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April 09, 2007


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If what Delegate Mesebeluu says is true than Palau's future will remain shaky until a unified vision is put in place. I wonder if this issue will be one of the main topic of descussions prior to our next election.

I request from you Omdui to keep us posted should this topic arises with in any forum or campaign out of our Republic.

More and more people are getting serious about this websight and I thank you for a job well done.


Sad...It took Delegate Mesebeluu this long in office to realize what a majority of Palauans have known...It didn't take a National Symposium for me to know that Palau was not on a course, a planned out course with vision of its future.

We have known since the inception of COFA and before, that Palau and the leadership, especially the leadership today do NOT have a clue or any inkling of a unified vision for Palau. They say they do, and some may actually do so, but the public as a whole if you asked have no clue.

We have been chugging along with no real plan or a vision of a future, at least in my view. I haven't heard, read or seen anything that would have told me there was a plan or a vision of Palau being planned or followed.

Every election year those that say they do come out of the woodwork with bold statements about the future, of health, education, economy, etc..and with every passing year the same things they so loudly claim to change for the better see very little or no change at all.

A unified vision of the future? That's too much of a stretch to ask of our
leaders today Delegate Mesebeluu. Most of them do not see beyond the next election let alone have a visionary view of the future of Palau.

Your colleagues have one vision...and that vision is one that does not involve all of Palau or would involve Palau only if it directly adds to the vision they have of lining up their pockets.

One need not be a visionary to see what Palau needs now, today, and what we want for the future.

We, like all people want a better place to live, enough to eat, better schools, better healthcare, jobs, growing economy etc.

So begin with the basics first. Improve those and the rest will follow suit. The Power (electricity), Health, Water, Roads, Schools, Public Safety, Fire Dept.

You want more revenue? You want to improve the economy and reduce our dependence on foreign aid and our expenses on fuel oil?

Here's a very simple straight-forward vision of the future that if you and your colleagues put your mind to, will, if you did it, would increase revenue and save the government several million dollars every year that could be used to improve the infrastructure and at the same time grow the economy.

ALTERNATIVE POWER SOURCES. There are lots of alternative power generation
sources that exist today that could work in Palau and would cost a lot less then what we already have in place. Wind Power and Solar Power are a few.
They cost less to start and maintain and a lot less costly to the consumers.
The money they save from having to pay extremely high electric bills as they do now in Palau can be spent on the local economy and help that sector grow.

Revise and look to reducing the import tax. If you want to improve our economy and
entice the start and growth of local and off islands businesses to invest in Palau. Our tax laws should reflect that outlook.

These are only a few of the basic ideas that can be tweaked now to bring us closer to a growing economy and the first steps we need to make in order for us to have visions of grandeur or even look further into joining the global market place.




Palau has its Master Plan and the Economic Develpment Plan, and many other plans.

What is needed is the speaker's support in the implementation of those plans. He mentions many plans as gaining dust in government offices. That is the problem.

The legislature has the responsibility to help implement those plans.

Instead, the legislature has failed miserably to fund implementation of those plans.

It is unbelievable that his solution to reaching his vision is cutting and balancing the budget.

Until such time they recognize that government like businesses needs to spend money to generate revnues.

That is why the congress has the constitutional authority to make money.

Check the records, the President of the Republic introduces more bills than many delegates and senators.

Star or anyone else,

Your Tatach list for House?

Just a short question, Is the executive meddling a little too much in the OEK? The OEK has gone through to many back and forth leader changes. How can anything get done in this country? what more? Whose at fault here?

I cannot believe that this reorganization is taking place at this time. Are these guys so insecure that hunger for power is their ultimate goal? They have so much to accomplish with the remaining of their time in the OEK, yet such foolishness is taking place, while we seat and watch them acting like idiots.

