. This is our chance to turn the tides around and rescue the future of Palau and her people.

God bless you, Imelda.


thank you for running to serve your people. You have my vote!

Lets cut to the chase. whoever wins this special election will have to run again in the general election. look at these 4 now and assess how you think they will affect the dynamics of OEK for the next year or so and vote for the person who hopefully will not make it worse. who will not continue the current downhill trend of bickering and calling names and trying to see who gets to call the shots. who will hopefully do some good. and if you think not one of them is, just vote for who will cause the least harm because if you dont vote then you dont have the right to complain.

And in general, i dont know about all the things like who is thinking of being minister of what and who is maneuvering to push this or that person for President. i am trying to look at everyone and base MY vote on what they have done and how they have done it and who do i think will move palau into a better future for everyone vs who is or seems to be manuvering for their own gain....come on we all know so lets vote on what we know feel see and not who is related and who gave me what. because whover campains by giving me fish is making me depend on hand outs instead of learning to fish for myself and in the end does not respect me and does more harm then good.

Ask yourself is this person, the kind of person i want to decide the laws that would be affecting me and my country?

couldn't have said it any better than that O'rrael!

It's time for a change,let's give Emeld a shot.I know she will do just fine,i think she can "walk the walk and talk the talk"

Alii e ngara Omdui,

Ngdi el sel a kesai el sils, ma sandei ma buil, eng mlar ngii a Economic symposium, Women conference and Youth conference. We all had opportunities to attend and watch tv program at home.

We had chances to learn from them. And now, it is our to take one or more to practice or excersise each day to make our life / society better as we move forward.

I urge all service providers: National, states, Rubekul Belau, Mechesil Belau, CRC, leaders and everyone to review, evaluate and assess 3 conferences and practices, take action and apply.

My ratings to all speakers: they were all good but there were extraordinary that I would like to recognize as follows:

Chief Ibedul, Del. Joel Toribiong, BJ Cruz, Principal Andrew Tabelual, Ltelatk H. Fritz, MC Vierra Toribiong, Alan Marbou and Guam/Saipan


I agree with my colleagues here that we need a new face with new energy, blood, dreams and visions. I really think Emelda would be an ideal candidate for us. She has shown her courage by attempting to recall Diaz for outrageous, preposterous conduct and leadership. She is an attorney with analytical and logical minds who can correct the obvious unreasonableness, insensitiveness and absurdity in the OEK Senate. Although she unsuccessfully dethroned the infamous senator, she showed that she took an initiative to remove someone who has become a public pest and nuisance. She was the first one along with her colleagues to change things for better nationally by attempting to stop Diaz from discussing politics irresponsibly and obnoxiously without substance and merit.

Moreover, Emelda is from a famous political family who has roots in Peleliu, Ngaraard and Ngerchelong, and so on. Her popularity and electibility have improved immensely as a result of her persistent fight for the truth and her standing up for democratic rights. She has shown that she is not afraid to point out things politically wrong and expresses her views against big guys in our government, especially the OEK. She is that person who has not been tarnished, blemished, or influenced by any corrupted, public officials. She has no connection to anyone who might persuade her to do wrong while serving us all honorably; in fact, she is not associate with anybody “ tatach”. Emelda has shown us her eloquence intellectually. Again and again, she is critically, independently and outspokenly courageous. If we want a real change, we need a new lady face in that house of turmoil to speak for us. I think Emelda will disappoint all the crooks, absolutely not us who believe in a fair, just, equal and honest government.

It's good Imelda filed, it's her only hope of employment after being forced to resign from the House LC. At least if she's a Senator, she'll have to come to work for 50 days to get paid. Better attendance than her old job.

I like Imelda but I predict that the election will be a two-way race between Paul Ueki and Sandra.

With all due respect to Imelda...what one needs to do is read over her legal analysis while she was at HOD. Definitely, NOT of quality. She could not defend freedom of speech very well as a member of VOICE. It is sad that we have to vote on "new face, women etc" rather than quality of work. Should have let my bro Web continue to work. He was a good police officer.

Poor Web

Plis vote Hokkons Baules and make your vote worthwhile.

He comes to Imekang Makit and buys all the makit, even those he does not need, he buys. Then he brings them to Koror and maybe he sells them.

That is the kind of leader we need. Helping our Makit.

