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April 13, 2007


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yang kal Emelk eng diak lebai lekora ungil candidate erkid el mortial bechachau kung el kingall ra senate? akora di menguiu erngii ra bekl el taem, eng kora mal klou a keikak erngii edirrek ra mal kora ellimosk ra eldecheduch ma mondai el kirel a siorai ma tekoi ra balatiks ra beluu ra Belau, kelel bai lekora mocha ungil taem er elechang el de lecha "ochil tial lomelkoi" melbekiis el lomakes, elak dil ngerel elak ochil"...ou seng mekeral tekoi ra merikel.."walk the talk...??subes eyak engdiak el ua kluau ertiei...mekalbong..atsunoserich...siue..ngeraisei..lol

Alii e alii,,,

Kamhalle...Tirkakid ar meklou el chad el dirk
kiei e sebechir aikal deruchall. Ngkakid a Sandra Pierantozzi ma Hokkons el mla soisb..elocha direk el betok ar merael mei.

Ngak a diak e keikak erngak..Makuchais. A palatiks mea omesodel a siorai ra beluu ra Belau.
A urerrek e ngerchelek..e
klengar rengak.

In English..it's my job, my duty, and my life. For you, me, and ours.

Ak mesaod, e mengetiit, e chou mondai leng tiaikid el blak delii. Ngerachel el
kired el mesal mo ungil e mochu lemuk. E dirrek el lemeltek eldi waikau el mesaod erngii.

Walk the talk?..Not yet..Tirkel ngara deruchall
are there to walk my talk.
If and when they find that they can't take the heat or walk the talk..I'll either choose ones who can or do it myself. For now there's still people who can walk while I do the talking.

It's a bit selfish of you to expect me to do both talking and the walking for you while all you do is oked a ngloik...:)

....Si wanitsob...:)


...el luut a tang. A nep..

Nep roi, nep roi, a tsu nos ri...:)

Now on to the topic..

Sandra P is a great candidate for the vacant seat in the senate.
She'll add some civililty,
the patience of a woman and
most of all instill some
long needed brain cells.

As some in the senate have supposed of Palau..That there is a "Brain Drain".
I would suggest that they look in their senate chambers...There has been a
drain of some sort in there the last few years. Sandra P I believe can fill that drain.

We need educated, civil minded, and courageous people to fill these offices. People who have read our constitution and
believe in it to uphold it
no matter what. Sandra P
is the very person we need.

I think shey can only improve the much maligned image of the senate.

She will in my estimation
bring in that all important trait that has been lost by the current memebrs of the Senate and for that matter the OEK. That of statemanship..That of a person who can be tough when needed and cool and compromising when that's what's called for.

She's a person who will make sure that the true business of the senate and of the people is not relagated to the back burner, but of front where it's supposed to be.

We can do no better then Sandra P folks... She's worth your consideration...


Amen to that Emelk! She's got my VOTE!

i personally think that mrs. sandra p. is the right person for the job. she, indeed, has the experience, knowledge and credibility. i think the senate itself needs a woman in there to calm the waters...i don't know, but its been said that women often take a passive approach when there is turmoil and instability....and right now, oek memebers(senate) seem to be in the midst of confusion,corruption, deceit, and what not...

i personally think that mrs. sandra p. is the right person for the job. she, indeed, has the experience, knowledge and credibility. i think the senate itself needs a woman in there to calm the waters...i don't know, but its been said that women often take a passive approach when there is turmoil and instability....and right now, oek memebers(senate) seem to be in the midst of confusion,corruption, deceit, and what not...

A edil e Emelk, meral diak dul kmo ngerang kung al sekum meng uaisei a uldesuem kura beluad...):(betimemch)akora lekok bai mochu ker el kmo, ng tela rekim, sebechel kokak ra rekil amortial kingall...and never be mind the background...;)..ea lechub eke mla nguubt bedengem...but, anywho, alsekum mekede mocha melutk or meluches el bedul a Sandra, el ngeral tekoi mel mengilt,locha kora morengii a sebk reng ra rengmiu el kmo ng mora ngeral "taoch" malechub? Malechub etiakid, alocha bai ungil ker, ngeral "taoch" al somiu abol tab erngii a Mrs. P?

sulang el rokui..e happy weekend.