With all the incidents that Tony Bells had been found guilty of, I would say that in my research, I find him to be the "worst tatach" How can I trust someone like that to be the Speaker of the house? What is his intention of this deal? More money to his pocket before his time ended. It might end before he knows it.
My respect to you Mesebeluu, for not accepting the position for vice speaker. It is a slap in the face after you stoop by him during his ordeal with the people of Ngeraard. I have known you for a long time and I realized that it is hard to work with these kinds of people.

Anyway, What' up with Dean? He makes a good salesman. I hope we can all learn our lessons for the next election. Where are the honest people from Palau? The ones with integrity and desires to be the servant of the public. We need you now.

We must be all slated. Aren't you glad they will all be out of work by the Dec 08. I hope they don't all become Minister, Or Gov.'s where they will be holding our tax money in their hands. Crooks!

Yes, I'm glad but unless we start voting wisely in the next general election, we will continue facing the same problems...

Have you ever heard anyone making a comment in regards to so and so running and he will win because he has lots of relatives? Unless, people start wising up, we will have the same problems again and again. I bet you any money, starting year of 2008, you start seeing parties, barbecues and anything that these candidates can do to buy our votes. I have nobody to blame but us voters for what's happening now. We are the ones who put them there.

Hi Melke..

As I said..There maybe Master Plans and or Economic plans gathering dust..and I agree with you that it is the OEK specifically the HOD that is in charge of funding them by law..but if you asked the people of Palau
if they knew there was a master plan or any other plan for Palau. I would bet you more then 90% of them would say they didnt.

I would aslo agree that the Presidnet or the Executive Branch does proposes or introduces more bills then both houses of the OEK...that is a no brainer.
The President and the Executive Branch know what their doing..at least..when you look at it from the outside.
The OEK the last 7 years have been mired in nothing but power struggles and activities other then what they were elected to do.

Another thing I see is some of these officials in the OEK don't even know what it is that they are there to do...

Why I say we have to choose/elect our leaders a bit wisely then we have been doing.

We need to elect people who do have some basic education or ideas of how to
improve the economy without
burdening the masses with higher taxes, electric bills, import taxes, etc.

We don't need to follow a written down plan no one has seen or has the guts to
implement. We just need to do the basics of improving
our economy and the lives of our people..slowly but surely.

To get where we want to go,
even if we knew where it is where were going. We still need to do the basics of
everyday run of the mill
routines that will keep us from sinking as we look into the future for the diretion to wherever were headed.

Instead of coming out in Public to state the obviuos and belittle his colleagges
Del. Mesebeluu could challenge them to implemnet these plans...Challenge his colleagues to improve the economy with out resorting to higher taxes and such.
Challenge them to streamline their spending
and ways they do the business of their offices.
There are a myraid ways he could as a recognized leader of the HOD be more
postitive looking then to
air out their well worn
well known laundry.

Just do what it is they were
elected for...Do what the public wants and needs.


I'm back. Did anybody miss me? Being away for the week-end without any access to an Internet is enough to put anyone insane. I see, I have ivited to a baseball game. Mori, I have to check my shedule to see if I'm free. Don't wrrry about neck brace, I can take care of myself. I have not completed my research yet, dort, to give you an appropiriate evaluation..

Did it just dawn on Mesebeluu that the vision is becoming clear that a unified vision does not exist? It does not take a scientist to figure this out.. Which side of the baseball fields are these guys designated for? I hope not in the left field.. We need those who are wise and knowledgeable, of what it takes to run the country. This scenario is like a blind man leading a blinded country. Let's all eat some "demok" from Angaur, maybe it will retrieve some cells in our brains...

Ladies and gentlemen,

Let us take a look at this statement, “ it became overwhelmingly clear that a unified vision for palau fails to exist.”

I think he meant to say, “it became overwhelmingly clear that a “business master plan” for palau fails to exist.”

