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April 13, 2007


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i would probably vote for this guy. i mean this guy has a lot of experience, not only as an ex-con, but also a former senator.

we all know that Mr. Baules is a loud and outspoken bastard, but dig deeper and you'll find a smart, caring, and humble("diamond in the rough") human being.

yang tilecha kora meral tekoi e ungil utebengall e Joey el kirel a Mr. Baules. akora dirrek el medengelii el chad el meral uaisei, kora "diamond in the rough"...kadeluut el lomes, erar bebil, tekmo ngerang..


Palau is in crisis, number one requirement for job in olbiil er kelulau is being a criminal. you should post all the senators and legislators and their criminal records as their credentials for being hire. Palau is being raped by so called people elected to serve. Palau is being sold to Taiwan, china, and Japan. Borrowing
money and not have resources to pay back,guess what you will pay loans by giving palau up. You could be force to leave in reservations like native americans. Main jobs for palauns will be housekeepers, gardens and maids. Wake up step up to the plate and vote all the criminals out of job. Palauans its your right to request each senators and legistlators criminal history, its your right to be well inform before next election. Its sad that criminals are allowed to hold government "CORUPTION".

Joey, a question for you. How can you be so called "humble" yet loud and outspoken bastard? Care to enlighten me...Sandra P would be my candidate this time. It's time to put the right person there to "calm the storm" until next year and that is when we all need to clean BOTH HOUSES. Waisei eng diak?

It must be nice to know someone to pardon you... Mr. Baules, do us a favor and find something to do beside adding to the list of the convicted criminals that are already there.

Sandra P, in my opinion is the right person for this job. She is well respected, intelligent and has what it takes to handle herself amongst some of those old men who are senile and mentally unstable.

I am curious as to the reasoning behind TR's pardon. What separates Mr.Baules from the common coconut husker Palauan that he deserves a pardon? Were the crimes committed in carrying his duty for our nation? Was he wronly convicted? WHAT??? Please don't tell me it is a political favor for Mr.Baules. Will this pardon leave a stain in the office of presidency?

I used to respect TR as our president... but now that he is stepping down, the true Tommy is coming out. What a shame... he is going to do what he can to pardon whom ever he chooses to benefit WHO? He needs to eat some" demok" from Ngeraard before the end of his term.


Did the President pardon any "ordinary" citizen? What is the right procedure?

Folks, the time has come, we need a change! Any "David" out there who is brave enogh take down the "Goliath"?

Where are the real leaders?


Diakel Lemade,

Can we ask President Tommy to give a PARDON to Speaker Tonie and Chairman, Mario Gunibert and the rest of Delegates including the Senator Alan and Diaz. Since he pay $1,000.00 to Diaz for he dit not provide the tapes and also his guilt case with Olkeriil. Furthermore, pardon Dean of the Senate for his childish action.

No where VP Chin and Director Hajime words about President's pardon because this two are cousins of Hokkons. You know and I don't. VP/Director support Hokkons not SPz former VP.
VP-Chin should bring Hajime to Ulimang to have some "Deliciouso" "Ichi-bang Oishii" DEMOK to think better.

VP-Chin said to his fellow police officers, "I, Chin, do the thinking and you all do the works". Pure military order, he was brained wash to follow order, to kill for defense, to defend USA.

You decide..

Daikelmad and Star,

Hon.Tommy, jr., President had a record for PARDON Paulus Ongalibang at the Airport in Airai verbally. President later processed his pardon to written document. It was done for Paulus to be cleared and able to run as candidate for Ngchesar government.

I applaud, President for his wisdom, brilliant and smart decision most of the time.


Ngera uldesuiu ertial teletael loruul erngii ngikal Dean era senate? Eldikea lol sebechakl era constitution ma llach era Belau. Diak longull er Rubekul Belau, mar mechesil Belau mar rechad era Belau. E mla orreked a Salary checks era Senators:Whipps, Santy, Otto ma Dengokl.

