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April 11, 2007


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To ensure that our future leaders will succeed, our leaders of today must make sure that our childrens education will be a top priority. One must question this to all interested candidates. What are their plans to make sure that our schools will continue to provde lunch and transportation for our children?

It was mentioned on "Live blogging SORA" that we had 80,000 tourists that visited Palau compared to 2001. If one of our leader had implemented or passed a bill for 25 cents per head to help the future leaders of Palau. It would have gotten us $20,000. This number would climb as our tourist arrivals grows.

I am a product of public schools in Palau. It was very disturbing for me when I found out that our government could not afford to serve lunch at schools and went as far as charging students to ride school buses because not enough money to buy gas. I mean is this the best our leaders of today can do?

That is the point Mosi, the MOE is overwhelmed with issues in details like these. We can always blame the Executive Branch for refusing to give into the demands of the OEK and the law that requires another Director. Or we can, as you had pointed out, blame the cashflow problems where the MOE has the budget but MOF does not have the funds from revenue to pay the RQ's that come from MOE. But the hurt can be seen in many other ministries, where there have to be cuts or other ways to deal with shortfalls in funds.
Back to the MOE though...I am also a product of public schools, and find it appalling that parents are now forced to take care of their kids...lol
Sorry bro, but when it comes to my kids I would go to hell and back...lunches and bus rides included.
But there is definitely something amiss in the MOE, and it is not just the 25% Quarterly Tests either, anyone from WASC in here...lol

Kemeral ngeltengat e Kngibech el sebechem a rokui. Eng di ngak a mesaod ra rengelekel babeldaob ma Belileou,Angaur. Alta ng diak modengei engdii a kmle experience erngii er sera kngara skuul. Melmuut er elechal sils eng dirk ngaringii a rengelekel Belalu el diak lekiei e lobenterir a demerir ma derir mete yakai ra rebebil ra rechad. Te kmal lousbech er sel skuul lunch ma olideiul e melasem el merekui ra skulir.

Ngdiak el lemlak kisterir ar mle classmate er ngak rak ngara PHS el mle kei ra blirir ar chederir e ngara skuul. Sel omdu yakai ngkora kmal mekngit a oto er ngii. Ngdi tial PHS a meketeket el losaod a luut a dorm. Sei ngkudmeklii sel momdasu er ngii adang tial cheral a lunch ma bus el lolai er ngii ra parents. Te ngar ngii a rechad el kmal blak a rengrir ra rengelkir, a le kei ra ikrel malechub eng chelsel a Oreor. Ak kmal ungil medengei el kmo ngdiak el kengtil a ngalk, engdi betok el taem a ngalk a mo chuarm. Ak dirrek el kmal medengei el kmo sel skuul lunch a "the only full meal" ra rebebil ra rengalk ra PHS, e dirrek el mla mo medengei el kmo te ngar ngii a re ngara skuul ra KES el parents malechub te ngodech el chad a mlo tmak e mchar a lunch ticket ra re bebil el ngalk ra class ra rengelkir leng dimlak el sebecherir. Ngdi a kerik a kmo ngera sel de relii eng mo sebecherir ar ngelked el di omes a subelir e lomollem a skuulir el mo mengetakl ra Belau ra tara klebesei?
Le elechal le uaisei a MOE a kumdasu eng diak el sebechel merreched el mekedmokl. Ngkol mo tella rekid e mo diak dultuir ra Amt...?

kekmal mesaul ra uldesuam e Kngibech, e kmal lungil meke medengelii tial kusaod erngii. A dorm a kumdasu eng long term vision. Leng kmal klou el ludoud a oietel. Engdii aikal program el di mla rengii ra amt er kid a kumdasu eng mlo erngii leng meklou a belkul tekoi. Tirkal lorrurt ra beluu er elechang a uche ra lebo lolab aikal kingall eng mla er ngii aikal Progam. E kau tial lomes aikal report era President el kirel a udoud el blo longit ra bebil ra beluu el millions el kirel betok el porject. Ma ker el doker er ngii a kmo ng kmal ngera Priority er tirkal mengetekled. Alsekum ng sebechir el ngmai aikal Millions? E ngerang ma omesiungel a skuul a mla mecherad. Ngar ngii a moktek er tir eng me deubech aikang? Ng kmal rrau a renguk?