I tend to agree with Ebuul a Web and Good for Her. Overly critical as it may seem, I truly think that Ms. Imelda is more of a Marcos than a Nakamura.

We do need a fresh face in politics but most certainly not this one. As the two other bloggers have pointed out, one only needs to look at her previous work to see how ineffective she was. She also didn't do a good job in the AG's office so I don't beleive she is an appropriate candidate. These comments are based on my personal observations of her performance at her jobs over the years and not because she is a woman/man/it whatever. You can only go so far with a last name and a hunger for power without the solid base of knowing what you are doing.

Good luck. I will write in my candidate rather than not vote.

Marding, I have a lot of respect for your keen observation and solid perceptions! I definitely WILL NOT VOTE Imelda for the 9th senate seat! She's proven herself unworthy of becoming a public servant!

A Ken Uyehara a bai bok lechesii a ngklel!

but since Ken did not join the race, I will respect the process and vote for the most suitable candidate among the four! Right now, I am stuck between Paul and Hokkons. HB has a temper and that's what got him into troubles with the law in the past, but he's a decent man! I'll have more on him later! Somebody say more on Paul. I don't know much about the man!

All the things Emelda fought for as a member of the voice are actually coming true today. In regards to Diaz as well as the the rest of his group.

For her to see what was coming and decided to stand up and do something about it is worth mentioning. Palau today is lacking leaders like her.

In regards to her work at the AG's office. One can tell you what all those people in both OEK and the AG's office did Daily, Monthly, or Yearly in regards to their work. I bet you most of them would come out with poor report cards.

The bottom line here is the vision of what you want to do for the people. How will you achieve that goal. And lastly standing up and doing something about it.

Otherwise if you really look at it. We the people have been given lip services over the years, while most of our leaders are arguing among themselves for Power and Self Enrichment.

Kid a rechad er Belau a ngarngii a kse er kid sel bekel el bol temel a sengkyo e kede mo mesaod ra teletelel a chad el dimlak el bol sengerenger , merechorch, metemall, malechub eng mekelbus a chad el kirel e obes elorrenges, malechub e kede mes a blal ruul ma moktek el klungiaol e lolasem e lomeskau.

I don't know about you Ores, but those charges against Hokkons are serious trasgressions of law and don’t constitute a decent man to me.

You readily come down hard on a former government prosecutor with no substantive reasons other than your own observation clouded by emotions that may trace its roots to the Diaz recall campaign. However, you bat not a wink of an eye excusing an individual publicly known to be a chronic violator of law who does not have any respect for his fellow constituents. That at least tells me that I am on the right track in supporting Imelda. And if you will allow me, I will use some of the logic from the Diaz recall campaign. There are only 18 months till the next general election, so what do you got to lose. Let’s give her a chance. 18 months is a worthy investments, if the return is low during her short tenure, then by all means let’s replace her, or rather all of them.

Adang mekerang?

Here's a thought..One that
we've all been harping on
for a while in here...

So how and who do we choose to replace the old, tired, same ol'bland empty promise
filled people we have in office now?

I for one will now put my
hope for a newer, fresh and
hopefully prosperous future

Yes I know I was pushing for Sandra P...but to be able to have a chanc of a brighter future for our island I think I would prefer a young intelligent mind, schooled in the modern world with a forward
looking view of our nation over the old ones I mentioned above.

Imelda Nakamura would make a great senator. How and why you ask. She's too smart
and well learned in the law to even try and think of abusing it. She will know that a well educated public is there to keep tabs on her and the rest of them.
Unlike these old arrogant
uneducated yahoos who are now in office. They are so
uneducated they resort to
name calling when their cornered.

We need educated individuals
to lead our nation. Well intentioned community minded
individuals. One's that have at the very least a working knowledge of our constitution and are prepared to protect it against arrogant ignorance
as we have seen lately.

Imelda is that person. She has the guts to go against the popular view when fighting for justice and the truth...Voices vs Diaz (the Recall of Senator Diaz)

Look where Diaz has brought this Senate and country to..NOWHERE.

I urge you all to rethink your views, those of you who dont support Imelda Nakamura...
Ask yourselves this question..Of the 4 candidates who do you think will be the most effective?
Who will be the most open to you as a citizen? Who among them would be more likely to listen to you?
who among them will you have easy access to and why?

And finally...Do we want change or do we elect the same old career politicians
to supposedly serve us all?