Let me explain, if you go to any palauan and ask, “what is your vision for palau?” He or she “wants a better palau.” the answer is that simple! That gentlemen, is a “unified vision” because it comes from the majority of the people. Now each citizen might describe in his or her own words what that vision would be, but the basic answer we get back is a “better palau.” Right?! In other words, we the palauan people do not care how our leaders go about making this unified vision become a reality, because that is their job, all we want is a “better palau!” ehehehe.

Now it takes a “ business master plan” to make that “unified vision” become a reality where palauans can “experience it” and be happy. My brothas and sistas, to bring about a “unified vision” for the future of palau requires a “business Plan” a business model that is made up “small steps” leading us to this grandeur, a “unified vision” of the future.

Till then my brothas and sistas.

STAR...you were gone?.. :)
WB and yes we did miss ya..:)

Here's another of my long winded post..Let me qualify
it so that no one gets too mad at me...
When I say Leadership I dont mean all of them.

So if you know your not one of those mentioned in here relax your good...if your one of the yahoos in office
who thinks otherwise...
Your welcome to opine away your views in here...:)

It starting to show all..
It is slowly but surely becoming apparent to those in office and the general public that for so long
the public has turned a blind eye out of respect, ignored out of plain old ignorance, or condoned these officials out of some relative or personal benefit mindset.

For too long the leadership of Palau, an ELECTED leadership
have behaved as if they were there to do what they please and dictate to us what they think we ought to do.

There is an air of self-rightgeousness and a sense of entitlement existing in the leadership today that makes them so defensive and waste a lot of their time arguing their rights and positions while their real work is left undone.

There is a sense that they are the ones to stir this country. That they know all the answers to our problems.
They are even surprised to find out that they,,,yes they are not UNIFIED when it comes to some vision of Palau that they apparently
know of, but have yet implemented a part of or at the very least educated the public about.

They are surprised by their own sense of division. Yet in their arrogance they still keep the public from learning what vision if any
they do have. They havent thought of maybe educating the very people who elected them and who this Master Plan and or Vision they seem to have scattered to the winds would affect the most...They dont even trust that we can make sound judgement on matters that concern us all..

They've forgotten that they're there because of the public that elected them.

They've let us leap over some very basic steps a growing nation needs to stand on in order to move forward. A slow steady sustainable economic community is what we need.

Not a leap over that to what we have now. A slowly dying economy with nothing
to keep it going but foreign aid.

Whatever Master Plan or Economic Development Plan there is.. they better dust them of and get them going..
Times running out...


Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, let take this opportunity and thank “Emelk” for his or her contribution in this blogosphere. It is a privilege to share with you.

Now my brothas and sistas, let me continue “adding on” to my previous post, so brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, pass some ‘o them demok and let us get all “wired” as we for a ride, ehehehe…. “star” if you are out there reading this say, “amen.” Hehehe.

Shall we proceed? You see my brothas and sistas, a “unified vision” does exist in every palauans mind. We look toward a better future for ourselves, our children, our families, and our island as a whole. That is our hope! And so a unified vision does exist and it comes from the people of the republic. It exists in our “minds” ladies and gentlemen.

That is the difference. The unified vision does not come from the leadership which I think the good senator is pertaining to, rather the unified vision comes from us, the common citizens of palau. The leadership role is to realize this unified vision from the people and “implement” to make this dream a reality.

If our leadership fail to recognize that an overall collective mindset of a “unified vision” does exist in every Palauan citizen’s mind, then my friends, our leaders are really messed up, ehehehe.

So then, if a unified vision does exist then the problem lies somewhere between now, as of today and the unified vision that we envision for the future to come. So to get “over there” from “over here” reguires a “map,” a written form that we can use as a “tool” to guide us as we make this journey toward our goal, a unified vision for a better palau. And this map is simply called “a business plan.”

I believe ladies and gentlemen that our leadership has a “master business plan” in place. The problem lies in their way of handling and appropriating government funds. Now of course, corruption plays a part as well but I am going to concentrate on the former not the latter. So in other words, our government as an “entity” has “very poor money management skills.”