Kngibech and Mosi,

I really think that our education should be the country's top priority. There should be enough funds allocated and reserved already for our public and private schools. I really think our government should start prioritize its needs and eliminate waste. How about downsizing our government and privatizing some departments so they could run efficiently. Let the government institute a hiring freeze program for three years or more. Close those agencies for a couple of years that are not providing essential services. How about across the board salary reduction for all government employees?

It is really sad when parents could not afford their children’s school lunch, and the government does not find more money within the national government to fund the lunch program. Some students may perform poorly due to unsecured, uncomfortable and unacceptable accommodation arrangements. Maybe the government needs to convert some buildings into dormitories. Ngkora di uldasue el ngara ulaol.



I can clearly see some of Mr. Chin’s incredibly proven leadership style. This honest gentleman showed his leadership skills the very first day he walked into his ROTC program at UH/Manoa. He was meticulously serious then as he is now. He is still straightforward and no nonsense guy. Before that his innate leadership abilities earned him tons of respect from his friends, relatives and rubak mar mechas. Back home he was affectionaly called “Cowboy”. So I know him by that name.

The Vice President was the highest ranking Micronesian in American service history. As you said, he was in charge of thousands of soldiers. He received numerous army medals as a testament to his high caliber leadership, diligence, perseverance, stamina, resolve, military skills, management qualifications, etc. Then the US Government bestowed upon him its trust, confidence and faith to have him work at the US’ Kwajalein Missile base in charge of over billion dollars military base. Mosisecheklak, your choice is excellent.


Wow! I like that Naiiro, you realy do your research. If we all could look beyond the negetive statements and rumors surrounding this man and start paying attention to real facts about him than I think we would find a man who is more than capable to be our next President.

Chin is an overwhelming choice of Palauans that I have talked to here. So his chance of getting a tremendous support here is just beyond words. They trust him so much that they are willing to go all out to get him elected president. That's how I see
his chance here.

Mr. Rengulbai of Airai was recently fined for misuse of funds. $20 drinks for the party girls and and money for a beauty queen's shopping trip and pageant. While our leaders are living the high life, my relatives and I are working our tail off just to survive. The time has come to fix the rampant corruption that is like a cancer eating away at our meager resources. It should offend every Palauan when our leaders twist our cutural ways to justify their sick behavior.

How many more leaders are misusing money in our states but has not been caught yet? I know people who are barely making it to meet their daily needs. We need to do something now, the sooner the better. It is going to take some of us here to risk it all to benefit others or our children to come. I'm in if you are e Diakelmad.

Mori, I don't know what you mean by "risking it all." Bringing about social/political changes takes enormous time, energy and sadly money. The first phase is developing and cultivating a grassroot support. Mediums like this blog, our newspapers and words of mouth to our people about issues and need for competent leadership get the ball rolling. You are already doing something by blogging on this site.There has to be an isssue that will galvanize the people and motivate them for action. I can think of two; corruption in government and high cost of living. The next phase is to identify a known face to represent us. The last is to mobolize voters to the polls comes election time. Right now we need a face to represent us. It has to be a fesh face. Careful for the slick politicians who will throw barbecues and speak like they represent the people only to forget once they get in office. Palauan voters have been behaving like a promiscious person who easily fall for one liners to be beded. It has been really easy for politicians to buy our vote. Make them work for it by debating and challenging them. They have to do more than just serve flowery rhetoric and fatty pork barbecues.

Ladies and gentlemen,

One thing that stands out about a candidate is his or her immaculate background. And it is great that “Naiiro” have brought that about mr. chin in an articulate way.

Now we need to look at Mr. chin's “behavior around town.” We need to look at his “lifestyle” in and around palau. We need to look at his “family” and his “children.” What are their behaviors like, do they “conduct” themselves in and around town in a well mannered way?

Does Mr. chin go to church? Does his family go to church? Does he ride a bicycle to work sometimes? Because I am sure if he is running, “environment” probably would be one of his top Political agenda, in his “platform,” as “ BIZ” would put it, ehehehe.

We also need to look at the way he “talks to the common folks” around town. And that is when he talks, does he “draw” people to himself? In other words, do the people around town find it “interesting” to listen to? Does he have “jazz” when he talks, Is he “exciting” to listen to this man. Does he have the ability to sub-consciously tell you that he is “humble” and “trustworthy?” If his wife happens to be with him, does she “smiles” a lot, and does she “looks at him a lot” when he talks? Does she carry a similar “energy” that vibrates to you and bounces back then back to you again, and again, and again? And do you feel this energy when you see them both together in public or on TV. or radio?