Sandra has all extensive public service experience, and so she is the right candidate.
She also could take a senate president leadership because she could work with both minority and majority blocks. I beleive both blocks would accept her as their president Also, she is not confrontational; she is very open and is always ready to compromise on issues. The senate really needs someone like Sandra who could turn all the negative atmoshphere in the senate into positive. Adang!

eii e Naiiro, malsekum mengkora mal ulsemuul kung kal dil/mechas, engerang meng rirebet ra kingall ra ongerul lomelilt ra VP? diak kumtok erngii ra dechal ma klungiolel/kengtil,etc..akbai kora uleker el kmo ngera somiu el side al borengii al bochara senate..kora locha mal mle beot a kerik?..kamouchais.

Voting Sandra would only maintain the tyranny of Joshua, Diaz, Seid, and Mlib. The old Majority wants Sandra to run in order to maintain their power so that they can ram their platform through - 99 Year Lease, Gambling, UMDA-Shimao Group Development in Melkeok, inter alia.

Be smart, fellow Palauans, if you want to change the course Palau has been in since the Majority came to power, then vote for someone else, not Sandra.

Not To Sandra,

Do you know something we don't know about Sandra. Can you elaborate more? What you are saying is just here say, can you be more specific before we jump into your boat? And seriousely is she for Shimao group?

No To Sandra?

Tyranny? Maintin Power?
Because Sandra will be a senator?..Explain please.

Why do you think four Senators in a 9 member Senate is a majorty? and can ram anything thru if Sandra is not with them?...Or do you mean she will join the old Majority ?..Kamouchais.

Because if there is any valid evidence that she will join the "Old Majority"
I will not vote for her.
If on the other hand you think that just because she is a woman and weak she will follow what the "Old Majority" wants then I would have to say that you are outrageously wrong..

So do tell e No To Sandra...


Once again I nominate Tina Rechucher or Vicki Kanai. And, perhaps Billy Kuartei, and everyone from the 'minority' group.

Unless there are other good citizens out there that I'm not aware of.

We've had enough ertirkal mechut lulach.


Sandra again? *sigh*..oh well, i guess we are completely out of potential runners for Palau's governmental seats/positions nowadays.

Who wants coffee?!?!

Emelk, nos732,

I'm surprised you two don't see through Sandra, or you're both pulling my leg.

I don't know Sandra personally, but looking at her voting records when she was a senator, she was 99% aligning with Senators Reklai, Koshiba, Andres; in other words, she votes pro-business and was obviously protecting WCTC and UMDA interests....As VP, she courted Senators Reklai, Koshiba, Mlib.

So, my bet is that Senator Koshiba convinced her to run. Now, isn't that an irony that if she wins, she'll be in the same group with her nephew, Alan? If Sandra was a moral person, she would opt not to run, because as the Palauan saying goes "tiang kloklir era blirir" Senators Sandra and Alan.

No To Sandra:
You make a very constructive, useful analysis that people need to consider in voting Sandra.

Along with your point, I just wish and plead with everyone to vote for a change! We're all tired of the same old political shitz! Pardon my language but seeing the same old faces running again, I see no hope!


there is always hope....

why do we have to recycle the politicians? Just look at the FSM. No new people in government. Marshalls, on the other hand, are progressive in changing their leaders.

Palau is falling into the Filipino way, voting for only the rich and famous. This is dangerous for a small country such as ours.

We do have real leaders who happen to be real people. It's just that we've been brainwashed by advertisments.

You know what, Ores, I believe that no one can fool Palau and gets away with it. You can see this with the luck of the Old Senate Majority - just look at them now.