Let’s face it, our palau is run by politics, not money management. Politics in the restaurants, politics in the bars, politics in parties, there’s politics everywhere. Palauans have politics raging inside their minds, even if they are sound asleep! Ehehehe.

Listen my brothas and sistas, to achieve this unified vision, our leaders must learn to put “money management” before politics. It is imperative that we recognize this principle and proceed to make it happen now.

Today is the day to take inventory of the government funds and learn to double, triple, and quadruple it more than we spend it.

This ladies and gentlemen is the key to a successful unified vision that our palauans have been hoping and waiting for a long time.

Only then will the “master business plan” for our palau works, only then will a unified vision for a better palau come to a reality, only then will we experience what it means to live “ in the vision.”

I have a dream ladies and gentlemen,

Well put Ngarardian.

During the compact plebescite days, a French diplomat who was dispatched to Palau as member of the UN Observing Team also noticed that Palau is the most politicized community he had visited. Politics in the 'omenged', politics 'in the 'omngar' and politics in the 'mesei' too.

When he was asked to share his observation of Palau's readiness for polling, the French said Palau is so politically charged that given its 15,000 people, it's like having 15,000 political parties.

Ali lii!

Well said Ngeraardian..Well said.

Yes a unified vision does
exist and we do all share the same basic unified human vision of a better life and future.

But I think what Del. Mesebeluu was alludung to was that the leadership that exist today is fragmented and therefore
unable to implement legislation towards a Unified Vision.

There is, as some mentioned in here, a Master Plan and an Economic Developement Plan. That Economic Developement Plan I think is not unlike your
"business master plan."

Like every business as you said, we need a business plan in order to succeed. We, Palau does have one.
This Economic Developement Plan is it.

Del. Mesebeluu as I said was just stating the obvious. We do have plans
but he and the rest of the
leadership have failed miserably to implement it.
He's statement regarding the none-existence of a unified vision is a testament to him and his colleagues failure to work together.

Its not unlike a passenger ship setting sail. The passengers all know and share the same vision of their destination and so do the captain and the crew. The captain and the crew however have a well planned out course to take, but do not share the vision on how to read the plan and implement it.

I would suggest that
we the passengers rise up..this is our calling card to let the captain and the crews (the leadership)know that we are unified in our vision of the future and that we want them to do start working togther to implement the plan or there will be a mutiny.



We are very happy that our Hon. Kalist Delegate of our Aimeliik state. My good question is how much stimulus "dollar diplomacy" have we recieved any? Or how much are we going to recieve TR like Ngerchelong, Ngaraard, Ngiwal, and Ngeremlengui millions ? TR said , "DD" will stimulate Ngardmau of $150,000.00. I was told that Airai is going to get $12 millions in CIP. Because of First Lady. Oh, I forgot TR is Chief Remark of Toluk, Medorm and he maybe give some, okay.


"Ngermadelyang Connection"

I heard Hajime joking, that HOD re-organized Ngermadelyang BOYZ. Mesebeluu stepped down Bells stepped up, Mesebeluu declined vice speakership Noah Idechong took his place. Del. Sabino took the torch-floorleader. CJ MacArthur gave ano Oath to his younger cousins from Ngermadelyang.

I asked the older man if this is true and he said YES. CJ knew that Bells is cON or waterfelon.

Did you know that Supreme Court is no longer issue a Temporary Restrain Order(TRO) to halt members of the clan to bury the loved ones in "Odesongel".

Did you also know that Supreme Court has run out of TRO. SC claimed that Ngiwal State used them up. We have to wait until next fiscal year or budget year, 2008.

When will Elected leaders who took an OATH of the office excercise their OATH to protect and uphold our Constitution, all laws of the land. Only when in the office, bench, chambers, road or at home.
When, Where, What, Who and HOW they have to excercise the OATH?

We all know that CJ does not required to take anybody's legal advice before his action take place.

You decide and I report.