What about Mr. chin's peers at the leadership levels, what do they say about him? We need someone in the leadership to post something here and tell us a little bit about him or maybe a “staff” and I would prefer a “staff.” Of course. We also need “blog responses” from the common folks in town, in Palau and tell to us some encounter “experience,” stories when they happen to “bump” into him in town occasionally.

And last of all, I think one of the most critical thing to know about this man, is “does he know how to speak.” Not in Palau but “outside” of Palau,” Does he have the ability to draw the “attention” of foreign leaders to his “speeches.” Does he have “poise.?” Does he have the “ability” to “conform” himself to a level where “his magnetism” resonates inside a room, among the foreign leaders when he speaks. In other words, if there are other speakers inside that room, does his speech “stands” out because of his personality vibrating off the walls, ehehehe. Again, do these foreign leaders find him “exciting” and “interesting” a joy to talk to. Do they find themselves wanting to be “inside his circle.?” To find the “most comfortable” place to be in at that present moment. This ability is crucial to foreign aid.

By the way, I have noticed a certain thing about a certain “few” palauans, very few maybe 1 out of 300 palauans that I have talked to or met, and these people have a certain way about them and it is this. Whether they are talking to you or not, or whether you both made eye contacts or not, these people “draws” you toward them when they are inside your circle, “within the vicinity.” Somehow they have this hidden ability to “draw” people to them.” When you see them, you want to talk to them, you want to be near them, you want to hear them, you want to hug them and love them. They have some sort of a combination of “Billy graham, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther king, and Gandhi, etc. My question, is do you find this in Mr. chin ladies and gentlemen and his wife, his family.

Look “inside” yourselves my brothas and sistas and make a decision, a decision which ultimately will bring that “united vision” that we have been talking about built into one man or a woman, a true leader for a “better” Palau.

bro, you bring up some good points but i beg to differ on some. what does his family and vocal abilities have to do with his potential as the leader of Palau? case in point, the former US President , Bill Clinton, proffered by many political analysts as the most charismatic of all US Presidents. how did the Monica scandal affect his leadership of the country, did Hillary look into his eyes as he spoke, did Chelsea portray the characteristics of a daughter of a great leader? i cannot see where the answer to these questions detract from Clinton's effectiveness as a leader. remember this is a President who had the most successful domestic policy campaign in US history, again as some have claimed. i am just looking for someone who is willing to do the right thing for the ROP rather than only the right thing for himself or herself as it may apply. ngikal chad ngdiak el Kerai ra kmung keskelel a Ngaraard?

Alii all...This is exactly the kind of discussions I really wanted all Palauans who have access to computers to be involved with. It is healthy, and with all these honest opinions, one can make an unbiased decision when the time comes to pick our leaders of tomorrow.



I think Chin is the best condidate for the job. His wife, (who I don't know personally)can easily handle the job too, and, I'll proud for her to represent our country.

What I see in Chin is a "gentle tough man", the right man for our country! Adang mekerang?


I second that motion Ngarrardin, from Omtikl. I have had the chance to sit and listen as well as talking to Mr.Chin. And yes he fits all you have mentioned and far more. He respects everyones point of view and that he won't hesitate to implement your ideas if it works. He even became teary eyed when the topic switched to our elders who need care and attention. If you have the time go to his website and you will find out more about him. And don't be surprised to get an honest response from him should you decide to ask questions.

With all the chaos in the OEK, all the talk of scandals and misuse of government funds, all the investigations, charges, convictions, it's nice to know that there is at least one person who is qualified and capable of leading this country in an honest and transparent manner. That person my friends is none other than VP Chin. He can be authoritative yet he is compassionate and feels for all Palauans. I'm sure if he becomes our next President this country will do a 180 and people will see the difference. I agree with you Omtikl, he is a "gentle tough man" and that is just what we need.

VP Chin for President and Senator Whipps for VP?

Now that is a combo worth looking into..

Could we entice them both with this idea?



Thanks for your response. Here’s how I choose the best candidate for the job. I would look for “past performance.” I would ask questions like: What has he done for Palau? What has he “contributed” to the people of Palau? Then I would look for his “ability to speak.” And from there I take a look at his “family.” Especially “his wife.”

In addition, I am going to ask questions about the candidate to my friends, neighbors, and his peers, the people that he works with. The reason why I am doing this, is because I am looking for “consistency.” I am looking for a certain “flow,” "integrity" and so forth. In other words, I am gathering “evidence” so that I can make the “right decision” comes voting time. There’s some mo’ to discuss about but I think these “three” I mentioned above plays a major role.