If she is that smart, she would withdraw her name and candidacy. Then she would wait till she has more than lip service supporters before seeking public office.

Your so smart smarty..
So do tell..
How do you know she doesn't have enough supporters now?
and what makes you think that the lip service in here isn't gonna support her?
Come now,,open and up and tell us all lip servers here
what you know..
or are you just saying that as a lip supporter of another of the candidates?..


emelk, while i agree with you to some extent i beg to differ on qualification on some of the OEK members...not all of them are uneducated...we have laywer/doctor/very, very,very successful businessman....infact most of them are very well educated...so education will not fly with imelda if you ask me....commonsense will...

emelk, again if your looking for someone who can fights thn i know nobody other thn hokkons baules...nobody does it better thn him....not even koshiba

Orrael and the likes:
we all have visions about what Palau ought to be, but those who aspire to be seated in the lawmaking institutions ought to show working strategies and prospective plans that will deliver results. Your professed candidate in all objectivity lacks such, and as someone rightly put it, let's see if she has anything beyond lip service! As I said earlier, her engagements in the so-called Voices and now the Youth thing show that SHE CANNOT ENGAGE IN SOMETHING TILL RESULTS COME ABOUT! What sort of meaningful results are you talking about? I am not the one whose observations are clouded by the Diaz recall! Mine are more fine-tuned or refined because I analyzed her critically and constructively!

Unfortunately, all the four candidates fall into one category that should coerce me not to vote, but it being a duty, I'll choose whom I think fares well amongst them! As I said, either HB or PU!

Btw, many in the Senate and HOD have criminal records. This guy HB will be no different, but give him a chance and hear him. Or take some effort and study his achievements beyond his personal vices!!

and statistically (care to study last election results), getting a senate seat is a long shot for Ms. Nakamura. By the way, why are the local papers featuring her now as only Imelda Nakamura? what about the hyphenation often used before deciding to run for the vacant senate seat?

Ometikl era Chol,

First of all, you are wrong that I against or hate VP.

I have the right to voice my observation and I may not be right. The facts are his track records while MOJ and now VP & MOJ. He his the last person/candiate elected in separated ticket as VP. He must used his knowledge, skills, military ROTC and experiences to playo politics with Pres. Tommy. I have heard from Pres. Tommy inner circle claiming that VP is not politician but independent stubborn not a team player.
Maybe just like you, Mr. H----y B.. Ha ha ha ..Sorry for yu guys.

I am from Elab, Ngeraard. National Capitol of Demok Soup.



She is smarter than all of us, so maybe she will withdraw.

She knows there are more voters needed to get in there than what VOICE and her network of bloggers and supporters can deliver. She knows better because she works with the masters at House of Delegates to have learned enough to help her decide when to run for office. Maybe this time it was just a spur of the moment decision she made because of comments like ours on this blog and those from Voices.

Nothing wrong with that but she still has time to withdraw.

I am appalled at some of the bloggers here. Unless they are like the mechas ra mesei who weigh political qualifications on toughness, hand-outs, attendance of syukang among other social events. It is quiet disheartening to read comments and reasoning coming from folks who are literate enough to blog on this site. If value of educate is not the primary criteria to screen senate candidates and police clearance doesn't matter then Palau is far from getting out of its trouble as most of you have been ranting tirelessly. Maybe the problem of Palau or senate for that matter is still educated Palauans like you on this blog still believe that senators somehow will make better laws without any inclination to read (with over high school level comprehension!). The senate doesn't need more street fighters or roughnecks like Diaz and Alan. Senate and Palau government as a whole need more power of reasoning. Remember Sandra put money in PSB when she was VP in 2002 and withdrew her money before it collapsed in 2006. She did not want the compact road to pass her land. Hokkons and Paul are roughnecks. Paul had been jail bird once in the 80's. That leaves Imelda as the most sensible choice. So what does any sane educated Palauans such as yourselves have against good education and behavior? I hope those of us who share the same values speak louder than words on the election day on things we been professing on this blog. Imelda Nakamura for being educated and good character.

Wow, I too am astonished by the lack of rationale some bloggers have! It seems like people have lost sight of what we need for our country today....A CHANGE!

ORES..."many in the Senate and HOD have criminal records"...that is exactly why we are trying NOT to vote for another criminal into our Olbiil Era Kelulau!