The person who's going to be elected to fill the vacancy will be the reflection of our peoples' plight, sorrow and anger ever since this Old Senate Majority high-jacked the peoples' government in 2004.

Do ba nglunguuch ma klou el reng ea Belau a mo ungil. This I promise you.

No to Sandra,

I agree with and like your saying, "Do ba nglunguuch ma klou el reng ea Belau a mo ungil. This I promise you."

That I have hope in!!

God bless our small republic!




Do you really think our current leaders would listen or take que from our hint- voting for Butch?

Our current leaders are lost and there is no hope to redeem them. We have no choice but to start anew.

It's a new morning for Palau, today!

Wait a minute if I am not mistaken, was'nt the former VP one those "priveleged insiders" who withdrew her money from PSB before its collapse? If that is not indictment enough not to vote for her then we are all culpable. When I vote, I'm writing in none of the above.

Hello All,
It seems that its only Sandra Sumang and Hokkons Baules for the time being. Choose your illness I guess.

Sandra and Koshiba - nice combo. Do you all remember who gave a tax break to the fishing fleets down in Malakal back when Sandra was in the Senate, along with Koshiba. Look it up in her voting record. I'm also convinced that she had taken out her money from that bastard bank. Take out her money and then SDA lost theirs.


Hokkons: Criminal in more than one country. One of the Good Ol' Boys. Good hearted but power hungry. Who is he going to represent. Maybe the Belau Boater's Association and I'm all for that. MENTAL APTITUDE: ZERO.

I'm not going to cast my vote for either of these two.

Keep praying.

Dear All,

So where are all the "good" candidates and if they want to run, they ought to go through the process.

It has been said over and over on this forum about members of OEK who have been convicted. What are you people doing about it. What a sham!! Republic? Cut me a slack. Republic is being run by convicts!!

Talk about conflicts of interest!!! Contracts to Socio and Surangel and Sons?

Stimulus...that is a political buy off! It is called a Bribe.. the lexus, Harley's, Mobile Phone companies!!!

Look at Senator Diaz, "presiding officer"? Can you imagine.. this guy stole a tourist purse in Guam and ran away to the Military and now presiding officer? He just got convicted twice!!!

Mario? What about the $900,000 at PSB?? Then transfering land after the fact.

And Tony?? Just cut me a slack. You Palauans are dreaming. Now, Hokkons with 9 counts, pardoned?

Look at the Judges appointed to the Court!!One is the President's sister!! And Materne, she should be removed!!!

What we need are people who know their power spelled under democracy. You Palauans are waiste of time. Japanese were right, Toming!!!

Just swallow are reality chip.

Taiwanese Business Man

Well then, I would like to see us agree on a name so that we can start circulate the nominating petition? Or are we just naïve beings to believe that we are above and beyond the petty politics practiced by our representatives in OEK that agreeing on a single candidate would be a “walk in the park”. This is not to defend the actions of the Senators, but it would be an interesting for us bloggers to go through an exercise to see if we could decide on let’s say a bloggers candidate without resorting to the negative tactics practiced by our senators.

For instance, to maximize our limited resources, let us chose one candidate who can change the tone of politics in the senate and of course will have our best interest at heart to take on candidate to take on Sandra and Hokkons?

Regardless of what Sandra has done. She is not a symbol of change from my perspective. We might not have potential runners, who knows, but new faces are good every now and then. And besides, there was NO improvement done while she was the Minister of Health but the "No Chewing" policiy. *sign*

All in one,

After lunch today, Sen. Diaz was telling all his friends that Sandra asked for meeting with Diaz group. Her first, said Sen. Diaz hate her face and woman millionair.

Diaz hates beautiful woman. He immediately, told us that his group support Paul Ueki.

He sounded that his group afraid of Hokkons and Sandra. They wanted a Paul Ueki whom they said that he no tools for senate. He is vice speaker for Koror State Legislature and his majority group banned his uncle Dr. Minoru Ueki getting his monthly salary as Chief Recheyungel of Ngedrmid Hamlet. Paul is in line for hamlet chief and he doesn't have any clout nor his friends respected him.