Now The reason why I mentioned Mr. Chin’s wife and his family is that it adds to the “sizzling” to the evidence that i am gathering so to say. For example, imagine eating demok with no fish. The meal does not have any “meat.” hehehehe. So To look for a great candidate, you have to look at his family as well. Someone said that you can tell a great man just by looking at his family. The reason behind this is because if his household is run by “certain fundamental Principles” overseen by the dad and implemented by the mom to the children then most likely he is going to run an efficient, proactive government destined for greatness.

Now when I mentioned about the wife standing by his side while he gives a public speaking or one on one if he happens to talk to me on the street. Well there is a lot of “psychology” behind that. I want to see “focused attention” from the wife when he speaks. I want to look into her eyes and the way she blinks or roll the eyes toward the floor or up to the ceiling indicating to me that she is “uncomfortable” with some of the things that her husband is saying or she is kind of “shy.” That tells me a little bit about the wife in her performance in the "public." Now That by itself does not dictate how i am going to vote, It just means that I am going to put what i have "observed" inside my “evidence wallet” as I move on doing my homework for other candidates. Little things like that and it helps. I want to see the way she “stands” besides her husband. Is she standing straight up or stooping down. If straight up, then i know she is being "aware of the moment and focused" and not thinking of something else. Nothing is distracting her thoughts at the moment. And last of all, I want to hear her “speak” as well as “omtikle” would put it. Not only that but i would like to know what she would do to help the palauan people if given the opportunity to do so.

Now speaking about Mr. Clinton. He was an effective leader because He was a “great speaker.” He was able to “move” people because of the way he speaks. Because of what he said, it made people around him “act.” He was a great “salesman.” You also have to remember that his great leadership happened “during” his presidency at the time, not before. “Measurements” happens after the fact because we are able to look at “past performance.” We are able to look at past history to measure it. Mr. Clinton “History” is now available to look at now that he is a common citizen. It is past history now.

Today the palauan people have not gone to the voting booth yet; therefore, a “history” of a great leader has not been made as of now. But I assure you my brothas and sistas, that day will come! That is why we have to do what takes to make that “history” turn out right why? because we did our “homework.” We the palauan people are smart voters today, we know now what to look for in a candidate. Because Our “destiny” depends on it, our “ Unified Vision” of a better Palau cries for it and we are going to do it because our hearts yearn for a brighter future and it shall be done ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you so much, Mr Ngeraardian for brining us hope and positive attitude that this "unified Vision" of a better Palau will happen for all of us. It is hard to picture it now with everything that's going on but I truly believe now that it will happen as you said. What must we do to make it happen?


A great leader is “molded” like clay in his or her mind, body and soul in preparation for his or her leadership someday because he or she is always asking, “what can I do? And for as long as you ask yourself that question thru out life, your destiny as a palauan or your vision as a palauan will be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams.

It brings tears to my eyes, when I hear a palauan say, “what can I do?” or what can we do?
Because I know they are crying inside, they are yearning, their hearts are searching for something new, something that will bring contentment, something that will erase the past ( poor leadership ) and create a brand new beginning for themselves, their families and their palau.

Therefore my friend you have the right attitude. You see my friend, the reason why you asking what can I do is because you have an “open mind.” You are willing learn and do what takes to make a contribution to our palau. You have a great future my friend.

So what can I do, or what can we do? Well, As I have said before, a “united vision” comes from the people and that is simply, “ a better palau in the future.” And so to that one of the first step is you and me “must” take the responsibility to “learn” to become “smart voters” because in order to see and interact with this “vision” in the future a “great leader” must take us there. Therefore you and I must abandon the “old traditional way” of voting like for example, “he or she is my relative so I am going to vote for him or her.” Things like these must be “thrown out into the garbage can as trash.” The new way is “doing our homework” by asking questions to ourselves, our neighbors, our friends so that we can “evidence” in order to make that “informed” decision when voting comes.
A united vision for palau can be accomplished by voting for the right leader. That “power” is in our hands. We hold the “key” to the future.

You see my friend, a united vision is not a “magic kingdom” in the future rather a united vision is simply getting a group of people to work together with “one mind.” It is that simple. And it takes a greater leader to make us all “see” with one mind. And you have the power in your hand to choose this leader that is why you are a smart voter now.

