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April 10, 2007


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Yet the gap between rich and poor keeps expanding. Poverty level, and homelessness is at an all time high. Still not good enough.

There should be a way for our national congress to report its performance annually to the nation.

Maybe a National State of the Congress Address, held annually to allow the public to hear progress report of our legislative leaders.

Any takers.

Hmmm...the Ministry of Finance would have a fit if a "National State of the Congress Address" were to be presented, that is if it were similar to the SORA. Remember the GAO where did that take the OEK, who shot it down? Opening a line of credit for the government, is that like writing a blank check? Who would be foolish enough to do that? Why compare tourism data to 2001, because that was the tail end of the tourism depression, so our 2006 figures would look better, what other figures have they doctored? Funny he should mention incentives for the shipping industry, who brought the ROP into ties with this Eurasia disaster, we took a 20 year step back with that one? Back to the days of one ship a month, I don't know about you guys but I was happy before this, no need to break it then fix it for the benefit of Eurasia. All the other incentive and might I add privatization proposals have been in the SORA since 2001. Oh I got to get to this breakfast meeting so I go now, I sorry...lol


Ngkora kmal bleketakl angklem. Chochoi, tekoi molkoi a meral Eurasia Shipping Company er a mlad Silas ma Kotel Eldil marbebil rarechad ouklalo erngii meauchel Canbara Shipping era Japan amlo torbengii a dilel lobengkel a Palau Shipping company elmera Belau. Mechelchang a omerolel a diall a dital Eurasia amol melai a klalo era Guam elmei ra tal buil. Elwa 20 yeas ago.

Mengwaisei, el mekngit erkid endi ungil era Kot el Dil marengalk.

E Adelbang,
Aikal pepsi ra singapore a kmal dikeal loberkakl, ngtelekib el merkos e diak el sal merredes ua pepsi ra calif. tial kambara ngmla mo bedul ker e de merreched el sikii e tia mle tara kmal uchul a ungil deleuill er Belau ma Siabal. elechal le uaisei e ker di mo ua Saibal el metom ra uel el metom ra mlai, ea omerael a diak el longiil. ke chiliuii sel mla ra simbung el ouchais ra tekingel a Daitorio el mora rechad ra beluu el kmo a Belau a mla mo sebechel el ometch e diak el di lomed. alii pitcher a di bol lometch a bor eng mekngit, ma kuk di lometch a di meliud ra bes meng dirrek el mekngit.
Deu a rengul a kot el dil el di mesuk ra chelbulir a rechad ra beluu, sei a uchul tial diangel ra didall a kmal klungang.
erei ngkuk temir, sel bol temek ak dirrek el di milil ra blil a omilil e mengitakl ra karaoke, ngi di lak ek hang over el mora SORA...lol
ka hallek bora port a diall a locha me soiseb ra elechang...ulekum

after lunch please KONTINUE

Kom rirengesii a "our beloved senator" el melasm el omketakl aikal point ra President ra elechal tutau. sel dosuub el mo chad ra radio nglocha diak el lolsisechakl a math, never mind math, plus or minus. ngdi ke meral meduch el senator, tirkel ngara public work el di oltak a bibe a locha kmal loldubech ra uldasu, alsekum kede mocha privatize a rua omeruul chesimer...lol, locha bai kirel mora ngemellachel e monitor ra sewer ngmol mo betok a biboik ra tilapia meng kuk mecheseches a bomb, lol, malechub e bora Drop Off, oh, ak mla obes se off limits er kau le ke kuk mol mo melubet e cholbedii a chad, aleko ak melekoi el kmo ke mor sei e mengiil ra hula lea ma luut el mei em ngasech er ngii, lol
E Adelbang...ak mlo omes ra diall e ngdimlak le mei, locha kmal meklou a iuul ra ikrel a Ngcheangel meng mo meoud...Selo, selo a omesang em mo dembo el mei, adang...lol

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