Just for you infomacion, once upon a time late CJ Nakamura was swearing Koror State Rangers/Guards.
And when he looked at them he immediately recognized most them are convicted criminals, felons, ect. He stopped giving an OATH and told State Executive Administator to clear these boys. He meant reuquest a PARDON to all of them before he comes back to give the OATH again.

We he right or wrong? You decide.

One said, that Judge was only asked to do the OATH because OEK asked Judge to perform. Now, Can a MAN bring different WOMAN every other day and ask Judge to perform marriage?
OR Can a Super Mario bring one of his wives everyday to the Court and have a Judge perform marriage to each everyone of his wives. Until one of his wives file a complaint?

Or one Judge performed marriage and the next day their other Judge perform a divorce? How will you see and think of Supreme Court? Must be CRACy.



I complaint because I am in lower rank this government. (Metai'iyou).

I hope that our leaders stop watching or acting like Spongebob and Mr. BEAN.

Senate claimed to have Dean but his not and I see Mr. Bean. HOD put ConArtist to take the helm and Super Mario and Rachel who both ate Pacific Savings Bank bunkrupt. Super Mario took advantage of depositors' hard earn wages over 10 years. He scamm beautiful innocent young woman from Taiwan. Lady asked her father to provide fishing boats to Mario. Unfortunately, the boats came and hitted the Reef of Ngardmau into small pieces. Lady came found out that He is married to Mashallese, Palauans. Palauan woman beaten her up and she flew back to Taiwan with emptied hands. She cried all the way back home. Later on, he had a pleasure to hired Rahel beloved counselor and entrapped her to have XXXXtra__ x@% activies in his speakershop office. (hearsay).

Errer Marjal islands.

Ngakma renguk adi mengimut kura dusall el edillmangel elmo medide klokl elmo tutau. Ebai derngum elo bengkel la Rahel.

Dime chikung madledesem emei medekasewes era Marjall.

ei staff,
ke mo telekib el mekokau, soad el mol fire ra ureor lek di ocherchur el mo meringel delek ra ikal tekingem, ea boss a di ngara tonari el obis. ngikal super mario a rengud en cheballang meng diak lou temptaion island ra elsel a kmal klou el obis ra Belau. n e wei a dou game ra obis ngdiak el metemall a ureor, ngdi a chad el uaisei a diak el sebeched el ultuir er ngii.
malsekum a President a Mr. Bean, meng belkul kmo a Sponge Bob a Speaker, lol, ngbai kora Shrek, ngdi a Shrek a di ou sashimi a melaitul ngdi dimlak lorrechorch.
Ak di oungellakel e bro, ngmeral tekoi aikal omolekoi, kede sobekang...

Karmaliang, Badrulchau and all,

I kind of think that the law makers are wasting time and money if they don't practice what they preach. What kind of messages are we sending out there?

Next time around, let's be ralistic and vote with our consciencs.


Ngchemyangel...You sure?
Are you sure you really are
satisfied with Del. Ngirturong?...A rael mora Aimeliik ngkor tiaikid...A dital beches el rael sel llul ruul rengii a Senator

A rael elmora Emelkikoi elmo ra chelsel a Ngchemyangel ngkora dirk taikid rea irechar el mer chelchang. A di mla change aikel did. Engii tiaikid ral dil mechecherad el mer chelchang.

Kam mouchais erngak che alta ngdiak kudengei..
Ngerang mla rulii a Del. Kalistus Ngirturong el ungial a tekoi el mora
Ngchemyangel ma beluu era Aimeliik?

Ngkora bai di chou kolt a chiklel e teblo selfon erngii chea beluu tiaikid ral waisei. Engii a bai soal kul loldubech elkmo a
Aimeliik bol blil a komi steba rea Belau.

Aikaikid a ngklungiolel mea urerel a Del. Ngirturong?
I hope engmo ra Mongami a blil a komi...
Al mera Emelkikoi ma lechub eng Ngchemyangel eng metik besengel a Del. ma Governor
ra Aimeliik.

