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April 22, 2007


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Well here is a site for you. If you do not want to go out to watch movies or do not have the time, this site will be great especially if you are in Belau... I just hope you have dsl or cable :)


They may have the latest on everything that you may want to see. You do not need to sign up at all to watch :) So enjoy the movies or ever other series on tv that you missed :)

Ak mlo melcholb ra tilorch e tmorch el tmak ra dach. Osii a kmle dengarch, eng di a kmlo ebecheb. Ma Olibiil a di ulengasech a ududir, ma rengelekel a beluu a di silebek. Teruich el mile ra melidiul ea kumes e te dioketa ngarngii a record er tir ra blil a bulis e kaiberober a udoud ma deruchall. Lluich el mile ra melidiul ea $27.2 million a mla mo dibus.

Yang tiang Marcos syle a lechub eng kuk di Diaz FM.
Sayonara, Sayonara el mor kemiu el ngalek ra skuul. Di monga lius ma prak. E mongara chull el mora skuul. E kid dongiil er sel mei el sengkyo el sils??????????.....
Ediul tial elitakl a bla kubes er ngii. Ngarngii er kemiu a medengelii tial "Mlo melcholb ra Tilorch?"

How about "Etiu el mile era melidiul edikea belmetengel"!


I fully agree that Palau should be audited for its financial state. I'm sure that there might be a cover up going on. Again, when President took this last term He Quote " Its a non payday for Goverment and that hiring is freezed". If this was true, how come he has hired so many family members in a higher positions in the government with a higher salary. I think there's should be an audit too for those he have hired, especially his family members on how much they make and how many times they have had salary increase.

I feel sorry for those who have spent time abroad to get educated and planned to come down to their country to assist with their expertise but have no opportunities in the government unless you have relations to the higher officials.

What is he trying to do this time? Is he trying to put a security for his family members before the end of his term.

I hope that next election, our citizens would be more cautious on electing our next officials.

Klengit el Reng,

Palau's government cannot accomodate recent graduates because the president and his allies and minions occupy importnant government positions. I do not think the merit system is not working in Palau, but we have it in place just in case the next president will apply it when selecting applicants for governmental positions. Plus we have so may leeches
who never leave government jobs to advance themselves in private sectors.

We need change from the upper echelon leadership to local government if we want to change desperately.

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