When all of our leaders, when all of palau see the united vision with “one mind” all of those things mentioned in Mr. Mesebeluu article can and will be accomplished.

Now let us move on, what can I do? Or what can we do? You must learn to use the “internet.” It is a great “University” out there in the outer space and it is free! Ehehehe. One thing I would emphasize besides using it for other things, learn to use it to “make money.” So you can provide for your schooling, your family, and so spend it in palau so that you can contribute by “ stimulating the economy.” locally. Learn to become an entrepreneur.

And last of all, you must learn to change the way you “think.” You must go beyond the palauan language because the language itself is “limited” There’s a color palette of emotions, feelings, expressions, new ideas that can be discovered to benefit you only when you stop “thinking palauan.” Our palauan language is what defines us and united us. It defines our traditions and costumes. But to put your children into the finest schools in the United States or abroad. Or to be “financially independent,” you must look beyond our palauan language.

I am going to pause for now. But before I go I would like to extend a sincere a profound appreciation for your contribution into my blog. If you did not ask “what can I do?” I probably would not have post this.

Le your “dream” soar with eagles my friend.

Rebeluu, kedekora mesaod ra school/learning (Ngeraardian)...medi kulengit medbod tellechekl el rokui, edodars a nglunguched ma omeletked el kirir tirekel kuk mlo mekerior mete mirrael retial mal klou el kdekudel boes, el mlarengii ra Virginia Tech... ak medengel el kmo kedelocha diak dodengelterir/ diak ar chedad er tir, malechub engarngii.. endi tedirrek el chad, e meral klou el kerrior...tia meral ktekudel el lomeruul.. eak medengei el kmo tebetok er kid mar ngeleked/ ngelekir ar bebil rekid angara skuul ra merikel, ediak dodengei a kuk moduubch ra tara klebesei ra ikel lengarngii..dirrek el locha ungil lokiis e suobel el morar mesuub ra daingak ra merikel mebol kerekikl el beiusch a mederir aleborengii a uaikakid el teletael ra skulir, mete momeduch e keldmokl el choroid bedengir ra kerrior...komesulang!

My heartfelt condolences and sympathy for all the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings, their families and friends.


Ng kmal meral tekoi e Alii,

A reng ra edam ma edil a kmal mo bekikl sel bol dubech a uaika lomeruul. Kede blechoel mechesang ra siungel a klechad er kid ra bekel sils e obes ra ngercheled el kirel a ngalek. Me tia sebeched el kmo ngolangch el kirir a rechedam ma rechedil el kirir mo beiusech a mederir el kirel a usbechelel ma omengetmeklel a ngalek. Ngercheled e lomekeroul e mengeluolue ra ngalek el mo klou meng diak el mechetakl ma lechub el mechoit ra okedyul el ngii a mouchul eng rulii a ngalek el mo melatk ma lechub eng remuul a uaisei el tekoi.

Like wise my condolences and sympathy to all the victims and their parents and may the Lord give them blessings, peace and understanding to ease their sorrow.


Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. What you said is so true. It is within ourselves to reach out above and beyond what it is we want to achieve.

Professor William James used to say that " the average person develops only 10 percent of his latent mental ability." Therefore, I need some of this "demok" that you have been eating. Thanks again, my friend...

To moms and dads, and to our brothers and sisters at Virginia Tech.

We have come together, a group of palauans from the island of palau located in micronesia to write a letter of prayers and we are sealing this letter with our deepest condolences And finally we are mailing it using the power of our thoughts across the vast, deep, crystal blue pacific ocean of love to ya’ll.

In our letter, we just want to say that there was a time, a particular space in time where we took a moment of silence to think about ya’ll.

We love you and may God bless you.


Yes, 80% of a palauan’s brain is untapped. I believe that in order to “tap” into this particular “room” of the brain, every palauan must use the power of thought, feeling, visualization and the power of faith.

To do this you must think of yourself as a “human being” and not as a “Palauan.”

In real life you are a “Palauan” because you need something to “define” you that’s reality, that’s the world we live in. but to accomplish the “impossible” you must think of yourself as a “human being.” I know it is hard to understand. As of now you don’t have to even think about it. Just be “aware.” of it.

Take care my friend.

Ngaraardian, you make living sounds so complicated. I am Palauan, and think with my Palauan brain, my thoughts are influenced by my Palauan upbringing. When I pass gas it smells like I have eaten demok. LOL. I am Palauan all the way. You better watch how you look at the politicians' wives, you might get arrested for being a pervert. LOL.