I'm beginning to think that no matter how much we have 'progressed' so far, we as Palauans will always have narrow minds. We vote for our relatives when there are better candidates with proper credentials for the job. Our Government is full of crooks and criminals and we blame them for every mishap but really, it is our fault. We need to change our voting habits and learn to vote with our heads instead of our stomachs and pockets. We need to ask ourselves who will be right for the job, not who’s older and “wiser”, not by rank/social class, and definitely not by whether or not he/she came to your aunt’s half-sister’s niece’s daughter’s house party!!!!!

Furthermore, education is important, but only if we truly want our nation to progress. The reason why we college students (future leaders of Palau) are not too excited about returning home is because we have doubts as to whether or not we will have jobs when we return. I do not want Palau to be giving us scholarships/loans/grants in vain. It is easy for us just to pay it back, but we would much rather be returning the favor to our community and people by working for them.

Our future is in our hands. Let us hope we don’t ‘metom ra uel, metom ra mlai.’ 18 months should be enough time to see whether or not Imelda should remain in the Senate. It is a risk worth taking because frankly I think she will do us proud. She is the change we have been waiting for. Her gender, status, social class, and relatives are not factors of why she might win the younger generation’s vote. She does not even have to make a speech because her actions have spoken louder than any of the current Senators have even attempted. She is the change we desperately need to make our OEK stronger and more efficient. Let’s open our minds to the advancing of our nation as a whole and bring down those who have blocked us from it.

Imelda 4 Senator!

Imelda Supporters:
Some of you have stated that its only 18 months and that we should give Imelda a chance to prove herself.

That is exactly what we said about Diaz and look what that has done to Palau.

Imelda = Incompetent

The rest, good for nothing.

Write in who you think should be there instead. That is still following the voting process. That way you wouldn't have to regret that you voted for any of these clowns and superficial "leaders" or fake representatives of the "new generation."

Too bad no others put their names in the hat.

And who is your candidate, Mardingaol? At least some of us here have come out naming our candidates, and so I would be interested to learn who your candidate is? Perhaps that way it would allow me the opportunity to tell you from my own perspective whether your candidate is up to nothing or superficial leader, and a fake representative of the young generation.

How about it?

What an unfortunate turn of event. When Emelda was House of Delegates legal counsel we asked her to rein on Delegate Bells. But instead of doing she allowed delegates to acuse the executive branch officials and senator Diaz.

Now that Bells is the speaker, she wants to join senator Diaz in the Senate.

This is insane.

Alii, all

With all the neglected things said about imenda must have not come from senior citizen point of view, nor new faces, visions group. It can not be the next generation because they lack interpretations.
I suspected that all fusses are coming from us the politician minded.
Let one be responsible to initiate an educational approach beside being too half minded.
"Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness", James Thurber

Our constitution mandates the vacant seat to be filled but with all the stuff going on in the senate, I wonder if the condidates want to even be a part of the the existing group. We just might not see productive and "Transparent" Senate. Senators its the will of the PEOPLE! Be nice its not your house its ours.


I just listened to Imelda via Radio Diaz. She sounds very genuine. Malii lakmobes elmo vote erngii. She is our "voice", our last hope.

Good luck Imelda!



Lak mobes el mo sengkyo, era tang er tirkel teuang el remurt el mora bechachau el kingall era Ongeiud el Senate.

Alsekum kechad era Ngatpang e lak mobes el sengkyo era mo kot el Governor era Ngatpang State. Alii ngkel mo Governor a kirel ngmai a betok era 50% erar "registered" voters. Tia kmal meringel ngdiak mobes el mo Sengkyo.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Looking for a political candidate “Palauan style.” Ehehehe.

#1. Does he or she believe in God.

I look for her central core beliefs. In other words, what I want to know is what drives him or her? What fundamental beliefs that guides him or her for direction when he or she makes critical decisions when his or her signature is required on paper for the public to see and recognize. Does he or she believes in God, and who is this God that he or she believes in and why does he or she believe in this God? And who is this God? How does God play a role when it comes to his or her political career? And I want him or her to explain and elaborate on it.

#2. Historical backgrounds

I look at his or her backgrounds to establish certain criteria from each candidate. The reason why I do this is because I am trying to establish an “overall make-up” about each candidate. And I write all of these things “on paper” so that I can compare them “visually.” It is essential that i do it this way because what I am trying to see are things that “jumps out” of the paper for each candidate and believe you me, these things will jump and poke your eyes, ehehehe.

