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April 18, 2007


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With Palau's rising cost of living, coupled with a minimum wage that have been stuck at $3.00 for many many years has maintained the need and dependence on fishing for a survival on our tiny Island. I am glad that our tiny island has raised awareness to the rest of the world, yet I am very content on the direction from most of our leaders who are trying to open doors for big corporations like SHIMAO with a 99 year lease to go along with it.

How will this affect our environment especially our reef. Just the compact road itself have caused untold damage that has affected the mangroves along our coast line which are the breeding grounds for fish population through out Palau. Ask any politician and they will tell you that you have to take risks if you want progress.

With this being said, I am wondering how we are able to have some kind of balance in regards to our natural resources vs big corporations. Do we have a plan?

Please anyone....


Palau needs to take a step back and take a couple of deep breaths.....

Palau must calm itself down and ask herself why she is developing herself and who's benefit is it for.

With our small population Palau does not need to overdevelop herself.

Palau should realize her purpose on earth. Once she's come to her senses, then common sense will save herself.

It is not too late. Let's hope that this current leadership does not do too much irreversable damages until they leave office. Our generation will kutmeklii Belau.

**Original comment deleted by the Administrator - Omdui.

That's not really smart for someone leaving a comment pretending to be Omdui, the Administrator of this website. It's bad because now I am banning you or rather the computer with an I.P number that originated from Palau, using a Palaunet account.

The same IP number has generated this following blog identities: Emaidechedui, Obakermelech, poison's beauty, Soul on Ice, Alfonso N. Diaz, and Rael Keobel.

I welcome everyone to comment here but don't steal other people's name. That is the No. 1 rule on blog commenting that should be adhered to. If it is violated you will bear the consequences, banned as a result.


I stand beside you kelulau to whatever it takes for Palau to fulfill that mentality. We're an island, a beautiful island, that doesn't need to be a city like.


I think you copied the words right out of my head...lol

At the present time JT is trying his luck for the third time at the Presidency. The thing that bothers me today. Is when the representatives of Shimao corp walked in on ConCon during session and presented their proposal for a Hotel, Golf Course, Casino and they wanted them to change our constitution to allow a 99 year Lease. I was thinking at the time the audacity of this people just to walk in our house and flash dollar signs thinking that we are like excited children when one gives them candies. I come to find out later that JT was not only the one incharge of ConCon, he was also the middle man for Shimao.

We talk about President TR for this and that, but one thing I admired from him is his determination to preserve our environment and our culture which defines who and what we are as Palauans.


Sulang e Omdui,
akumdasu eng dirrek el locha ngarngii a tara chad el lousbech ra "alii" ra elsel tiang. Not sure who was the first to come up with this ID, but if it was him/her, then I would be glad to change my name/ID here to something else.



we discussed this issue the last time we met. You have a short memory, noh?

Komeng! komeng! E Kelulau, e kede kora di mle kelulau er sel taem, e ngak a rubekengang mak mla mo telekib el mekngit a memory er ngak e mechad a dingak. Eng di eldecheduch el mosaod a kmal meral tekoi.

Adm Omdui,

Sorry, for using Omdui but you must understand how we try secrecy on us. Palau is small island and population. We reserve out identity that cause chaos, fights among us.

I agreed with you for my error but I suggested you write back And tell us that our mail cannot posted because there is a person using this name.


Last Friday. late afternoon the Supreme Court isued an Order that Deano and his group won by not paying back the public funds he authorized to spend during his so-called president of the senate.

Sen. Santy WON his constitutional issue that majority of that house is 5 and Deano lost his senate Presidency. So, liar big mouth of Diaz.
saisei, akidul kmo el buul a Beluad-Belau erkid ertirkal sinators melemall era constitucion eadikea lomereu era voters. IN the past few weeks and days OEK been fight for power and nothing made to benefit the people.

Our president tommy fought in the past 2 years and 31/2 months and finally installed new majority/leaders. New leadership immediately passed a bill to increase President/Vpresident and ministers salary while they all have benefits such as : Cars, boats, oil
fuel, maintenance, TAs, Muzing among them, serving best but illegal food-pigeon, maml, kemedukl, "dollar diplomacy" (URAKANE) under table money.

You can drive around to see them in highest standard of living in Koror. Before they got in ther offices.

"Squander the Best and abused the REST".

You decide and I report.

The more I read the more I get disgusted and frustrated about politics back home. I am determined,however, to do something with all your help, we can changed things for better if we all work together because we have the same principle of a just and fair
government. It seems our government is created by certain individuals' arrogance and abuse of power. We have to stop their illegal manipulation, trichery, and lies.

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