Emelkikoi.. ng Beluu e Klengar...:)

Yep a Place and is Life.



I appreciate your posting however, I think the issue in that regard is the "separation of powers." As for marriage, that is about the "consumation of powers." There is no constitutional requirement that a judge must ordain the members of the other branches of government.


Alii all for all your good comments!

It seems that our government has all sorts of economic plans, which have been with us since the Remeliik Administration that have not been implemented or discussed publicly and seriously: they have been idle for awhile. When I was home, I did not hear anybody mention anything about economic development plans or any other documents that would have given us a clear vision to our economic future. The Compact itself requires Palau to have its economic plan reviewed on intervals by the United States. I do not know if we have that one in place.

So who will take charge for a unified vision for Palau? What will be the best way to achieve the unified vision for Palau?

VP Chin and Toribiong have declared their presidential candidacy. We are still waiting for Nakamura and Whipps, Sr., and others if they will be running in the 2008 presidential election. They will articulate different visions in their platforms as to how they will lead us. These gentlemen have been successful in their fields. They know what sorts of plans economics, educational, political, etc., may propel us to a prosperous future. They know how to be leaders. Excellent leaders have visions: they have to be innovative and creative. They can say what programs they will implement, for example, to make us less dependent on foreign aid. They may set a timetable, for instance, to turn Palau Community College into a four- year bachelor degree granting institution within their first term. What are their visions for Palau, economically and politically? Do they want us to remain a beggar sovereign state or will they implement economic programs in their first hundred days and be responsible to inform us thereafter of their progress. They will define our national course and direction in their platforms. Only one special person will be our beacon, however: he will guide us to achieve our goals, a well-defined vision as set forth in his platform. I have no problem with anyone of them. Maybe his platform will make me vote for him. I also would like him to apply a “adopt, adapt and adept philosophy or strategy” while leading us forward as Klemerang has implied in his comment to me about three weeks ago.

All these problems we have such as criminal elements in OEK, mismanagement of public funds, etc., need a “situational “leader. Such a leader can set a right course or direction to correct these shortcomings. Not only he needs our vote to elect him but also our votes to oust a group of criminals in the OEK.

We need a president who can move in, move ahead, and move out. He has to act swiftly like what Emaid, Melke, Emelk, or Star has said, “We voters have to act now, get rid of all criminals running loose and set our nation right. Bye the way, most of them are political leeches and minions like the other ones in other branches of our government. Favoritism? Nepotism? We need some men with righteous. lawful, critically independent and analytical minds to represent us in both houses of congress. Adang!


Is it suprising that Unify vision future of Palau fail to exist? Your elected officials have their own agendas, Palau future maybe a new concept for representative and senators most of them are as old as OEK. Their main goal is get their wallet fatter than their belley before they leave office.


I guess I'm commenting late. Regarding these cousins who've taken all the postitions in the HOD - from Ngermadeliang.

Here we go. Augustin Mesebeluu's father (Kodep) is from Ngermadeliang (Okdemaol). And Hazime's mother is from Ngermadeliang - CJ's first cousin. Jonathan Isechal's mother is from Ngermadeliang. Lucio Ngiraiwet's mother is from Ngermadeliang. NOah Idechong's father is from Ngermadeliang.

So it does not make any difference if Mesebeluu declined or accepted the postition. Majority of the house are from ngermadeliang. Tonio Bells' mother is from Ngermadeliang. All the above are cousins.

Oh... and Sabino's father is from Ngermadeliang.


We agreed because each other because also from Ngchesar.

CJ is from Ngermadeliiyang and Speaker Bells is con-felon but CJ gave him an Oath.
VP Noah also from Ngermadeliyang.
Del. Lucio 's mom is from Model Young.
Del. Isechal mom's is from Modelyoung.
FL. Sabono samesame.
Mesebeluu Same.