Some said that he is just like Delegate Thomas Patris.

Confused and abused

Ng meral kora dikea dodengei el kmo techa ungil bodou merang erngii el mortial kingall ra senate, madirrek tial merael mei el klou el sengkio...kid a rechad ra Belau, a meral tekoi, kede meral meduch el di dengchokl edi melumk ra rechad e melekoi a terchedir malechub ekerdi kaketemall e chachechei..mengkora mengkit endi kumdasu el locha dirrek el ungil a doruul rengii, lekede kaingeseu el kebetech a uldasu el melilt ra ungil mo medad ra ikal kingall...meng uaisei,engdi a kora dirrek el mla metik erngii el uatiakid, kede meral kora mo kabuboech e chaus ra tekoi, uldasu, omeruul... esel lengelt a sils, ekid a diak dokol mo ngiltii a chedad..ngkel mal kmeed ra bedenged el mo sengkio erngii leng diak lengerang, kede mlukeroul el uaisei rar rechuodel el mei, el uaisei, eang ebuul kal tar ngak, meng kora siukang kurkid...ea kumdasu e sei a uchul meng diak kora mo kuk mal uangeral chelbuled ar chiBelau el ua bekl el bebil ra beluu..kerdirk kau kledem, kaingeseu,kaukerreu, e kaseues el mong e mei ra elbuled...ar ngebard el meluches a buk, tokuni ar anthroplogist a dirrek el mla mesa tial teletael ra beluad ma bebil ra beluu. ea kuumerang el kmo ko medengel el kmo ngeral tekoi ra merikel a ungil lokesiul tial lomerelled. mengkora ungil e dirrek le kuk ngarngii a kengtil, ea lak eleuid ea rokui el tekoi retial klengar a di uaisei..., ma chelid a ngarngii, eua ikel el dilung, a "no to sandra".."no one can run away...tial Belau a ngarngii a edul, ma rebekl lechad, makuk di moruul a mekngit mar kuk meruul a ungil angarngii a ulebengelel,... di uaisel tekoi el kmo, "aikel molalm a obo moridm"..etia locha lak eleuid eng ngara biblia el dirrek..Medi dolengit metirkel kuk mo melusch mete mochara kingall lengosukid el mo medad, ngered, chimad el kirel a beluad...bolodengei el kmo kedi liltketerir el mong, mebol letkid ma beluu el dirrek...kurael ma uriul etia locha mocha imol buk kung. sulang...


I like this everyone...Very constructive...very focused and yes it does have a little of facts and basic common sense. The question is, "When is the deadline to file your candidacy and do we have anyone out there other than this two. We need fresh leadership. Fresh ideas, and a new direction. We are at a point where public frustrations can be felt from with in the offices to the market places and down to individual household.

The in-fighting between our leaders have taken their focus away from doing their job efficiently. If it's going to create more smoke and uncertainty by picking anyone of this two candidates than I would rather pick Uchelmelis's dog Butch.

Dear Alii,

Joshua and Sandra are good, close friends. So you are right. There is a good chance that she would side with Koshiba, and thus she would be in the majority block. So does Baules. He is related to JK with nine convictions. It does not give us any choice, and so we have to choose between the lesser evil. JK and Sandra's husband are also
business partners. JK's and Sandra's frienship goes back
to the late 70s. Sandra ruined herself when she withrew her money out of the
defunct PSB while the poor people's account went down the drain. She screwed herself
when she ran against Chin. I think it was her ego and
confidence in herself that
costed her the election. Additionally, she ran against Chin with JK's blessings. So those who
supported Koshiba destroyed
themselves politically while
JK and Reklai survived.

Our colleaques here have warned us all of that possibility of Sandra joining the majority block. I understand that all along. In her statement to the press,
she said that she would try to unify the senate and that she would act as the senate catylyst. That was one of the reasons as to why
she is an ideal candidate.