Omo dasue ngungil mo President era Belau erkid? Ma running mate erngii Dr. Steven Kuartei kelel lobengkel modame mechitechut era sengkyo?

Ngikang keklel kengaol chad edikea kluchubechub erngii e oreked a ududir a rebebil senators. Engii mar allied erngii a udeudel tial lomeruul kelel dirrek el illegal e didiak a QUORUM edi udewudel. Tiang e lomeruul a di mengelbus era group ra Sen. Dengokl.
Ediak lomudech erar rokui senators el mo tareng rir loureor kirir a rechad era Balau rokui. Al kero tirkal senators el group era Dengokl a kltmokl e ulsemuul chad.

I report and you decide.

This is pure "POLOTRICKS' It is also a slap on all Palauan people's face. With all the media and fuzz about members of OEK being convited for this and that and our President turns around and does this is just appolling. One wonders Why!

I also wonder with what you are saying Elabama, Because that is exactly what we expect from our leaders. In other words when I pick you to be a leader because you are qualified for the job, I expect you to do the thinking and let us know what to do and we will finish the job.

If you expect me or anyone to do the thinking for you than you should be "fired". Palau is lacking leadership with out strings attached.

Ng kmal di uai sel ker el mlora JT er sera rrurt el mo PR el kmo, "Kau ke kedam el suebek er bab e ngarngii a chad el ngariou elobang a okum?"


Tial beches el leadership era House f Delegates a do mes ertir ete ngara raoul beluu e kmal diomekiyaes a bterir e beketekoi a ngerir. A corrupted delegate a melkoi kmo ngoltaut a llach esera lengara PNCC ma PNDB el ngerang tilemall "UDOUD". Kirel telkib el meriou a rengum e kekmal bekengkum.
A rutechei era beluu era Beliliou a ngriou a rengrir chad except "son like a father". Alii, mesa leborngii ya chochim ekemol moubuu. I challenge the new HOD leadership that they only do nothing but getting paid and travel abroad.

Palau is paradise for criminals, you will be pardon and promoted to higher position by palau president. That is a concept, criminals are in control of the small island. Lot of self services, needs of poor, young and old are are neglected. Good luck.

McBrainy, Elabama and Mosi,

I think our " fourth branch " of our government is not functioning right. The media is so weak and one-sided. They are not agressive enough to do investigative reporting and keep reporting until these criminals representing us resign. They are so soft and useless. I also beleive that it is our mistake, for we put them in their elective office. But we will oust them this coming general election. Adang!

Elabama, thanks for reminding that those in power are there because of people like you. You applaud a move which I feel is an abhorrent misuse of the presidential powers. I think your take on Chin as a stooge for the US is without merit. Heck, we take more from US than we give them. Remember, US had literally owned us during the TT days and probably would still own us if they wanted to. I'm not buying your take on Chin. You reported, I decided. LOL.

(Humor)It does not Take a McBrainy from Elabama to figure this out.....A lak el Iro-nai, eng mo omosirokunai. Mongemek el tirterii el mo era ulebelngelel le tia Diakelmad el tekoi a bo dorrenges mengoit aikal lomerruul. Kom kmal mesaul ra uldesuiu.

I don't think the President should have done what he did at this time. Pardoning
Hokkons Baules though looks bad with the crimes that have come to light recently on the island...But even with that bad timing it isnt that bad. It's not like the President pardoned a child molester or murderer.

Also if you look at it,,,the president maybe clearing the way for Hokkons from all that may
may bar his campaign for that vacant seat in the senate. A smart move by the president. By doing so he's telling the 4 "Old Majority"
that things may change and they better mend their ways.

At least I'd like to think thats so...:)


Why is Tommy putting his stamp of approval for criminals to run the government? Is he paving the way for smooth transition?

Who pays for multiple trips these elected or promoted criminals take?
When you get elected or promoted to public office, you must be given a right to abuse public funds and lies to public, all these acts only causes mistrust
from your people who entrusted you with their vote. Shame on you if you fit description above.