Now they know and they produce bill to increase salary to those who make $10,000 or less a year due to fuel price up. Tony the speaker must continue to "berokel osengel era Belau rokir". Adang, mekerang?

Breaking news:

President Tommy, jr; will introduce a bill requesting OEK to authorize him to open a "line of credit" or to loan to increase cash flow in National Treasury to Governmetn debts. One f the big reason he took major part to organized the HOD. Finance is getting like our water dam loosing millions of water due Elnino. As he claimed.

How did this happen that all this same same from Karmaliang end up in OEK? We have to look beyond same, same next year.

I smell rats with Ngermadelang scent, could this trigger an invetigation? Oh no this is
a custom, I see nothing. I must support cousins shaded
activities, we belong in the same "Mafia".

Ladies and gentlemen,

The article entitled "Response and Call to Action" written on March 8 by
House Speaker Augustine Mesebeluu, a four-page article he wrote right after the National Economic Symposium encounter.

Well, I would like to take a look on some of the issues mentioned on Mr. mesebeluu four-page article. Not today thought, probably on Monday. So expect to see something hea by then. What I want to do is pull out some of the issues he talks about in his article and I am going to dissect and analyze them.

So ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves, this is going to be “hot.” And when I say “hot” I mean, the “ngaraardian demok” will be bouncing off the walls, ladies and gentlemen, ehehehe.

Infact, what I would like to do is issue him a challenge, to come here at oyekediulabeluu, our “turf” our “hood” and see if he can “hang” with it, know what mean my brothas and sistas, ehehehe.

There will be no rehearsals, no notes, just “live raw” information and ideas to be shared and discussed. I need to find out whether this guy is “bull” or “for reals” What do you say my brothas and sistas, is it a go?! Yes, let’s do it, and why not! Let us fry his brains out, ehehehe.

Someone should get in touch with him and tell him, that, “Ngaraardian” wants to meet him at the mean streets of oyekediulabeluu and looking forward to “fry” him with them demok from ngesang, I mean ngaraard, ehehehe.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the show begin….

I just cannot wait for this
show to begin. I will bring something along for our digestive system, just in case, the demok gets really "hot" and "heavy"

I will be the referee just in case, one of you needs CPR... I hope, you both are in shape and fit.

Message to Mesebeluu:
Stay in Okemii Deli and enjoy the view and the fruits of your labor or lack of labor. I like the sandwiches you serve there. Very yummy.

Just a quick one though: the reason for the lack of unified vision for the future of Palau is because of people like YOU. I won't say leaders because you can't even steer a bamboo raft towards a meaningful course.

How F%^$!!!N stupid is it for you, as a leader, to stand up there and state that there is no unified course for the future. Don't you even talk to the PEOPLE you represent. Don't you realize that you and your cronies have bastardized this imported system of democracy to benefit all but a handful of people. Don't talk out of your ass because you have plotted a $$$ meaninful course for your own pockets and your own self interest with you games, your politics, and your shallow rhetoric.

Shallow, just like the reef in front of your beautiful house. Instead of stating the F%^&^@#N obvious, why didn't you lead your HOD to doing something about plotting a course for the future of the PEOPLE of Palau. Are you content with being ridiculous. Go ahead and state the obvious over and over again. Tell us something new that the mechas and rubak don't already know. WE KNOW THAT WE, THE PEOPLE OF PALAU HAVE BEEN TAKEN FOR A RIDE BY YOU PEOPLE IN LEADERSHIP FOR ALL THIS TIME. A JOY RIDE BLINDED BY THE FACT THAT WE ARE RIDING AROUND IN A NEW CAR THAT WE ARE IN DEBT FOR, ON TOP OF A CRAPPY ROAD THAT DOESN'T LEAD ANYWHERE, ALL THE WHILE WONDERING IN THE BACK OF OUR MINDS WHEN THE MAN WILL COME CALLING AND TAKING BACK THE CAR. GET THE PICTURE??


I got your message but you are only reacting the situation after he was overthrown by President.

