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April 01, 2007


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What is expected of those who plan to run for public office come next election?

In terms of moving Palau forward economicly. What should Palau expect from our leaders should a unified vision comes in place?

A unified vision is essential for our future progress. We have been governed by greedy and self serving leaders long enough. We have a bloated government like a monster with many heads and one big fat body. Each head wants to go a different direction than the other or too busy fighting the others heads while the body stands still and gets fat. Helter skelter governance has resulted in waste and lacking in cohesiveness to implement and committ to a coherent economic plan for our future. The inability of our leaders to work cooperatively is one of our biggest problems. How sad. We need leaders who are willing to hang their ego and self interest at the door when they go into sessions to make decisions that will affect our future generations. Many good economic plans have been proposed and have been sitting on the shelf. We are not dumb, that is not our problem. Now if only our leaders would work to be more unified in picking a plan and implementing it. Ultimately we all share the responsibility for the direction of our future as we vote for our leaders. We have to vote wisely.

How'd Abe Licoln say it?
"You can fool some of the people all the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

A "unified vision" is needed but not necessarry.

Some people no matter what will always have reasons not to join in.
So what do we do? What can we do? Who do we pick this coming election?

As Diakelmad says, "We have to vote wisely" That is what we have to do..
Choose people we know will do what is asked of them. We vote in those that have
some knowledge of our constitution. People with
a forward looking vision of our island. People who can work both side of the OEK ails and are willing to
fight for our benefit and or compromise when there is a need for one.
People wise enough to know the differrence between arguing for substance and that of bickering uselessly.

We vote for those we can trust will make it easier for businesses to start, grow, and succeed. Ones who won't raise or impose undue taxes on the public. People who see that to improve the economy we need business and tax laws that promote and stimulate the economy for the long run.

Elect people who dislike waste and overblown expenses. People who have the guts to cut expenses and streamline the governments excesses.

Vote your conscience as the saying goes. Vote with your childrens future and the future of their children in mind.

"We have to vote wisely." Diakelmad April 11, 2007.

I would heed his words all.
A Diaekelmad el chad I suspect knows more then we do..He's Neverdied..:)


Well, people who are planning to run are basically figuring on how to be Diaz, Mlib, JK, and Sead. Not to mention, boys from lower house where former minority paid off big time, with, through Executive's interest rather than their own ambitions to be politicians. It sad that an Executive office probably the ultimate guideline to their career as policy makers. This is a classic version of attempting Unified Vision in such small place like ours. All they required to do is be of service to TR. A true color of self importance and individual self. Also, an opposite of Unified Vision for the people, by the people, and to the people..
Only if we have 100,000 pop. so I can really dig what is meant by Unified Visions has to do future progression when everyone seemed to be related, UNIFIED>.

I guess we are in such a situation where most of our hotshots are within their last term, so everything for now are unpredictable.
I just hope unified vision is something about the benefit of all walks of life rather than separation of rich and poor. That is if you are thinking on planning to run.

Husky, Kloulechad

I agree with you that the new HOD leadership of Con and Corrupted and planet hero were bought by Taiwan "dollar diplomacy".

"dollar diplomacy" stimulate Angaur CIPs, Ngaraard CIPs and now $1.2 millions to Ngiwal state. Also, used to buy llunch for Ngerchelong people at Palasia. Question????? Why Senator Diaz claimed that TR paid $1,000.00 court fines buy Judge AR? Wait and let me answer the my phone. Okay, $1,000 is also, a "dollar diplomacy". Wow, we chodai "dollar diplomacy" and to spent in any way we want as once Gov. Jackson said. A crispy and fresh $100.00 dollar bills.

Is "dollar diplomacy" used for building a boardwalk, bridge from bital taoch to bital taoch. A first of each kind in Koror ma Belau. Built then apply for EQPB and Daob Permits. "Preserve the rest and improve the best." Is it contradict the so-called Protected Areas Network?

President Bush sr., "read my lips and do as I say, not as I do." ha ha ha ha.


Ak dingara Rois Elab e chomes era Ngerulmud ekora kmal tilab osengek bbuik era Melekeok, Dr. Patrick Tellei el dengchokl er a kadikmel a former President Kuniwo Nakamura. Ea Doctor akora kmal ungil (runnig mate) or Vice President era Kuniwo era elechal mei klou sengkyo ra 2008. Good Team of leadership, 2 visionaries. (EKAKI)dachelbai chad.

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