Its disturbing Baules was convicted of 9 criminal acts, oh sure there were not murder or child molesting. 9 criminal acts
one would wonder, is he a slow learner or did he get bump on his head during one of his criminal act. If he got hit on a head, he can be very impulsive "act before thinking", slow learner doesn't belong in public office. Important decisions are made that can impact Palau future. This man needs therapy, stay out of pubic office. Give Palau a break from corruption.

McBrainy, Emelk, Naiiro,

Breaking news : 1) Sen. Dengokl got Temporary Restrain Order (TRO) stop Dean from forcing himself to be senate President. Sorry, Deano or Mr. Bean, finally your done with bitter /wrongful legacy in Senate.

2)Highest officals beaten up an police officer near KB Bridge but Director is hiding. He should punished like Senator Alan and Diaz. Another "dollar diplomacy" at work in envelope to Officer Bayau's mouth. "Omtekel a ngor". Is he deserved criminal charges or pardon himself.

3. Prisoner or kalaboos runaway but VP Chin/Director is not putting any public warnings. These are criminals: murders, child , abused, rapist and dangerous to the public.

4. According to media, the president and ministers are ranking highest among the elected and appointed leaders in making alot of excuses. Finance is out funding, no cash float, sewer big problem while "squander the best and wreck all the rest". Boardwalk inside the mangroves "keburs". AND Who is paying for all this Home Improvement Center (HIC) not CIP. Stimulus or your local revenues??

In general, Presidential pardon is in our Constitucion and laws. It is one the President inherent or absolute powers.

Demok give power or energizer similar to that of Popeye's can of food and very deliciouso.

My recommendation to Mr.Bean--Deano, is this when you are full of (gas-flatus) bend over, chest over knees,you will expell lot of hot air. It will clear your mind and allows you to make decisions that you can be proud of.

Good one McBrainy...Asking Deano to expell his hot air
out the bottom end instead of his mouth...Good Advice indeed...:)

Now to H. Baules..Do not get me wrong here..Or think I wrote in his support..
I dont and I will not support him in his quest for the senate seat.

I was just pointing out the reasons why the President did pardon him. A tactical move and nothing more.
The President is on his way out so one might assume that he's preparing the road for the next person
in line.

I think.

Again dont take my words to mean I condoned or supported what the President did for H. Baules.

Now if the TRO news is true then things are going in the right direction. No one is above the law and if we let Senator Koshiba and his cronies get away with a violation of the constitution we may never
be able to get back whatever self-respect we had for ourselves as law abiding citizens.

Elabama ...Please do keep us posted about the status of the Senate Presidents situation..If you see that he may get away with it do let us in here know...
So that we can try to do something about it.
Like write to the media and our Senators and Delegates...This situation must be addressed and cleared before any other business can move foraward.



Hmm, instead of giving us these court case number, could you at least define them so for those of us (like me) who has no clue what those numbers mean, would want to know. i am in the dark on this one.


Hey hey , senate made foolish act again as long Deano and Diaz are there. This morning I got up late but I got my car started driving to RIC for breakfast. While, I was having my coffee Speaker Bells told whytres to tune radio to WWFM. I heard Sen. Diaz presiding the session and I thought he was on his radio alone.

Anyway, Sen. Diaz was real and presiding the senate. He struggling and mumbling until VP Mlib Tmetuchl to over at the adjournment of the session. I have to applaud Diaz for his way to the top position.

However, the people of Palau are very poor for senator struggling for power. Absolutely, nothing was made to benefit us, Palauans at all. Senator who were attended the session fighting made $1,000.00 for BS%&$#@*.

I called the senate asking. What is going on there? He said senators let the IDIOT take helm, chair, presiding.

