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April 12, 2007


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Wow so much contracts!!!Only few awardees.. Socio and Surangel and Sons!

Waw or Uau

All this money and not one for education. In the meantime our children have no lunch at school and they also have to pay to ride the school bus.

I know some won't like this, but it's how I see it...

"It's like selling your kids for a sports car."

Alii yalii,

So-called senate president hold pay checks era Senator Dengokl, Santy, Whipps and Otto. Dean or Bean is acting dictatorship (Indiamin, Sadam).

Dean flushed him at WWFM radio at the pleasure of Sen. Diaz. He act like child or non-factional. Diaz lured him to his radio talk show. He showed his tired, old man and Intoxicated, finally show his innerself bad atitudes.

Whereas, all the talking are bunch #@%$& BS. No wonder James Orak really put his words in to his opened mouth. As president of the senate one must act like young President Tommy Remengesau, jr. at least. He is always well prepared to make his statement whether right or wrong.

For Joshua as an older, senior, dean and frame of the constitution, UMDA board member, and extra. He must show to the younger people good leadership and not only that but good father. Also, stop using bad words but wise words. He spoke in the senate with same manner as in Drop Off Bar even when attending UMDA board meeting he spoke *&$%@# BS. I hope he doesn't want his legacy to be left behind for his children and grandchildren to learn.

He bark and shout and he does not offer SOLUTION at all. He said ALII ALII in emptied drum for over 36 years in congress. He is unfitted as wiseman once said, "growing up older in age and more white hair meant he is getting wiser and wiser as the sunset".

I am realy hurt for my mentor actions. He always said to me You pig "babii, ya babii" "tekerwauo". If you mistakes as leader, plis apologize to the public.

Ngikang a dimle mengades er bedul bad mea eldeklel ra omelekoi: Rubekul Belau bora Museum, Diablong el Pastor Billy Kaurtei,
e di Meliues a mekngit el tekoi morar reched el dirrek el vote (sengkyo) erngii dingara senate. Mea time a mla mei mo diak deluut el sengkyo(vote) erngii el mora ngidil deruchal el baui. Leng lomekereu ma diak longuul erngii mea tara Chad.

Rubak el Dios mousubes erkemam, erngii mea ngak mea rokui el chad era Belau. E beskemam a llomes elwa ikel mlora King Solomon.

He will be remembered for his a member of UMDA board of director (10,000) shares/stocks.

I recommand that the arrogant Dean of the senate step down!

He is bringing shame to our country.


I think, those who cares for him should try to stop him from making a fool of himself. He is not a stable man and he needs help. You can tell by how talks and express himself..

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