It is too bad that you missed the point. Good luck to you.

It went right over my head. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer and I miss a lot. Perhaps because I think in my restrictive Palauan way. I feel, I can think in my Palauan way and still achieve what the Rev. Ngaraadian is preaching.


I don't know about you but, as a Belauan, I don't think anybody can take the 'Palauaness' out of me, even though I've been away this long.

Perhaps you have've been having too much demok. How about some kirmoi to go with it?



It went over your heard because you tried to understand what I said and it did not make sense to you Therefore, it is not in the “living” that’s complicated. The “complication” is in your head because you don’t understand something, hehehe.

You see my friend, “Life” stays as it is, it moves along unaffected by anything. It is what “goes inside your mind” at the moment that change how you view “life.” So then the key is to “change the way you think” and life will give you anything you want.

take care my friend.

Ngard, the concept you're blogging about isn't that difficult to understand. I was being facetious. I just happent to disagree with you. I do enjoy your blogging. Don't think to hard. Maybe you should lay off of that demok for awhile. LOL.


I know that Education for our chldren is no that easy but someone has to do the work and work harder.

Speaking of Palau High School and Koror Elementary School. PHS , It is sad thing to talk about PHS. Students are seen every where near about 1,000 feet radius from PHS every day. They will reflect bad future leadership or citizenship.

For, KES, classrooms' lights are bad, no instructional materials, no electric fans and especially, no tissue in the toilets nor classrooms but in main office. Everytime when student in need, then he must go to the office toget his roll of tissue papers before going to tatach in the comfort room.

Again, in Ministry of Education, Director or maintenance personnel must check the buses safety on quarterly schedule for maintenance. Some of the buses seats cushion are gone and unsafely for the kids.

Plis, if you happen to see or cross with Minister Katosang or Director Wenty tell them to have a look on th kids' buses before the scholl start for FY 2007 to 2008. I am very concern because we are in middle of the 4th quarter.
I hope their they are sleeping bur working ovettime to make sure our beloved Kids will ha a better future than us parents.

We don't care about our students/children. We are selfserving bafoons. Pride goes before the fall.

I know you are my friend and it is okay, ehehehe.

Again, I am “not thinking too hard,” I am “sharing” what I know, there lies the difference, ehehehe.

Tell you what my friend, you said you disagree with me, why don’t we hear it. Tell me “why” you disagree with me. Elaborate on the “reasons” as to why you disagree. It is fair that you do so. Our brothas and sistas want to know. We all want to hear it. Thanks for your response my friend.


I am not much of a political guy, however I talk about it from time to time. The reason i believe is In politics “results” are slow to achieve because of bureaucracy. But because of its size and population, It should not be this way here in palau but it does. Instead our democratic type of government should be “nimble” and “trimmed” at the edge because of fat accumulation, ehehehe. In other words, our democracy should be “customized” to fit our island and that is to “trim down” not “add up.” This way our “high schools” in palau will thrive because of its budget being “added up” instead of it having a hole in the bottom. Then again, I am not a politician and so I rest my case, ehehehe.

What I want to talk about however is the subject you brought up concerning our high schools. I am working on a project and it has something to do with young people of Micronesia, starting here in palau, especially our schools. It is an independent project that I have been working on for sometime. I am not going to tell you what it is because most will say it is “impossible to achieve.” But because of the special “demok” that I am eating, nothing is “impossible” for ngaraardian, and that goes for you as well. You can mark my words on that,ehehehe.

Now out of curiosity, here’s a few hints as to how this goal will be achieved. Today, with the "information" and "networks" available, our highschools here in palau including all of Micronesia should have the best! There is no excuse! Non whatsoever! To do that the “energy” in the young people of palau and including Micronesia should be “harnessed” and directed on one “unified mission.” That’s all I have to tell you. By the way, “no politicians” will be involved in this project. This way no one will get credit for it.

The bottom line is we want it done now! and it shall be, because we the young people have taken the responsibility to make it happen! Our first step toward this goal willbe provided soon.

Let us all dream dreams ladies and gentlemen.

I would rather leave it at "I just happen to disagree with you" from Diakelmad.

The thing is both of you Ngaraardian, and Diakelmad are very smart and you guys are good debaters. I like to have both of you in any forum going against the opponents. That much I can admit.

I would rather have both of you debate over real issues in this blog, than who is more Palauan than who.

But it was fun to watch you guys going back and forth...until I saw a stalemate. It's no biggie but it was interesting.

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