Let us forgive them>


TRO was issued late friday afternoon. It ordered Koshiba to refrain from acting as senate president. Also stop sargeant at arms and his assistants from apphrehending sens. Whipps, Otto, Dengokl, and Asanuma. Also said that Whipps, Otto, Dengokl, and Asanuma have the likelihood of success in their claim against Koshiba and his cronies for violating the Constitution and illegally taking over the senate president position. Basically the case on thurs. april 19 will be ruled against Koshiba. Also I heard that no lawyer in Palau agreed to represent Koshiba and his cronies so they had to retain lawyer from Guam. Even Johnson Toribiong walked out of their case because they do not listen to his advice. I watched tv and Sen. Mlib assign sen. Diaz to preside because he wanted to make statement on the floor but did not follow rule of succession. If senate president want to debate on the floor or absent then vp can preside. And if vp is not available then floor leader preside or if floor is absent then chairman of JGA will preside. Also sen. mlib did not debate or have statement to make on the floor. It is like dumb asked dumber to preside. But surprisingly Deano and Floor Seid also went along with this idea. Sen. Diaz did not know what to do so sen. Deano telling him how to conduct session. Maybe Dean is not thinking right anymore because of drinking too much every night. This is an insult to the entire Palau intellegence.


so what do we, the people, do about this? Stand and watch these morons waste our time and the peoples' money?

Since we're a growing democracy, let's petition to dissolve the whole Senate and hold new elections to replace all of them.

The behavior of both sides of OEK not only embarrasses us internationally, but also attracts low quality investments and criminal investors.

It's time to stop being sorry for ourselves and rise up and take back our government!

Where are the heroes to lead us?

No to Sandra,
What do you suggest we do to eliminate these leaders? Are we going to just sit around and wait for the year 2008? I hope that we, Palauans can learn our lessons from them and come together to vote wisely in the near future, otherwise, the same types of leaders will continue to disappoints us.In the meantime, dengara nglunguuch el kirir ma beluad. Adang

Just a thought. President, by pardoning Hokkons, is saying to all of Palau, "hey look, its ok to be a criminal and run for public office." This is a sanctioning of criminals for office and going with the flow of things rather than changing the way things have been done.

Slap in the face is right. Thugs, rapists, and murderers in elected office? Is that what we want? Bullshit.

I'm not supporting Sandra and I'm not supporting Hokkons either. Too bad that a lot more people beleive in them to put either one into office. President probably doesn't care either and is saying the ends justifies the means. I feel sorry for Mr. President to tarnish his record in public service with this crap. He is just the same as all of them; too interested in the game that he forgets his PRINCIPALS.

I should go rob a bank because I need money for siukang. The ends justify the means right?

What a mess. As for the Senate, its very interesting when you place a majority with no integrity in power. What a moronic move by my favorite Senator Mr. Bean, as you say on this forum. Again, quit playing games because we all have people and families to take care of and we need a stable government that makes laws that make sense and benefits the people. Quit playing games so we can go on with our lives to work hard and take care of our own without the disruptions of a government run by monkeys.

Monkeys all of you.

LOL...did you forget to take your pills again Mardingaol.

I hear and I concur with you, but we need to stay focus in our debate and hopefully the rest will fall in line with one voice so that we can all move forward with out looking like what our leaders are doing right now which is more fight and less work.

So Elabama,

When Hokkons is raping his victims, do you help him hold them down or do you just provide gatoride during half time?

My bad, my bad 'coz when he's pardoned then it's OK. Oh, you're such a hero.

So, with everything at is being said, how does these actions reflect our people and government and like Mardingaol said, our PRINCIPLES?

What are your principles when it comes to society as a whole. nos732, Are you leaning more to forgive and let's move on, or do you want a clean and transparent team to represent the people?

Really saddened about our government turn outs. It seems that there's too many corruptions plus there's favoritism among our leaders. They hire who they want to, especially families first, and they pardon who they want. There's been too many people that I know that have asked for pardon due to their family situations but do not get accepted plus they have spent so much years in jail from crimes that are not as bad like murder or rape. I feel really bad for those people that had made such request plus other educated palauans that do not have a spot in the government agencies for employment because the new hiring policy these days (If you're not related to me, seek other job elsewher.)

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