Both candidates for the special senate election have
public service experience. But obviously Sandra has more experience than Baules. She is more honest than Baules. Smarter and so on.
We all have to be careful who we elect this special election. The majority will have both impact and influence on the senate reapportionment commision. Are we going to elect senators nationally, regionally, etc. The commision could say Koror would have five senators. Quess what? It is going to be
hard to oust Diaz 'cause he would run in the Koror Senatorial district.

If we have to choose between the two, the obvious choice is Sandra.

But I think Uchelmelis' Butch is the best candidate.


I'll second that.

Butch for the senate!!

Imagine how much money the republic will save! Money that could be used for Medical referal, school supplies, etc.

Well ng dikea dodengei el kmong techang a ungil el mor tial deruchall ar rengar sei akora diak el sal lomdasw er tial merael el mei el telcheroll....

Ku reng meng ng kel momengilt el mor tial deruchall losiik a mo ungil luchul a telecheroll el merael el mei lak di mol durch erar ngalk er Belau mel bol soldau el di ngar ederdelir a rechad era merikel bai mo siik a mo uchul a ungil klechad erar telecheroll el merael el mei,,, Ng kmal diak kora blame erar bekl el chad er belau el sorir el relocate el mo cheroid leng ngera udoud a mekngit ma klengar er belau a meringl meng diak el sal lungil a rengrir sel kerekerengir!!! Mada di nguu a klou el reng ede ngul msang a Rubak el Dios mel bol ngiltii ngkel kmal kirel tial kingall!!!!


I think its about time that we should elect women to run for our congress and see what it would turn out. It seems that the men in the congress these days are more into corruptions (lies, greed and deceptions.) They prioritize themselves and their families before the fact that treatment should be equal to all citizens no matter what they are or who they are.


Look at the sensitive side, A former Vice president would normally seek much glamorous post. I guess she has what it takes to stir some existed agenda that macho boys don't seemed to find ways in solving among themselves. Sandra might just have what it takes to show what is the meaning of word compromise when representing common people....

why not.....

hey husky,
do you really think anyone can unify this senate at this point? looks to me as if the fab five and the fantastic four have gone beyond any measure of kiss and make up...lol. although our dear senator diaz may just want to kiss...lol. my bad, didn't mean to sound homophobic... but what would be good for the newly elected senator is that he or she will be the most sought after person in the chambers, that would really make it interesting. i just not sure if the former majority are willing to make any concessions. this is how i see it, the fantastic four will not split, they are in it to win it, but the former majority may, i see seid and diaz as weak and willing to jump ship if they feel it will benefit them most, mlib and josh are not as spineless and will hold out, merits for honor for those two, lol, sinking ship and all. the question is will the fantastic four take seid and diaz in if they did flake...? i would think not, which would bring us back to the current situation, whomever gets elected in may will be the x-factor...my vote would not go to Butch by the way, i am more inclined to vote for a feline rather than a dog...lol

Ya hello,

Alii, Imelda Nakamura Bai Franz joined senate race. As they mentioned before that she is "ebedel akessol ra Late Johnny Reklai". Let the VOICES whisper in your ear when voting Imelda an attorney. Young, smart, agressive, clean Non-corrupted and supported by Nakamuras' and Bai's and Reklai's and many young people who have finished their college.

Let us give big chance to prove herself as young leader following her father steps as public servant.

Plis Vote Imelda for senate 7th OEK.

Thank you.

Kngibech, I meant your sensitive side hoping for "down to earth" type, but you are right, so right. whomever four they might be, are beyond what you described. But now, I'm hoping you'll be more into the plead of the people more than anything else. I have a feeling whoever win he/she have learned that an elected senator should represent people at all cost.....

A ki olngit me kemiu el rokui el sengkyo er belau el ngar elsel belau el ngar tial blog site, bom sengkyo ra Mr. Hokkons Baules el mo senator.

E bobechereir a Imelda me lolmolem el advisor rar delegates eng kora kmal medechang er ngii.

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