Plis allow me to share why the Palauans especially you from Despedall. del. Mesebeluu, was instrumental for pushing former Del. Kazuo Asanuma dreams of bring National Capitol to Ngerulmud.

Yes, no one is perfect. "dollar diplomacy" is not a vision but political ass hole for leader who has got rich by "dollar diplomacy".

Us "DD" to influence state leadership and national leaders using "DD". He got buying power "Dollar Diplomacy" or "Stimulus" or "stimulate".


I got your message but you are only reacting the situation after he was overthrown by President.

Plis allow me to share why the Palauans especially you from Despedall. del. Mesebeluu, was instrumental for pushing former Del. Kazuo Asanuma dreams of bring National Capitol to Ngerulmud.

Yes, no one is perfect. "dollar diplomacy" is not a vision but political ass hole for leader who has got rich by "dollar diplomacy".

Us "DD" to influence state leadership and national leaders using "DD". He got buying power "Dollar Diplomacy" or "Stimulus" or "stimulate".


This is the ultimate grandstanding by a leader. Good thing he is no longer a Speaker. As former floor leader of the fourth olbiil, he knows the existence of economic development plan Palau was required to submit before implementation of the compact. That document embodies the united vision for Palau which the leaders collectively agreed upon, and was submitted to the US for approval. Because of that unified vision presented by the leaders then the compact was implemented.


Here are some pellets for your randezvous with the speaker.

Just to give you an idea of how much money the speaker and each hod member had earned since compact. Compact began on October 1, 1994. That's already 12 years so the figures are as following.

Annual Salary from 4,5,6 oek - $32,000 X 12 years = $384,000.

Annual Salary for 7 oek 2005 to 2008 - $50,000 X 4 years = $200,000

$384,000 + $200,000 = $584,000

By end of December 2008, he would have made at least $584,000. because he served in previous oek.

Times that by 16 for all the delegtes and you get a total of $9,344,000 for salary alone for the delegates since the compact. If you include senators, the figure hits the roof.

Maybe one of the questions you can raise is, what results or accomplishments that contribute to improve our ways of life, our schools, and you name them, do they have to show for us commoners that is worth pocketing this amount?


is this domestic dollar diplomacy?

so what is the difference between domestic dollar diplomacy and the stimulus dollar dimplomacy.

it looks that stimulus dollar diplomacy benefits more of us commmoners.


Yes, I agreed with you that
HOD Speaker and committee chairman also makes, use and abused additional public funds.

$12,000/yearly offical expenses X 12 years =$144,000.00 local revenues.

$24,500.00/year committee's expenses X 12/years =$288,000.00 local revenues.

So, we add $144,000 + $288,000 = $432,000.00 + $584,000.00 = $1,016,000.00 X 16 delegates = $16,560,000.00.

Now, let me ask for President $50,000/year salary for 8 years = $400,000.
President expenses $200,000/year X 8 years =$1,600,000.00.

Then, how does president spend for 8/years out unified budget???
Then, how does he spent vice president for 8/years?????

OEK passed the unified budget bill authorized President to seek grant from Taiwan, RC in form of "Dollar Diplomacy" the stimulus . How of the total stimulus grant did hold, spent, used, and absused????????

Why did the Vice President came out of media-Palau Horizon and said Finance runs out of funds or cash flow??? Gasoline stations stop giving fuel due lack of payment from National Treasury to vendors. So, Minster of State, Temmy Shmull claimed that United Nation warned Palau to pay their dues or Palau will not cast the vote in UN.

Taiwan embassy have not paid their rents, power/water/gas/telephone bills, ect. "Rumours" Palau asked Taiwan government to help pay for
unpaid obligation for our embassy in Taiwan like before. But Taiwan responded that they "have paid millions of stimulus grants aid to Palau. Palau should have save funds some to meet their obligations. In other words, "shame on you, Palau".

Olekoi, ngdiak chised. Au udoud ngmlor????????

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