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April 18, 2007


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If this is what the people of Melekeok Want in order to get a peaceful and orderly society, than give the people what they want...

For our leaders to even consider increasing our legislators is ridiculous.80% of our state budget goes to salary right now and we have no programs at all in place to support those that are not employed by the state. Why do we need 22 legislators to govern less than 200 residents?

Our state has a rich history and our achievments have all taken place in a well thought out and debated manner. We've just completed our state biulding four a quarter of a million dollars while our citizens continue to struggle everyday.

Our leaders should look for new ways and encourage our citizens with leadership that thinks outside the box and adaptable to these changing times.Funds should be set aside for our future and citizens can be eduacted and trained with new opportunities and ideas.

Everyone knows the future is bleak in terms of ROP's compact status.Lets be careful with our people's money and lets open the forum to everyone in our state and implement new ideas for governing our people.Enough of this old way of thinking and do nothing but expanding our state govt.

good day

Since Melekeok is going to be our capitol city. Weather we like it or not, the state is going to have a dramatic transformation in terms of infrastructure, Population, as well as ecomomical point of view with in the state. I belive they reduced the salary before raising the members. I take it that it's going to need more heads together for the impact that is coming towards Melekeok.

Just here say, but I really don't know nothing.

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