#3. Past performance.

I look for past performance. What have they done or what have they contributed to benefit you and me in the past. In other words, I am not looking for a “breath of fresh” air or a “new face.” I am not looking as to whether he or she has an “analytical and logical” mind or whether she is smart or not, or things like “let’s give her a chance.” Or “what state” or “roots” she comes from. These things are all irrelevant. Why? Because I don’t see any “proof” in them, I can’t see any “past results” from them. There is “no evidence” in them that will form and create a solid informative mindset comes voting time. What bring me “results” is what he or she has “done in the past” to benefit me and my people. what has he or she introduced to me in the past that has improved my lifestyle economically. If otherwise, he or she has contribute information, Did i and my people benefit from these information as a whole nation, not just individuals.

#4. Public speaking

I look for the way he or she makes her speeches in the public. Does she stand out among all because “of the way he or she delivers” these speeches? Does it make you want to him or her speak some more? In other words, does he or she “magnetizes” you toward him or her when he or she talks? Does Imelda or anyone o’ them candidates have this ability? This one is probably the tops on my list, because great leaders have this ability. Because of this ability, he or she moves his or her people especially the ones that he or she work with, her “team” to “act.” Why, because its in her speeches that create trust and belief from his or her team “to move” accordingly to what he or she wants done, so that the Palauan people can see results, backed by “her or his behavior” inside and outside his or her office. In Other words, does he or she “acts” after her speeches. Talking without action is not good, saavy mate?, ehehehe.

#5. engagements with foreign leaders.

Fifth, when he or she is engaging in a dialogue among great leaders from other nations, meaning that if he or she engage with non-palauans, Does he or she have the ability to adopt quickly to the tone and the atomosphere of the situation. Does he or she blends in. In other words, does he or she draws these great leaders toward him or her. Does he or she have this “magnetizing characteristic” that is irresistible to stay away from. When he or she take the stand to speak, as someone sitting among these great leaders do you feel a “collective energy” and excitement from these great leaders emanating toward him or her when he or she take the stand and start to speak and during her speaking as well? Do you see Imelda or anyone of these candidates having this ability? This ability is essential because palau need funds in the coming future. Before I loan some money to you, I have to like you, there’s something in you that attracts me, I can’t seem to point what it is but its there and because of that I will loan you money. Let’s start the paper work, ehehehe. The bottom line is do you know how to “sell” yourself? Are you presentable? Does Imelda or anyone of them candidates have this ability?

#6. family

Does he come from a good family or a bad family where he or she have experienced a lot of abuse. In other words, look into their family backgrounds.

#7. Behavior in the public.
How does he or she conduct himself in the public eye?

Does he or she drives and SUV in public and dine the finest restaurants and shun away from the public, or does he or she interact with you and me a lot, “a people person” so to say. Does he or she find the time to be involved in youth, and adult activities. Does he or she drinks and party a lot? Or does he or she bicycle to work sometimes, ehehehe. A down to earth type of guy, ehehehe. Does he or she takes the time to talk politics with you?

Listen, my brothas and sistas, I have to run.

Now before I close I would like to say that these are not all, and they don’t have to be followed religiously from 1- 7. Instead, look at these things and form you own, except #1, ehehehe. To me, believing in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob thru Jesus Christ by the reality of the Holy Spirit should stay #1. That gentlemen is my stand.

One more thing, when I come back I am going to talk about the so called “political platforms” for each candidate. And that is going to be:

#8 what is each version of what we call a “united vision.” And how are they going to implement it ?

My brothas and sistas, it has been a pleasure.

Good day.


quotes: time for change, new blood, mechutlulach, meseschemadech,

Are you blind: becheselchad>Sen. Diaz, Asanuma, Otto> Del.Cio Isechal,KaliNgirturong-Alii, hello, > nothing much been done in the 2 years 4 months.

Ngaraardian slighty right. I believe elected leaders are not doing us interest/benfits but pay checks and vacations/travel abroad/got bestt treatment/wine/dine/viagra.
Drink at bar show off ladies next to them. Bought ladies car and drinks aleko ngkmal chad ra redil (gigilo). While his house/family er rad. Delegate got drunk at Sunset Park last saturday til around 4a.m. and accident near front of his house. Saisei.


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